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  1. Welcome to The Carnival of Myths and Make Believe!
    A place full of wonder and mystery....

    This RP is about the life of the carnival/circus workers. The interesting thing about this carnival is what it's name means. It really is full of myths and make believe. Full of mythical creatures and crazy people. Where the workers and the attractions are full of wonder.

    Skeleton (explanations of categories):
    Name: Your characters full name (middle is optional).
    Nickname or stage name: What they call you or when you are working.
    Age: Any age is fine.
    Job: This is a carnival and circus. (Jugglers, clowns, booth workers, attraction workers, contortionists, freak show workers. etc.)
    How long have you worked there: The carnival started three years ago.
    Species: This is where the myth and make believe come in. (Human, alien, mythical creature, cyborg, anthro. etc.)
    Personality: Self explanatory.
    Crush: It's okay if you don't have one. I know it would be hard at first with no other characters.
    Past: What happened before the carnival.
    Extra info: What ever you want to say about your character.
    Looks: This can be a picture or description.

    Extra info. on RP:
    ~I love romance so that is why crush is there
    ~Be creative, you can be anything and do anything. If you are unsure if it is okay don't be afraid to ask but I'm sure I will say yes.
    ~This carnival is sort of darker than others, as well as more creepy by the way. The myth and make believe is suppose to be more scaryish (I know not a word) than fairy tail happy ending style.
    My Character:
    Name: Angie Clover
    Nickname or stage name: Angie
    Age: 19
    Job: The face or mascot of the carnival
    How long have you worked there: Since the beginning
    Species: Human
    Personality: Angie is completely mad. She changes her personality a lot; either being full of life and childish or dark.
    Crush: None yet
    Past: Angie is the owners daughter; he created the carnival. Her mother was never married to her father, Angie was a accident. Her mother gave her father the baby and left. Her father on the other hand cherished the baby, he loved her. It has made him very protective of her. He is also mad and insane.
    extra info: Her dad is so worried about her safety that he has thought of hiring a bodyguard for her. Angie is very beautiful, considered one of the better looking mascots.
    Looks: http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums...urple_hair_anime_girl_by_katakt74-d2ye8dm.jpg
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  2. Name: Minx Jones
    Nickname or stage name: Candy
    Age: 18
    Job: Contortionist
    How long have you worked there: Since the second year.
    Species: Half cat.
    Personality: Minx is a very flirty and open person. Although she is quite..mad.
    Crush: None yet.
    Past: Minx had killed her parents while she was younger when she went mad for no reason, that is when she joined the carnival.
    Looks: afr.jpg
  3. Name: Vergil gray
    Nickname or stage name: Trickster
    Age: 22
    Job: Magician
    How long have you worked there: two years
    Species: werewolf
    Personality: Vergil has a large ego,is sarcastic and tends to hate most things
    Crush: none yet
    Past: Vergil gray grew up london as a thief he spent most of his time stealing off rich men but when we got he was to long to go to jail so he got sent to a diffrent country
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  4. Name: Kyoto Ito

    Nickname or Stage name: Kyoto

    Age: 19

    Job (May he be Mime? You know, people that wear the white paint and shiz. If not, I'll just get the juggler.)

    How long have you worked there?: 2 years.

    Species: Human.

    Personality: Kyoto is rather quiet around people he doesn't know, although it may not seem like it, because of his appearance. He is also sort of shy, but has came out of his shell just a bit since he joined the carnival. He's sometimes aggressive if you push his buttons, but is really a nice guy if you get to know him better.

    Crush: No one.

    Past:Kyoto was sort of known for his talent, miming, and he'd practice every single day non-stop. He'd entertain his parents as a child by doing that, and everyone else around him also. At age 16, his parents got into a bad car accident, and sadly didn't make it. He'd still practice in front of his mirror for hours. That's when he joined the carnival.


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  6. I'm going to post up the RP. Sign-ups are still open for anyone who would like to join.
  7. Name:
    Anita McClaine (Original last name is Whitley)

    Nickname or stage name:
    "Miss Mistress the Beast Tamer"

    old, she looks about 20

    Beast Tamer

    How long have you worked there:
    Nearly a year


    Anita is friendly enough, but below that she has a very hard time attaching to anyone. And with that, she gives little to no care if she makes enemies or friends, the way she sees it, most creatures die off after awhile anyways. When she speaks, she does so in a blunt, forward manner. In her lifetime, she has found that following the KISS( Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule has the better effect when interacting with other 'intelligent' beings. Sometime's she'll conveniently forget that throwing someone through a wall isn't the best way to express her anger. Her temper, for the most part is mild, but once it's set off...it kind of takes over her rational thinking.

    Not as of yet, although there are quite a few she wouldn't mind taking a taste of.

    Anita was born in the Fall of 1827, ten years before the Victorian Era in a small English town. She was turned on her 21st birthday while her family was visiting London for a meeting between her and her newly betrothed. It was an arranged marriage set up by both her and his parents. It was something Anita wanted nothing to do with, but realized that she owed it to her family to deal with it anyways.

    However, the same night that the two families met, a new next of vampires came to town. Needless to say, meeting at a park after dark hadn't been the best move to take. The two families where drained. However, while Anita was being fed on, in an attempt to free herself from the vampire feeding on her, she bit into his arm. The vampire didn't notice the small amount of blood seeping from his arm into the dying human's mouth. After the blood drinkers where done with the families, they took them and threw them beneath a bridge on the outskirts of town. The next night, Anita rose as a vampire.

    Since then, Anita has done whatever she can to survive. She isn't a stranger to taking lives, but she tries to avoid it when possible. She moves around alot, every fifty or so years she'll change her last name. During her 'life' she found a fondness for animals who often times frighten most people. She usually has some large beast (often times a wolf) around to guard her during the day, and she always has at least one bat and one tarantula living with her. During her time, she's also taken to collecting spellbooks and studying witchcraft whenever it suits her.

    She recently stumbled upon the circus and was invited to stay after being spotted playing 'fetch the bone of questionable origins' with the local wildlife.

    Extra info:
    Right now she has an albino bat named Pearl and a black one named Onyx. She also has a tarantula named Rosette ( a very large one)

    Her eyes are a deep chilling red, her hair is brown with colored streaks (the color changes alot) She wears black and not many other colors.
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  9. Name: Cross M. Clover
    Nickname or stage name: Mr C or Mr Clover
    Age: 39
    Job: Owner
    How long have you worked there: Since the beginning
    Species: Human
    Personality: He is just as mad as his daughter. He also tends to act opposite than what he should, laughing when it's sad and crying when it's happy.
    Crush: Anita
    Past: Cross left his parents to live with his cousin when he was 15. They wanted to put him in a mental hospital, he didn't want to be stuck in a place like that. Ever since he was young he dreamed of making a carnival like what he has now. When he was 20 he ended impregnating a girl, giving him Angie. He moved away from his cousin and took care of Angie by himself, later making the Carnival.
    extra info: He also wears opposite clothing. When it is formal he is in jeans and a t-shirt, for casual wear, it's a suit.
    Looks: http://i621.photobucket.com/albums/tt293/lilvampiredemon/anime stuff/suit.png
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  10. I've changed my mind, Sliver do you mind if Cross likes Anita. Or at least is sweet on her. I think it would be funny.
  11. It would be amusing, so sure, I don't mind.
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  13. Name: Liam Redford. Nickname or stage name: Ghost Age: 20 Job: Attraction, Freak Show, Never Done Befoter. How long have you worked. New guy. Species: Human buy also Half of something else. Personality: Perfect sense of humor, perfect personality, very protective but doesn't talk much. Very unique. Crush: Possibility, once known a bit, Angie Clover. Past: Secret Past. Extra info: Liam is 5'7, muscular build for his size, he has unique eyes, bluish grey eyes, his hair not long but not short brownish black hair with some red in it. He has tattoos but are covered and has never been senb, only to a few has seen them. Liam isn't any normal human you'll meet. His past tells his whole story of his past. A past full of secrets of dark. He isn't a bad person nor is he a good person when it becomes to protecting the people he cares for. Looks:

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  15. Name: Bobby Nickle

    Nickname: Flare Boy

    Age: 17

    Job: Juggler

    How long have you worked there: Around 7 months.

    Species: Human/Fire Elemental

    Personality: Bobby suffers from extreme pyromania, causing him to randomly attempt to set anything flammable on fire, he's also a cloud cuckoo lander, randomly bursting out in laughter and giggling, or even attempting to set himself on fire. When he succeeds on setting himself aflame, he'll desperately try to spread it, ramming into anything that seems flammable.


    Bobby had a simple past of anarchy, setting buildings on fire, running around on fire, setting people on fire, ect ect, one day he was caught, but literally burned a police station down before running away. He happened across the circus a few months later, and, while on the run, joined the circus, saying " I can juggle! Promise! " And by juggling, he meant juggling red hot flares.


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