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  1. J O N A S
    - The White Eagles

    It was a particularly sunny day, it would even be considered a beautiful afternoon.. if it weren't for the infected running around. A recent horde had made their way into Safe Haven's borders, meaning whoever the horde happened to be closest to, it was their problem. In all honesty, he didn't mind if it was closest to the White Eagles, meaning he'd have something to do other than sit on the roof and see how far he could throw a rock for amusement. It gets kind of boring when you don't have the Internet or basic cable TV to keep you entertained. At this point, he'd take watching those dumb, two hour adds on jewelry than sit here and get lost in his own thoughts.. off track, off track. As of now, Jonas was sitting on the roof, and since they only had one sniper, the scouts often rotated in and out with the sniper to give the poor woman a break from her duties. Jonas was okay with a gun, he certainly couldn't shoot a tin can off a fence his first try, but he knew the basics: aim, shoot, and run. Well, that's what he learned, at least. You didn't really need to know the details when the infected could rip your throat out at any minute. Jonas rubbed his hands together to try and warm them and then reaching over to a nearly empty water bottle and taking a sip, bouncing his leg with what could've been nervous energy. He swore, further off he could hear the sound of the infected- their awful screams and gurgling, but he wasn't sure. He also watched the East of the city, The Dove side.. and for whatever reason, he was praying that they wouldn't attack their, either... no reason. Just being a good person, is what he told himself, because he wasn't sure if the Doves could fight off such a massive horde.. that's all it was, he could swear by it. Definitely not worry for a certain someone, he repeated over and over in his head like a mantra. He shifted uneasily, biting his lip as he watched the area below him. That pit had begun to form in his stomach again, and he took another swig of water to try and rid himself of it. This is what he hated, being lost in his old thoughts, because by the end of his thinking session, he felt like he had to throw up. Sexy, right?

    C A T H
    - The Doves
    As for Cath, well.. he would be out enjoying the sun when it was usually so cold, if it wasn't for his cowardly fears of getting his throat ripped out. As of now, he was peaking out the window, standing on his tippy toes in an attempt to get a decent view over the dying shrubs outside. The sun nearly blinded him, and he covered his eyes with his sleeve, trying to block out the sun's harsh rays. He simply shook his head, taking a step away from the window. He was relatively new here, and by new, I mean he had stumbled into the church doors no more than a week ago, sniveling and crying and weak, clutching the ring Parker had given him, begging for some sort of shelter from the infected. Of course, the family like group had accepted him, but that didn't stop him from being shy and, well, the lone wolf in a group that considered everyone family. He slowly sat down next to the window, sliding down the wall and clutching his knees, wondering if anyone else had heard the faint screams of the infected. But he wrote it off, it was so faint it could've been a bird's cry. He was still trying to recover from his latest brush with the infected.. he wasn't strong like everyone else. He couldn't get up and keep running, he didn't have the nerve. So there he sat, quiet and alone, listening to the sounds outside. The only thing he could distinguish from everything else was the howling wind against the building, making it hard to hear anything else outside. It wasn't too cold outside, but he certainty wouldn't want to be outside right now, especially in the harsh winters of Montana. It had yet to get bad, just jumping from winter to fall, but snow had already began to fall. As of now, there was a thin layer outside, not hard to walk in, but definitely making it harder to run without slipping. He was just glad he had stumbled into Safe Haven before things had gotten worse, he was sure he wouldn't of been able to survive once things had gotten really cold.

    A N N I E
    - The Pack
    Annie kicked the door open, letting the cold air inside as she walked in, quickly shutting the door behind her, still obnoxiously kicking it. She had gone on an.. well, unadvised trip to one of the stores in town that had been nearly wiped clean. No one really knew where she had gone, she just left out of the blue. How she remained alive was beyond anybody, she either had amazing luck or was so stupid that the infected scanned right over her because she was not worth their time. It didn't matter, because there she was probably scaring the shit out of anyone who had been previously sitting near the area she barged in at, her entrances were always loud and obnoxious. "I'm baaaaaaack." She yelled, as if anyone really cared, not bothering to lock the door behind her she trudged through the room, leaving cold water and bits of snow in her wake. She tossed her coat to the ground, and her hat, as if that was really the spot to put it. She sat down, reaching into her pocket and taking out a pack of bubble gum, and taking out a piece and shoving it in her mouth. Gum.. she had left the base.. for a pack of gum. Again, how Annie was not dead was beyond even the most intelligent person's knowledge.

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  2. LCpl.Jack Doyle


    Mission Location - Redville, 27-11-20
    A bitter cold nipped at Jack's cheeks as trudged through the mud. The presence of the sun didn't do much to deter the determined icy wind. The dirt that was encrusted to his face could only provide so much insulation just like his BDU's. He pulled the catch of his rifle back momentarily, sighing relievedly when a round remained in the chamber. The town ahead was likely home to infected and god knows what else, sufficient ammo was key to surviving the raid. According to an old map he'd found, a hospital resided somewhere within the town, a place likely ripe with supplies. "And ripe with infected too, I'd imagine," he muttered to himself as his eyes scanned the rooftops. With a small jig of reassurance, Jack set onwards towards the town... for better or for worse.

    Jogging onto the main strip of the town, the soldier sought the cover of a nearby dumpster - a refuge from the sight-line of any snipers who may have been watching the road. He poked his head up above the lid, only his helmet and eyes visible. The scrim didn't do much to camoflauge him nor did his MTP uniform, it was too late in the year for that. Still, military grade clothing and gear wasn't to be squandered and a soldier would be remiss to cast aside his uniform, his identity. A bitter frost gripped the carcasses of burnt out cars and blood-stained litter covered the surface of the road. Despite the ill-fate of the town, it seemed to be clear of hostile presence. "Fortune favours the brave, Jack... fortune favours the brave," he encouraged himself in a hushed tone. Slowly, he peeled out from his cover, rifle raised, facing forward. He took a steady, walking pace as he scanned the windows and rooftops. MOUT was so much easier with a full section. A gush of wind howled through the street and a flock of birds fled to the sky causing Jack to jump slightly, his breathing picking up pace as the adrenaline increased. The scraling of metal from a nearby alleyway did nothing to allay the damning feeling that he was being watched. Tuning his radio to the first frequency he could think of, he pulled his left hand to broadcast a message. "This is Lance Corporal Jack Doyle, 2 Yorks, British Armed Forces, does anybody read me on this net, over?" He repeated the message a few times but each time nothing. It was just a stupid idea, anyway. Like anyone would hear him out here. The scraling, however, continued. "Fuck," he cursed. A warm sweat formed on his brow and his earlier gripes with the cold seemed to fade away in the moment. Stacking at the entrance to the alleyway, Jack took a deep breath. "3... 2... 1..." Rushing round the corner, he raised his rifle and assumed a firing position while keeping close to the wall. Nothing. The alleyway was empty save for a discarded shopping trolley and a trail of blood. Before Jack could relax, a ear-piercing scream rang out as an infected man hurled himself from the nearby rooftop, tackling Jack to the ground with him. The two rolled along the floor before separating slightly. Grunting in pain, Jack used his rifle to push himself to his feet. It seemed he had caught a break as the infected man crawled and clawed towards him slowly, its legs snapped clean in two. "You daft bastard," Jack laughed, humoured by the creature's sorry state. A second scream soon put a stop to that laughter, however, as a group of infected emerged from the street. "Fuck sake!" A burst of gunfire signalled the dropping of the first two creatures but more came running, drawn by the noise. Jack sprinted further into the alley, emerging on a parallel street. The hospital was in sight.

    Fleeing with all of his being, Jack scrambled through the frost, tirelessly being pursued before he came to the outer perimetre of the hospital. The outer door was locked but someone seemed to be on the roof. "Hey! Open up!" he screamed, punching his fist into the reinforced glass door. Taking a knee, he turned to engage his pursuers with semi-automatic fire - one bullet for each one of the sorry bastards. Several of them dropped, but still they kept coming. "Come on! Open up!" He knew the next few seconds were crucial, an ever-shortening window of time for an escape. If the doors didn't open soon. He would have no choice to but to flee elsewhere.
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  3. Evie Appleby
    The Doves

    Securing her harness around her body, Evie gave her flashlight a few checks. She didn't intend to stay out long but it was good to make sure her equipment wasn't going to break. The sounds of infected screaming from further inside the town had her worried, something had stirred them up. Her money was on the Pack. The reckless fools were always getting themselves into trouble, always looking for it too. Slinging her bow over her back and a full quiver of arrows, she left her room and tied her hair up into a ponytail. As she looked to the windows to determine the temperature, she noticed Cath sat by himself. He was new and still recovering from his time out in the wild, the first few weeks were always difficult. A small, sympathetic sigh escaped her lips - the infected didn't sound close so they could wait.

    Walking over, she sat herself down next to the lad, her back pressed into the wall. "Alright?" she began in a sunny tone, "You seem off with the fairies." Her smile dropped slightly as the sound of gunshots could be heard in the distance. She was certain it was the pack now... it just seemed odd that it came from the White Eagle territory. Refocusing on Cath, she put her thoughts aside and regained her smile. "If you're worried about the infected, don't be. We occasionally get the odd horde wander into town. They usually don't come over this side." She readjusted her ponytail slightly, her hand knocking against her bow. "I'm going to head out and have a look for myself soon anyway. Just so we know we're safe."
    Every night in the past few months had ended with the image of her husband and daughters slowly fading, piece by piece, until there was nothing left of them but the memory of their existence. This was just another night; another nightmare. Lynne was suddenly awoken from her deep dreams by the distant yet unmistakeable sound of gunshots. Scrambling out of her makeshift bed onto her feet, she hurried to her rucksack and pulled out her handgun before sprinting out of the room. Spotting Evie sat down next to Cath with her hands doing up her ponytail, she groaned and rushed towards her. Once she had reached both Evie and Cath, she took a second to regain her breath, gently gaining her attention with a half-wave.

    "It's suicide going across town on your own," she scolded the redhead, before lifting her hand in which her gun was in. "I'll come with you. I think someone's being attacked out there and we oughta save them."

    Bexley sat in the corner of the room, her arms wrapped around her knees and gently rocking herself back and forth in rhythm to a song she was humming in her head. Robin was lying asleep beside her, as Bexley's eyes turned to the door. Someone had kicked it open, storming in and announcing their return. She panicked at first, sure that it was one of the infected, but her quickening heart rate deterred when she saw who it was. Annie. Bexley scowled, but said nothing, as she gazed at Robin to see whether Annie's outburst had awoken him.

    "Can't you lock the door?" she asked eventually, as she straightened her legs out and folded her arms. "It's bloody freezing in here and there's those things out there." A little common sense never hurt anyone.
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    The Pack's supply levels were dismal. Food was low; medical supplies were low; both being low to the point that he was honestly ashamed of himself for letting it get this bad. Sending a couple of his people out into the town re-dubbed Safe Haven to see what they could find wouldn't get nearly enough of either resource to be worth the time, so that left raiding or trading as solutions. Trading was questionable, as the Doves and The Pack had bad history and the White Eagles were far from friendly toward them. Raiding was a definite possibility. They had more guns than they had people, and ammo supplies to match. It'd be something he'd have to give consideration to, maybe ask Sean's advice on.
    Scowling down at the map laid out on his table one last time, he lifted his hands off the table and cast a look around his space. It was no big room, just an office he'd taken as how own after he'd taken leadership of the group. It was located in the main building of the complex, along with the main areas. The main areas being the mess hall, on the first floor, and the improvised medical clinic, on the second. The Omegas stayed in the entrance area of the building, the Alphas each had their own tents outside the building, and there was a large fence around the whole complex. This place had been a refugee camp; there were plenty of tents. His office was on the first floor of the main building, in the back. It was pretty barren, just a bed and a table and a mat on the floor. The map was a satellite map of Safe Haven and the area around it; all of the important places and routes were carefully marked out and the margins were filled with notes in a neat, precise handwriting.
    Collecting his shotgun, he headed out of his office and made his way toward the entrance of the building, just in time for Annie's grand entrance. The doors slamming open without warning was on the wrong side of surprising and he had his gun halfway to his shoulder before he recognized the cause of the sudden noise to be friendly. For fuck's sake, he had warned her about that shit.
    "I've told you to stop leaving the base without informing me, Anastasia," he snapped, lowering his gun and walking over to the offending Alpha who so very often evoked his ire. He had a thing with referring to people by their full names, as he absolutely hated when people called him by a shortened version of his own. "I do not have people to waste on trying to find you if you get your ass lost or captured."

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    Being the only sniper in a fairly small group of people that had shacked up in a tall building was exhausting, and Izzy was genuinely grateful Jonas had relieved her. It was a safe bet he was actually a sweet kid, deep down, even if he acted like an ass most of the time. Snagging some leftover food from the poor soul on kitchen duty down in the cafeteria, the sniper headed up to her "nest" that was simply one of the many empty rooms in the hospital. It was a ways from where everyone else had placed themselves; she was an introvert by nature and that wasn't changing, even in this harsh new world she found herself in.
    Her room wasn't special or particularly decorated. Just a bed, a few chairs she'd put over by the window, one of those moving tables that could extend over the bed. Her only real additions were the her rifle and the books stacked in small piles on the window sill. They were only there in case she got some free time. Going out and actually interacting with the rest of the group was too daunting to be entertaining.
    She set the tray down on the table and put her rifle in its traditional position by the head of her bed, then flopped onto the bed itself with a drawn out sigh. Sleep was tempting. Sleep was very tempting. However, she had to eat, and then there were chores, and then, and then. So she sat back up. All the food on the plate was gone in only a few minutes, as growing up around a couple of younger siblings who liked to steal food had taught her to eat quickly. She was leaning over to put the tray back on her table when her door was opened. By Charlotte of all people. The group's resident crazy. "There somethin' you want?" she asked, getting to her feet and crossing her arms over her chest in a challenging fashion. Her accent was strongly Southern, Louisianan to be specific. She didn't trust this one, not a single bit, and she wasn't shy about it either. Didn't think it was safe to keep her around people. But then, whether Charlotte stayed with the group or not wasn't her decision.

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    Humming softly to himself, Aeson worked on washing the dishes left over from lunch. He was using a little bit of dish soap and a bucket of water, the water having been collected from a stream that was near the little church the Doves had made their home. Technically, he'd already done his chores for the day, but he liked to keep busy. It helped keep his mind off the people he'd lost and the one who'd left him, and helped him delude himself with the idea he was actually useful in the group he'd chosen. He'd heard Evie discussing going out into the town. He wished her luck, but had zero plans of going with. It was too dangerous, and he would be a liability. Even the thought of running into an infected made him a little nauseous, and he didn't plan on risking other people by finding out how he'd react to one in person.
    After washing and then drying the last of the dishes, he set each back on the rack they were kept in, making sure not to put one out of place, and stepped back with his brows furrowed down. He was back to having nothing to do, it seemed. No point in starting dinner. Going out into town was too scary to consider, especially alone. So, he walked over to the bit of what used to be the nave of the church he'd claimed as his own and sat down. He put his glasses on, the black framed objects looking quite a bit worse for wear but he didn' feel comfortable drawing without them. Pulling a piece of paper and a pencil out of the pocket of his hoodie and a clip board from his stash of personal items, he began to draw the simple lines that would become a person's face. Before long, the face on the scrap of paper had begun to take the shape of a person with familiar gray-blue eyes and perpetually messy hair.

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  6. [​IMG]

    The Leader of The White Eagles, Stefan was in his office. It was the office of the former Hospital's Main Doctor...whoever that was. He had been in there for a few hours, working on plans and other ways to keep the Hospital secure for all of his people. He had a security system up and running, thanks to the former owners. So he could see everything on all sides from his office. Stefan was really impressed with himself and every one of The Eagles, they had a number of different supplies and weaponry, they had different traps set up for or if a zombie or zombies decided to attack. Being the paranoid one, Stefan even set up a alarm for when some non-Eagle tried to raid or break in...knock out gas would pour from the entrance and the windows. They wouldn't die, they would just pass out. He had left his wife to do her own thing, he would usually stay by her side all the time. Now that she was pregnant, he didn't want her to get hurt while he wasn't around to protect her. He couldn't believe that he was going to be a father soon, it felt amazing. He was a part of bringing new life to the world...a destroyed world, but he would make it the best for his child.

    While sitting there, Stefan heard banging on the front entrance. He was about to send an alarm to all The Eagles, but then he looked at Camera 1, which was the front entrance camera. He saw a man at the entrance...with three infected in front of him. "What the hell!" Stefan didn't know what fool would bring zombies to his faction. "This is a hazard to my members." Stefan was a kind man, but he wasn't an idiot. Instead of opening the door, he pressed the Zombie Attack Button. Since there was only three infected, the trap would work on them. Usually Stefan and the other Eagles would have to take the infected out personally. The gas that poured out wouldn't harm the man, it would poision the infected. It was a new serum that Stefan had one of the medics create for use in these situations. Seeing as the infected started to drop, he went to the front door. He yelled through the door. "Who are you? And why did you bring infected here!" Stefan held on the door, making sure that the guy didn't try anything funny. In these times, you can never be too sure who was trustworthy or not. If this guy said the right things, maybe Stefan would let him in...maybe. He also knew that Jonas was on the roof, so if Stefan gave him the signal to shoot the guy...hopefully he wouldn't have to give him the signal.

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    Rainbow was in his own little world, he was doing meditation. It was how he brought in the new day. Even though it was the Afternoon, Rainbow had just woken up a few minutes ago. He had a beautiful dream about butterflies and rainbow valleys. The dream may have been a sign of the future freedom of hurt and darkness, Rainbow would stay hopeful for that day to come soon. He was in his little room on the upper floor of the small church. The church/base was only a two floor building, it was small but comfy. It worked for The Doves family like feeling. Rainbow was glad to have been accepted in the group. He joined when he was only eighteen, after a tragic event in his life. He has been here for two years now, it would be three years next week...Rainbow's Twenty-First Birthday was coming up soon. Even though he was sure he couldn't go out and celebrate, it was still nice to know he still had some type of normal in his life. He sat there in his room on the top floor. Everyone knew that Rainbow meditated for about an hour before he greeted anyone. He would be in that zen mode for the rest of the day.

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  7. Kim Kang
    - White Eagles Council Member & Medic
    It was just a normal day for Kim. Her husband, the leader of the White Eagles, the group that she was in, had been rather busy. For just one day, she wanted to spend time with him, one on one, just setting all the politics and leadership aside. For just one day. Now that she was pregnant, Kim was also very moody and hormonal, meaning that she could either get angry really fast, or start crying really fast, whichever came first. Stefan has also been very patient with her mood swings, since it wasn't her fault. Pregnancy was making her hormones jump everywhere, which is why she could get angry. Often, she felt very insecure because of the fact that her belly had gotten so big. One would wonder how a little one can develop and grow so big. In the world she lived in, becoming a Mother gave her hope that there was still a chance for the human race. If only all the other factions could unite and become one...Today, Kim was just sitting in an Emergency Room, in case another member of the Eagles came back hurt, sick or whatever the case may be. Kim knew how to treat most illnesses and injuries, but has yet to perfect being a Surgeon, but the least she could do was treat Bullet Wounds, even though seeing large amounts of blood often made her want to puke. Relaxing on a couch, the expecting woman began caressing her ever-growing belly, where her future baby girl was resting, smiling as she did so, feeling the material of the dress that she currently wore. She did also feel the baby kick the palm of her hand, which made her smile even more. "Awwww, its okay honey, Daddy will come by to visit soon." She mused, as if she was talking to her little one.
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  8. LCpl.Jack Doyle


    Mission Location - Redville, 27-11-20

    Just as Jack prepared to move, a gas began to seep out of nearby vents. The smell of it was ripe in Jack's nostrils as his eyes shot wide open in panic. "Shit," he cursed, pressing his back against the door to try and avoid the streaming, airbourne chemical. When the rabble of infected before him dropped to the floor and began convulsing and vomiting he wasn't quite sure what to think. Why was he unaffected? That was the good one. What the hell was that stuff? Another good one. A loud croak escaped one of the infected's lips before eventually the group of about 7 died. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jack dropped his gun to the side and walked away from he door slightly.

    "Who are you? And why did you bring the infected here?" a voice called out from inside the hospital. Pivoting to face the door with robot efficiency, he raised his rifle and set his ground.

    "My name is LCpl.Jack Doyle, Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. I'm here to recce this town for supplies. Whoever you are, step forward and be identified or I will be forced to assume your hostility!"
  9. Evie Appleby
    The Doves
    Location - Town Centre, close to the Hospital


    The level to which the cold had gripped the town had taken Evie quite off guard. When they left the church she knew that it was cold but seeing the preliminary wave of icy weather before the heart of winter was upon them was shocking. It was only a couple of weeks prior that the sun was high in the sky, basking the whole area in a warm aura. Still, it wasn't as if she wasn't used to the cold. The bitter bite of the wind against her skin was quite nostalgic of her home back in England, ice skating in the city centre under the shadow of the minster. A homely warmth swelled in her chest at the memory but hearing Lynne move in beside her snapped her back to reality. Three more gunshots rang aloud and a cacophony off throaty screeches echoed up into the air.

    "I'm going to go and take a look what's happening from that building over there," Evie declared, not leaving the matter up for debate. Jogging off into a nearby alleyway she volleyed herself off the nearby bin and grabbed onto the fire escape, hoisting herself up and pulling her bow from her back. The metal creaked and groaned beneath her as she ascended to the roof. When she reached the top, she poked her head up to get a good sight-line on what was happening. She had to admit, the scene that was presented before her was not one she was expecting - a British soldier (or a man wearing a British soldier's uniform) stood before a wealth of dead infected, pointing his rifle at the hospital doors. She squinted as she tried discern the details of the scene, eager to see how it would play out.
  10. Lynne Harrison

    Lynne watched as Evie bolted off down an alleyway and vaulted from one of the bins and onto the fire escape, hoisting herself up and swiftly drawing her bow. "For fuck's sake," Lynne muttered, unsure of what the young woman had planned, as she walked towards the alleyway. She considered trying to leap onto the bin as Evie had done, but she was nowhere near as agile and athletic as the energetic redhead. Evie was, by far, more slender than Lynne. Instead, she moved towards the bin and, lining her shoulders up against it, she pushed into it until it was right below the fire escape above her. "No way I'm jumping that."

    She pulled herself up onto the bin and then stretched her arm out, grabbing the ladder of the fire escape and heaving herself up. It wasn't too much of a struggle but it had definitely set her back a good few seconds. She made her way up the fire escape and onto the roof, to see Evie peering across the town with intrigue.

    "What's going on?" Lynne asked, as she stepped closer towards her. She didn't want Evie to fall, so she made sure that she was in close enough reach to grab her in case she slipped. There was a man in the distance, dressed in a soldier's uniform, fighting off the infected. "I'm going to help him out, wait here," she ordered, heading back to the fire escape, although she knew that Evie would most likely ignore her if she wanted to do otherwise.
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