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So it is now January 2010.

A start of a new decade, whoopie.

On that note, what were some of the most important/memorable events that you seen in the past ten years? :cow:
I think the earlist was that people were proven wrong that the civilized world would collapse due to the clocks in computers couldn't handle the last two digits of the year reading zero-zero. Oh that and that the world was going to end with the new century coming in too of course.
For ME or for the WORLD? XD

I'll just talk about me. >:D

I watched a community blossom to the peek of awesomeness, crash and burn in to flames of chaos, and then murdered it with my own two hands.

Major breakup with friends and then reunited with them.

Learned to drive. >:D

Met "The One"!

Moved out of my house in to my own place!

Got my first job!

Got my first car! (about to SELL my first car! o___o)

Felt like a traitor when enlisting at a new community! c____c

It's been a very chaotic ten years. o__o Lots of STUFF has happened. Hell, most of it happened in the past five years. ...in fact all of the happened in the past five years. >>;
2000: Soul-destorying well of depression, agony, solitude and frustration at university.

2001: 9/11 hoshit what's happening to the world?

2002: Driving for 2 hours each day to University because I was too afraid to move out and make new friends.

2003: Losing my faith in Politics and abandoning all hope of a political career in the face of a world beyond salvation.

2004: Becoming swept up in the beliefs and ruthlessness of the British Army.

2005: Mounting pressure, persecution, frustration and physical duress during Officer Training.

2006: Losing faith in the Army and being possessed by creative impulses that drew me further apart from my fellow soldiers.

2007: Unemployed, depressed, alone. Moving to Cornwall in the hopes that something new might happen.

2008: Best year of my life. A college course in Professional Writing where I finally opened myself up and embraced all the fire and passions that I had hidden for so long. New hopes, new dreams, new loves.

2009: A violent redelivery into the real world as the Recession hit. Unemployment, rejection of my talents, and having to face the fact that I couldn't save certain people in my life that I had set out to save.
2001- We went out to Colorado

2008 and 09- We moved to Minnesota

Yeah that is all I can remember...
A LOT of shit happened.... I mean, I was around ten or so when 2001 hit....

2000 - learned that even though I'm slight and bony, I almost broke my teachers ribs from hugging her too hard. No joke. I was nine.

2001 - One of my friends back then had a family member involved in the 9/11 shit...

2002 - Learned the hard way that people aren't as nice as I thought. I barely understand the concept of cruelty... it's.... almost unable to be processed. Anyways, I had to intentionally break away from a friend on my own. She didn't understand my ADD and thought I was intentionally tuning her out, or asking for her to repeat herself, or my hyperness. In her revenge of loosing me.... she became a better artist than me. I had taught her how to draw because she was worse than me.... and she studied at at and beat me.... by a long shot. probably still does. Also in this year, I got beat up by a lukemia survivor and finally fought back when he went after one of my friends. I was picked on a lot and I was miserable. I grew my hair out in hermitude.

2003 - Had to switch to a private school. I was afraid that I'd be picked on. I almost expected to be shoved into a wall at every second. I donated my hair to locks of love and gained the oddest hairstyle, thus attracting unwanted attention. I just wanted to survive.

2004 - Gained the semblance of a backbone. Beat a kid with a hard cover book for calling me a "bitch". Teacher gave me extra credit for it. The kid was an ass. This was also the year of stupidity. I did a stupid thing with three other girls and had to do conditioning every school day for two months. The coach was a bitch and pushed me until I passed out and cried. We were isolated for the same amount of time. My anger issues surfaced.

2005 - First mistake in drama. For a year, if on stage durring opening night, you repeated someone else's lines, it was called "pulling a Julie". I made up for this by summoning up my ability to draw and practiced more. This was also a year of misery for me. I joined Iwaku in a time of crisis in my life. Woodrat and Ryker are the only ones here left to thank for saving my ass, I think...

2006- Gained confidence even though I was scoffed at through this year and the next for the scandel the previous year. I was defended and accused all through the year.

2007: pushed through an annoyance of math

2008: One of my biggest fears left my school, I was able to breath a sigh of relief and move on for the most part. Untill I learned that there were more problems.

2009: I was a senior. I was the "So weird that people like her for some reason" Person. I took care of the lowerschoolers, tackled my alcoholism for the most part. Left highschool.
Let's see....

Got my appendix removed...

Witnessed 9/11. It was hard. I knew someone's dad that died and had friends who had family members. One of my friends was beaten to death for being Muslim a month after the event.

Got into an abusive relationship and stayed in it for year

Got out of that relationship and got into another abusive one...

Graduate high school with a 3.7

Move to PA for college. It sucked ass. The asshole broke up with me.

Moved back to California and decided to 'find myself'. It actually worked and I was quite happy during this time frame aside from having to spend 2 hours on a bus to commute one way to work.

Swore off men and had stupid little crush until 'the one' stumbled across my path. Fell for the dumbass right when I was training to enlist in the AF. The dumbass called me from AF Basic and asked me not to enlist because he thought we might be 'going somewhere'.

Had the dumbass drive down to see me every long weekend while he was in tech school. These were the best weekends in existence.

Got into argument about marriage. Then got proposed to four months later.

xD Got married four months after that and moved to NoCal. Moved BACK down to SoCal after found out husband was switching jobs then moved to middle of nowhere Idaho. Lived pleasant life for 9 months. Hubbu deployed and lived through the 8 months of hell while he was in Iraq just to have him come home and shortly after find out we were going to have a baby!!

:D Hard to think I was in high school just ten years ago compared to where I am today.
I can sum it up like this:

The only major real life good things that happened include getting a license+a car, graduation from high school, 1st nephew's birth, second nephew's birth, acting in some plays.

That's about it really. :P 90s were way better, none of this gloom and doom and it was actually possible to get a job back then. I miss those times. Much more careful, not nearly as stressful and certainly not many people lost their homes back then compared to now.

All I can say is I hope this new decade is good, better than the last.

2000: Nothing in particular happened to me. USS Cole bombed.

2001: At the height of my Tom Clancy period terrorists struck the World Trade Center. My nickname of 'Arsenal' became cemented into the student body in high school.

2002: Lost my virginity at 17, skipped out on high school prom to go see Jackass the Movie with then girlfriend. Attempted to donate blood. Technician punctured my vein instead. Mission failure...

2003: Graduated from high school. Gave community college a go. Mission failure...

2004: Enlisted in the United States Navy in February. Shipped out to Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Illinois in November. Missed the release date of Killzone. Violently separated from lower wisdom teeth. Given hydrocodine. Popped a pill every time PT was looming. Saw rainbows while running. Stopped taking hydrocodine afterward.

2005: Graduated Boot Camp in January. Shipped across the street to Naval Service Training Center Great Lakes, Illinois for Apprentice Technical Training. Graduated to Gunners Mate A School, 'Gunschool.' Shipped to NSTC Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Gunners Mate C School, Mk 41 Vertical Launch Systems school. Separated from upper wisdom teeth. Given Vicodin. Hated every minute of vicodin use. Graduated in November and sent to USS McFaul (DDG-74.)

2006: Got seasick seventeen times in one hour during COMTUEX in February. Met Julez. Prevented her from commiting suicide. Fell in love. Went on Persian Gulf deployment in May. Transited the Suez Canal. Spent intimate moments with 'Ma Deuce,' the M-2HB Fifty Cal and the M-60 'Pig.' Had my first drink of alcohol in Bahrain. Saw a Mexican that same day. Why was a Mexican in the Middle East? Spent July sitting behind a Fifty Cal staring at Kaaot oil platform in the North Arabian Gulf. 135 Degrees, no wind. 120 in the shade. Went to Dubai. Bought a PSP and a Nintendo DS. Stopped at Muskat, Oman. Ran the length of the ship (500 feet) on the pier. Returned to Naval Station Norfolk in November. Went on leave. Went back to Norfolk.

2007: USS McFaul went to drydock for repairs and upgrades. Fear of heights reinforced. Formally qualified on M-60 machine gun. Two weeks later USS McFaul trades her stock of M-60s for M-240s. Qualified on M-16A1. Still carried M-14 for two weeks. Left drydock. USS McFaul transited to Eastport, Maine for the Fourth of July. Got drunk. Did things I will not mention here. Left the bar at last call. Four hours later stood watch with an automatic weapon while hung over. McFaul transited to Newport, Rhode Island. Saw 'The Bourne Ultimatum' with shipmates. McFaul returned to Norfolk. Went underway in October for Neptune Warrior. Pulled in to Faslane, Scotland to take on exercise personnel and reporters. Stood Topside Sentry in typical, English drizzle. Went underway for the actual exercise. USS McFaul sunk USS Cole three times while acting as OPFOR. USS Cole cried like a bitch. Returned to Faslane. Got drunk at the pub. Much fun was had by all. Went to Glasgow the following day. Ate haggis while buzzed. Liked it. Dragged drunken shipmate back to McFaul. Left Faslane and pulled in to Cove, Ireland. Took a tour. Drank the whisky. Developed a taste for Jameson and Michael Collins whisky. Spent four hours of a Topside Sentry watch in the pilothouse watching movies while a party was held on the flight deck with foreign dignitaries. Spent the last hour taking Facebook pictures while pointing an M-16 at my camera. Returned to Norfolk. Went on leave. Went back to Norfolk.

2008: Went on a Mediterranean Deployment. USS McFaul became the first US warship to pull in to Split, Croatia in twenty years. Went to Turkey. Got drunk. Got hit on by a male belly dancer. Drank more to kill the brain cells. Mission failure... Went to Odessa, Ukraine. Tried to get to Chernobyl. Mission failure. Drank Ukrainian vodka. Tried to get Ukrainian cop to give me his AKS-74U. No deal... Went to Romania. Slept in fear of Count Dracula biting me. Slept with a cross hanging from my neck. Drank Romanian vodka. Had fun. Went to Varna, Bulgaria. Never drinking Bulgarian vodka EVER AGAIN. McFaul went to Israel. Never made it. Russia invaded Georgia. McFaul tasked to take humanitarian aid to Georgia. Shadowed by Russian missile cruiser. Saw Iraqi aircraft carrier in the Black Sea. Iraqi carrier is two birds on a piece of drift wood. Delivered supplies. Felt very good about myself. Left USS McFaul for the last time in Suda Bay. Got ringed off by quarter deck watch. Flown out the following morning. Mistaken for a Croatian by Athenian Customs. Spent twelve hours on a plane. Only good movie shown was Get Smart. Landed in Atlanta, Georgia. Spent five hours at the terminal. Flew back to Norfolk for outprocessing. Flew back to Texas in December.

2009: Job search and college. Still on job search. Contemplating reenlistment.

2010: Reenlistment is looking more and more likely.
To start with, the eclipse of the sun in 2000 (I think).
After - moved from primary to secondary school, then to college. I feel I grew a lot in between :) I've become more self-confident and less harsh on myself overall.
I've changed my aspirations a lot too - from librarian to novelist, to Japanese translator with novelist on the side ^^"
I'm planning to finish my novella off completely by the end of this year (It will have taken me roughly two years, but I didn't work on it for almost a year ^^").
I've been properly employed for the first time (it was Tescos, but hey, it counts).
I made friends that will most likely stay with me forever.
I completed a short webcomic (lame though it was, it got finished).
Played a load of RPGs (mostly JRPGs).
Ohh, almost forgot! Found out about anime and manga XD

That might be it.... I have a poor memory ^^"