Weird Dreams

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  1. So, last night I had this weird dream.
    Two, actually.

    One was an awesome one, kinda scary though.
    Dreamt I had a filthy rich uncle who was a fashion designer and gave me a bunch of free clothes, but his girlfriend was trying to steal his money.

    The other dream, however, still makes me wonder.
    It was about me and my character Kurai Yamada.. except her name wasn't Kurai Yamada, it was Kindle, and she was a very sweet girl. In that dream, she was my best friend.

    And suddenly, she died.

    When I woke up, I felt sad. I miss Kindle, even though she's nothing but a figment of my imagination.
    Have dreams ever done that to you?

    Cause you to wake up and feel sad/angry/confused/etc?

    Still hits me hard.
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  2. I once had a dream when a was a young teen. I was standing in my (now old, then current) room in my moms house. It was daylight but the blinds were drawn so it was filtered light. I was crying standing up, very upset. There was a boy who in the dreamy knew was my boyfriend. He was blond, had short hair and was very thin. He hd a calm face that was very hard to read. His eyes were grey or blue; a light colour. I was crying and I looked up and he took one step forward, put an arm over my shoulders to pull me close, and kissed me on the head. All at once I felt calm and safe and warm and I relaxed, then I woke up.

    Spent years thinking I had a dream about my future husband; it was weird because dream-boy looked nothing like what I fancied at the time. I even thought of the dream when Scotty first asked me out. He looked nothing like dream boy, but that was kid me's dream, and he made me feel the same way

    That turned sappy, sorry, but it's the only dream that's reallt impacted me.
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  3. And suddenly that reminds me of another weird dream I've had...
    or series of dreams.

    I don't know how, or why, but I fell in love with a boy I saw in my dreams.
    He was absolutely perfect; brown hair, blue eyes, taller than me. Kinda reminded me of Logan Lerman.

    Anyway, like I said, he was so perfect. And he was my boyfriend, the best kind.
    I kept having dreams about him.

    And every time I woke up, I honestly could not wait to sleep later in the night so I could finally see what my dreams would bring me, involving this guy.

    Then suddenly, the dreams just stopped. Dunno why, but it is very odd.
    Possibly a glimpse of my soul mate, or just a weird brain game. xD
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  4. There are two dreams I have, both fever dreams, that are both freaky and weird to me.

    The first is me suspended in some type of blackness and all I can see is the heads of my family and friends. They're cut off at the neck, but not like they were beheaded, more like it's a picture that ends at the neck. Anyway, they spin constantly and say my name over and over. No emotion, just speaking my name and no matter how much I try they never stop and I can't reach them to silence them.

    The second one is me being given a piggy bank and it's left in my room while I'm sleeping. The bank gets bigger instantaneously and fills the entire room. It doesn't press on me with any pressure, it just feels almost claustrophobic when it happens. Makes me nervous and I always wake up sweating from it. I've long since gotten rid of any piggy banks for obvious reasons.
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  5. I keep on having these dreams when I'm suspended deep in the sea, so deep that it's bluish-black, but the bottom is actually pretty filled with light. I don't know what to call them, but it was... bright. There were these balls of light, and even if it was still pretty dark in some parts, I liked it. There were times when I was scared whenever I saw a large, predatory fish but it was like I was just an... Observer.

    I only watch how life in the sea goes around me, and I'm not even sure why my mind was able to think up so many strange and colorful fish. No matter how much I want to move to the surface sometimes, I never could reach the white or the light peeking down even if I feel like I'm getting closer. All in all it's like I'm stuck and couldn't swim out, but at the same time I almost feel like I want to stay there... Alone...
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  6. I got 3 dreams out of my childhood that I remember up to this day

    One was about me being in this big ass house, probably something to do when I used to be with my grandparents, all alone except for a shittons of animals I was hanging out with. That was, until the snake came. Me, and my animals bros, were always fucking scared of that goddamn snake and everyone was simply hiding and shit, including me, snake always found me though :L. I had that dream soooooo often. Nooo clue, I know the snake is a evil symbol in christianity but I am 120% atheist.

    Another dream, which I had only once, was my real mom and dad making out on the couch, the small room we used to live all together in only brightened from by a few candles on the table. So everything else was really dark and I was floating away in that darkness, scared and all, yelling out to my parents but they weren't giving any fucks. I can relate to that because, while I love my mom, she never gave me the attention a child should deserve. Regarding my dad I never had the same for more than a year or something so whatever.

    The third dream, which I can't relate to either because I am all cool with my sis, was about my sis imprisoning me in our shared bed-room, light-switch was outside, with light out shittons of ghosts came and I was also scared as fuck. I don't know why I remember this dream up to today either. Whatever. Needless to say I used to be scared of the dark when I was smaller :P

    For a change, a day ago I dreamt about a Wesnoth thread on Iwaku, maybe that was a sign I should make one :3. Totally random considering I haven't played Wesnoth for like 3 years.
    Today I had some Touhouharrypottergrimdarkclusterfuck going on, was pretty neat~
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  7. I had a dream my upper lip had another set of lips in it. And my mother told me because it was from bleaching my hair. That is all. I rarely remember my dreams XD
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  8. Last night, I dreamed I was trying to gather up a bunch of kittens and get the momma cat to feed them and she kept refusing. >:[ And every few minutes they were getting smaller and smaller and there were more and more of them. @__@ And for some reason this was in my apartment bedroom where I grew up as a kid and it was filled with tons of junk and there was poop everywhere.
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  9. Last night I had a dream I was on a sinking cruise ship and also there were dragons there, just in miniature. I survived tho
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  10. I've been having weird dreams the past few nights, too.

    The other night, I saw what appeared to be my first born child. For some reason, I wasn't allowed to see her right after she was born, but in the pictures I saw, she had the face of an old woman and was hideous. And then when I finally saw her, she was a pretty thing.
    Right after that, I was fighting dragons with my bare hands.

    The next night, I dreamed that I was forced to kill people with a brick. And when my kidnapper/whatever pulled away the blankets from my soon-to-be-victims, there was my fiance. I pretended to kill him and ran off and hid under a pile of dirt.

    Last night, I dreamed I was Bran from Game of Thrones and I was in Winterfell, but Winterfell was made of minecraft blocks and the Freys were laying siege. Catelyn Stark came running up to me, "BRAN, BRAN, THE FREYS HAVE BUILT THEMSELVES A BATHROOM"

    And then I woke up
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  11. All the time. It comes with the territory of my disorder. Last night I was wandering through an abandoned, greyscale city, saw crumbling concrete and a notable lack of glass in any of the windows. A raven kept appearing in various places, I followed it, and saw my best friend enter a small house. When I tried to follow her, high speed traffic would get in the way with each attempt, so I gave up and went to a tree. A large tree, one of the only objects that had any colour in that dream, all vibrant and green. I leaned against a grave at the base of the tree, closed my eyes, and woke up in the real world.

    Took me about a minute to realize the real world was truly, indeed, real, and not a dream within a dream. This ain't the first time I've been to that place in my dreams though. Sometimes I wonder if I should make an RP out of it, but I wouldn't even know where to start...
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  12. I have been through that.
    Wondering if I should make the dream into a real RP.

    Yours sounds like it could be pretty interesting though.
  13. You have to find a way to translate the surreal into a consistent set of in-universe rules. It's fine to make a fantasy that defies reality, but the methods by which it defies reality should be themselves consistent and predictable to a certain degree so players have a baseline to work with. Otherwise they'll get lost.
  14. Yeah, that's always the problem.
    I don't think my brain is advanced enough to figure a way around it, so I tend to just scrap the idea altogether.

    Even if I try really hard to think of a system, it never works out.
  15. Edison took over a thousand attempts to invent the light bulb. Just ensure to learn from mistakes and you'll make something fantastic one day, be it a character or a plot based on a dream. :bsmile:
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