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    Hello and welcome aboard the Traveler! I am your captain, Captain Marshall, and I am going to explain the up and down of being on the crew of the Traveler and what exactly the Traveler is.
    Your jobs on the traveler may vary from washing the poop deck to keeping an eye out for rocks and danger. You must always respect and listen to me, the captain, I will make you walk the plank. You will get three not so good meals a day, its hard to get food in a different time period, especially at sea so don't complain. You will also share a bunk bed with another crew mate, everyone sleeps in a large room together.
    The Traveler is a pirate ship that travels, but it isn't just any pirate ship, its also a time machine. The Traveler is capable of taking us to any point of time, future or past. Something has happened to the controls of the boat leaving all of its crew and captain stuck in the 1600's.
    Now they are trying to survive against other pirates, sea monsters, storms and other dangers out at sea.
    (Roleplay rules)​
    These are the rules of the ship, if you disobey them then of course you will walk the plank!
    1. Make creative posts that are at least 6 sentences or longer.
    2.No godmoding or marysues
    3.Death, romance, and violence but make sure to keep it TV-14
    4.The plot is pretty much open, anything can happen.
    5.Please make sure your posts are readable(Try to use correct spelling and grammar)
    6.Have fun! (:
    Pirate name:(optional)
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler:
    Anything Else:
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  2. Questions :): how do travelers get chosen, who decides who becomes a traveler? You see a ship in a harbour and ask for job? And what kind of a ship is it, how many masts and is it a slow cargo ship or more of a speedy one?
    Sorry for so many questions, but I'm interested in this and I want to know for the history part :D
  3. can i apply for a chef position?
  4. Kikinki:Um...I don't know much about like the ship and stuff, it just sounded like a fun idea, but you could message me and help me with that stuff if you wanted so that the roleplay would be more put together and organized. Haha. Sorry I just thought a pirate type roleplay would be fun but I didn't think much about the details...

    Lorchenne: Yea of course!(:
  5. Finally done with this, yay, hope it's okay :)
    Name: Jeanne O'Connor
    Pirate name: Jenny
    Age: 21
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler: 2 years
    Personality: Short tempered and quick to make decisions, but easy to get along with if you ignore the sudden outbursts. Her interest is usually short lived, and her attention tends to wander around, especially in a conversation that doesn't have anything to do with her. Can be a blockhead and stubborn as well a little reckless, especially after getting used living as a pirate. Not really that much into fighting, but easy tempt into one because of her hotheadedness.
    History: Born during the industrial revolution in a relatively large city near the sea she worked along with her siblings in a factory to make a living for their family. The work was numbing, day after day the same work, and she quickly decided to take on any other job offered. Leaving the factory would had forced to do something like selling her body to eat, but she was not up for it, and stayed in the factory. That was, until she saw an interesting ship in the towns harbour. It was a sailing boat, not the new steamboat kind, and she figured that she'd rather not see land ever again than to go back to her numbing work in the factory. So she walked to the ship, asked for a job, and got accepted. After running home to tell the news, none of her family was really surprised that she was leaving, they had always figured she'd rather stow away to America, surprised it took so long for her to do something like that. She left with the ship and started at scrubbing floors, and proceeded to operating the sails and doing miscellaneous jobs. The time travelling part only seemed exciting to her, and she learned to use a sword to pirate amazingly fast considering how long it took her to properly raise a sail without being guided.
    Appearance: Keeps her reddish blond hair short to prevent the wind from blowing to her face. Her eye colour is a mixture of blue and green. She wears typical pirate clothes, a black shirt and a vest, as well as trousers and almost to knee boots. She keeps a pistol and her bit curved sword on her belt made of leather, with a simple buckle.
    Pets: No real pets, but she got friendly with one of the cats on board to keep the rats in check. It was a mutt with brown short hair, and a little notch in the ear from a fight long forgotten.
  6. Name:Fayte Nicholes Juels
    Pirate name:Fay
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler:Fay has spent 8 years on the traveler
    Personality:Fay is a very strong opinionated girl, she has a lot of beliefs on life and some of them are rather strange to the other crew members. She loves life and she is always trying to live for the moment, she believes that you need to be nice to everyone because you can't have any regrets towards anyone that way, she however has a very short fuse and she is a little bipolar. She is also a real tomboy, she has no problem getting dirty or having to get into a fight with a girl or boy if she has to.
    History:Fay spent a lot of her life on and near the sea. Her family was rich and owned their own private boat and they would always go sailing, she grew up loving water and wanting to spend her whole life around it. A lot of her life was also spent fighting with her father so when she was 15 she decided to go out on her own an apply for a job on the Traveler. The traveler soon became Fays one true love and she was happy with her life aboard it on the sea. She learned how to use a sword, but she had amazing aim with her pistol so she prefers to use that. She has now spent 8 years aboard the Traveler and although she has had a few problems with other crew members she has no plans on leaving.
    Appearance:Fay is a small petite girl, she stands around 5'2" and weighs around 115 pounds with nice curves to her body. Her hair is a light blond and it is very fine and long, she usually keeps it in a bun or a long braid that flows down her back. She has deep blue eyes and fair skin with full pink lips and a nose thats on the small side. She wears a plain white blouse with brown leathery pants and moccasins(She thinks they are more comfortable) that go about 6 inches up her leg. She also loves wearing jewelry so she wears three turquoise rings and two necklaces that hang loosely around her neck.
    Pets:She has a young Airedale puppy that is about 1 year old named Angus. She loves Angus more then anything and always him by her side.
    Anything Else:Nope
    Name:Levi Marshall
    Pirate name:Captain Marshall
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler:Pretty much his whole life.
    Personality: Levi is rough and tough on the outside, but he can also be a gentleman at times. He is cruel and harsh with his punishments, but he has to be to keep his crew under control. His ship is his life, everything he is is about his ship and if there is something threatening it he will not back down from a challenge.
    History:Levi was born on the traveler, his father was the captain and his mother wasn't one of the crew members but a young girl that simply loved sailing with his father. He was raised to take over and be a tough captain, and when he was around 23 his father died and he took over.
    Appearance:Levi has a scruffy look to him, he is around 5'9" and is bulky from muscle, he has a trimmed up nice beard that isn't very long, a round nose, and two dark green eyes that feel like they can see into your soul. His hair is in wild curls that end just around his ears and it is a dark brown color. He wears a dark brown shirt, black pants, boots that are a couple inches below his knees, and a nice sword that is strapped to his side.
    Pets:He has a cat that is a sandy blonde color with short shinny fur and large golden eyes. His cat is a tom and its name is Sandy.

    Anything Else:He is the captain of the Traveler.
  7. Name: Michael Boyd
    Pirate name: Ale
    Age: 29
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler: 5 years
    Personality: He is the ships funny drunk, if he's drunk everyone is having a good time but when he is drunk he becomes a very skilled fighter. But when he is not drunk he becomes like a soldier, quiet and deadly. He seems to walk along the ship and guard it as if it was his child making sure no one would harm or destroy this beautiful vessel.
    History: His life was harsh and rough, living in the gutters for most of his life. from about the age of 15 when he ran off from his slave home were he used to plow fields due to his strength he would pull the plow with his own body. but that is were he picked up his drunken ways, stealing and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. but it would enlighten him and anyone who was around him. his festive ways bringing joy wherever he went, he was considered the clown of the town which he found out and realized they had been treating him just like that, asking him to take a drink with them just to see him act like an idiot. that was when he met Levi who treated him as a person not a clown.
    Pets: two greyhounds that stay by his side
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG]Mishka and Marcus
    Anything Else: He is very giving
    group drunk!:P
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  8. Accepted!(: I'll make the roleplay thread tomorrow!(:
  9. Interest if still open~!!!

    **will edit tomorrow morning with added profile**
  10. This is still open, you can join!(:
  11. Name: Elise Van Holt
    Pirate name: Not one yet.
    Age: 15
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler: Newbie, a few days.
    Personality: Shy, quiet girl who couldn't hurt a fly if she tried. Good loyal friend if you get to know her.
    History: Used to be an abused kid. Stowed away on the Traveler to make something of herself.
    Appearance: Long ginger hair that goes down to the middle of her back. She usually puts headbands in it. She has a thin build with small hips. Pale skin. Bright blue eyes.
    Pets: A squirrel named Olive who acts as her guide/conscience.
    Anything Else: Nerp.
  12. Name: William Wright
    Pirate name:Ace
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler:
    He was been aboard as long as he could remember
    sarcastic,arogant,rude,cold and bitter but is loyal to those he cares about.He has a noble quality and will refuse to attack anyone under a british flag
    He grew up alone his mother was dead and his father left him to escape the law.He spent most of his time running from orphange to orphange stealing and pickpocketing any rich person he saw.
    He cant count the amount of times he has been in jail but he seems to have enough stolen money to bride himself out of a long jail sentence

    Pets:He has 2 dogs both large black german shepards called boxer and sky[​IMG]
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  14. Name: N/A

    Pirate name: Zero

    Age: N/A

    How long have you been aboard the Traveler: 5 years

    Personality: A quiet gentleman with a love for flair and theatrics. He has a tendency to interject when he feels strongly about something, but generally keeps a policy of non-interference as much as he can.

    History: An enigma wrapped in a mystery, no one really knows who this person is, though, he makes for a pretty good distraction and is handy with a blade to boot. In truth, he's a history buff with romantic notions of how historical events takes place, but his time on the ship have proven him wrong many a times. Still, he enjoyed being able to travel to any point in time in the multitudes of the parallel worlds, and had fun, until the Traveler broke down that is. While he knew a little about time machines, they were nowhere near sufficient for the repairs the ship needed. Hoping to weather out the minor setback as he called it, he's still trying to adjust to the life in the 1600s, as he was from the 23rd century, and was used to the many devices that were available at his disposal.

    No one has seen his real face, and he plans on never letting that happen either.

    Appearance (open)

    Pets: None

    Anything Else: He likes to stalk people, and generally pop out of nowhere if he's around and something interested him.

    Why that look (open)
    Because I saw Lelouch lol
  15. Name: Azora Katareena Billowmen
    Pirate name: Zo
    Age: 19
    How long have you been aboard the Traveler: 3 years.
    Personality: She has the light, bubbly persona of a seven year old, always eager to cheer up her fellow crewmates if something seems to be upsetting (or even infuriating) them, taking care of what she can of any problem. Very little makes her angry except, perhaps, embarrassment. Making her cry, on the other hand, is fairly easy, except for Captain Marshall who's anger she has grown used to.
    History: she grew up in a broken household with her father, siblings and wicked stepmother. Being frequently beat and reprimanded for things that could not be helped (such as looking like her birth mother) she lived a rather bitter childhood. It was not until she was 14 that a local boy found and wisked her away. He died shortly after during a plague and was left alone, until she found the Traveler, with her new family aboard.
    Appearance: She has strawberry blonde, shoulder length hair and energetic blue-gray eyes. She often wears thigh-length, breezy dresses for easy mobility, with tight long sleeves so that they don't snag on things as often but also covers her skin. Underneath is a pair of brown leather pants, with short boots that come up just above her ankles. Her only weapon being a long dagger which is attached to a loose sash that is tied around her waist.
    Pet: Tara - A dove gray mouse.
    Anything else: Is completely, totally and utterly scared of dogs.
  16. how are you afraid of dogs....on a ship...with 4 dogs....lol what an interesting crew this is
  17. She just makes sure to stay far, faaaar away from them whenever she can :p Lol.
  18. But my dogs are lovable don't run from them!
  19. No! Dogs are scary! And I quote:

    " Do your job and you stay on the boat, Other wise " he paused as he snapped his fingers and Mishka And Marcus walked slowly towards the man, teeth barring and drooling at the mouth. " You will leave...simple as that "

    That is not very loving D: *now petrified*
  20. ....Good point....but...i mean did you see the adorable circles they did......:I nevermind