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  1. ~Welcome to the Juvenile Death Row Rehabilitation Academy~

    In this academy, all teenagers and few young adults from around the world have stood their trial and been sentenced to 8 years maximum. At J.D.R.R.A. students will be under constant surveillance while they attend their classes. Absolutely no one will receive special treatment during their stay.

    About the Academy (open)

    About the Academy~

    The School

    The Juvenile Death Row Rehabilitation Academy is a high tech boarding school designed for students and young adults from the ages between 12 to 21. It is specifically made as the name states, to rehabilitate teenagers put on Death Row for whatever reason. For these Death Row students, the governments have permitted that the juvenile jurisdiction laws do not apply to those sentenced.

    This Academy is located dead set in the center of the desert to limit all chances of escaping. Because of this, students are usually not sought after once they escape, because they will end up being food for the vultures and creatures of the night. The Headmaster of the school believes that if someone can make it to civilization from the school, then they deserve their short lived freedom... Until they are arrested and sent back.

    Procedures (open)


    Students will be transported via bus with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Absolutely no personal belongings or electronics will be permitted while they are attending the school. The only items they will be able to obtain is from the store within the Academy. Any contraband found on them during their stay will result in a strike. More about strikes will be explained.

    Once they arrive, the students will be stripped and searched. JDRRA does not believe in gender segregation, so students will be searched by either men or women regardless of their genders. All contraband found on the student's person will be properly disposed via incinerator. After, the students will be taken in and fitted for their Academy uniforms. They will also be given their gloves before being assigned a dorm and roommate.

    Student's gloves (open)

    About the gloves~

    The gloves second as handcuffs, which will not allow for the students to take them off unless with special permission. They allow freedom of hand movement, since there is no chain keeping their wrists bound together. Built into them is a tracking system and a monitor for what the student has touched at every hour of the day. This means the facility will know if you've touched the walls, drugs, weapons, the toilets in the bathroom, or your own genitalia if you decide to masturbate during the evening. The school will keep track of everything with those gloves.

    Trying to incinerate or water down the gloves is impossible. They have been built to be nearly indestructible, so the student will not be able to break them for more freedom.

    Classes/Teachers and Staff (open)

    The Classes and teachers/staff~

    Students will be given an arrange set of core classes plus 2 electives at most. The students will be expected to attend every class with no tardiness unless they have a written pass.

    These classes will include;


    Behavioral Courses/Psychology session (A, B, and C sessions) (
    Physical Education/Weight Training
    Janitorial Service Hours (They clean up the school for 2 hours)

    Electives (Will be added when I think of more~):

    Culinary Arts
    Foreign Language
    Extra hour of Physical Education/Weight Training
    Law Studies

    All teachers and faculty will not be attending the school as themselves. For their safety, they have androids created for the sole purpose of teaching the class in their place while they control them from elsewhere.

    This limits any student/teacher relationships and any chances of students physically hurting one of the staff members. The teachers and staff will also receive any and every information about their students to keep track of how they're doing.

    Strikes and Warnings (open)

    About Strikes and Warnings~

    Strikes are part of the more lenient punishment system when regarding juvenile crimes such as petty theft or vandalism. Two strikes will result in solitary confinement for a week with strict behavioral courses and receiving packets of work from the classes they will miss. Three will result in solitary confinement for 2 months, including behavioral courses, 2 meals a day, stricter surveillance and receiving packets of work from the classes they missed.

    Warnings are part of the stricter and incredibly unforgiving punishment system. These are always followed with Drug creation, possession or distribution, Attempted murder, or anything worse. One warning will result in 6 months of solitary confinement, one meal a day, maximum surveillance, behavioral courses, and receiving packets of work from the classes they will miss.

    Committing murder or doing something just as bad will result in legal execution by reason of "Irredeemable student". This means that an android guard will have all rights to approach the student and kill them in any way they see fit. For example, if a student is playing soccer with other students, a guard will have every right to go up to that student mid game and shoot them in the head by order of the Headmaster.

    Uniforms (open)

    Uniforms consist of the standard orange jumpsuits seen in most prisons, with white undershirts and pink underwear/socks. Students will be given one pair of shoes to start off, but if they want more, they'll have to buy it with their own money. Either money order by their parents/family or by working for it. Working will be explained soon enough.

    Working (open)

    Students will be able to work to obtain more money. However, the pay is quite terrible and items in the Academy's shop is expensive. A select variety of work opportunities are available for the students (with strict surveillance for all of them)

    These include;

    Kitchen duty (Washing dishes/Cleaning the floors and tables)
    Mail duty (Sort the letters addressed to inmates and prepare them for guards to distribute)
    Landscaping (Make the grounds around the Academy pretty)
    Tattoo Artist (Create your own tattoo machine and give tattoos for the other students behind closed doors. Try not to mess up the art or you will have an unhappy/possibly violent person to deal with)
    Artist (Sell your work to other clients. Probably the easiest and most enjoyably job, but worst paying one)

    Relationships/Pregnancy (open)

    Relationships between students is not frowned upon, but it is highly not recommended. If a student winds up pregnant, her rehabilitation time will be shortened significantly compared to the other students. She will have 9 months before she is evaluated by 2 Parole Officers and 3 Psychiatrists. If she proves that she has changed her ways to all of them, she will be able to leave the Academy and keep her baby. if she fails, the student will give birth in the Academy's infirmary and her baby will be given up for adoption the moment it is born. The female student will have to relinquish visitation rights to the child for up to five years after her sentence is finished.

    Rules (open)

    1. All Iwaku Rules applies
    2. No drama in the OOC please. IC is fine~
    3. Keep in mind that there is no gender segregation here. I will very likely put male/female roommates together.
    4. If playing a student; keep in mind the character and what they're capable of. if they're a thin, petite person, I highly doubt they'd be able to kill an entire gang with their bare hands. I also recommend not making them so mentally unstable that all they want to do is murder everyone. If they can control their urges, that's fine. But if they act on it all the time, then that character will likely die.
    5. Playing the teaching staff is allowed
    6. Relationships between students is permitted. Relationships between students and teachers is also not unheard of, but keep in mind it'll be like an internet relationship.

    (I'll add more to this when I can)

    Character Sheets (open)

    Age: (12-21 if student)
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Distinctive features: (Scars, tattoos, beauty marks, etc.)
    Do they have physical/mental issues?:


    Biography: (Optional)

    Appearance picture if available: (Anime is preferred)

    Student or Teacher?:

    Which Country?: (Which country were they sent from?)
    Contact with relatives?:
    Economic Status: (Upper, Middle, or Lower class?)

    If Student

    Are they innocent?: (Were they wrongfully accused?)
    Work?: (Refer to 'Working' tab)


    (Add Core Classes and chosen electives)

    If Teacher

    *You will need to include actual appearance and android appearance*

    What do they teach:
    Passionate teacher or Paycheck teacher: (Do they love what they do or are just there to get their paycheck and go?)
    Corrupt in any way?:

    Stance on these students: (Do you believe these teenagers deserve rehabilitation?)

    (I'll add more to this later)

    (Will add more to this)​
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