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  1. "He just got back, he hasn't had the time to commit any other crime." Diane mumble, "And I'm sure you'll have a personal grudge against him."

    Mars pull Diane close and slip her bracelet back on, "The spell is broken but it's still your memento, I picked it up earlier."
  2. I think the earlist was that people were proven wrong that the civilized world would collapse due to the clocks in computers couldn't handle the last two digits of the year reading zero-zero. Oh that and that the world was going to end with the new century coming in too of course.
  3. For ME or for the WORLD? XD

    I'll just talk about me. >:D

    I watched a community blossom to the peek of awesomeness, crash and burn in to flames of chaos, and then murdered it with my own two hands.

    Major breakup with friends and then reunited with them.

    Learned to drive. >:D

    Met "The One"!

    Moved out of my house in to my own place!

    Got my first job!

    Got my first car! (about to SELL my first car! o___o)

    Felt like a traitor when enlisting at a new community! c____c

    It's been a very chaotic ten years. o__o Lots of STUFF has happened. Hell, most of it happened in the past five years. ...in fact all of the happened in the past five years. >>;
  4. 2000: Soul-destorying well of depression, agony, solitude and frustration at university.

    2001: 9/11 hoshit what's happening to the world?

    2002: Driving for 2 hours each day to University because I was too afraid to move out and make new friends.

    2003: Losing my faith in Politics and abandoning all hope of a political career in the face of a world beyond salvation.

    2004: Becoming swept up in the beliefs and ruthlessness of the British Army.

    2005: Mounting pressure, persecution, frustration and physical duress during Officer Training.

    2006: Losing faith in the Army and being possessed by creative impulses that drew me further apart from my fellow soldiers.

    2007: Unemployed, depressed, alone. Moving to Cornwall in the hopes that something new might happen.

    2008: Best year of my life. A college course in Professional Writing where I finally opened myself up and embraced all the fire and passions that I had hidden for so long. New hopes, new dreams, new loves.

    2009: A violent redelivery into the real world as the Recession hit. Unemployment, rejection of my talents, and having to face the fact that I couldn't save certain people in my life that I had set out to save.
  5. 2001- We went out to Colorado

    2008 and 09- We moved to Minnesota

    Yeah that is all I can remember...
  6. A LOT of shit happened.... I mean, I was around ten or so when 2001 hit....

    2000 - learned that even though I'm slight and bony, I almost broke my teachers ribs from hugging her too hard. No joke. I was nine.

    2001 - One of my friends back then had a family member involved in the 9/11 shit...

    2002 - Learned the hard way that people aren't as nice as I thought. I barely understand the concept of cruelty... it's.... almost unable to be processed. Anyways, I had to intentionally break away from a friend on my own. She didn't understand my ADD and thought I was intentionally tuning her out, or asking for her to repeat herself, or my hyperness. In her revenge of loosing me.... she became a better artist than me. I had taught her how to draw because she was worse than me.... and she studied at at and beat me.... by a long shot. probably still does. Also in this year, I got beat up by a lukemia survivor and finally fought back when he went after one of my friends. I was picked on a lot and I was miserable. I grew my hair out in hermitude.

    2003 - Had to switch to a private school. I was afraid that I'd be picked on. I almost expected to be shoved into a wall at every second. I donated my hair to locks of love and gained the oddest hairstyle, thus attracting unwanted attention. I just wanted to survive.

    2004 - Gained the semblance of a backbone. Beat a kid with a hard cover book for calling me a "bitch". Teacher gave me extra credit for it. The kid was an ass. This was also the year of stupidity. I did a stupid thing with three other girls and had to do conditioning every school day for two months. The coach was a bitch and pushed me until I passed out and cried. We were isolated for the same amount of time. My anger issues surfaced.

    2005 - First mistake in drama. For a year, if on stage durring opening night, you repeated someone else's lines, it was called "pulling a Julie". I made up for this by summoning up my ability to draw and practiced more. This was also a year of misery for me. I joined Iwaku in a time of crisis in my life. Woodrat and Ryker are the only ones here left to thank for saving my ass, I think...

    2006- Gained confidence even though I was scoffed at through this year and the next for the scandel the previous year. I was defended and accused all through the year.

    2007: pushed through an annoyance of math

    2008: One of my biggest fears left my school, I was able to breath a sigh of relief and move on for the most part. Untill I learned that there were more problems.

    2009: I was a senior. I was the "So weird that people like her for some reason" Person. I took care of the lowerschoolers, tackled my alcoholism for the most part. Left highschool.
  7. "Shouldn't you go to Diane?" *john said as he walked with her
  8. For make your lives easier and to avoid misunderstanding of how to fight to evil Berserkers, this simple but useful guide is here to light your way. An innovative system I worked hard to create, indeed.
    Fighting System

    This Fighting Mode is pretty simple and only applies during missions, events or fighting against other Magica Girls. There are a two ways you can enter in Fighting Mode. You can either run straight to an enemy and take out your weapon, obviously alerting it and provoking it to fight you or you can also make a Surprise Attack. It's all up to you, but either way, you first need to make a post describing how you encountered an enemy (the posting expectation is Elementary, so your posts can be at least a paragraph with 5 complete sentences with minor grammar errors).
    Example of entering in a fight during a mission (open)
    GM: While walking through an almost completely dark alley, Elena spotted a Long Tongue Witch lurking near a dumpster, apparently scavenging something to eat. The Berserker haven't sensed Elena presence, totally busy on what it was doing.

    Roleplayer: Without hesitation, Elena quickly unsheathed Hades, her katana. As she did, the weapon burst into a furious, yet beautiful scarlet flames. She dashed towards the Berserker, ready to give the first attack and determined to end victorious from this.

    After submitting the post, the roleplayer needs to throw a dice of 3 or 6 faces (a dice of 3 if it's a Surprise Attack; a dice of 6 if it's a Brave Fight) and depending on the number that pops out, the roleplayer can make her fighting moves. This also applies for the Berserker, that if it stills alive.

    To throw a dice, simply click on the button "More Options", located above every post. There, you will see a command that says "Throw a Dice". If you gonna make a Surprise Attack, in the area that says "Throwing a dice for...", write "Surprise Attack" and in the "Faces" area, write a 3. After throwing the dice, you can either make another post or add a paragraph right on the recent post you made that says "After throwing the dice" describing the following:
    • If the number is 1, you missed your attack and in consequence, alerted the enemy.
    •If the number is 2, you're allowed to make a single Light Attack (you decide how your Light Attacks are, but keep in mind that Light Attacks are quick, but don't inflict a lot of damage).
    •If the Number is 3, you're allowed to make a single Heavy Attack (you decide how your Heavy Attacks are, but keep in mind that Heavy Attacks are slow, but inflict more damage than Light Attacks).

    Example of a failed Surprise Attack (open)
    Roleplayer: As Elena was about to give the Berserker a deadly blow, her right foot slipped with some blood that was on the ground. That made her stumble, losing her balance in the end. She fell hard on the ground, making a lot of noise and probably alerting the Berserker.

    GM: As Elena fell on the ground, the Long Tongued Witch heard the noises. She quickly turned around and spotted Elena, letting go a deep growl. She was pissed and knew the Magica Girl tried to attack her by surprise. She glared at her, about to attack her.

    Now, it's the time for the Berserker to throw a dice of 6 faces for see which attacks she is able to do.

    See how easy that was? If you don't want to make a Surprise Attack and prefer to be more direct, it's the same process, but you have to write "Brave Fight" in "Throwing a dice for..." section and throw a 6 faced dice. Again, depending on the number of the dice, make a post or add a paragraph on the recent post you made describing the following. Just remember, you can only make a Surprise Attack only if your enemy hasn't spotted you, so you're going to lose your chance if you decide to go all Rambo:
    •If the number is 1, your attack was so lame that the Berserker dodged it easily.
    •If the number is 2, you're allowed to make a single Light Attack (you're the one that decides how are your Light Attacks, but keep in mind that Light Attacks are quick, but don't inflict a lot of damage).
    •If the number is 3, you're allowed to make a combo of two Light Attacks.
    •If the number is 4, you're allowed to make a combo of 2 Heavy Attacks (you're the one that decides how are your Heavy Attacks, but keep in mind that Heavy Attacks are slow, but inflict more damage than Light Attacks).
    •If the number is 5, you're allowed to make a devastating combo of five attacks (just make 5 beautiful fighting moves by combining Light and Heavy Attacks).
    •If the number is 6, you're allowed to go on "Fury Mode" that consists of 10 powerful attacks. (This is a where you can show off your special deadly move. On this mode, the weakest of the Berserkers quickly die and leave pretty wounded tough and strong Berserkers. But, beware, this uses a high amount of your Soul Gem energy. It's always recommended to purify your gem after each Fury Mode to avoid terrible consequences afterward).

    Example of a Magica Girl in Fury Mode (open)
    Roleplayer: Suddenly, a red aura surrounded Elena and her hands burst into flames. She glared at the Berserker with an angry expression and stomped the ground in front of her so hard that the earth shook a bit. Two flaming pillars made of hard magma emerged from the ground, right beside the Long Tongued Witch. Elena chuckled and raised her hands in a slow pace in front of her, making the Berserker raise from the ground as well. Then, she did as if she was gripping a rope on her hands and shove them from right to left, making the Berserker slam hard on the pillars 10 consecutive times. On the 9 move, Elena swung her hands downwards, making the Witch slam hard on the ground. She then snapped her fingers, making the Berserker caught into flames, killing it in seconds. "You messed with the wrong girl, bitch..." said Elena as the pillars disappeared, and the flames and aura faded from her body.

    This is a move that will easily kill a Class D Berserker, probably kill a Class C Berserker as well, knock out a Class B Berserker and inflict a lot of damage to a Class A Berserker. This was just an example, you can be creative and make your own "Fury Mode" move, but yeah, you can copy this, modify (or leave it how it is) and make it yours!

    The 3 and 6 dice faces fighting system seems pretty simple, right? But sure, if you didn't understand something or have any doubts, notify it in the "Help Desk" of the roleplay.
  9. "Don't let her burp on you."
  10. "Can we Melly?" Lyra look at her begginglyz

    Melissa sigh, "Sure, why not."
  11. "That's good."