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Hello and thank you for checking this out!

For a while, I've been developing a sort of conglomerate Weird Fiction setting piecing together the lores of the Lovecraft mythos, the Barsoom series, a number of Gothic literature peices such as Frankenstein and Dracula, many works by H.G. Wells, and so-on.

The idea is still under heavy development, but what I'm hoping is to form a roleplay centered around a number of individuals in Miskatonic University and the surrounding town of Arkham dedicated to forming a faction that may one day be able to protect mankind at large from the countless strange and terrible unseen threats. A good comparison I feel would be the SCP Foundation but severely lacking in resources, manpower, and influence. At the moment, they're doing the best they can to simply protect eachother in a world of monsters, uncertainty, and an unstable reality.

Their adventures may take them over the world, through the Dreamlands, across the deserts of Mars, or even through Time itself. The current idea is a sort of Monster-of-the-Week scenario which slowly grows in scale as a looming threat grows clearer and clearer.

Questions and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated, especially if you want to help develop this idea!
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I am intrigued by this concept. I'll be keeping an eye on it to see how it may develop.
Consider me intrigued.
I have a bit of a clearer idea now.

The world as we know it exists on multiple levels of percievable realities. For most people, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, and other such authors are recognized and marketed as fiction. To the members of the Miskatonic Underground Society, they are factual studies and recovered journals kept by the Miskatonic University, which the majority of people do not recognize and cannot percieve as ever having existed. One of the effects of dealing with the supernatural is the opening of one's mind to such anomalies within reality, from the disappearance of the entire city of Arkham, to humanity seemingly forgetting the Martian invasion of London. Many whose eyes are opened to these phenomenae are inevitably distraught by these strange locations and events they've never heard of nor of heard before, and in their pursuit of answers they are found by the Miskatonic Underground Society, who offer them protection and general security in exchange for aid. A recent attack on the Miskatonic Underground Society has left them despairingly crippled, and the hope of rebuilding rests mostly on new recruits who can establish supply lines and recover lost knowledge of Sorcery, Technology, and anything else that may prove useful in the fight for humanity's long-term survival.