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  1. Hello everyone! I am terrible at introductions, but here goes! You can call me VG for short. I'm new to this site, but I've been roleplaying for a long time. I'm back from a pretty long absence (if anyone is old enough to remember the Nintendo forums, well, there you go). I wanted to get back into roleplaying to keep my writing skills (or lack thereof) exercised, as I can't seem to keep motivated to work on long-term projects of my own design.

    I welcome any random advice you can give. :)
  2. Rolls in on a red flier waving small, bright flags.

    Hope you find proper stimulation.
    Enjoy your looks around.

    Rolls back out
    Squeek squeeka squeekasqueekasqueekasquee....
  3. well that avatar made me laugh. O_O

    Welcome to the site, VG!
  4. Heya, VG! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Watch your butt on the way in, we bite and we don't hold back!

    Haw, jk (or am I? Sorry not sorry...)

    I hope you enjoy your stay and you find what you're looking for. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Someone will shortly be around to collect you answer your question.

    Again, welcome!