INTEREST CHECK Welcome: to THE DOOR! (Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi/Everything)

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  1. A small kiosk stands in the middle of nowhere, surrounding a ordinary red door. The kiosk is staffed by an exceedingly bored, excessively ordinary teenaged girl far more interested in getting the dirt out from under her nails then talking to you. And why wouldn't she be? She has seen great warriors, kings at the front of armies, walk up to her little desk demanding her to let them though. She has seen Gods and alien armadas arrayed before her, threatening her with enough power to rend the planet itself asunder. Ancient cuthoid horrors have torn though the skein of reality, squamous creatures anathema to existence itself, to simply set themselves down before her, asking politely from a thousand mouths if they could be let through.

    She has turned them all away.

    What are you to them?

    Yet, the girl's phone rings. Seeing who is on the other end she quickly, almost in a panic, answers the phone.


    A thousand worlds away, a Woman in Pink cheerfully speaks into her phone while a movie plays in the background. No one stops her- they sit in the rows motionless; men, women and children. They all look alive yet... empty. Admist the husks, the woman has her conversation; it is almost like a movie itself, a mockery of a real conversation, its real meaning unknowable to anyone if they easvedroped upon her words. Then, she stops, as if considering something. Then she says it, a simple phrase.

    The phrase has been said many times in the past by countless people, but when spoken by Her, the words possessed a gravitas that they have never held before, and never will since.

    "Let them in."


    The girl hangs up her phone, visibly shaken. She soon regains her composure. For a moment, upon seeing the motley assortment of...things... before her, she considers what could make them different. Then the thought is quickly discarded, as she quickly loses interest. She simply places a little placard on the desk of her little kiosk.

    [Welcome: to THE DOOR! We are currently accepting visitors!]

    In all honesty, the whole thing seems weird; you don't honestly remember how you got here. Were you locked in a battle with a great demon just moments ago? Were you at the head of a great armada, about to change the course of the universe with a single word? Or did you simply get a flat tire, and the kiosk was the first thing you saw? It doesn't matter in all honesty. It couldn't hurt to humor the girl in walking through the door. Really, it doesn't even lead anywhere...


    So, that would be the intro to my little role-play; I'm just checking the waters before I start up a OOC recruitment thread. Pretty much, I'm allowing anyone- or anything- enter the game. Feel free to use a character that you have used before, or are currently are using- THE DOOR doesn't discriminate, and even if you met your end, the whole thing was a simply a bizzare daydream, right?

    So, just posting this idea- I'd only need a few dedicated posters to start. I'd post rotational updates- that is I'll update whenever everyone finished posting. If you like this idea, or have any questions, feel free to post them!
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    Wow, I like just about all of these. O_o
  3. Re: (Fantasy/Modern/Sci-fi/Everything) Welcome: to THE DOOR!

    It seems like an great idea!
  4. Good God. Do you really want to go asylum on here? I could bring it here. Very much so.

    I could brink my pocket ARK. It would be fun.

    I would try to eat the door. I thought it would taste like cherries.

    I will turn into a blob of slime. Now I need no mouth.
  5. I just came.

    I'm in.
  6. Awesome!

    I'll start setting up the game tomorrow, due to the fact I'm currently at a conference in DC.

    Can't wait to play!
  7. *When the GM returns, the GM will see the door is being eaten by THE BLOB!*
  8. Like you assume THE DOOR could be eaten by a blob.

    In every permutation of existence THE DOOR eats you. Lovingly of course, for THE DOOR holds no hate, but it eats you still. I'll be starting a ooc thread in either a few hours or tomorrow for sure.
  9. ....

    I cast magic missle on the darkness!

    And I am nomming on the physical manifestation of the door. Like chewing on a metal pole with equally metal teeth. Nothing happens.

    My guy has been doing it for a LONG time.
  10. First thing I thought of was Charlie the Unicorn:

    "The Door can see into your mind!"


    "Really? The Door can do all that?"

    "Pft, no."

    I'd be willing to join something like this.
  11. Awesome.

    I'll start it up tomorrow.

    THE DOOR would hate the analogy comparing it to Charlie the unicorn, if THE DOOR was capable of anything else but love. It isn't.
  12. Oh, THE DOOR is now open for registration!
  13. Count me in! It sounds like fun! Will you be requiring character sheets in this? Just curious.
  14. Yep- just so I get a brief background on everyone involved. I opened a new thread in the OOC portion of this place. :)