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    Wednesday Addams
    ✹ take it with poison ✹

    WHEN WEDNESDAY ARRIVED at the campus she could not believe her rotten luck. There were normal people everywhere. She saw bleached blondes with giant white smiles, handsome jocks, and the occasional nerd. Cranky people, nervous people, late people and many more. She could not believe that Morticia, her mother, would allow her to go to this school. Wednesday had expected a firm no, or at least an argument. But her elegant mother only sighed and acquiesced to her proposal. Wednesday had applied to NYU because it was the only school large enough to house a full department of Archaeology in New York. Wednesday's fascinations tended to be the macabre areas of history, preferably the study of occult science. The traffic in this part of the city was denser than her Puglsey's skull and the constant noise gave her a headache. The doors of the university were clear glass, plastered with catchy slogans and posters. The perk of this place made Wednesday feel uneasy. She hiked her backpack higher and galvanized her nerves. There was no going back. This was the first day of her new life and she was going to jump in headfirst.
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    Joel Glicker
    i'll never forget you. you're too weird.
    THE LAST TIME Joel remembered seeing the strange girl in black was when he was no more than a sickly child of fourteen. He didn't remember much from his childhood, but he remembered Wednesday Addams like a thorn in his side. The Camp, the Harmony Hut, the songs, the children. His parents blew twenty-grand just so he could get bit by mosquitos and get skin-cancer. Joel did a whole lot more than that, sure, he also got tried for arson and plead innocent.

    His parents, bless their souls, were absolutely mortified. The performance that the three outlaws and their band of misfits left a permanent mark on the entire camp for years and years to come. Mostly because Joel was issued a restraining order from every single person from the camp, except The Addams', who threw roses and even invited him to their celebration.

    The Addams' party was nothing short of amazing. Wednesday was stunning, where Joel was not. She was beautiful in every way, and free of any flaw. She was a freak, and she was the only thing that he wasn't allergic too. She was hypo-allergenic, for Christ's sake!

    Joel pushed up his thick glasses, and continued to read through his book. He sighed gently, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand as he continued to turn the pages effortlessly. The days of Camp Chippewa were over for him, but he was met with a new tribe of savages when he applied to New York University. He flipped a page. When he applied for the forensic psychology classes, he never knew he would ever get accepted. He just knew that the study of criminal was all he ever wanted to do, and he applied at every single college he could, and moved as far away as he could from his parents.

    Joel turned a page, and sat up from his position. He was currently on the board for the school book store, and he was one of the head managers. It was a perfect job for him, because all he did was read. All day, read. All night, read. He read all the books he could, and even got discounts! It was a dream come true. He moved his brown eyes from the text, and sighed. He turned and looked out the window of the book store.

    It was a quiet day, he guessed.

    Joel turned back from his book, only to quickly look back out the window. Was that...? No, it couldn't be. Not in a million years. It must have been some other goth chick. He looked back to his book, but not before he quickly jumped to the nearest window he could, nearly pressing his face against the glass. He squinted, rubbed his eyes, looked again, took off his glasses and polished them, and looked again. He put his glasses on his face, and looked again.

    It was her. It must have been. It was Wednesday.

    Joel Glicker raced as fast as he could to get out of there, book tucked firmly under his arm, and his backpack latched tightly around his shoulders. His long legs bound, nearly sprinting off to see where this girl was headed. He gasped for air-- damn his asthma-- and soon neared his target. He tried reaching out for her, but soon, he managed to trip all over himself.

    Joel tripped on his shoe, rolled down onto the pavement, and skidded across the cement for the entire world to see. His book went flying in one direction, and his bag fell in another. He was a gasping, sweaty, dusty mess, but he managed to get the job done. He looked up from his position on the ground, and saw her.

    He gulped, gasping for air. This time, it wasn't because he needed his inhaler. He pushed himself up, dusting himself off as best as he could--when did he get a hole in his knee?-- and pushing the hair out of his eyes. "Joel." He gasped. "You--Joel--No, I'm--Wednesday-- You're Wednesday." He finished. Joel went on.

    "You're Wednesday. Here. You're here."

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    Wednesday Addams
    ✹ take it with poison ✹

    Quiet, she needed quiet. Wednesday massaged her temples and groaned when she realized she had left her schedule on the bus. She'd have to print another one and she still needed to get her books from the university bookstore. So much to do and school hasn't even started yet. This day was already cursed and it made her feel completely homicidal. The only time she could remember feeling this way was the first day a Camp Chippewa. Her Uncle Fester's ex-wife Debbie, the pastel-sex witch that she was, had sent Wednesday and Pugsley to camp, so she could get her grubby manicured fingers on their uncles money. Wednesday had been tempted to pull out her bottle of cyanide and end it all with a swift 'bottoms up.' But after finding out that there was no cemetery for miles around, she had decided that it wasn't worth it just yet.
    That's where she'd met the most awkward person that she'd ever met. He was death himself since he was allergic to practically everything and could have died at any moment. This made Wednesday smile as she walked farther down the street toward the NYU Library. She wondered if her roommate would be freaked out by her, well, at least she hoped so.
    She snapped out of her thoughts as a bicyclist almost barreled right into her. She dodged him and looked at her map, seeing the bookstore to her left and he library farther down on the right. Main street was packed and jammed with cars. A motorist ran through a puddle and a wave splashed onto her feet. She stopped and looked at her new platform boots thinking of gangrenous limbs and rotting feet. Crash!
    Wednesday spun around and saw a young man sputtering on the pavement.
    "You're Wednesday. Here. You're here." he managed to blurt out. That mop of curly hair, that hooked nose, those adoring eyes... They were all too familiar. Her cold heart lurched. It couldn't be...

    Yet it was.
    Joel Glicker.

    "No, it's Tuesday," she replied cooly, "You're mistaken."
    She hoped he would go away, far away. She felt the humiliation of their graveyard romance all too much. Joel scrambled to pick up his things. He'd wanted to marry her even then. She had had no interest in boys then, let a lone a sweetheart. She only wanted to pursue the dark forces and join their hellish crusade with her mother. Something caught Wednesday's interest. The text book Joel had been carrying, lay open on the ground and she could clearly see a picture of a severed limb. Her interest flared, but she stubbed it out of her mind like a cigar.
    "You dropped this..." she bent and handed it to him, promptly turning on her four-inch platform heel and stalking off towards the library.
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    Joel Glicker
    i'll never forget you. you're too weird.
    When the cold women handed him his book, he felt chills travel up and down his spine. Was it because of her? This strange women that never left his mind? Always somewhere in the back of his thoughts? Was it the way she deliberately ignored every chance to make eye contact? Or that she'd even lie, and say her name was Tuesday (even if the date currently was Tuesday)?

    Oh, no. It wasn't any of that. He felt chills because he was becoming light headed. Where was his inhaler??

    Joel scrambled to college his bag, fidgeting to get the breathing device out of the side pocket. He took three rapid puffs, and watched as the horrible creature crawled away. He pursued the wicked women like a lost puppy. "Do you remember me?" He struggled. Man, she could walk fast with those things on. "Camp Chippewa? You--We, well.... You set the camp on fire? You invited me to the family party?" He continued. "I know you. You're Wednesday Addams. It's me! Joel? Joel Glicker?"

    That was years ago. He was only fourteen when he met her, now he was a becoming young man, with a love for the crime and the undercover investigations. While he was still as sickly, introverted, shy and clumsy as before, he had changed quite a bit. Joel followed Wednesday towards the library, and slowly began matching her pace.

    "I thought I would never see you again.You told me I would never see you again, but here we are!" He smiled faintly. No one had asked him to continue to speak, but he jabbered like an ape. "It's been like, what, six years? You haven't changed a bit." He continued. "I wrote you letters. I stopped after the first five were sent back, but..."

    Joel caught himself, and blushed faintly. "I-I'm just... look, I'm just glad I saw you, and I just..." He he paused, and sucked on his inhaler. "Do you want to go get some... coffee? Do girls like coffee?" He stammered. "We can get coffee?" He repeated. Joel knew he was making a fool of himself, but god, he hadn't seen her in years. Did he try this hard when he was a kid? It seemed so much easier, like she was drawn to his awkwardness. "Yes...? No?" He continued, pursuing her like flys on stink.

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    Wednesday Addams
    ✹ "Be afraid...be very afraid." ✹

    Wednesday stopped and turned colliding with Joel. She felt a pulse of euphoria at his touch, but she kept her face calm and her eyes level.
    “Joel Glicker,” she said and gave him a once over, “Of course I remember you, I remember Chippewa, and…” Her lips twitched with amusement, “…trying to scare you to death.”
    She remembered that night fondly, the wind blowing through the headstones in the Addams Cemetery. His screams filling the night as he nearly died of sheer terror. She told him that they couldn’t see each other anymore. She’d sent back his letters unopened, but now she wondered what they’d said. She had been so focused on her future. A future without Joel. Her mind came out of its reverie to see Joel’s dark puppy eyes starring as if into her soul, pleading for affection. A trickle of doubt began to eat away at her resolve like acid and she wasn’t so sure that she’d made the correct choice back then. Maybe…
    “Very well, let us acquire this coffee,” she said, her titanium will weakened slightly as the hope dawned in his eyes. She immediately regretted her decision and smoothed down her erratic feelings. She was here to study, not to fraternize with the normies.
    What was this coffee he spoke of?
    “Is it a disease?” she asked.
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    Joel Glicker
    you know what happens if my mother uses fabric softener? i die.
    Joel felt Wednesday run into his chest, and he felt her move away like she had just squashed a bug with her thumb-- wait, no, that wasn't her... Like she had just saw someone she planned on avoiding for the rest of her life. Well, as much as that sucked to admit, it was pretty spot on. Joel remembered the night at the graveyard, albeit not as fondly as Wednesday looked back on it. He remembered it clearly, all too clear enough.

    "Poor Debbie. She was sick." Joel said, looking over the grave. He remembered dressing as Wednesday's father, for some reason or another. He thinks that maybe he respected him, or looked up to him, or he just loved his moustache.
    "She wasn't sick." The young girl said. She added, "She was sloppy."
    "What do you mean?" Joel asked, knitting his eyebrows tightly.
    Wednesday started, with pride. "If I wanted to kill my husband, I'd do it, and I
    wouldn't get caught."
    Morbid curiosity got Joel. "How?" He asked, and immediately regretted it.

    scare him to death." Joel thought he say a glimour of a smile. He was wrong.
    "No, you wouldn't." He said, shrugging off what the odd-ball had to say. He remembered the feeling of the dirt as he knelt down at Debbie's grave. "We're all very sorry, Debbie. We wish you only the best." He remembered reaching down, to place flowers on the grave, when a hand emerged from the soil. He let out a scream, and he could feel Wednesday's chilling smile from behind him.

    He shook the memories away when he heard Wednesday say those magic words. "Very well, let us acquire this coffee." That was all Joel needed to hear. Maybe she didn't plan on avoiding him the rest of her life...He instantly perked up, forgetting the rip in his pants, the scrapes on his hands, or the soreness in his sides or the shortness of his breath that came from sprinting to catch up with her. Joel smiled, his big brown eyes wrinkling on each corner. "Let's do i--" He paused, panicking just a little. He was in the middle of a shift, and he just walked out on his job! Even if all he did was read, he still had to be at work.

    "Wait, ugh, wait, one minute." Joel said, as he ran off into the library. He pushed through the doors, and went to the first employee he could find. "You-- you're the manager for the next half-hour." He said, as he shoved the poor Freshman behind the greeters table at the front of the library. "You take people's books, tell them be be quiet, and look busy. Got it? Good. See you in thirty." He raced out of there as fast as he could, before pausing and going back.

    He had some outside work to do, and he wasn't planning on making a special stop after the coffee date (it was a date, wasn't it?). He grabbed a small pile of unlabeled books from behind the desk, and walked quickly as he shoved them all into his backpack. "Ok-- ok, coffee, right. Is it a disease? No. Am I allergic to it? Yes." He added. He was wimpy, and got tea instead. Just mint tea, with a little bit of honey. Anything else would result in hives, fever, rashes, a stuffy nose or a headache or maybe, worse.

    He slung the bag behind his shoulders, and looked at Wednesday. She hadn't changed a bit, but yet... everything about her changed. "It's pretty close here." He added, averting his eyes.
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    Wednesday Addams
    "We're not shy. We're contagious." ✹

    WEDNESDAY'S BLOOD SANG as she sat next to Joel at the coffee house. She watched him as she drank her double expresso. He had grown into a man in those years that she’d avoided him. His fingers were long, and she watched him stick labels on textbooks, placing each label with precision. His long fingered hands occasionally reached for his tea mug and she watched his lips part as he sipped. He was methodical, precise, clean. Maybe that night in the graveyard had traumatized him a bit. Wednesday liked that. His black curls,

    “Are your parents dead?” asked Wednesday.

    She smoothed back her hair, and picked off some invisible lint from her skirt. She was beginning to feel like a nuclear reactor, the vibration that pulsed in her body were foreign to her. She felt fizzy, like when you pour water on dry ice. Her body began to twitch with nervous energy. Her head started to feel a little loopy. Is this how lunatics feel during a full moon?

    “What is in this potion? I must get the recipe, you could enhance it and sell it as nuclear waste,”

    Wednesday chuckled at her own joke and she felt like she was seeing double. She stopped and realized she had just chuckled. Then she laughed at the thought out loud. She felt like she was bouncing and swimming at the same time.

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    Joel Glicker
    you know what happens if my mother uses fabric softener? i die.
    "Not yet," Joel started, as he attacked the slip onto the dust-cover with medical precision. "But some days, I wish they were." He finished, taking a sip from his tea. He didn't like talking about his parents too much, and even went as far as to call his own mother 'the root of all evil'. It wasn't that he absolutely hated his parents, it was just that his parents always forced him to do things that he never ever wanted to do, ever in his life. His parents didn't understand his love of reading, nor did they understand why he was so interested in the murderer's agenda. He felt like he was outcasted from his family, but that somehow made him feel... safe, in a way.

    Joel would have been more talkative if he knew how to engage in conversation, but alas, he did not, so he worked as well as he could. He could feel her cold eyes digging deeply into his soul, and he looked up to meet her chilling gaze. He looked at her, and noticed something that scared him to his core.

    She was smiling. Smiling. She looked... perky. Like, not the good kind, but the bad kind. He tried to open his mouth to speak something, but he shut him up quick with her babbling. "Wednesday," He said, slowly. "I think coffee was a bad idea." He tried his best to intervene, but he was sure that the situation would end up more like trying to take a chew-toy out of a dog's mouth.
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    Wednesday Addams
    [v=font-size:1.2em; font-family: verdana; letter-spacing: 5px;] ✹ "Why are you dressed like someone died?...Wait."✹ [/div]

    She was laughing, why was she laughing?!? Wednesday had no idea but the thought made her laugh even more. People from across the room began to look at them. She didn’t care because it felt so good to laugh! Why had she never done this before?

    In fact she felt so good, that she felt she could fly. Higher and higher she soared.

    “Wheee! Off to Neverland!” she squealed. Wednesday stood up and swayed, “Look what I can do!”
    She hopped up and down and waved her arms erratically.

    “Oooooo! You know what we should do?” she giggled like a mad scientist's hamster.

    She put her face up really close to Joel to see him better, he seemed like he had two heads! How exciting! Before he could answer she grabbed him by the shirt front and dragged him out of the booth, out the coffee shop door, and onto the street.
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