Welcome To Katsune Academy



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Kyoko, a 16 year old girl pulls up in the parkinglot of Katsune Academy. The main building was amazingly huge, and the academy was surrounded by a huge strip of woods.
"Great. If I try to run away I'm going to be mauled by bears. Just friggen great."she said a bit annoyed. Her father sighed and laid a hand on her shoulder.
"It's not a bad place. You didn't want to go to a normal school and you wanted to get away from your mother. Well this is the best spot for you." he said in a sincere voice. Kyoko brushed his hand off and unbuckled her seat belt. She stepped out of the car and said, "Why couldn't I stay home until the next school year started? This school only has like 2 more months until summer vacation starts. So I'm just gonna come back home again to that bit---" "Watch your language! Don't talk like that about your mother." her father interupted. Kyoko slammed the door and walked away. Her father got out of the car and walked towards her wondering why he always had to put up with her.

Kyoko entered the building and looked around. The room was pretty big like a hang out spot. There were several couches, a piano in the far right corner, and a desk with a lady sitting behind it talking on the phone. She looked up at Kyoko and noticed the blank expression she had.
"Will you hold on a minute, I have a newbie in the building." she said to the person on the other end of the phone then stood up and waved her hand at Kyoko to come towards the desk. Kyoko walked towards the lady and bowed to her. Putting on her 'sweet girl' charm she smiled and said, " Goodmorning. My name is Kyoko Roku. I'm wondering if I qualify for Katsune Academy." The words came out smoothly as if she had practiced what to say a hundred times already. The lady behind the desk bowed and lent out a hand to shake Kyoko's.
"My name is Miss Ruka. I'm the secritary and the nurse here in Katsune Academy." She said politely. Kyoko shook her hand and said, "So Miss Ruka, how do I apply?" At that time her father walked into the room and saw how well Kyoko was managing the conversation. He scratched his head nervously and chuckled.
"I guess she doesn't need my help after all." He whispered and walked to sit down on a couch. Ruka opened a drawer on the desk and pulled out a form. She handed it to Kyoko and gave her a pen.
"All you need to do is fill this sheet out and you can instantly start school. I'm positive you'll love it here." she said. Kyoko took the form and pen and then bowed again in thanks. Then walked towards her father, sat down next to him and started filling out the form.
"You can leave now. Tell mom I say bye." she said in a low voice to her father. He got up, kissed her on the forhead, and walked towards the exit.
"Call me when you get done unpacking. I'll leave your lugage outside the entrance." he told her and exited the building.
Niomi wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock buzzing at 6am. She roles over to turn it off, forgetting that she slept on the top bunk.
*Thud!* "Ouch......" she groaned and sat up on the floor rubbing her head. She presses the off button and stumbles to her feet. She stares around her empty room in a daze being still half asleep. Her dorm had a bunk bed up against the wall next to the door, two desks on opposite sides of the room, a door on the left that lead to a small bathroom that is shared with the dorm on the other side on the bathroom, and a wardrobe that was halfway full with her school uniforms and outfits to wear when she leaves the campus. Niomi walked over to the wardrobe to grab her uniform which consists of a black skirt, a white dressy blouse, and a blue sweater vest. She slipped into her clothes and went into the bathroom to pull her hair up into a pony tail and wash her face. When she dries her skin with a towel, her dorms' telephone starts ringing.
"Oh, I wonder who that is.." she mumbles and picks up the phone.
"Hello? This is Niomi speaking." she said into the receiver.
"Yes, Niomi. Your room is free right? We have a new student named Kyoko and there isn't any other rooms available. May you come down here and help her bring her luggage to your dorm? Thanks sweetie, bye." Miss Ruka said and hung up before Niomi could say anything. Niomi slammed the phone down and sighed.
"Great. Now I have to live with someone. What a pain." she says under her breath. Niomi walks out of her dorm, down the stairs, and exits the building to head towards the Main hall. She follows the stone path up to the entrance where Kyoko was waiting outside. Niomi bowed to Kyoko and said, "Goodmorning. I'm Niomi Takashi, Your new room mate. Let me show you the way." Niomi picked up some of Kyoko's bags and walked back towards the path.
Kyoko stayed silent while carrying the rest of her luggage and following behind Niomi. She looked around the environment, memorizing everything that passed her by so she wouldn't get lost next time she has to go somewhere. As they enter the dorms building, Kyoko saw several girls walk out and stared at her. They started whispering to themselves and walked away laughing. Kyoko looked down at the ground and held back her frustration. Not even a day past and people are already gossipping about her. She went up stairs and Niomi stopped in front of a door with the number 13 on it.
"The number 13 is unlucky you know." Kyoko stated. She should know, she's one of the most unluckiest people in the world she thought. Hell, she was born on a friday the thirteenth. That has to be the reason why she hates life.
Niomi laughed a little and smiled at Kyoko.
"I've noticed. After you unpack you'll need to get some uniforms and your schedule. I'll show you the way ok?" she said politely. She slid her door key card into the slot and took it out then opened the door. She stepped aside to let Kyoko walk in first. She looked at Kyoko thinking she doesn't look like a prep...but doesn't look like a shy girl either....Interesting. Niomi walked in afterwards and shut the door. "There's our bathroom, we share it with the people that live in room 14. These are our beds, I sleep on top. That's our closet, more than enough room for you. And that's your desk to the left. Mine is on the right." Niomi instructed as she pointed to everything. She put Kyokos' bags down and unzipped them to put everything away.
Celeste was still sound asleep in her room, room 14. She was snoring lightly. A few minutes later, her alarm clock buzzed loudly. Celeste groaned, irritated, and threw her pillow at the alarm clock. It made a loud thump as it fell off the nightstand onto the floor, still buzzing underneath the pillow. She sighed heavily and slowly got out of bed. Her brother and roommate, Jazz, never woke up. Celeste looked annoyed. She turned her alarm clock off and started hitting her sibling with the pillow. She was yelling, "Get up, you lazy bum! Jazz woke up and grabbed her pillow. He looked groggy and slightly irritated. "Stop it, Cel." Jazz wasn't looking directly at her, for he didn't know exactly where she was. He was blind. Jazz ran his hand through his messy, silver hair and slowly felt his way to the ladder and climbed down. Celeste made sure he got down safely and headed to the bathroom that they shared with the occupants of room 13.
Niomi heard rummage in the bathroom.
"I guess Celeste and Jazz is up. Hey Kyoko, You wanna meet our neighbors?" Niomi asked her. Niomi walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it asking is everyone was decent before she walks in to interrupt.
"Tenchi..... Tenchi wake up!" shouted his friend. "Wha-What?" he muttered, rubbing his head. Tenchi-Roku is a 16 year old ninja, one of the best of his kind. Today was another day at the Katsune Academy. But this was one of his days were he'd just sit back, relax, and eat raman. He has a room mate named Toru, an annoying ass at times. Did you hear, we've got new girls coming around!" said Toru, with a perv's smile. Tenchi simply layed back in his bed and covered his face with his pillow. "Try to be not such a perv this time..." he mumbled from beneath his pillow.
Jazz heard the knock. He had where the door was memorized so he walked over and answered it. He looked in Niomi's direction, sounding half-asleep still. "Niomi?"Celeste came out of the bathroom, her dark blue hair looking more organized. She saw Niomi and smiled sweetly. "Hi Niomi."
Daki's alarm went off at 6:30 a.m, and had been blaring ever since then. She was sound asleep in room 8, a small smile on her face. Daki didn't have a roommate, so no one was there to get her up since the alarm clock was obviously not doing the job. She laid on the bed with her slightly head off the side, the covers messed up and only covering her stomach. Her arms lay lazily on either side of her as she continued to smile in her sleep from the dream she was having.
Kyoko steps in front of Niomi and stuck out her hand to shake Celeste.
"Hello, I'm Kyoko. I'm new here." she smiled sweetly. And then looked at Jazz in amazement. She didn't know that boys and girls lived together. A hint of excitement grow in her. She noticed something different about his eyes but didn't want to say anything that would seem rude and make her a loner at this school as well.
Niomi stepped backwards and paused. Ok. Aparently she knows how to introduce herself. She looked at her watch. 6:45am. Time for her to wake up Daki. She walked towards the exit and turned back saying, "Well it seems you all can take care of her now. I have to wake someone up. Don't let Kyoko get lost. By Cel and Jazz." Then exited the door and walked down the hall to room 8 and started banging at the door.
Daki!! Get Up!!!!" she yelled.
Daki rolled over onto her stomach, her right arm now hanging off the bed. She opened her eyes once she heard Niomi banging on her door, then closed her eyes again and rolled over onto her side and grabbed her pillow. Daki held onto it, resting her head on the pillow. "One more hour..." She called, then yawned.
Celeste smiled and shook Kyoko's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Celeste, and this is my brother Jazz." Jazz smiled shyly, turned towards Kyoko's voice. He waved at her.
Niomi kicked at the door and sighed. This wasn't working. She went over to room 7 and knocked on the door. A guy named Kentaro opened the door and let Niomi in.
"Sorry Kent. She wouldn't get out of bed so I'm gonna have to go through the bathroom." She said to him and walked into Daki's room. She saw Daki with a pillow over her head and got frustrated. Niomi took a cup that she found nearby, filled it up with ice cold water, and then splashed Daki with it.
"Get Up!!" she yelled and dragged her off the bed.
Kyoko smiled at Jazz and bowed to him.
"Nice to meet both of you. Umm, can one of you tell me where I can get my schedule and uniforms?"Kyoko asked. She didn't know where anything is and she couldn't afford getting lost in a place like this.
The ice cold water hit her back and Daki jumped from the surprise, hitting her head on the top bunk before Niomi dragged her off the bed. Daki's back was sensitive to anything cold, so the ice cold water now had her completely awake. She landed on her butt on the floor, rubbing her head. "You didn't have to do that..." She said in a complaining childish voice.
"You didn't get up. Never ignore me when I'm in a bad mood." Niomi said as she helped Daki off the floor. Niomi picked up Daki's uniform and threw it at her and said, "Get dressed. We got a new kid. And she's quite a know-it-all." She added and then sat on the top bunk of Daki's bed. Niomi was pissed that she got stuck with Kyoko when she knew that Daki was living alone as well. If only Daki was the one that woke up early in the morning, maybe she wouldn't have been stuck with the new chick.
Jazz looked in Celeste's direction. Celeste smiled at Kyoko. "I think you would have got them at the office. The lady at the front desk didn't give you anything? Jazz grabbed his uniform where Celeste always leaves it for him so he knows where it is and made his way to the bathroom so he could change.
Kyoko blinked. Jazz was changing and the doors still open. She turned around and said,"Umm...no. They just asked me to sign some papers and wait outside for a girl named Niomi. And you know, I have a feeling that I'm a burden to her..." she said and started tapping her foot. She already made an enemy. Just great.
Daki nodded. Even she knew it was bad to get on Niomi's bad side, especially if she was in a bad mood. She first turned off her alarm clock, which was still going off, then stripped off her clothes. Daki was the type of person who didn't care if anyone saw her. She got dressed in her uniform before stretching.

"So, do you think you can handle having a roommate now?" She asked.