Welcome to Camp Ladybug Creek! - @June 20th 3PM GMT (Europe Friendly!)

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    Hello, and welcome to Camp Ladybug Creek!

    Here at Camp Ladybug Creek, we pride ourselves in having taught the youths of multiple generations the values of nature and the great outdoors, as well as nurturing a sense of community and companionship. In fact, our esteemed establishment will be celebrating its 70th anniversary - this year! As part of the festivities, we will be adding several more pastimes to our already packed roster of activities, such as Segway races through the forest and an inflatable bouncing castle - floating on top of lake ladybug! Of course, all your favourite and beloved activities, such as canoing, the nighttime tour of horrors, and our immensely popular rope tying class will still be here for you to enjoy. (And yes, there will be cake!)

    We sincerely hope you'll spend your summer with us at Camp Ladybug Creek. See you there!

    WHO: Everyone is welcome to participate, but I'm setting this up mainly as a way for my fellow European Iwakuvians to enjoy a weekend Charp without having to stay up way too late. And, as Diana always says, this roleplay should be newbie friendly and veteran safe, so you're able to join regardless of your writing prowess.

    WHAT: You may participate as a camp visitor (age about 12-18) or a Camp Leader (adult). Note that Camp Leaders will go by special camp names, such as the ones from this list.

    WHEN: June 20th around 5PM GMT (10AM EST). It will probably keep going for a few hours, but we'll see how it goes.


    About this roleplay

    This will be a social roleplay set on the grounds of a summer camp in a modern day non-specified English-speaking country. The surroundings are what you'd expect of a typical summer camp; i.e lush, green forests, fields and meadows nearby, a lake with a connecting river in the near vicinity, and mountains in the distance. While it is mostly a modern setting, there might be some supernatural elements, but no supernatural characters such as vampires or werewolves are allowed.

    It will also be somewhat comically centered, and things might not go as smoothly as one would hope. The different scenarios that will occur are mostly decided by me, but I might give the Camp Leaders the reigns for a bit from time to time, and the outcomes of these events will be decided by your (the players) actions.

    You are allowed multiple characters, but not more than you can keep track of. You don't need to sign up beforehand, but it would be nice if you'd flag your interest so I'll have an idea of how large this will be. And, if you'd like to post a character summary, you can do that, too.

    Do note that this will be my first time hosting a Charp, so bear with me! >.<

    Annnd... That's it, I think! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask :D
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  2. I like this. O_O I hope I will be awake.
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  3. Hello Mylady Bern ^^ I would be happy to join. This looks like it would be fun. This would also be my first time joining a charp XD
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  4. I would love to be in this rp, I just hope I will be up in time~ *will set an alarm*
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  5. Aw right when I have an open day for university. Maybe they'll have internet there and I can sneak off and hide in the cafe for a bit.
  6. I might be around for this :D
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  7. Oh man, this'll bring me back to my big chat RP days.
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  8. So... I'd like to join this, but I likely won't be able to join from the very start. Is that a big problem?
  9. Nope! Not at all. In fact, depending on how many people are there at the start, I might push it back an hour.

    That being said, it's about 24 hours left until this is scheduled to start! Such hype!
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  10. One more hour to go until the scheduled start! I'll be in the Cove Roleplay Chat until then, in case anyone wants to drop in and chat.
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  11. This has already started, but we're still at the very early stages, so people are still free to join! :D
  12. @neobullseye @IceQueen @Robeatics (at least I think it was you who played Michele)

    A huge thank you to everyone that dropped by and played, even if just for a while. If you're sad that you missed it, don't worry! Camp Ladybug Creek Part 2 will be debuting at a future date! If you're worried that you can't join because you didn't play today and you're afraid that you won't understand and stuff like that, don't worry about that, either! New players are more than welcome, and they will always be able to join without fretting.
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