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    You're the first born son of one of the 5 princes of Rodrieck the Great. Your father Samual Williams, meant to be the king of all of your kind, gave his throne up to never run into another war like the one Zorth had just got out of. He now is the head chair of the 7 Chairs of Sin. All 7 royal vampire families send the head of their families to take their chair at the council's head quarters. He has always been very busy but he does come and make sure he is a part of your life even though he has so much on his plate. He tells you stories of a great war where all the people of Zorth came together and battled for their freedoms. Many were lost but many won their own battles.

    Your mother Hannah Williams a vampire goddess from Earth will be the face and voice you'll never forget. The kindest heart of the Manor you live in, she is raising you to one day take your father's place. Don't underestimate her mind though. She can see through lies and you know this. Ever since you were but a babe she knew exactly what you needed and how to take care of you.

    You've grown far in the past 5 years and now you are at the age your thirst becomes apparent. Your father is starting to take a big part in your life to teach you his gentle yet stern ways. You are also reaching an age where you begin to feel things unknown to you till now. Your smooth skinned face gently starting to show some very light colored soft hairs. You have not learned much of your land but your uncle Gregorey tells you he will teach you soon.

    Out of all your 4 uncles you only see 3 on a regular basis. The fourth one is forbidden to come near your father's land. No one ever tells you why though. You get your education from Charles, Your sword fighting skills from Fredrik, and Your uncle Greg teaches you the way of a true knight.

    How will you live out the rest of your royal life Prince Dwayne Williams?

    Hello! If you took interest in this little introduction to your possible future character I would like to go into a little more detail of what we would be doing in said roleplay.
    You see I have my own fantasy Universe Zorth and not many people wish to follow along with it because it can be very confusing at times. I have been wanting to further develop backstories for my characters from The Williams Manor. You see the Williams Manor is a little sub-story within Zorth. I could go into more detail about them if you'd like in a private message but I don't want to post too much here just in case its a little too much to take in all at once.
    All I seek is a male partner to play the role of the first born son of Samual Williams son of Rodrieck the Great. The son's name is Dwayne Arthur Williams the character has no set personality or set backstory so you get to create him from scratch basically. If all goes well I might just include how you portray Dwayne in a book I will be writing in the near future.
    You don't have to have 7 paragraph posts or perfect grammar. Most of the time my spelling and grammar can get a bit off at some points in time. My post lengths vary from one short paragraph to three large paragraphs it depends on how much detail the scene calls for. Or what mood I am in. As I suffer from depression from time to time and my posts may lack during those times or I might even pause the roleplay for a day or two at most. If you are not enjoying the roleplay that much any more you may leave it or we could try to roleplay some thing else as I am full of ideas and hoping to get back into roleplaying more.

    Thank you and have a great Day/Afternoon/Night.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.