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I think you already know who I am, so let's just get things underway. bold is what I wanna do, if it has a * next to it means I have ideas, the more * means the more ideas I have.

The voices of the crowd was what filled her to her breaking point, her fingers pulling softly on the worn down strings of a her guitar, the rhythm pulsing through every ounce of her body. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she felt the stage lights excruciating heat beat down on her skin, this was the moment that she been waiting for her entire life. Lacey smiled as she threw her hair over her should singing the song that she had been working on since the start of her career, a song that she hoped with every ounce of her being would propel her in the reins of stardom.

But then things started to go downhill from there, it started with a prick of pain running through her chest, like if someone had placed a needle against her diaphragm and was slowly turning it back and forth in a constant rhythm. She coughed once hiding it under a powerful soprano note. What's wrong with me, this is my big night to show how much this song means to me and here I am, feeling woozy. She caught herself on the microphone feeling the sweat sting against her already sizzling hot skin, she glanced down at her chest watching it heave with each breath she took, feeling like her lungs were on fire.

Come on Lacey keep playing there cheering your name, you can't keep your fans waiting for your encore even if means pushing every limit that this body has ever had. Lacey's thoughts screamed to her as she slowly rose so she was standing upright again, focusing on the steady rhythm of the drum beat behind her, she moved across the stage, her body swaying with her dizziness and music that filled every nerve in her body and nodded her head along with her drummer who had been the one who had offered her career to sort to new heights.

For a moment there eyes met and she gave one of her snarky grins to him knowing that he worrying about her like he always did when she pushed her body to her limits. Hearing her bassist picking up the vocals she turned her head to look over at him and nodded her head, before wincing softly feeling the familiar twisting sensation in her chest. Come on, your bandmates are picking up the slack for you, you better get your ass back to the stage and show them what your really made of. her thoughts screamed at her but her mind had gone hazy, she stepped forward nearly tripping over her own feet as she made it back to the mic stand, her hands wrapping around the sliver lined mic, roses completed the stage display making it seemed like she was performing in a worn down ruin.

"Are you ready for my new single everyone." Lacey cried out feeling her voice break from the pressure in her vocal cords and the audience's roaring cries answered her back as she reached her hands up clapping along as the song began. "This might be my last performance, so make sure you keep your hearts tuned to every note." Lacey joked smiling as she started to sing the song, her hips hypnotically swinging to the beat. Each note made the pain stronger but there was no way she was going to give up this amazing feeling if they had to tear the guitar from her cold dead hands, her heart felt like it was soaring into the galaxies and was dancing around with the comets high above her head. "You see this god, this is what I wanted to show you, this is the reason you put this voice in my heart." Lacey sang knowing the words to her iconic song by heart, it was called Angelic Sunrise, a special song that she had co-written with her best friend and now manager.
Information about me.
- I play male and female roles
- I don't do character sheets
- I don't use pictures (if you ask me, I'll give you one)
- messages or threads
- please message me in order for me to respond
- yuri and straight (yaoi is a new thing to me)
- romance is fine (18+ content is fine as well, but only if your old enough)
- I like fantasy, pregnancy, romance, supernatual, modern day, sci fi, fandoms
- I will play canon for your oc with no doubling
- doubling is fine but you must have a good plot
- I can do about 60- 100 words per post (so around 3 paragraphs or one on a good day if I'm not busy)
Roleplay Pairings (Original)
Hellhounds x anything*
Pixie x anything
Centaur x anything*
Elf x anything**
Dark Elf x anything
Dark Angel x Anything

Demon x Anything*
Angel x Anything*
Fairy x Anything
Mermaid / Merman x Anything
Basilisk x anything*
Griffin x anything*
Sphinx x anything
Lammasu x anything
vampiress x anything**
werewolf x anything
Muse x anything
dragon rider x dragon*
dragon rider x pregnant dragon queen***
dragon rider x injured dragon / human half breed
dragon rider x dragon rider
pregnant dragon x mate**
pregnant dragon x scientist**

siren x rockband
experiment x militairy professional or scientist or other experiment
clockwork angel x scientist*
clockwork princess x demonic prince**

elemental x elemental
anthro x human
anthro x anthro
anthro x anthro (arranged marriage)
older vampire x fledgling*
vampire slave x human master*

Phoenix x hunter / huntress
pregnant werewolf x mate*
pregnant griffin x human care taker
Victorian Woman x Werewolf
Victorian Woman x Vampire
Baron x Baroness
Baron x Lady of The Court
Baroness x General
Geisha x Apprentice Geisha**

Geisha x Time Traveler*
Geisha x Samurai
Samurai x Forgotten Princess
Knight x anyone*
princess x anyone*
prince x anyone*
maid x anyone*
rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom
master x slave
pregnant baroness x slave*
pregnant baroness x vampire companion (dark romance)**

Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight
Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight*
(sickly) princess x vampire healer**
knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
Samurai x General's Daughter*
Samurai x Female Samurai
Samurai x Female General
Solider x Captain
Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
Solider x Wounded Solider*
Recruiting Solider x War Hero**

Princess x Prisoner
Pirate x Governor's Daughter**
Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
Mail order bride x husband
mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
Modern Day
Celebrity x Celebrity**
Celebrity x Manager**
Well known Celebrity x Unknown Manager***
guitarist x singer
guitarist x new lead singer
guitarist x siren
rival gang member x rival gang member x woman pregnant with
member's child (plot triangle)*
pregnant woman x gang member coming to her rescue*
pregnant woman from a rival gang x rival gang member's boss
gang member x pregnant girlfriend*

mail order bride x new husband
principal's daughter x rebel boy
principal's daughter x gang member
circus performer x circus performer
worn down musician x aspiring musican
photographer x model
bride x soon to be husband
pregnant bride x soon to be husband*
pregnant bridesmaid x ex boyfriend**

doctor x anything
pregnant woman x anything*
nurse x anything
teacher x student
arranged marriage
time traveler x lost wife.*
unplanned pregnancy or unplanned illness
hard working dancer x strict teacher
Actress x Actress
Actress x Retired Actor
Therapist x Client
Therapist x Therapist

Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
Idol x Rockstar
Rockstar x Female Rockstar
Female Rockstar x Choreographer**
Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
Rockstar x Band Member
Arranged Marriage
Boss x Intern*
Employee x Employee
Blind Girl x Blind Date
Model x Photographer
Ice Skater x Ice Skater*
Ice Skater x Model*
Ice Skater x Manager
Fashion Designer x Model.
Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend*
Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend*

Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor*
Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
Loan shark/Victim
Rival Mafia's kids
Photographer x Bride*
Photographer x Pregnant Model*

Experiment X Scientist
College Student x Professor
Boarding School Roommates

Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Student x Teacher
Psychiatrist x Patient
Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
Boss x Secretary
Master x Slave
possessive boyfriend x Daddy's girl
possesive girlfriend x step brother
Sick woman or boy/nurse/visitor/doctor
Sick boy or girl at home/best friend
Orphan x Murderer
Spoiled Girl x Hardworking Boy
Jealous Boyfriend x Engaged Girl x Best Friend
Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
Street orphan x police officer
Made-Up Celeb x old friend

Dancer x Soldier
Spoiled Rich Tyrant x Debt Collector
Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
Gypsy x Demon
Actor x Stuntman
Egypthian God x Priestess
Pirate x Governor's Daughter
Best friend/Best friend
Sworn enemies
Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
Mail order bride x husband
mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
Circus Performer x Circus attendee
Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
druggie x druggie
alcoholic x alcoholic

dying x friend
recovering from something x friend
street fighter x street fighter
drug dealer x addict
doctor x nurse
doctor x patient
therapist x patient
physical therapist x patient
newly physically ill x friend
Husband x Wife (Marriage of Convenience, Arranged Marriage, Marriage
prostitute x drug dealer
woman transforming into a dog / demon / vampire x captor
demonic woman x dream demon
time traveler x companion
demon x woman trapped in a dream
master x female slave who is used as a demon's bride
husband x time traveling wife
woman in a sex business x first time customer

anthro fox x mate
demon x mate
Roleplay Pairings (Fandoms)
Mass Effect
Vampire Academy
Fairy Tale
Soul Eater
Ao no Exorcist
Deadman Wonderland
Death Parade
Howl's Moving Castle
Dragon Age
Full Metal Alchemist
Doctor Who
Penny Dreadful
Hunger Games
Studio Ghibli

Being Human (US and UK)
Ouran High School Host Club
Uta No Prince Sama
Kingdom Hearts
The World Ends With You
Fruits Basket
Phantom of the Opera
Alice in Wonderland
House of Night
Ever After High
Roleplay Ideas
_______ and _____ are sister who live together in a small apartment building by themselves since their mother and father died in a car accident a couple weeks before their 16th birthday. The eldest girl named ______ has a crush on this boy from her old school where she is going to stay at before her 17th birthday. One night the younger sister comes home with bruises and scars on her face, arms and neck and the older sister wondering what happened to her. The little sister explains that the people at school beat her up because of her having a crush on her older sister. What will happen to the sister will the eldest go with her true love or will she fall in love with her sister.

_____ is the leader of the cheerleading squad and the president of the whole school, you would think her life is perfect but it isn’t. This girl has been getting beaten and raped by her boyfriend and a couple of his friends. One night the girl decides to end her life by jumping off one of the tallest building in the school until she is saved by the new girl named ________ who tells her not to end her life. What will happen to these two will they fall in love or leave each other alone

___________ is a vampire who has just awoken from her 7 year sleep thanks to a small human girl named ______ who wanted to find someone who could protect her and love her just like her younger sister who passed away from a terrible sickness. The vampire decides to take care of the little girl and soon become lovers and the human even allows her to drink from her. But what happens when the human girl is found almost dead on the side of the road will the vampire save her or will she leave her to die.

________ has been chosen to go to a new school in London for music and writing but his girlfriend of 5 months doesn’t want to leave her all alone like the last time when he left for a summer trip and came back badly injured from a gunshot wound to the chest. The boy explained that he would be back sooner then the girl can except but a few days before the trip the girl finds out she’s pregnant. Will the boy stay with his girlfriend or will he go on his trip anyway

Every person dreams of meeting a famous singer or actor. But not everyone is lucky enough to meet a celebrity in person. But _____ is one of the lucky ones. He and his friend go to an award ceremony and _____ meets one of the most famous singer/actress in the world and she has her eyes for ____.But this celebrity has a dark secret, She is a vampire. What will happen when _____ finds out? Only one way to find out.

______ is the daughter of an elven lord who has ruled his kingdom for several long decades. ______ wants to out into the world and see what it is like to be outside with her friend ______ but being the reincarnation of an elven goddess her parents are always trying to keep her safe. But when her friends abandon her in the forest badly injured a human boy finds her. What will happen to them

______ and ______ are best friends and have always have been since they were just infants. ______ will do anything to protect his friend and always seem to be getting injured in order to protect her. When he finds out that his best friend might not surrive for much longer thanks to her so called illness that she has been keeping secret from him so he didn’t have to worry. The boy must make a decision to tell her his secret about being a vampire or would he allow her to just die peacefully like she was supposed to 2 years ago.

_____ has to transfer to a new school because of her behavior. When she arrives at the new school she meets a boy who always seem to be having problems with his parents and even some of the teachers. The girl wonders why this keeps happening to him, Will the girl be able to help her new friend out?

____ has had a lot of problems with her ex boyfriend who has been harassing her since the eighth grade. So one night the girl decides to leave and when she arrives in a small town she meets a boy named _______ and they start talking to each other and soon the girl starts to forget about her ex but when the girl finds out she's pregnant she sort of wonders when her ex will come back

_____ is a young witch who has been casting spells for about 12 years until an accident on her 17 birthday the spell causes her to turn her into a vampire almost every might.During one of her late night hunting trips she meets a boy who has been killed by his stepmother and the girl automatically saves him. But will the boy hate the girl or will he just leave and forget about his savior

____ is agirl who has been sexuaully and mentally abused by her step father and her step father's friend. One night she decides to kill herself and end all the pain she has been feeling for the past 10 years but as always her brother comes and stops her and he admits that he has stronger feeling then the the normal brother and sister relationship. What will happen to them

_____ loves the change from human to wolf almost every night untill he meets an abandoned angel who has been cast out of her clan by falling in love with a human. What will happen to these to will they fall in love or will they hate each other

When love and drugs run high tensions grow and sometimes love will blossom. _____ loves doing drugs and going to wild parties but one night he meets a new student who doesn't want anything to do with him. What will happen to them will they fall in love or will they still hate each other?

When love is something that only happens at parties what does a person do. ___ is a guy who met the girl of his dreams at a party welcoming new students to the school but even though she is popular she acts different. The guy follows her around and finds out she is a werewolf who was cast out of her pack by her father and wonders if she can find love. The boy wonders if he can admit his feeling but can he?

_____ has always been having troubles in her life since her older brother passed away during a military mission somewhere in northern Iraq so she has had a lot of time to start dating and settling down since she has been so traumatized by his death. Her best friend named _____ has been trying to get her to go on a date with him ever since they met each other in the 7th grade but he has been too shy to ask. So one night when he is walking her home from school he asks her and she says yes. But what will happen to the young couple and will the girl ever leave her brother’s memories behind

_______ And ________ are twin sisters and have been doing everything together since they were little. But the younger sister ______ has a huge crush on her older sister and always trying to tease and have fun with her most of time. One night the older sister comes home crying from a humiliating break up with her boyfriend of only two weeks and the little sister wonders if this is her chance to tell her feeling or not. Will the little sister share her feeling and well the older sister accepts it?

When things go to bad to worse it can cause many romantic things to happen, _______ is the most popular student in her class and is always running around teasing boys and stealing boyfriends from other girls until she meets the new rebel student who has just been kicked out of his old school for almost trying to kill one of the teachers. The girl immediately wants to make her one of her lovers and hopes he will accept her but when she asks him if he wants to go out with her he says no and the girls shocked. So the girl has change her past and figure out how she can get this new boy before its too late

_____ is the daughter of the school principal and hasn't been able to make any friends because of her father being all high and might of who's she friends with and sometimes she wishes she could meet someone to change her dad's mind. _____ is a rebel who always seems to be getting into trouble and most girls seem to be flirting with him since he had just broken up with last girlfriend. What will happen when the two of them meet

____ is a vampire princess who was abandoned by her clan for almost falling in love with a angel prince who soon was taken back to his kingdom. A few nights later when she is found half starving and almost out of blood on the street her prince comes and takes her home allowing her to drink his blood in for a price. She must stay with him and soon bare his child but will she refuses

when love is something that only happens at parties what does a person do. ___ is a guy who met the girl of his dreams at party welcoming new students to the school but even though she is popular she acts different. The guy follows her around and finds out she is a werewolf who was cast out of her pack by her father and wonders if she can find love. The boy wonders if he can admit his feeling but can he?

_____ is a girl who has been waiting for about 21/2 months for her boyfriend who had got caught in a car accident during summer break. As always she been doing odd jobs around the hospital until one night she gets the news that he had woken up but the problem is the guy doesn’t remember her and he seems to be getting a bit more depressed then he usually was. Can the girl try to help her long lost boyfriend find his memories or will he let her go

Woman works as a slave for a very rich business man, he's kind and considerate and seems to treat her very well. The woman is confused however because he always seemed to be locked away in his room, what happens when she finds out that he's a vampire and the only reason he wants her, is so she can become his mate.

After a horrible fight, a pair of best friends ceased all communication. One moved on while the other remained stuck in the past, torturing himself/herself with the lost memories of the friendship; why? Well, they're madly in love with the other. After months of no communication, they run into each other while on vacation with their families. Will they become friends again or maybe something more, or will they ignore each other and keep everything like how it's been for the past few months?

16 years old, a girl goes to Europe on a class trip. One night, she and her roomates left the hotel and explored the city, all by themselves. Her less than intelligent friend gets them involved with a man they don't know. You might know where this leads? They get kidnapped and sold into prostitution. :3 Weeks go by, they are drugged, beaten and forced to pleasure strange men. The girl that I started with, she is the only one of her friends that hasn't died of drug overdose, lack of food, or an STD. She is considered the best merchandise that this brothel can offer. A boy, 16 himself, is rich and spoiled, and has enough money to get whatever the hell he wants. His family goes to Europe on their annual trip, and he finds out from a special source that there is a place where he can get the hook-up on sex. Being the rich little pervert he is, he uses the big bucks to get only finest girl he can get: our girl from the beginning. He sees her every weekend, never paying attention to how sickly she is. One day, he comes into her room to find her in fetal position, pale, nauseous, and clammy. When he sees her like this, he forgets about what he wanted from her. From then on, every time he sees her, he brings her medicine, food, and other things to help her get better. Instead of sex, he comforts her, and listens to her speak about what her life is like. He feels an unmeasurable amount of emotions toward her; sorrow, pity, and maybe.. love?

He’d watched her grow up. He was her parents’ best friend’s son, the guy who was always there. So he’d seen her highs and lows, he remembered her baby sister being born, her first day of school. And now he had to watch as she hurled herself into an abusive relationship, and it killed him. Watching her come into school with bruises and burns, desperately covering them with long sleeves and thick tights. He was her shoulder to cry on always, but now she was pulling away, and that’s all it took for him to realise how much he liked her. How much he loved her.

(Girl] is at the mall with her friends, when she spots her ex-boyfriend, who abused her a few months ago when they'd been going out. She still has scars on her arms and one on her forehead, but she always covers them up. To avoid her ex approaching her, she walks up to a random guy, ( insert dude ], and begins pretending that they're dating. ( guy ] has no idea what's going on, but plays along, and after a few minutes she clues him in. They end up spending the entire day together, pretending that they're dating, and eventually she tells him about her ex.

Boy and girl were best friends. The two of them experienced everything together. But lately, at their high school, pretty much everyone was talking about the birds and the bees. About how they'd 'gotten it in' last night, or how they'd misplaced their v-cards. The two best friends, both virgins, were sick of hearing about how everyone was having sex, and being made fun of for still being virgins. One night, the boy & girl were hanging out at one of their houses, and got onto the subject of sex and how they were still virgins. So they thought what the hell. And they took each other's virginity. But the satisfaction of not being virgins anymore doesn't last too long, before the girl finds out she's pregnant.

A girl is forced to babysit for the summer hoping to save up for a new laptop because her old one broke. She hears around that her mom's friend needs a babysitter for her little son Joey. But what happens when she finds out that not only is she babysitting Joey. But she has to watch her older son, (insert name her) too because he is untrusted to be in the house alone. What will happen when these two teenagers are left alone... in the same house?

She was always seen by him as the cute little sister, just another one of the boys almost. He was always careful to include her to the point that he talked about the girls he liked, and how far he got with them. He didn't know it killed her inside. She has a massive crush on him. Eventually, she decides to do something about it, and comes back from the summer holiday all made up and in short skirts. Definitely a girl. He can't believe his eyes. Suddenly everything's changed. He can't talk to her about girls, because she's the girl he wants. She enjoys teasing him with it.

Boy] is the son of rich parents; his dad owns a successful chain of factories, and his mom is the head of a company. [Boy]'s siblings are also successful, marrying other rich people and taking up great paying jobs. All [boy] has ever wanted to do is play music, which his parents don't think is going to get him far in life. One day when [boy] is going into the theater to play the piano, since he can't at home, he finds that the piano is occupied. There is a girl, and music has always been a comfort to her. Already having something in common, there is an almost instant attraction. [Boy] and [girl] play music together and become good friends. [Boy] finds himself slowly falling in love with her and he admits his feelings for her, to find that she feels the same. He introduces her to his parents, and they do not approve

Girl and [boy] have been best friends, since... Forever. He's developed a crush on her, but has she? No, she's dating his best friend, [name]. But all her boyfriend does is control her and treat her like his Barbie to toy with. He just uses her for her body, but she is too scared to make him stop because of what he'll do. He drinks... he drinks almost all the time. He's an alcoholic and drug addict. And [boy] can't stand the circumstances [boyfriend] puts her in. It's time to step up and grow some balls.

(Insert girl] & (insert boy] are cordially invited to one of their best friend's wedding. They had both been through a terrible break-up and even though months have passed, they have yet to speak. Until of course they both get invited to the wedding and are forced to dance together since they are wedding partners. They are also supposed to stay in the only guest room together since their best friend had no more opens rooms. What will happen during their wedding and the stay?
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updated the list, bolded the things I wanted to do and added which character I can play for the fandoms.


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Looking at your pairing list, I'm seeing some fun things: a worn-down musician, one of a ship / plane's crew members, somebody who's getting over a case of the flu, maybe even somebody who's married. They're fun backgrounds, but I'm thinking it'd be fun to see how they react to crash-landing somewhere and suddenly putting all their energy into surviving the new environment. They won't be doing it alone, of course, but the ultimate goal is to make it back alive, or find a new home.

Human, anthro, male, female, modern era, medieval, space-future... not picky. There will be monsters, tribals, other settlers, and who knows what else regardless.


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Looking at your pairing list, I'm seeing some fun things: a worn-down musician, one of a ship / plane's crew members, somebody who's getting over a case of the flu, maybe even somebody who's married. They're fun backgrounds, but I'm thinking it'd be fun to see how they react to crash-landing somewhere and suddenly putting all their energy into surviving the new environment. They won't be doing it alone, of course, but the ultimate goal is to make it back alive, or find a new home.

Human, anthro, male, female, modern era, medieval, space-future... not picky. There will be monsters, tribals, other settlers, and who knows what else regardless.
I'm not sure what your talking about, mind if we discuss this over messages.