Welcome the Ruler Bee

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  1. Hello Iwaku community! I'm Shihon (as I like to be called for now), and I'm obviously a roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for roughly 6 years, and I'm okay at it in my opinion. Please don't ask for my age, I'm not comfortable at all giving it to people unless I know them for a while OR have seen their face and heard their voice.

    Before you ask about my gender, I'm just going to say I call myself neither gender. People can call me whatever they please, and I won't mind.

    I have a variety of interests, but the one I'm into most is things like furries (no judging. =<=) and monster boys/girls. I use emotes a LOT, but I can stop them if it's a serious discussion or something. vuv

    Sometimes I'm childish, sometimes I'm not. It all depends, but typically I'm a bit more serious.

    I have a character I try to play whenever I can, and I named them Shihon. They're actually my fursona/beesona. Yes, bee. I absolutely love them (and honey)! So I made my sona one. They have a few things that are different from me for personal reasons (height, weight, reaction time), but overall they are me.
  2. Great to see you here on Iwaku! I hope you are settling in alright :) I have brought you a Welcome-to-the-Madness cherry slushy :) So enjoy!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October nice to meet you.