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  1. A quick warning, strange craving below.

    Hey there, just wanted to get a swift search thread for a craving I currently have. Basically, it's something involving some sort of monster, ideally a tentacle monster (ikr!!) or some other form of beast and demon.

    I'm fairly open when it comes to the plot itself, it can be light or dark, good ending or bad ending, con or non-con, smutty or plot heavy, that mainly depends on my character's preferences, but I just really want to try that craving. ^^"

    My limitations are also fairy loose, all I ask is that you have a decent grasp of the english language, write at least 2 or 3 paragraphs and are willing to play the monster, whether as your main or along with another character.

    Anyways, that's it already, hopefully I can find somebody who's interested in this, if so feel free to pm me. :<
  2. I might have something for that.
  3. Yay, glad to hear that, lemme pm you. =D
  4. If your still looking for partners I'd like to do a thread with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.