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    "Hey Matt, what's with the phone?"

    "Hm, sorry? The what?"

    "Your cell, man! You're not supposed to be checking your phone at work."

    "Sorry, it... It was from the park manager. About... My idea. For the Villains stage show"

    "Oh... Well?"

    "They, uh... Said no."

    "Oh, dude... That's harsh. What's that now, five times?"

    "Twelve, Ed. I've been rejected twelve times this semester..."

    "Geez Matt, I'm sorry. Here, um... Tell you what. Go serve those girls over there and you can take the rest of the day off. You're a good kid, Matthew... I hate to see the higher-ups refusing somebody with a lot of talent."

    "Uh... Okay. Sure... But it w-wouldn't be the first time, a-and it's not going to be the l-last."

    "Hey, don't talk like that! I'm sure it'll work out in the end, buddy. Just keep trying... Okay, they're looking a little impatient. And wet. Probably just got off Splash Mountain. Go, go, go!"

    Sighing internally that he managed to keep his cover once again, Matthew shoved his phone into his back pocket, turned around, and adjusted his uniform accordingly before proceeding to the dining area. At the table before him was a group of young ladies around his age, perhaps a bit younger. They were obviously part of the international cheerleading competition that the Disney parks hosted every year, as they were wearing matching uniforms that clearly read "Farrelton Cheer-Squad". What was worse was the fact they were all pretty attractive, which was distracting for poor Matthew. Not only did he have to conceal a major stutter at work, but now he also had to deal with attractive women face to face without being awkward. Needless to say, Matt preferred the days when he was cooking because nobody wanted to talk to the chef. But when he was a waiter, everyone wanted to talk... And he was expected to talk back. Swallowing his air quickly and clearing his throat, Matthew approached the table of cheerleaders and repeated the same phrase he was expected to say to all the customers.

    "Bonjour, comme ca va? Welcome to the French Market Restaurant, I'm Matthew and I'll be serving you today. How about some appetizers to start you off?" he asked, keeping a smile on his face while he interacted with people he wouldn't normally be able to talk with due to his social anxiety issues. While he wasn't really great with talking to girls, Matthew was able to maintain basic conversation by thinking about something else. Today however, his thoughts dwelled on just how excited he was for the upcoming festivities. For almost half a year now, Matthew had been requesting that the Disney park executives give him a chance to become a character performer. While his initial audition was praised for his talent with physicalization (and the voice impersonations) and dedication to each assigned role, the casting director eventually decided against hiring Matthew as he 'had a face that would be more suited for radio'. That struck Matthew hard emotionally as he had taken up acting as a hobby throughout his school years. The stubborn man didn't even allow Matthew to try out for any costumed characters, as he said Matthew should stick to what he knows best; being quiet and doing as he's told.

    But that wasn't good enough for the young man. Matthew was determined to become a character, to take up the physical manifestation of a character so many had cherished from the vast library of Disney favourites. Even though he worked at the French Market Resturant, Matthew continued to chase his dream by re-auditioning and making himself known to the Disney execs. He also tried to get involved with the park in other ways, such as penning approximately twenty five different stage-show ideas (most of them were seasonal shows such as 'Mickey's Magical Christmas Tale' or 'The Disney Villains Halloween Spooktacular'), but each of them were turned down by the executives. Not that they weren't good, mind you, but because the park owners continued to come up with reasons to reject his ideas; 'The schedule cannot be changed', 'we've reached our stage show limit for this month', and Matt's personal favourite; 'Who is the Horned King and why is he the central character of the Villains show?' (Matt got a kick out of that one since he realized he knew more about their own properties then the executives at Disney did).

    Eventually his chance came a month ago, when Matthew had finally given up on his task. Too many rejections had forced Matt to become increasingly self conscious about his work, eventually deciding that the executives were right; he was no good at writing. The one thing he wanted to do with his life... And he was terrible at it. So, Matt had slunk into a deep and quite visible depression, pushing anyone and everyone away while he sulked. Not even Jennifer, his best fried and major crush, could cheer him up. But just when he thought he was at his lowest point, Matthew received a rather interesting call during his day off.

    As it turns out, one of his ideas (brought up during his first job interview) suggesting that the Disney Parks try to revitalize interest in older franchises, had actually been tossed around at the head offices for quite a while now. They liked his concept and after polling their guests for nearly half a year, eventually they concluded that the best franchise to come to the parks was "TRON"... And they wanted him to audition for the part of the titular character. The mask had a lid that covered half of his face similar to the mask of Jack Skellington, so Matt would require knowing how to convincingly act with half of his face. So, he did the audition and the next day he got a message: He got the job. From there Matthew continued to work at the French Market Resturant, but every Saturday he would attend a class where he learned how to become the 'Defender of the Grid'.

    As well as introducing the characters of TRON and Quorra into the parks, a ride based on the TRON films known as 'TRON: Enter the Grid' was being built and the Disney corporation was preparing to bring back their nightly 'ElecTRONica' event at Disneyland, Anaheim. The attractions (as well as a replica of Flynn's Arcade, featuring real arcade machines and the Meet and Greet area for TRON and Quorra) would be located in Tomorrowland, replacing the area where Test Track would have been (had the decision to move it from Florida gone though). At night, Tomorrowland would be lit up with an array of LED lights to resemble the fictional world of 'The Grid' and DJ's from around the world would come to play a wide selection of music ranging from songs from the soundtrack of TRON: Legacy to popular hits from across the ages. There was also going to be alcoholic beverages served throughout the park and hourly laser-shows and 'Disk Wars' between stunt people dressed as Programs. Tonight would mark the first time the park turned on the Grid overlay, and Matthew was supposed to help with the grand opening by performing as TRON for the first time in a short sketch linked to the 'plot' of the new ride. He was bursting with excitement; especially since nobody knew he was going to be the star.

    Truth be told, Matthew had managed to keep everything concerning his new job under wraps. While he was allowed to talk about being TRON, Matthew decided he would surprise his friends by revealing himself after the celebration ended. Most of Matthew's dorm mates knew of his trials and tribulations with the constant rejection of his ideas, so Matt could only imagine how excited his friends would be to hear that things finally worked out for him. But Matt wasn't sure just how Jenna would react. She could read him like an open book, which made keeping such a secret from her incredibly difficult. Hopefully she would be happy for him, but again; he wasn't sure.

    Walking over to the kitchen to pass the food off to the chefs, Matthew handed Edward (his manager) the order and slipped into the back to change. It didn't take long to get out of his uniform and change back into the lime-green t-shirt and blue jeans he had entered the park in. Knowing that he had a few hours before the event started, Matt thought he would stroll around the park for a while and pay a few of his friends a visit.

    While strolling along towards Fanasyland, hands in his pockets, Matthew spied Jenna from across the way. She was dressed up like Elsa and interacting with the large crowd of children and fans waiting in-line to meet the stars of Frozen. There was about ten minutes left in the meet-and-greet according to the sign next to Kristoff's Trading Post. So, Matthew quietly slipped into line and smiled at his friend, gently waving at her in a warm fashion. He waited a few minutes, standing in line and smiling at how excited the kids were to be meeting the 'real Queen Elsa'. But when the 'Character Escorts' announced that Elsa and Anna had to be going, Matt quietly gave the crowd an apologetic smile as if to say 'sorry'. But as Jenni began to slip away from the crowd, Matt began to follow after her.

    "Walt's In the Drawing Room." Matt whispered to the guard at the back, using the secret employee code to alert fellow cast-members when you were a park employee. The reason behind this secret message was so the employees could tell when somebody dressed in civilian clothes was actually a cast member. It helped out cast members a lot, especially if they couldn't recognize somebody out of costume.

    The guard nodded pleasantly at Matthew, acknowledging him as a cast member. Pointing forwards at the still-walking Jennifer, Matthew indicated that he was going to hang out with the 'Ice Queen'. The guard popped his eyebrows upwards as if to say 'do it already'. Rushing forwards, Matthew smiled happily at his best friend and said "Hello t-there, Queen Elsa! Y-You're looking as... As lovely as ever. B-Beautiful day, isn't i-it?"
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