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    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-the-freakshow.41086/#post-1056470 <---- link to interest check for those who didn't view it.

    Recap: The rp through the eyes of freak show performers
    And when I mean freak show, I mean for example the bearded lady, the strong man etc.
    But those a are kind of boring and unoriginal, I want original ideas for performers.
    Of course those are examples of options as well, they will be accepted too.
    And see the world and what an average day is like through their eyes.
    So if your brave enough, sign up and enjoy the ride!

    Alrighty then, this is the OC Sheet:

    Real Name:
    Side show name: (example: Mrs. Luna the Bearded Lady or The Bearded Lady)
    Appearance: (a picture or a brief description- pictures can be either anime or real life I'm not picky)
    What makes them a freak: (Example from cirque du freak: madame truska grows a beard and also tells a foreboding)
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: (example: they were a freak from birth and they're parents abandoned them, so they joined Cirque De Anormal)
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  2. Real Name: Cenile Ann Dalton
    Side show name: Lady Amethyst (can be something else if you have something in mind)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian

    Amethyst picture (open)


    Hair is dyed to match her name

    What makes them a freak: The 'wings' on her back is actually a grotesque bone, flesh, and muscle deformity (an extremely rare and first time condition). They can flap, but will result in multiple disgusting popping sounds, like putting a broken bone back into place. Doctors believe this condition to be a very rare effect of mutation or a sign of evolution gone wrong. The wings can not be removed due to high risk.

    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: Parents asked the ringleader and convinced their daughter to join.

    History: Cenile was born as the youngest of three children in a nice, middle class family. She did not show any signs of mutation or evolution at all during the first few years of life. When she turned 3, she grew little bumps on her shoulder blades. Her parents became concerned and took her to the hospital, but the doctors were not sure what condition she was suffering from either. They ran x-rays and performed exams to test physical stability of what was going on. A few doctor trips turned to several as the wings began to grow and grow. It was an extremely painful process for Cenile, as her body was rejecting the foreign transformation.

    Years went by, Cenile still suffering from this condition that no one seemed to know how to cure. The medical bills on her family began to pile up, putting her family in huge debt. She was only 14, and had been a huge burden on the family's shoulders. She could not attend public school because the students would be too distracted by her deformity to focus. She would not be able to get a job unless it was a job requiring she stay hidden from everyone else, or if she worked at home. Her parents were running out of options with her, as they could no longer afford the occasional doctor trips.

    On their way to obtain groceries, the family came across a flyer for 'Cirque De Anormal' and an idea sprung into their heads. They told their two sons and daughter that they were going to see the circus that weekend. After the show, while their children were buying a souvenir, the parents approached the ringleader and personally asked if their daughter could be a side show within the circus. Of course, they needed to present their daughter and show she would make a good side show. Upon presentation, and after a much heated argument, the parents convinced their daughter to join the circus as a side show attraction.

    -I will most likely rewrite the history, since the creative juices are kinda dead right now-
  3. Approved :D
  4. Real Name: Michael Barenger
    Side show name: The Demon Boy
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    What makes them a freak: Has demon like horns, claws, fangs and tail
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: He was sold to them by a woman who kept him as her "pet".
    History: Nothing is really known about Michael's past, other than its full of tragedy and pain. He developed horns, claws and other demon like qualities when he was a child. His parents didn't want him so they abandoned him. He was found by a man in a suit and he was sent into slavery. He then was sold to a woman who kept him in a cage as her "pet". When he got too hostile, she sold him to Cirque De Anormal.

    Real Name: Markus Tate
    Side show name: Naga
    Age: ??
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    What makes them a freak: Has a naga like appearance
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: He has always been with Cirque De Anormal, since it started- his father sold him to them.
    History: He was the son of a scientist, who was working with reptilian DNA and decided to use him as a guinea pig. Once the experiment was done, he grew snake like properties. His father thought he was a danger and was ashamed of what he became, so he sold him to the circus.
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  5. Real Name: Ruko Dragoon
    Side show name: Dragon of The Circus
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Race: Japanese
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Ruko was born in Tokyo. As a boy, he had a keen interest in fire. He discovered that he could bend fire, and was publicly shunned for it. Ruko ran away when he was 16, looking for a place to live. He has been in many fights, where he has earned the title "Dragon", because he normally shoots fire out out his mouth. He also carries around a sword that he calls Dragon Claw, which he can control his fire better.
  6. I will be making another character by the way :3
  7. Real Name: Aurore Fran├žoise
    Side show name: Anubis
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Anthromorphic Human, Born in France
    What makes them a freak: Aurore has black jackal ears and a tail to match, along with impossible flexibility and dexterity.
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: Aurore was a child when she was thrown out, no less than a baby. She was taken in by the circus when she was 3 after living on the streets with the help of a few kind people. She grew up with them and shares a deep bond with the circus afterwords, and everyone in it.
    History: She was thrown out shortly after her parents realized she was a freak. She was 3 when the Cirque de Anormal took her in. There, she was trained as an acrobat, and noticed she had flexibility and dexterity impossible for a normal human.She practices throwing knives in her free time.
  8. Real Name: Lilium Blanca Gatton
    Side show name: Frigus (Means "Cold" in Latin) (Can be something else if you desire.)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Lilium (open)


    Has Chestnut brown hair, very pale skin, and smoggy Hazel eyes.

    What makes them a freak: Can and will eat anything (literally anything) as long as it's cold. Whether it be dirt or raw meat from the store to a preserved baby pig kept frozen for dissection.

    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: Was given to the circus as a gift, since the rehabilitation center could not control her horrible eating habit.

    History: Lilium was born to a normal father but to an alcoholic mother. Her mother's cravings only consisted of cold food while she was pregnant with Lilium. However, the cold food was regular diet food like ice cream. After Lilium was born, her cold food cravings gradually became worse and worse. Going from ice cream and frozen dinners to intentionally freezing anything she can find to eat later. Her parents became wildly concerned when they found her eating the cold, raw meat they were planning cook later that evening. They put her on rehabilitation, but nothing was working. They put her in a strait jacket to prevent her from freezing or eating whatever was cold. The muzzle came soon after they found her eating her white pants during the winter and attempting to eat the white strait jacket. When the circus came, they gave Lilium to them as a gift as they could no longer care for her. To them, she was a lost cause.
  9. Real Name: Paul Rogers
    Side show name: The RingMaster
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    What makes them a freak: He is a "living" doll
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: He is the one who created Cirque De Anormal.
    History: He had been in his father's side show for many years, he liked showing off his "gifts" and decided to make his own freak show
  10. [​IMG]
    Real Name: Lilith Daniels
    Side show name: Water Lily
    Age: 19
    Gender: Father
    Race: Human
    What makes them a freak: She has the ability to control water and even breath under the water too. She even has a small control over ice.
    How Cirque De Anormal came across them: When she was able to escape out of her parent's basement she was discovered by Cirque while sleeping in the lake.
    History: Even when she was little her parents kept her away from the outside world. She was born in the water when her mother gave birth to her in the ocean. It wasn't planned it just happened. But water would be her curse for the rest of her life. Or gift depending on how one looked at it. She lived in the basement where her parents and installed a small pool and kept her lock down there. She did know what the sun looked like because the room had one small window. Her mother was able to teach her how to read and write, but she after a while her mother was too afraid to visit her when she found that she could change to look like a mermaid and other strange water creatures. One night her father forgot to lock the door and she was able to escape. She was able to find her way to a lake. It was the same lake that the Cirque found her in a few weeks late. And the found her undressed. The people gave her clothes, but every now and then she still likes to go skinny dipping. She tends to keep to herself, but when it's time for a show she can become a people person for a while.
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