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Welcome To "Safe Haven"

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mysty, Aug 22, 2015.

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  1. CHAT RP.​


    The year 2017, an outbreak had spread. One day, life had been normal, and seemingly the next, civilization was clinging
    to a small hope. Cities burned, families torn, lives taken at an alarming rate. This was no ordinary virus, no, for it had devastated worse than the black plague. Nobody seemed to know what the mysterious virus was, for it had killed faster than humanity could even process.

    Quickly, it was nicknamed "Virus Z" by the survivors, who were both fighting for survival against the infected and the virus itself.
    Quickly, survivors fled the large cities in hopes to find refuge in the less populated countrysides. Here is where our story takes place, in a small 'town' in Montana. Formally known as Redville, but now lovingly nicknamed the "Safe Haven", survivors had banded together in a desperate attempt to protect themselves from the harsh reality outside their 'city limits'. Three groups had formed, separated not only by priorities, but also political views and survival instincts.

    [​IMG]To the very North of Safe Haven, is the group known as the "White Eagles".
    These are the people who wish to restore complete order to their lives, wishing for some sort of structure that had been taken from them by Virus Z.
    They have a strict government like system, with an elected Leader and co-leader, which is known as the Deputy.
    Their system is loosely based off the "good ol' American way", with a voting system and assigned ranks based on skill level.
    Their base, formally a small Hospital, has been converted into bunkards, with a dorm like system, an 'ER' (considering they're in a hospital, they'd obviously have the best medical supplies available to them), a dining hall with a kitchen, a meeting room, and social areas.
    They're most likely the most organized group out of the three, and are willing to trade with the other factions, as long as they get what they want. Generally sort of hostile, they're very on edge about their precious system being ruined.


    LEADER (In simpler words, the president): OPEN
    DEPUTY (Vice-president): Miles Runner @Damien Nyr
    COUNCIL (Double ranked members, for ex: one can be a medic and a council member): Kim Hyun-Young Kang
    Julie Shen @SarahMuse006 1/3
    MEDICS (Those who know above basic knowledge on first aid): Kim Hyun-Young Kang @Kirisuna
    Charlotte { Charlie } McAllen @Hermit
    Julie Shen @SarahMuse006
    SCOUTS (Patrol the area, sent out to retrieve supplies, sent on missions, etc. Basically, foot soldiers): Jonas Hall me
    Nikolai [Niko] Romanova @innocent devil
    SNIPERS (Sit above the base, snipe down any of the infected, or raiders. Must be good with guns and aiming): Isabella "Izzy" Hendry @Spectre of the Fade
    EXTRAS (Those who don't fit into any ranks, are most likely sent on anything with a short hand, or help around base.):

    Now to the East, we have "The Doves", formally known as "The Pack". Unlike the White Eagles, they're more focused on survival rather than order. They believe there is no hope to restore the old ways, and simply just want to live to see another day in the most easy going manner they possibly can. In simpler words, they're hippies. They don't have an appointed leader, instead, have a family like system that basically goes with "whoever has the best idea". As you can imagine, this leads to some bickering. Their base, formally a run down church, has been converted into a comfy living space. Their area is far more open, and almost has a cabin like feel. Out of all of the groups, they have the strongest loyalty to one another, however due to their recent separation from The Pack, they are left with limited resources. They have resorted to making their own weapons, which include bow-n-arrows, spikes, and traps to try and ward off any of the infected, or raiders (any resources they have can easily be taken). They focus more on the defense aspect than the offense, and the job responsibilities are spread out evenly throughout the group, in shifts.

    Jodie { Jo } Lewis
    Cath Daniel me
    Evie 'April' Appleby @VengefulPeanut
    Lynette "Lynne" Harrison @derelict_lillyflower
    Aeson Gallagher @Spectre of the Fade
    Madeleine [Maddie] Cyril @innocent devil


    To the West, we have "The Pack". Probably one of the most hostile and dangerous of the groups, their recent loss of members has left them more hostile than ever. The people in this group are focused mainly on survival, but unlike The Doves, they focus on survival of the fittest. If you're weak, you're left behind. If you don't prove to be an asset, you're abandoned.
    This has led them to have the shortest in numbers, but the strongest members. It was like weeding out in the unfit, finally rising up the best warriors to help them survive.
    They have a very loose government like system, with a leader, which they've nicknamed the "Trail Blazer", and appointed 'ranks', if they can even be called that, given to the members.
    Their system is more of a wolf pack system, if anything. The stronger you are, the better you're treated, and the more resources you're given. The weaker, the more likely you will be to get the scraps and have to sleep on the gritty benches.
    Their strength is in their offensive behavior, and they most likely own the most weapons out of all the groups, but are currently having a shortage of medical supplies, and food.
    They take shelter in an old refugee camp, although small, it's proved to be the perfect place to hide away.

    Trail Blazer (leader): Malcolm Cillian Hayes @Spectre of the Fade
    Alphas (the stronger, 'better' members of The Pack): Anastasia "Annie" Forrest played by me
    James { Jamie || Jay } Lewis @Hermit
    Sean "Ira" O'Malley @Thomas McTavish

    Omegas (the weaker, less reliable members of The Pack):
    Bexley Johnson @derelict_lillyflower
    Robin Preston @SarahMuse006



    - Follow the Iwaku rules.
    - Keep IC and OOC drama separate.
    - You can have up to three characters. If you have used all three slots, and wish to create a new one, you can kill one off and submit a new CS.
    - You can start off your character in no group, but realistically, if they were to come to a city in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, they'd probably want to be in some sort of structured group for protection. So eventually, have them recruited. As in, soon.
    - No Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues, obviously.
    - Your character is not unbreakable. They can be infected, they can be shot, damaged, etc. If they leave a fight, keep it realistic.
    - Balance out their strengths and weaknesses. A super buff character may not be as fast as a slimmer, long legged character, and a slimmer character wouldn't be as strong as a buff character.
    - First come first served on the higher ranks. Just be active, or else your position will be given to another member.

    Here's some details I couldn't really squeeze into the description.
    - The virus had started in Spain, and spread throughout Europe and Asia quickly. America and Canada took in refugees, so there's a high chance of multiple nationalities.
    - First signs of the virus are (in order of stages):
    + Irritation or paranoia +
    + Insomnia +
    + Blood shot eyes +
    + Foaming at the mouth +
    + Involuntary twitching of limbs or eyes +
    + Fainting +
    + Constriction of air ways, making it hard to breathe +
    + Blood flow slows, making skin paler and more sickly +
    + Skin appears yellow-ish +
    + Hallucinations +
    + Loss of control over oneself +
    + Welcome to zombieland, kid +
    - It is possible to be infected through:
    + Bodily fluids. Blood, saliva, etc +
    + A weak immune system. If you're sick, it's more likely you can become infected just by chance. +
    + Polluted waters. +
    + Direct contact. Meaning: don't let the rabbis kid sneeze on you. +
    - Redville, now "Safe Haven" is a decently sized, yet small town with a former population of 12,340.
    - The final stages of loss of civilization happened about three years ago, so it's the year 2020 now.



    {preferably real, but if you prefer anime go ahead. c:}
    RANK (IF ANY):




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  2. [​IMG]

    || NAME ||
    Anastasia "Annie" Forrest.

    || AGE ||
    Nineteen, nearing her twenties.

    || GENDER ||

    || SEXUALITY ||


    || GROUP ||
    The Pack.

    || RANK ||

    Annie stands at about 5'6", and weighs 132 lbs. She's lean, and quick on her feet, with long, toned legs to help her keep up her status as one of the quick Alphas. Her hair is a faded blonde, a messy undercut usually thrown to the side of her head. She usually keeps it short, hating to have to deal with long hair constantly in her face. Her eyes are a dark brown, with flicks of lighter gold in them that can only be seen up close. Her skin, slightly tanned, has numerous scars, especially in the area of her arms and legs. She has a tattoo like this, but it's usually covered up by her attire.

    || OUTFIT ||
    Like this, only the shirt is a dark red rather than green.

    Annie is quick witted, sarcastic, and snarky. She has a quick tongue, and even quicker patience, and is known to act irrationally, and sometimes without thinking. She thinks with emotion rather than logic, and this sometimes leaves her screwed over in the end. Quick to piss off, Annie is definitely a fire cracker, and can have an explosive temper when she's pushed to her limits. Although she's not stupid, per say, she doesn't really think things though before she does it, and doesn't think about how her actions can have serious consequences. She cares deeply for those around her, but she can be rather selfish, and would not hesitate to cut ties if it meant saving her own ass. She's the one friend you love to hang around, but when the dust settles, she probably wouldn't hesitate to drive a knife in your back if it gave her any personal gain.

    || LIKES ||
    - Red velvet cake.
    - Loud music.
    - Any fun situation.
    - Feeling in charge.
    - Blue eyes.
    - Big cities.
    - Cold air.
    - People with a quick witt.
    - Having the upper hand.

    || DISLIKES ||
    - Being bored.
    - Feeling disrespected.
    - Feeling weak.
    - Farm country.
    - When it's hot and muggy outside.
    - Cloudy nights.
    - Sensitive people.
    - Religious people.

    || STRENGTHS ||
    - Quick on her feet.
    - Can easily dodge.
    - Brave.
    - Witty.

    || WEAKNESSES ||
    - Her tactic is "punch, back up, dodge, punch". She can't be in one on one for too long.
    - Acts before thinking.
    - Emotional.
    - Selfish.

    || BAGGAGE ||
    - A pistol, but she only saves it for desperate times.
    - A baseball bat, her main weapon of choice.
    - A bottle cap for good luck. She calls it "the lucky cap".
    - The rest of her belongings are back at base.

    || HISTORY ||
    Annie had grown up in the hard streets of New York, with her single mother and younger sister. Life was okay. She was struggling in school, Annie and her mother fought constantly over it. Annie would often run out of the house on long nights and go for walks, despite her mother yelling at her to get back inside. Sometimes, it would even get physical, but it was pent up teenage rage and an annoyed mother sharing one apartment, it was bound to explode into a fight sometime. Despite this, she had lived a decently normal life like everyone else, until Virus Z. Living in such a big city, the virus had literally spread over night, and before Annie and her family knew it, they were frantically running with the masses of hysteric crowds to try and escape. They were pushed, and tossed, until her younger sister had dropped her precious toy in the streets, breaking from their mother's grip to try and retrieve it. Of course, Annie's mother went after her, and Annie stayed put, the infected getting closer... Her mother tried to get away with Annie's younger sister, but they were caught. Her mother begged for her to help, but Annie had turned on heel and fled, looking over her shoulder just in time to see her mother's throat being ripped out. She could've saved her, but instead, she choose her own life over her family's.

    || EXTRA ||
    - Her sister's name was Brooklyn.
    - Back at base, Annie has made friends with a random stray cat that pops in and out. She's named him Henry.
    - She usually wears a hoodie over her shirt.
    - She used to have a lip ring, but took it out because she was tired of dealing with it.
    - She's terrified of swimming.

    || THEME ||


    || NAME ||
    Cath Deniel.

    || AGE ||

    || GENDER ||

    || SEXUALITY ||


    || GROUP ||
    The Doves.

    || RANK ||
    If anything, he'd probably be a medic.

    Cath stands at around 5'5", and only weighs 124 lbs. He's petite in frame, with slightly tanned skin, and freckles dotting his nose and cheeks. He has pretty blue green eyes, and light brown hair that's usually messy. He usually has a concentrated, or kind look on his face, depending on what mood you catch him in. He usually has dark shadows under his eyes from lack of sleep, and his lips are bitten raw from nervous habit.

    || OUTFIT ||
    This, only he usually doesn't wear the green over jacket, just the red hoodie.

    Cath is a dorky, kind of shy boy with a tendency to get overly flustered. At first, he's a little shy and with drawed, but once he gets more comfortable he begins to become more of himself. When he feels safe in his own skin, he's more fun loving, a lot more social and maybe even a little sarcastic. He's quick witted, and rather intelligent. He tends to over think things a lot and panic, which never really works out in anyone's favor. Sometimes, his over analyzing behavior can be benefitial, but most other times, it leads him to be stressed out. He rarely speaks up in larger crowds unless he absolutely has to. Cath is easy to manipulate and walk all over, so it's best he hangs around stronger people who can make up for his lack of strength. They say the nicest people snap the worst, so we'll just have to wait and see how long it takes Cath to be pushed around until he looses it.

    || LIKES ||
    - France.
    - Cities.
    - Nice people.
    - Strong people, he tends to lean towards them since he has no strength himself.
    - Chocolate.
    - Coffee.
    - Reading. He reads any books he managed to scavenge.
    - Cuddling. :D
    - Animals.

    || DISLIKES ||
    - Sea food.
    - Horror movies, despite the fact he's living one.
    - Loud noises.
    - Obnoxious people.
    - Guns, despite the fact he has to use them.
    - Blood.

    || STRENGTHS ||
    - Smart.
    - Quick thinker.
    - Fast.
    - Nimble.
    - Problem solver.

    || WEAKNESSES ||
    - Weak.
    - Can't do physical combat.
    - Low stamina.
    - Over thinker.
    - Easily stressed/panicked.

    || BAGGAGE ||
    - Pistol, only when he's out.
    - Necklace with ring on it.

    || HISTORY ||
    Cath as one of the French refugees that had fled Europe after the virus had begun to spread. Unfortunately, since it had been spread at such an alarming rate, Cath and his family weren't the only panicked survivors trying to hop on the next ship to America. They had been put into lines, and Cath had been with his family, waiting to board the ship with his family. They were packing it as tight as possible, most likely way over recommended capacity by the time the Deniel family had gotten to be next in line. Unfortunately, they were cut off, and told to wait for the next ship as it pulled away. His father was furious, his mother was worried, and him and his brother were terrified. Suddenly, there was terrified scream, and people had began to run, pushing others out of the way to try and board the other ship coming their way. The infected had been swarming in, and it was complete chaos. Thankfully, the military was prepared with helicopters, trying to board as many people as possible to send to America. Cath was shoved into one of the helicopters, separated from his family. He has no clue whether they're dead or alive, but he can only hope. Along the way, he met a boy named Parker, who was a former refugee from Boston. Parker told Cath that there was a city in Montana, and if he agreed to go with him, that they'd both be safe. So they started their long trek to Montana, and along the way, feelings were formed.. It was unclear whether they were even dating or not, but it was something, since Parker had given him the ring that he said "he'd found laying around". One day, their camp was found by the infected... and in their fleeing, Cath dropped his ring, and had dumbly, went back to get it. Parker had went after him, and had ended up getting pulled into the group of the infected. With no weapon, all Cath could do was watch as his lover was torn apart. Parker screamed for him to run, and Cath did just that, and never looked back.

    || EXTRA ||
    - He has a French accent, but speaks decent English.
    - He mispronounces some English words, or forgets what certain things mean.
    - He tends to switch between French and English a lot.
    - Whenever he's concentrated, he bites the inside of his cheek.
    - He's prone to rolling his eyes.
    - He likes to try and count the stars, even though he never truly can.
    - He's attracted to stronger people than himself.

    || THEME ||


    || NAME ||
    Jonas Hall.

    || AGE ||

    || GENDER ||

    || SEXUALITY ||
    Bisexual, leans more towards females.


    || GROUP ||
    White Eagles.

    || RANK ||
    Scout, but can also be a Sniper if they're short handed.

    Jonas is tall, standing at 5'9", and weighs about 137 lbs. He's lean and slim, with a little bit of muscle, but nothing extraordinary. He has messy, black hair that he often tries to slick to the side, but always fails to do so. His eyes are a misty grey blue, and tend to change in hue depending on how the light hits them. His skin is fairly tanned, and his body is laced with scars. Mainly, he has long, thin scars across his arms from faulty farm equipment, and one across his back from being lashed.

    || OUTFIT ||
    This, only the shirt is black and the vest is dark grey.

    Jonas is snarky, irritable, and known to be a tad rude. He can be teasing when he wants to be, and can be very flirtatious, and when he's not annoyed by everyone around him, he's usually making fun at the people around him. Jonas is a good person, but he hides it behind a mask of cliche sarcasm, and tries to downplay any sadness or hurt behind a smirk. He's one of those people that lead you to believe he's kind of emotionless, with a lack of sadness, and without sadness, he couldn't be empathetic. But he is, he's more emotional than he appears, he's just great at hiding it.

    || LIKES ||
    - Humor.
    - Summer nights.
    - The countryside.
    - Sucker for junk food.
    - Music.
    - Darker colors.
    - Dogs.

    || DISLIKES ||
    - Cats.
    - Tension.
    - Sensitive people.
    - Strict people.
    - Being talked down to.
    - Being underestimated.

    || STRENGTHS ||
    - Athletic.
    - Good aim.
    - Hard-headed.
    - Determined.
    - Stamina.

    || WEAKNESSES ||
    - Probably not as physically strong as some of the other guys.
    - Bad reflexes.
    - Stubborn.
    - Low patience.
    - Clumsy.

    || BAGGAGE ||
    - Rifle.
    - Hatchet.
    - Dog tag necklace.
    - Bullets.

    || HISTORY ||
    Jonas grew up on a farm in Tennessee, with his mother, father, and siblings. He had two older brothers and a younger sister, who he was very close to growing up. Due to their secluded farm house, Jonas only really had his siblings to keep him company, and they'd play dumb games like "let's see who can dodge this arrow after I shoot it into the air". Dumb stuff like that. His child hood was generally relaxed, with the exception of his father's drunken outbursts. His father, a well respected man, was also a heavy drinker. He'd constantly fight with his mother, and even go into drunken rage and go after Jonas and his siblings. Jonas was usually the only one who ever fought back, which led him with bruises, and even broken bones. Jonas was always planning to run away, and Virus Z had given him the perfect chance. The Halls had hid away at their solitude farm house for as long as they could, but eventually they were found by the infected. Jonas took this chance to run, separating from his family and never looking back.
    His journeys were lonely, as he had left without his family for fear of watching them die off. He headed north, in a shitty impala that he stole, not that there would be any cops to catch him. He made some friends along the way, most he ended up ditching for the growing fear that he would have to see them die. He heard the horror stories, and he didn't want to live them. And then he met Aeson (@Spectre of the Fade ) . Usually, he would've either ditched the poor guy, but for some reason, he didn't. Instead, he told him about Safe Haven, despite his usual instincts to stay a lone wolf. They traveled to the city together, becoming great friends along the way. It was a shame that an argument between which group to join eventually tore the two friends apart. Jonas insisted on joining The Eagles, while Aeson wanted to join The Doves. They split apart, and Jonas can't tell if he's angry at the other for separating from him, or feeling guilt because he had, yet again, left another person for his own selfish gain.
    Along the way, a pit started to form in his stomach. He couldn't place it, but it only seemed to pop up whenever he though about a certain Dove member.. he wrote it off as anger for the other not wanting to join The Eagles, but deep down inside, he knew that it wasn't. He then wrote it off as guilt, trying to stuff down feelings that he didn't want to recognize. But sometimes he can be seen zoned out, or even looking lost or sad, but f you ask him what he's thinking about, he'll shake it off and say nothing. Whatever is really going on in Jonas' head, who knows.

    || EXTRA ||
    - The eldest brother is Elliot.
    - The second oldest is Lois.
    - His sister is named Molly.
    - He has a dog named Jaxson at base.
    - He has a southern accent.

    || THEME ||

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  3. I am really interested!
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  4. [​IMG]

    Jodie { Jo } Lewis





    The Doves

    Uncertain - There really isn't a rank in the group.

    .:Physical Description:.
    With the height of 5'5", Jo weighs about 137lbs. She has semi-long legs, that usually cause her much trouble, brings her to be one of the clumsiest of all in her group. Her hair rests right above her chest, colored a soft pink-Blonde, with the roots being brown. It's naturally curly, though she usually has it up in a Ponytail so she doesn't have to worry about it getting in her face during a dangerous situation. Jo's eyes are a large soft, dark brown, always showing some sort of emotion within them. Her skin fair, almost like she's never been outside before. There's a small heart tattoo on her cheek, though usually only thought of a large birthmark from afar.

    Outfit / Survival
    Except her shirt is longer/Not as tight and she doesn't wear shoes usually.

    At first, she can be a bit too loud and possibly a bit conceited. But, as time passes, and her walls are slowly broken, she's still a bit loud- But more caring than anything. Jo's flirty, always loving to make others embarrassed and flustered. It was just so much fun. That being said, doesn't mean that she's always the Happy-Go-Lucky type of girl. At night, or at least, whenever she's 'Alone', her mind wanders back to her brother. He was usually the cause of her sadness, and most of her anger. Of course, it hardly happens anymore, but she still has to let it all out at times. No one has ever seen her cry, but it's definitely easy to make her mad. They could just say one word and she's off like a rocket, with a red face, she yells until it's all gone. After the anger, comes the guilt, which makes Jo apologize and soon walk off to who knows where for who knows how long. Some follow her, knowing how she's hardly carful and very clumsy, but it usually turns out alright. Jo can be a bit sarcastic, and maybe even a little bit of a sadist, but that's more normal than when it is once someone meets her for the first time.

    Being around others.
    Humid weather
    Cloudy Skies
    Ramen Noodles

    The dark
    Being left behind
    Her brother
    Fighting { For the most part }
    The smell of blood
    Becoming 'Weak'

    Street smarts
    Semi-good memory.

    Fear of the dark
    A bit idiotic

    A small picture of herself and James
    A frying pan { The only real weapon-like thing she can use }

    It was just she and her brother, through it all. Their parents were always gone, too busy with work to care about the fact that they had children. The maids were always cold to the two, so she could only depend on her brother. They grew up together, and became very close. Jo loved her brother, so much that it pained her whenever they were apart for too long. That was hardly a problem, he was the only important one in her life that actually cared for her.. At least, that was what she had thought before 'Virus Z'. She was only fifteen at the time, and her brother was eighteen. Once the virus began to spread, the two left their large home to crumble and fall. With only a few bottles of water and a little bit of canned food, the two began to make their way to any safe place possible. But with all the riots and others trying to keep themselves alive, it was hard to do that. One night, when things had seemingly cooled down, Jo had decided to rest. It was tiring to walk for such a long time without any sleep or rest. Her feet had ached, stomach hurt, and her eyes were heavy. Only a few minutes, she thought. Instead, she had fallen asleep for hours. And during her time of rest, her brother took everything and left. Left her to die. When she woke up, it was cold, the sky was dark and she couldn't find her brother. It terrified her. James, it was always James. But once he left, she felt so alone. Without any food, or water, she began to wander alone. She set on finding James, but within a month, she finally gave up. Obviously everything he ever said, told her, they were all lies. She hated him. Hated James. He could go die for all she cared.

    Has a small chicken that follows her around everywhere- Calling it Riley.
    Jo's face turns red whenever she's angry
    Has the tendency to talk to herself.




    James { Jamie || Jay } Lewis





    The Pack


    .:Physical Description:.
    Jay stands at around 5'10", with the weight of about 176lbs. He looks like any average man, and is as strong as the next guy. His skin is a bit fair, but has a bit of a tan in certain areas. His eyes are a beautiful forest green that hardly ever show any emotion, whilst his hair is a semi-dark brown that's usually put up in a small bun or something to keep it out of his face. He has a bit of stubble on his face, only ever cutting them off every few months with a small knife and a little bit of old shaving cream. He has tattoos running down his arms, and his shoulders.

    Outfit / Survival
    ~ Ignore the Crossbow and Darryl ~
    His jeans are actually like the Baggy-type of Skinny jeans, and they're red.

    Jay is cold hearted, the silent type at most. He rarely ever smiles, and absolutely hates when someone sees another side of him. He can be a bit rude, if someone were to make him angry or mess with him in any way. It's extremely hard to get him to show anything, but if they somehow know about his past, and his family, they can see a bit of pain in his eyes. Of course, his eyes are the windows to his souls, but it seems almost like he doesn't even have one half the time. He can sometimes be a bit witty, and maybe even sarcastic, even if only a little bit.

    Rainy days
    Cloudy nights
    Ramen Noodles
    The feeling of control
    Conflicting pain on others.

    Emotional people
    Idiotic moves
    Doing nothing
    Being bored
    Physical touch

    Hardly fearing most
    Quick on his feet.

    Cannot find his way around to save his life
    Is a bit too cocky at times
    His sister.

    A small bow that his sister used to wear, usually wears it around his wrist.
    A pocket knife.

    It was just he and his sister, through it all. Their parents were always gone, too busy with work to care about the fact that they had children. The maids were always cold to the two, so he allowed his sister to depend on him. He didn't mind, since she had nobody else but him. It was hard though, with having to take care of someone so young, and having to take care of himself, it just seemed to somewhat corrupt him in a way. As the years passed by, Jay almost always thought that his sister was obsessed with him, that she was weird, that she was useless. He didn't care for her as much as he had. At the age of eighteen, when the virus began to spread, he decided to take his sister along with him. At least for a little while. She could help navigate. He planned how to leave her, how to get rid of the only annoying thing left in his life. He made her work hard, without anything, rest, food, water. Until she got it done. And it lasted for weeks, until Jo had finally given up and decided to rest. That was how his plan started, and once she fell asleep, he grabbed everything and made his way to Montana. Of course, he'd never told his sister about the safe haven, having not wanted her to somehow follow him in any way and find him again. But as the days passed by, and the journey seems to go on forever, it seemed like he began to miss her. She was the one who kept it from being too silent, and helped him with everything. But it was too late. Even if he missed her, she probably already hated him and got somewhere safe for now. He might have made a mistake, but his life would be so much easier without the idiot.

    When he smiles, and that's rare, he usually bites his lip.
    His eye twitches when he's angry
    Is strangely bothered by women.




    Charlotte { Charlie } McAllen





    The White Eagles


    .:Physical Description:.
    Charlie is about 5'1" and weighs about 110lbs at most. Her eyes are a sharp light blue, usually mistaken as a soft grey. With messy blonde hair that falls down to her waist, it shapes out her face. She's curvy, and hardly slim. There's a small black line going down her noes, while four white lines go across, along with three black lines on her chin. It's not natural of course, but no one has ever seen her without them. It's more spiritual to her. There's tattoos that are on her arms- Though usually covered up somewhat with her shirt- Even though there's little holes within the sleeves and the back of her shirt, and one on her right hand. There's a small little birthmark on the back of her ear, and is usually hidden by her wild hair.


    Her shirt
    It's more of a tan color. Her pants are usually black skinny jeans, and she doesn't wear any shoes.

    She's crazy, absolutely bonkers. It doesn't take much to make her angry, of course. Charlie's usually really calm, always mumbling and humming to herself. She can be a bit nice, and maybe even smile at someone, but that usually takes a lot. She just doesn't have much trust in people. Of course, if she were to know someone extremely well, she'd most likely act a bit dorky and maybe even have a little bit of sarcasm come in the mix, but that's more for people who know her, which.. No one really does, she's more secretive. When she's out there, with her mind gone, slowly wilting away, she's more psychotic. A sickly, sadistic smile forms on her lips and she laughs maniacally- Obviously. Charlie's far more gone than most, and isn't afraid to show it when she has to. Like if someone got her mad, or somehow hurt something she finds precious. She's basically like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode into a thousand pieces and finally lose it.

    Quiet places
    Sunny evenings
    Helping others { For the most part }
    Old music.

    Being left behind
    Rotting flesh
    Loud noises.

    Fast and nimble
    Quick thinker

    Possible insanity
    A bit too emotional at times

    Some herbs
    One bottle of water.

    As a child, she had a Military family. They were always moving, and always strict on her. She was an only child, and her father forced her to learn at a young at that nothing will happen unless you fight for it. Charlie got hit, had to shave her hair off, learning the ways of how they did in the Military. It was hard, but at the early years of being a teenager, she finally got used to it. And he only got worse. Bruises, broken bones, anything anyone could think of. She never cried, never showed anything but obedience. That is, until one night her father had decided to push her to her limits. Something snapped inside her brain, and she finally lost it. No one was supposed to do such things at a young age, she didn't deserve it. Not even in the slightest. So, once her father had gone to bed, she grabbed a knife and killed him. No gory details. Her mother hadn't been in her life for a few years then, so there was no one to find him. Of course, she kept him in his bed, until the neighbors smelt death and called the cops. Being seventeen at the time, she wasn't allowed to go to jail, but they still sentenced her to life. They charged her as an adult, and so she was stuck in jail. Many things happened. So many things. It only made her even more insane, and of course, it would've been impossible for anyone to bring her back. Once the Virus came along, she decided to make a run for it, but she didn't leave the jail. She only hid, and waited until she knew for sure that there wasn't a single living soul in there before making the place her home. It didn't last long though, the dead came barging in one night, having been able to finally break through the fence and get inside. So, she ran. And ran, and ran. Until she met another group of survivors, and they told her where they were going- Where a safe place was. She used that information to her advantage, leaving the group and beginning to make her way to the 'Safe Haven'. Charlie never knew what happened to them, only hoped that they had been killed or had gotten lost. Oh well.

    Even though she's insane, she hardly shows it.
    Charlie doesn't care about gender, just as long as she can use them to her advantage.


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    20150721090915_1_1437469755.jpg Han-Chae-Young.jpg marie_claire_Han Hye Jin.png

    NAME: Kim Hyun-Young Kang
    AGE: 26
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Straight
    NATIONALITY: South Korean
    GROUP: The White Eagles
    RANK: Council Member, Medic
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kim is 5' 4" Tall, maybe a little taller with Heels. She initially weighed exactly one-hundred pounds, but after she became pregnant, Kim gained an additional thirty pounds due to pregnancy weight gain. She once had a slender build, but was also lean and athletic. Her skin is noted for being very soft, but can be rough if she does not take care of it. Temporarily, she will have the 'Pregnancy Glow' due to carrying life. Because of the growing baby, her Stomach has expanded considerably. As of current, she is 32 Weeks along in her pregnancy.

    OUTFIT: Because she's pregnant, Kim wears mostly dresses to help her be more comfortable, especially since her Ankles and Finger swell up fairly easily. She dislikes wearing tight clothing and wears prefers to wear comfortable shoes so she doesn't strain her back as much.

    PERSONALITY: Having been raised in a Strict Asian Family, Kim had to give up many liberties that many would take for granted. While this left her bitter, she became very family oriented and caring as a result. As a result of focusing on School for most of her life, Kim is very attentive and focused on her goals in life. As a Friend, she is noted to be very easygoing, nice and caring, as she will always be there whether a shoulder is needed to cry on, to vent or any of the sort because she leaves an Open Door Policy. However, she isn't the strongest emotionally and can be considered light-hearted, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she is. One rude comment, depending on its severity can send her straight into tears. An Emotional girl, she also cries very easily compared to most girls. Whenever she is mad at someone, she can stay mad at them for an extensive period of time, with her longest grudge being at least two years long if not any longer.

    +Anything Pink

    Bugs (Hates Cockroaches and Spiders the Most): She will start crying the second she sees one
    -People touching her (Amplified when she got pregnant)
    -Flirtatious Guys who are already in Relationships
    -Women who attempt to flirt with her Husband
    -Cheaters and Players
    -Sharp Objects
    -Smell of Cigarettes

    Caring: She will always be there for you, whether you need a Shoulder to Cry on, a Sympathetic Ear or a Therapy Session. Just give her a call, she will answer unless she is using the restroom, at work or sleeping.
    Family-Oriented: Family comes first, above everything else. Now that she is a Mother-to-Be, Brenda will put her baby before anyone else, especially since she is a widow.
    Focused: When it comes to her Career, she is focused and attentive on the job. She is not the type to fool around or slack off during work.

    Cries Easily: Kim is an emotional person, but that doesn't necessarily mean she is light-hearted. However, it does only take one rude comment to make her cry and it already doesn't help that she cries very easily.
    Depression: Over the past year or so, Kim has been suffering from mild depression, most likely due to the outbreak and losing a lot of loved ones.
    Grudges: If angered bad enough, Kim can hold a grudge and it will last from a span of six months to a year and a half, sometimes even longer.

    -Wedding Ring
    -Feather Earrings

    HISTORY: During the earlier days of the Outbreak, Kim took refuge in the United States after her Country had succumbed to the Outbreak. However, the accelerating spread eventually brought the virus over seas to the United States and the only hope Kim had was to stay on the road. A Mother-to-be, traveling became increasingly more and more difficult, so she was relieved to have made it to the last standing city of Humanity, which is torn because of the four dominating groups unable to agree with one another. So she does not get caught in the crossfire, Kim decided that it was best for her to team up with one of these four groups, especially if she wanted to give her baby a chance at life. She would choose to become a part of the White Eagles, where she would bring her experience from working in the Hospital as a Nurse to the Table. Fairly Charismatic, she was eventually invited to join the Council. As one of three council members, Kim has a fair amount of Authority. While awaiting the birth of her baby, Kim spends most of her time treating the wounded, caring for the ill and helping the elderly members of the group, even watching over the young, where she would be able to apply experience of taking care of children when she gets to care for her very own. While she regrets bringing a child into the current world, Kim is glad that her dream of having a Family of her own is about to come true.

    -Expecting a Baby Girl
    -Proficient in First Aid, Knows basic Surgery
    -Capable of treating Bullet Wounds if necessary
    -Handy with Firearms
    -Married to the Current Leader of the White Eagles, and has been for some time.

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  13. @Kirisuna We need lots of members, since there's ranks in White Eagle that need to be filled. Most likely once all of the necessary slots, like the leader position are filled, we'll start it.
  14. Than I guess we will be having a long way to go. Oh and I left the option for Kim's Spouse, so if anyone wants to play the baby-daddy, they are welcome to do so. Of course, they will have to be in the same group. Thank you!
  15. PICTURE:
    Tirearmor Shotgun Marauder.jpg
    NAME: Sean "Ira" O'Malley
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual, doesn't bring it up often.
    NATIONALITY: Irish born, American raised.
    GROUP: The Pack
    RANK (IF ANY): Alpha
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Skinny and slightly malnourished, due to the group's lack of food. Brownish-reddish hair, and a solid amount of muscle mass. He has a tattoo of the lunar cycle vertically along his spine, with the full moon having the face of a human skull imposed over it.
    OUTFIT: Black, steel-toe combat boots, camo cargo pants, A black wifebeater as an undershirt for his chest armor made of recycled tires, leather, and chain links from an old chainmail shirt, and a brown bandanna. He has bizarrely sharp canine teeth, almost as if he files them himself.
    PERSONALITY: Sean is going to Hell, and he knows it. Having been born in Ireland and raised in America, his speech mixes American, Irish, and stereotypical Irish slang with a bad attitude and a good sense of humor to create a man raised by Catholics and damned from the beginning. He considers himself a "Naturalist" type of pagan, with his gods being the very earth and nature itself. And like nature, he believes the strong have the right to rule, and the weak have the obligation to submit or die. Upon finding The Pack, he joined it immediately, quickly rising to the rank of Alpha. A rational planner, Ira is one of the most level-headed of the group, analyzing the situation and weighing odds before charging in. He loses his cool when in pain, however, entering a sort of "berserk" mode in which his animal instincts kick in. He becomes faster, stronger, and more brutal than normal, once even having gone so far as to crush a rival's trachea with his teeth. He will stop at nothing to remain at the top, but knows when he's met his match. To his subordinates, he easily becomes violent if they fail to meet his demands.
    LIKES: Any kind of meat. Bone anything. Wood and stone tools. Copper metal. Any form of rock music, as loud as it can possibly be played. Tavern songs.
    DISLIKES: Weaklings. Disobedience to the higher ranks. American country music. Thieves. Cowards. Defectors. Pigeons.
    STRENGTHS: Tough, high pain tolerance, tactical, low food intake, little sleep needed, stronger and more brutal when enraged.
    WEAKNESSES: Too stubborn for his own good, becomes enraged and irrational when in pain, hard time focusing, not subtle at all.

    Stuff (open)
    Dirty Spas 12.png An old Spas 12 shotgun. He carries extra ammo for it, always with 8 in the chamber.
    Lawnblade Parang.jpg A homemade machete forged from a lawnmower blade. Makes a pretty good people cleaver.

    Omnitool 2.jpg
    In addition to his weapons, he carries three packs of cigarettes, a multitool with a knife, screwdriver set, a saw, and pliers built in inside a satchel, and a deconstruction tool he stole from the local hardware store, pictured above. It has a hammer face, pry bar function, nail puller, two-tier board gripper for tearing our boards of wood, a hex wrench and a piercing spike on the bottom. This tool also makes a good people-deconstructor in times of emergency. He will beat the living shit out of anyone who tries to take his gear without permission.

    HISTORY: Sean was raised by wolves. Not really, but he may as well have been. He and his family moved to America shortly after his birth, partly to give him a better life, and his IRA father an escape. He grew up under his Father's tutelage, raised that the strong have the right to rule, and the weak have the obligation to submit to that rule or die. His mother taught him the same, as well as Catholicism, which Sean decided wasn't right for him at around 13, when he discovered paganism. At 15, Sean came to realize his father's cowardice and ran away from home, travelling the country by railroad. He held many odd jobs from place to place, scraping by how he could. Eventually he joined the Army, but proved to be too brash for the ranks. When the outbreak reached America, Sean headed for a nice quiet town in Montana to hole up in. He found a group of survivors there that called themselves The Pack. Agreeing with their "Strongest rules, weakest submits" ideals, he joined as soon as they allowed him. The next few months were full of challenges, blood, and fights for dominance. During his time, he met a lovely young lady named Madeline. The two got along great, often taking comfort in each other throughout this apocalyptic hell-on-earth. A romance between the two was kindling, and the smoldering lump of iron will and brute strength that was the Irish-American Sean O'Malley was beginning to cool down. One day, she left. Several members of The Pack, namely the majority of the Omegas and a few more peaceful Alphas left the group and inhabited the church, taking the moniker of The Doves. Among their numbers was Maddie. Enraged by her betrayal, Sean now finds himself despising her, The Doves, and anyone not equal to or stronger than he. Infuriated by the loss of what may have been his only chance at love, Sean is constantly in a bad mood, and is more than willing to take his frustration out on anyone who stands in his way.

    EXTRA: His nickname, Ira (Pronounced I-rah), is a play on his Irish background, his furious ire, and his father's ties with the IRA in Ireland. Sean smokes. He is a self-proclaimed pagan, giving his beliefs the title of "Naturalism". It follows the ideas of Darwinism, the laws of nature, and Animism, the belief that everything has a spirit.


    Might make another character later, maybe.
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  16. Malcolm Cillian Hayes
    AGE: Thirty
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Homosexual
    NATIONALITY: British
    GROUP: The Pack
    RANK (IF ANY): Trail Blazer
    Malcolm is tall for someone from the UK, standing at just about six foot two inches barefoot. His eyes are gray-blue, and his hair and beard are kept short as both are thick, insanely curly, and a pain in the ass to deal with. He maintains a decent amount of muscle, even in these resource deprived times, and that, when combined with his intentional case of resting bitchface and the cold confidence he moves with, makes for a quite intimidating individual. Genuine smiles or laughs from him are rare, but he can fake them just fine. The real ones are obvious; he covers his mouth with his hand.
    SCARS: Small scars dot the knuckles of his hands, and there are more on his arms. Most of these are from fights when he was young, prison, or the civilian work he did before the virus hit. Two larger scars, one a stab wound in his belly, the other a burn covering much of his right shoulder, are from the three years since Virus Z.
    TATTOOS: Most of his tattoos are from prison, small black grid patterns and playing cards and skulls and other designs littered across his shoulders and back. Some were partially or completely removed by the scar on his right shoulder. The two that really stand out are the yantra tattoos on his back (This being in the exact center of his back and this being squarely between his shoulder blades), as yantra tattooing is a Thai practice traditionally done to magical practitioners and Buddhists.
    OUTFIT: Some sort of plain, darkly colored tanktop; a well used bulletproof vest he'd scavenged from a police station months ago; an also well worn plain blue v-neck sweater; a sturdy, military issue camouflage jacket; tan cargo pants usually worn with a belt that has a pouch for extra ammo and a holster for a sidearm; dark brown hiking boots worn to the point that they should be replaced soon
    Stubborn, Loyal, Dedicated, Thoughtful, Self-possessed, Practical, Spiritual, Suspicious, Blunt, Argumentative, Complicated, Opportunistic, Difficult
    Malcolm can seem cold and ruthless to a person meeting him for the first time, and that is not an entirely incorrect observation. Soft, nice, and empathetic are words that cannot apply to him, regardless of how much he trusts a person. Practicality and efficiency are the words he lives by, and the most direct path to his goal is the one he takes. Regardless of what he must do or lose on the way. His decisions, once made, are final, and insubordination is not something he will tolerate. That isn't to say he plays the part of uncompromising dictator; anyone who's proven their worth in The Pack can voice their opinion or give suggestions on strategy. He expects neither trust or loyalty from his people, just a willingness to follow his orders.
    His trust is difficult to gain, but if one can manage it, he's...different. Not some kind of "incredible metamorphosis into an entirely different person" different, but he is loyal to the point of it being a fault, somewhat more open about his history, and could be labeled thoughtful. Thoughtful as in "brought you your coffee because he knows you always forget on mornings you have watch duty" as well as expressive about his thoughts on the world and morality.
    Comfortable sweaters
    Driving things that are fast
    Fighting at close range
    Instrumental/Electronic music
    Sweet things, like pastries and candy, and he has an unholy love for caramel
    People who are useful to him
    Weakness, in himself and others
    Hot weather
    Being called "Mal"
    Spicy foods
    His leadership abilities being questioned
    Tight spaces
    Any situation he views as being particularly risky
    Teasing in regards to his birthdate, which happens to be on Christmas
    Excellent hand to hand fighter
    Strength that comes with his size
    Surprisingly stealthy
    More stubborn than a goat once he sets his mind to something
    General mechanical skill
    Loyal to the point of fault, to the point of going to prison for someone he loved
    Not exactly fast on his feet
    Practical to the point of being morally questionable
    Extremely light sleeper
    Tends to overwork himself, physically and mentally and emotionally
    -Tends to carry around a shoulder bag with a small store of useful survival supplies, like bandages, matches, and a compass
    -A 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun that never leaves his side, along with several rounds of ammo for it
    -A pistol, kept in the holster on his belt
    -A survival knife
    Malcolm was born in London, his mother being Irish and his father being Australian. He was the middle child, with one younger sister and one older sister, and his childhood was not the greatest. The family lived in a poor, crime-ridden area of the city, and neither of his parents did rearing very well. Amelia, his older sister, and a grandfather on his mother's side he would occasionally holiday with were the only members of his family he was close to or even liked. Both were dead by the time he was twelve. Amelia's passing, due to a heroin overdose, was particularly traumatic. John, a boy of similar age that Malcolm had been in love with since he was six, encouraged Malcolm to turn to running illegal substances and fighting as a way to alleviate the pain of his sister's death. By the time the boys were eighteen, John wanted to leave the UK, but to do that, he'd need money. At nineteen, Malcolm stole funds from the gang they'd been working for and covered up the act by burning an entire club down. John left using that stolen money. Malcolm got four years of prison. John didn't so much as send him a letter.
    After getting out, no longer sure of who he was as a person and lacking the companionship of the man who'd served as his moral compass for the entirety of his teenage years, Malcolm was quick to follow in his older sister's footsteps and become addicted to heroin. It was a year later he found himself in Bangkok, and it was there he met the monk that would help him sober up and put him on the path to Buddhism.
    Malcolm settled down in Boston, working in and eventually coming to own a small mechanics shop. He relapsed twice, over the years, but recovered both times, and lead a fairly peaceful existence. Until the outbreak reached America, that is. In the three years since, he's made his way across the country and fought for his position as Trail Blazer of The Pack, and there is where he intends to stay.
    He was a certified pilot, before the outbreak, able to fly helicopters and small planes privately.
    His knowledge relating to the plots of and characters in fictional TV shows popular before the outbreak is somewhere just short of alarming.
    He believes in karma and reincarnation and mediates when he can, but his Buddhist beliefs do not affect his decisions.
    Thanks to the holidays spent with his grandfather when he was small, he speaks fluent, although rusty, Irish.
    Also quite fluent in Thai.
    His father was quite homophobic, often directing entire rants on the subject at Malcolm due to the boy asking if it was okay to like boys when he was five. Thus, Malcolm is very private about his sexuality and hesitant about expressing romantic interest.


    Isabella "Izzy" Hendry
    Twenty two
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Openly Pansexual
    NATIONALITY: American
    GROUP: The White Eagles
    RANK (IF ANY): Sniper
    APPEARANCE: Izzy stands at around five seven and generally looks the unassuming sort. Freckles are littered across her face and her eyes are a dark, pretty brown, hair equally dark and usually bound up behind her head in a neat French braid. She's usually smiling and playing the part of generally happy group member, but occasionally she'll zone out for a few moments, her eyes emptying of feeling and expression becoming one that is sad, bordering on lost. Her posture is excellent, but she's so still most of the time that it's eerie. She doesn't make gestures with her hands or twiddle things between her fingers or make unnecessary movements with her head, and that's the sort of thing that can bug people once they notice it.
    SCARS: She really only has two major scars, a short but thick one directly under her chin from an accident involving her twin brothers and her father's anvil when she was nine and a quarter sized one near her left collarbone from a gunshot wound. If asked about the latter, she likes to give the person a wicked smile and press their fingers to it so they can feel the bullet, which is wedged into the bone. She also has the usual array of nicks and cuts and scrapes most people gain just through living life, though she might have more than the average person given the kind of childhood she had.
    TATTOOS: US Army insignia on her right bicep
    OUTFIT: White tee that has several darkly colored and questionable stains on it that refuse to go away no matter how many times she washes it; a green three quarter sleeve button up shirt; a jean jacket that's a fairly recent acquisition and also two sizes too big; dark jean pants that are beginning to wear at the knees; comfortable and well-fitting combat boots
    Cunning, Responsible, Opinionated, Empathetic, Serious, Quiet, Analytical, Passionate, Awkward, Capable, Patient, Closed-minded
    Izzy's strong suit has never really been socialization, and fear of saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move has shaped her into a fairly quiet person that keeps to herself. Even with that, she's still a very opinionated and outspoken person on subjects she cares about, such as family, and it's difficult to get her to stop once she's begun arguing her point. Years of helping her father and older brother look after the younger siblings has left her with a strong sense of responsibility, as well as an incredible amount of patience and ability to understand the feelings of others. Her ability to empathize and her intolerance for opinions that directly contradict her own are two elements of her personality that seem to conflict, but she can accept and appreciate a person's reasons for believing the way they do while still viewing their opinion as wrong.
    She's never been good at making jokes or gently teasing another person, but that makes her no less able to understand when someone is joking or poking fun at her. After all, being socially awkward does not mean she is a loner. Not to mention that she grew up with four fairly affectionate brothers.
    Quiet places
    Proving someone wrong
    Greens and grays
    Animals, especially cats
    Being around her family
    Dr. Pepper
    Absolutely any kind of gumbo, and okra by itself
    Excessively cruel or violent people
    Public speaking
    Spiders, ants, and anything else with more than four legs
    Being made to repeat things
    Large crowds
    Fantastic shot with a firearm
    Able to maintain a run over long distances
    Training in and knowledge of basic survival skills, from skinning a killed animal to lighting fires to basic first aid
    Awkward around people
    Not very physically strong
    Severe insectophobia
    Tends to forget to eat or rest at somewhat regular hours without being reminded to do so
    ~An Accuracy International AS50, which is a .50 caliber sniper rifle, that she's had since before the outbreak and lovingly maintains
    ~A fanny pack in which she keeps a couple of extra magazines for her rifle
    ~A Kukri style knife with an elegantly engraved handle kept on a sheath which is strapped to her left thigh
    ~Her dogtags, one hanging from a chain on her neck and the other tucked into her boot
    Izzy comes from a large family, not because she has lots of uncles or aunts or cousins, but because she has six siblings. She's the second oldest, and from Louisiana, same as the rest of her family. Her childhood would have been chaotic enough with the five younger siblings, but the family lived on a fairly large plot of land an hour or so outside of Baton Rouge, and there was much to be done around the home as well. To make difficult matters worse, her mother died when she was thirteen, an event which had her father kind of retreating from the world. The years he spent grieving taught Izzy valuable lessons about multitasking, patience, responsibility, and how to wait that would become useful in her adult life.
    At nineteen, her father was stable enough to look after the youngest kids on his own, and she was quick to take the opportunity to leave home. She enlisted with the Army, passing Boot Camp and then sniper training without issue. None of her deployments were extremely exciting. The last one she was sent on before Virus Z ended with her getting shot, and she was recovering in a military hospital in Utah when the outbreak happened. Luckily for her, she was healed enough to move and fight back, managing to make it out of the base and set off on her own. She arrived in Safe Haven only a few months ago, and only recently joined the White Eagles.
    She is left handed.
    Quite a good cook, although she would never volunteer for cooking duties
    She is Christian, but does not wave her faith about like it's a flag.
    She can speak bits and pieces of French and German, enough to hold a small conversation, but she is fluent in neither language.
    The order of her and her siblings is as follows:
    Richard, eldest and soldier in the Marine Corps, status unknown
    Jonah, the older of the twin boys and the one who elected to stay at home with their father, status unknown
    Marcus, the younger of the twin boys and lieutenant in the Navy, status unknown
    Naya, the middle girl, status unknown
    Reese, youngest girl and "rebel" of the family, status unknown
    Dalton, ten year old boy and youngest of the siblings, status unknown


    Aeson Gallagher
    Tyler Hoechlin 43.jpg
    Twenty three
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Bisexual
    NATIONALITY: Irish, as far as he knows
    GROUP: The Doves
    RANK (IF ANY): N/A
    Aeson can come off as intimidating or downright hostile when a person first meets him, due to the "I murder puppies" scowl that is his neutral expression. The fact that he's fairly stoic personality-wise and the fact that the only parts of his face that are frequently expressive are his eyebrows help that matter none. Other than that particularly noteworthy aspect, he's a statistically average individual. He stands at five foot ten and change. His hair is dark, grown out much longer than he prefers it, but the luxury of a hairstylist is out of reach. His eyes are an odd but striking color, somewhere between brown and pale green. He walks like a sky person, face directed toward the ground, shoulders hunched inward, and hands tucked into his pockets or shoved up his sleeves.
    SCARS: None of note
    TATTOOS: His whole right arm is covered in a full sleeve, full color tattoo of an Asian inspired red dragon. In comparison, the grayscale gladiator on the inside of his left forearm is somewhat lacking, but it was the only tattoo he'd ever done on himself and one of the first he'd ever done on an actual human. The words for the Vulcan Salute are tattooed down his spine in Vulcan script. There is another tattoo on the back of his right shoulder, it being a barn owl sitting on a branch with an oval of dark forest background around it. A ribbon of Irish text reading “Níl an todhchaí a leagtar, níl aon cinniúint ach cad a dhéanamh linn dúinn féin” (which translates to “The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves”) wraps around the oval.
    OUTFIT: A pale green tee shirt that's a bit frayed in places; a brown hoodie that's usually tied around his waist; a rugged pair of dark blue jeans; a comfortable pair of dark sneakers
    Analytical, Socially Awkward, Self-Critical, Diligent, Efficient, Artistic, Stoic, Low Self-Worth, Logical, Perfectionistic
    Aeson was shy before the outbreak. He'd always had a difficult time initiating conversations with people in any environment that wasn't completely professional, always been the quiet but courteous sort, always been easy to embarrass but otherwise reserved in regards to his emotions. The trauma he's suffered since the outbreak happened has only magnified all of these qualities. He's happy to help if asked and will answer most questions directed at him, but he doesn't seek out conversation or make effort to continue conversations, unless it's related to something he likes or feels strongly about. His self worth is very low, and he tries to prove that he's valuable to the group, tries to prove it to himself, by doing more around the base than he probably should.
    He's a very focused person, and he tends to stare at people he's listening to with the same silent intensity with which he stares at a trap he's making or clothes he's washing. That can make some people uncomfortable. Also, despite his shyness, he's fairly anal about interjecting and correcting people if he hears them say something he knows to be incorrect.
    Drawing people
    Star Trek, especially anything relating to Spock
    People he can be around or listen to without feeling pressured to respond
    Mint tea
    Watching sunsets
    Having an intelligent debate
    Being underground
    Feeling stupid or being treated like he is
    Disorder and disorderly people
    People touching or taking his glasses
    Steady and dexterous hands, which make him good at trap making and stitching injuries
    Knowledge of basic first aid
    Excellent liar and actor
    Analytical mind
    The thought of taking life, whether human, animal, or infected, makes him physically sick
    Incessant worrier
    Only used a firearm once, and that one use soured him toward using or carrying them
    Unsure of what the protocols for socializing are, so he just doesn't
    Severely nearsighted, and he only wears his glasses when he really needs to due to their damaged state
    |A pair of black framed glasses he needs to see properly that are in fairly bad shape: one of the lenses is cracked, one of the temple tips broke off and was put back on using duct tape
    |A pair of white leather work gloves, worn but still in good condition
    |Assorted pencils and paper he likes to doodle on in his spare time
    Aeson's birth and history before he was left at an orphanage with his little brother, Oran, is uncertain and not something he's ever tried to look into. They were both dropped there, old enough to have legal names but too young to have memories of their parents. Oran, as he'd learned to talk for his brother as well as himself, was quite the adorable kid and got adopted when he was five. Aeson was too awkward, too quiet, too serious, even as a child, was never adopted and spent his entire life up until his eighteenth birthday in that little orphanage. It was run by Catholic nuns and wasn't the most friendly, nurturing place for a little boy to grow up in, but it wasn't some horrible nightmare, either. After he turned eighteen, he works some odd jobs until he'd saved up enough to travel to America. Specifially, Los Angeles. He spent a few months barely scraping by in the city that was so much bigger than anything he'd ever seen before, up until he met Laura.
    Laura was a tattoo artist, a good one, and once she noticed the drawing talent Aeson possessed, she was quick to take him on as her apprentice. He did that for almost two years, exchanging letters with Oran the whole time, up until the outbreak. Oran was visiting his brother in LA when it started, and he was stuck there shortly after. Laura, Aeson, and Oran tried to stay put in the beginning, hoping for the military to help with the infected or a cure to be found. When that didn't happen, they left LA as a group, chasing rumors of safe places.
    Laura was the first to die.
    It was an accident, technically, an encounter with another survivor gone horribly wrong.
    Oran went next.
    He'd gotten a sizable cut on his arm from crawling under some barbed wire, and unknowingly got infected blood in it. By the time he and Aeson knew he was turning, his hands were shaking so bad that he couldn't even shoot himself. So Aeson had to do it.
    After that, Aeson wandered, lost and alone, for months. He was eventually found by another survivor, Jonas Hall (played by @Mysty), and he accompanied him to Safe Haven. The pair grew to be quite good friends in the time they traveled together. Being around a person he trusted and was comfortable with after feeling so very alone was incredible, to say the least. Aeson was head over heels in love with the other man before long, but between his insecurity in romantic situations and his opinion that his feelings were 100% unrequited, he didn't say so much as a word to Jonas about it. Once the pair reached Safe Haven, those feelings only made their disagreement over which group to join and the fight then split that followed all the more painful.
    He joined the Doves without a second thought and hasn't looked back, as he's grateful for the group's generally welcoming atmosphere and companionship. However, it's worth noting that there are three faces he frequently doodles on whatever scrap pieces of paper he can find. One is quite similar to his own, one is strong but feminine, and the last...well, the is the face of a certain member of the White Eagles.
    He speaks fluent Irish and Latin.
    The cello is his favorite instrument and one he can actually play, not that he often gets the chance to.
    His love for the various Star Trek series as well as their movies and related media should neither be underestimated or criticized.
    The Irish accent he speaks with falls under the category of East Coast Irish.
    He is very familiar with the Bible due to his upbringing, but is non-religious.
    It's almost ridiculously easy to get him flustered or embarrassed. Flirting and sexual topics, or even light innuendo, turn him redder than a tomato.

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