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  1. Hey guys. So I was watching breaking bad and the episode made me want to do a sort of modern mob roleplay with a lot of drugs, crime, violence and sex. A true mature story. This will take place in a small city just outside new York, fictional of course. I will be playing the families man hit man who has all the connections, as well as the other mob. We need a dean for our family and a few vets. The first three people will be veterans in the family. The others will be newbies, and I will shown them around. Any interests peaked?
  2. Well you know I'm up for this :D
  3. Yay! O for this roleplay there is no special character sheet. Whatever info you want to put and whatever format you put it in,
  4. My character:
    "Tell me about this Joe fuy."
    Well what do you want to know?"
    luck, Rico. What's his full name?"
    "..Joe what?"
    "Hat's all we know. He goes by Joe, nothing else, he is a hard hitting hit-man in the Carmine family. He has connections all over the city. He has fucjed with our drug trade many times. This fucking guy goes above and beyond to sabatoge us, he will kill hookers, and even thirteen year olds, as long as they are slinginf dope. "
    "Tell me about his biological family and relationship."
    "What is there to tell? First wife ever killed by one of our boys three years ago. Never married since. No children. His mother and father is no where to be found. Trust me, we have looked."
    "What kind of car does he drive. His weapons. Methods."
    "He drives a sweet 69' Comaro. He takes his job seriously, tends to use methods from the 4050s. He can be a slippery little fucker. All rats and informants need to stay away from him'"
    "I want him dead."
    "Calm down there, mighty mouse. You might be the Don's son, but you just got here. Never been here before. Let me talk to the Son."

    His face claim is Ivan Moody by the way.
  5. Alright, my character then
    Name: Sonya Blade (No one knows her real name, and she doesn't tell)
    Position: A hit-woman who also works as a stripper, she seduces her targets and then kills them
    Background: Left on the streets at the age of 4, Sonya was taken into a child brothel and was there until she "got too old" (14) and then went back to the streets for a few months, acting as a prostitute and (killing some of her clients), before getting cornered by the mob and working in a club. She's been there ever since.
  6. Is hi roleplay still open? I heard mob and my interests perked. I have the perfect character for this too. If it's still open.
  7. It is still open, and that character for Sonya there is accepted.
  8. Sweet, I'll get to work on my character.
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