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  1. I'm seeking this to be a horror roleplay. Anyone up for it? Plot and information is down below.
    "The Watson Brothers' Carnival was originally constructed in the early 1990's, 1993 to be specific. It suddenly became very famous in 1994, the year after it was originally built. They had everything ranging from the Merry-go-Round to a very well-known roller coaster called "The Serpent" that'd have your blood pumping and head reeling by the time you got off. However, one day in 1999, the carnival was set aflame and the rides destroyed. Plenty of normal people and most of the employees were smashed or burnt, and once the problem was taken care of and the suspect arrested, the carnival was taken away for good.
    Some people say though on misty nights the carnival and lights can be seen and screaming can be heard. Plenty have gone to investigate, but none have returned."
    Monsters are up for discussion. Monsters can be made up or based off actual entities. Won't be horribly gory (I don't think Iwaku would allow that anyway?), but I love details so it won't be anything considered stupid, either.
    This open is open for anyone. Pretty much the plot and point of this roleplay is stumble into the carnival and attempt to get out alive and have the ability to tell your tale to warn others. Also, please tell me if you'd like for me to start. I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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  2. I quiet like this idea. Unique. Now would you be a friend of mine who would come in with me or like some kind of lover or what?
  3. Thank you very, very much! I try my hardest to be unique, but it's not always possible. I was thinking that you'd be going in solo and I could be the monsters, but if you would like a companion to go in with you and you also play a little of the monsters (only if you wish), I don't see that being impossible.

    Thanks so much for showing interest in this idea!
  4. That would actually be really fun. What kind of monsters are we talking about? Like naiads and pixies based off of elements that would thrive from one little bit of their element.
  5. and any time hon. I like uniqueness. Its hard to come by people to be brave enough to try this level of uniqueness.
  6. I was thinking monsters more like Slenderman, or Kuchisake Onna (The Slit Mouthed Woman), or perhaps something kind of like tormented demons and ghosts/spirits. Not exact rip offs of the two mentioned, but something with a similar concept. Now, I wouldn't turn down the idea of Naiads being in some of the water-based games or pixies based of elements (mainly fire since the burning down of the carnival?) being in there.

    Edit: Thank you again. In all actual honesty, I got this idea based off a roleplaying profile on chatango but kind of changed it up somewhat. If you want to see what I referenced/was inspired by, you can find it here (but it has music.).
  7. Well you know with the whole fire based fact one could think of the tormented demons being fire based so even a little energy spark would cause a swarm to come down upon anyone who is nearby so say one of us is a heavy duty smoker you'll have to learn not to light anything which would be insanely hard for any smoker.
  8. So think demons or something coming out of the end of a cigarette of one of the kids who sneak out
  9. That's true and a very good idea. It would be insanely hard for a smoker, given the fact fear can lead to frustration and stress and that's why smokers usually smoke. Stress.
    So, do you want me to be a companion of yours, or just be the monsters? Either is fine by me, and so is most anything else, so don't be hesitant to ask me anything.
    Edit: That'd be kind of funny, something coming out of the end of a cigarette a kid smokes and attempts to attack them. I'd get a kick out of their reaction.
  10. Have you be the companion you can be male or female, and the demons themselves can have one single entity that commands all others, and I can be this entities sort of Beta also so we can both have a hand in the pull and tug of the story, all I ask is that you start just so we have your base idea to go off of. Thinking like idiot high school teens sneak in on a dare
  11. I'll be my female character Saga, if that is okay with you. And yes, I was thinking there could be an entity that controlled all the other monsters. I'll go ahead and write up the starter now, using your idea of the teens sneaking in on a dare in the middle of the night. Also, I was thinking, let's say on the chance they do escape, what if time had hardly moved at all when they got out? I mean about long enough to be proof that they went in, but not too long to where adults and authorities got brought in.
  12. Perfect. I'll be the smoker though just because I understand the craving better from being a smoker myself so. Just send me a link when you can
  13. I see. I'm not very fond of cigarettes myself, so I'm not very experienced with smoking. Therefore I'm fine with you being the smoker. May I ask your character's name just in case I need it for my starter? Or will it be Maxwell like your username?

    Edit: I'll also post the link here when I am finished with the starter.
  14. No it'll be Chance. Chance Allison to be exact. But I'll have short brown hair, and green eyes. Dark tan. And a swiss ton of tattoos. That's actually what I look like. The dude in the picture on the left can't see the tats though
  15. Oh, I see! That's cool. I apologize in advance if my starter is absolutely horrid, but I really did try. Here is the roleplay.

    Edit: Oh! I am so sorry I took so long! I'll try to be quicker with my replies than I was with the starter...
  16. Hey no. Rping is suppose to be fun. So no matter what it isn't horrible. Just here to have fun
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  17. Pardon me sometimes I'm kinda slow to reply
  18. It's fine. C: I have to say the same. I will tell you this reply was delayed though because I had to take care of an animal. They should become faster as we go. And thanks for the reassurance. I really hope you have fun with this roleplay, too.
  19. Its fine as long as I can get one a day unless one of us is on vacation than everything will be good, and also fun
  20. I will most definitely try to post at least once a day. That shouldn't be too hard at all. I'm on the computer usually at least once a day. (: