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    Riku sighed as he finished reading his letter. "Great...I get into Beacon but I'm already set on a mission...with other people also" He said as he stood up and left his house with his weapon. "First the white fang and Torchwick and now we got someone controlling the Grimm" He muttered. "So Emerald Forest and work with my team to find the DeathStalker and kill it" He said
  2. Ai Hayate walked as she read the acceptance letter to Beacon at her dinky apartment. Finally, she was starting her new life on the right foot. Making sure her beanie hat and her hood, hiding her ears, and her gloves to hide her nails, which grew quickly and almost claw-like. Looking in the mirror, she almost forgot to hide her left eye, which was brown and wolf-like, unlike her normal, blue eye. Grabbing her eye patch, she pulls it on and with that, she ran out of her house. According to her letter, she had to do a mission with someone before going to the school. She couldn't wait. She hated beasts almost as she does her faunus side.
    With her baton on her side, she runs to the Emerald Forest.
  3. He arrived at the entrance of Emerald forest. "Well I'm here...bere were are the other three at" he asked himself as helooked around. "Never been into Emerald Forest before....I heard there are Large Ursas, Nevermores, and Deathstalkers living in there and the twin snakes also"
  4. The girl sees a guy at the entrance and says, "yo, ya heading in the Emerald Forest as well?" She asks, walking toward him. "It's not safe to walk in there by yourself in yourself," she says sounding like a bit of a know it all but she wasn't trying to be. "I'm Ai Hayate, and you are?"
  5. "My name is Riku and I'm just waiting for my other team mates since I was paired up with a few people to take on a deatstalker" He said showing the letter to Ai. "Why are you here anyways"
  6. "Same reason you are by the looks of it." She says, showing her paper to him. "Well Hi Riku. I'm guessing we're on the same team." She says plainly.
  7. "I guess so" He said. "There supposed to be two other people but I don't see anyone else...think we should wait longer or just head onward and try to kill the Deathstalker" He asked
  8. "Okay then, that's fine." Ai says, going over to a large rock and sits on it like a chair. Yawning a bit, she asks, "so we're teammates huh? This ought to be interesting." She says simply.
  9. "Yeah" He took his katana out and opened the compartment on it before placing a Dust crystal in it and closing it. He sheathed the katana and took out the dagger and changed it into a gun. He checked it for anything and changed it back to a dagger and sheathing it. "Hope they don't take to long" He said
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