Welcome to a New Decade

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  1. So it is now January 2010.

    A start of a new decade, whoopie.

    On that note, what were some of the most important/memorable events that you seen in the past ten years? :cow:
  2. "Things are happening very quickly."
  3. "Fine. Then settle it quickly."
  4. 2000: Soul-destorying well of depression, agony, solitude and frustration at university.

    2001: 9/11 hoshit what's happening to the world?

    2002: Driving for 2 hours each day to University because I was too afraid to move out and make new friends.

    2003: Losing my faith in Politics and abandoning all hope of a political career in the face of a world beyond salvation.

    2004: Becoming swept up in the beliefs and ruthlessness of the British Army.

    2005: Mounting pressure, persecution, frustration and physical duress during Officer Training.

    2006: Losing faith in the Army and being possessed by creative impulses that drew me further apart from my fellow soldiers.

    2007: Unemployed, depressed, alone. Moving to Cornwall in the hopes that something new might happen.

    2008: Best year of my life. A college course in Professional Writing where I finally opened myself up and embraced all the fire and passions that I had hidden for so long. New hopes, new dreams, new loves.

    2009: A violent redelivery into the real world as the Recession hit. Unemployment, rejection of my talents, and having to face the fact that I couldn't save certain people in my life that I had set out to save.
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  7. The last decade is something of a blur to me to be honest. >>
  8. Let's see....

    Got my appendix removed...

    Witnessed 9/11. It was hard. I knew someone's dad that died and had friends who had family members. One of my friends was beaten to death for being Muslim a month after the event.

    Got into an abusive relationship and stayed in it for year

    Got out of that relationship and got into another abusive one...

    Graduate high school with a 3.7

    Move to PA for college. It sucked ass. The asshole broke up with me.

    Moved back to California and decided to 'find myself'. It actually worked and I was quite happy during this time frame aside from having to spend 2 hours on a bus to commute one way to work.

    Swore off men and had stupid little crush until 'the one' stumbled across my path. Fell for the dumbass right when I was training to enlist in the AF. The dumbass called me from AF Basic and asked me not to enlist because he thought we might be 'going somewhere'.

    Had the dumbass drive down to see me every long weekend while he was in tech school. These were the best weekends in existence.

    Got into argument about marriage. Then got proposed to four months later.

    xD Got married four months after that and moved to NoCal. Moved BACK down to SoCal after found out husband was switching jobs then moved to middle of nowhere Idaho. Lived pleasant life for 9 months. Hubbu deployed and lived through the 8 months of hell while he was in Iraq just to have him come home and shortly after find out we were going to have a baby!!

    :D Hard to think I was in high school just ten years ago compared to where I am today.
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  11. To start with, the eclipse of the sun in 2000 (I think).
    After - moved from primary to secondary school, then to college. I feel I grew a lot in between :) I've become more self-confident and less harsh on myself overall.
    I've changed my aspirations a lot too - from librarian to novelist, to Japanese translator with novelist on the side ^^"
    I'm planning to finish my novella off completely by the end of this year (It will have taken me roughly two years, but I didn't work on it for almost a year ^^").
    I've been properly employed for the first time (it was Tescos, but hey, it counts).
    I made friends that will most likely stay with me forever.
    I completed a short webcomic (lame though it was, it got finished).
    Played a load of RPGs (mostly JRPGs).
    Ohh, almost forgot! Found out about anime and manga XD

    That might be it.... I have a poor memory ^^"