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  1. Last night I had a dream about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump aggressively reciting Shakespeare at each other. o_o

    What are some weird dreams that you guys have had lately?? :D
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  2. Wow that made me laugh hard.

    Hmm I don't dream as much as I used to, as of late. But when I do dream, they always involve cats and cars and friends I make online.

    I did have a dream once that the sun and the planets were in my backyard. It was more a nightmare, to be honest.
  3. I've gotten into the habit of writing down some of my weirder dreams, so here is one from the vault. Sorry for any typos, I had originally written it on my phone after waking up.

    There was some stuff about a music test at some school, but later the dream morphed to steven and connie from Steven Universe being on a camping trip with connie's parents. Steven wasn't good at a lot of the stuff, and connie's parents (all in one tent with her) tried to tell connie that shed be able to do more of the stuff she liked if she just dropped him. Steven had to sleep outside surrounded by candy bars he was eating sadly. Also a maid (although she looked more like a pilgrim) was there, creeping him out by just sorta being there sitting by his candy nest of shame. The next day connie escapes to have a fun day with steven even though she has a sprained ankle.

    more recently, I dreamed I was in a supermarket or something like that getting lunch from a buffet line. I had just purchased this really awesome hummus I couldn't wait to eat. But then I woke up and got really angry cuz we don't actually have hummus at my house.
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  4. Once had a dream I was a snail... I took it as my brain telling me that I was slow, which I found both insulting and hilarious.
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  5. I once had a dream where I was leaving taco bell coupons all over the floor to subtly convince my roommate to go get tacos. Woke up craving tacos.
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  6. Pregnancy dreams are the weirdest! And the most vivid. Ironically, once pregnant you develop pregnancy brain so unlikely to remember them. I just Remer waking up going "thefuq....?"
  7. This rather disturbing tumblr post reminded me of a strange dream I had around a year ago, in which the cars from Pixar's Cars were part of a government conspiracy and turned into regular humans after they died. "Or, at least, some scooter was killed and turned into a blackish guy with surfer dude hair" as I put it when I wrote the dream down. If I recall correctly it wasn't even a motor scooter or motorcycle, but one of those Razor scooters, so idk what he was even doing in the Cars world. I think his name was Trevor or something like that?
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  8. The weird dream I end up having most frequently is that of me being in college and suddenly realizing I'm supposed to be in class for a final.

    Lately though, the weirdest one I've had is of two ladies I'm currently dating, being best friends and asking me to go out with them. They've never met in real life.
  9. I have so many weird dreams... Let's rack the old brain....
    1. I was being chased by a T-rex in a hotel with a group of people
    2. Deja vu dreams. I dream a place and then having totally forgotten it, come upon a place in real life that was in my dream
    3. I had a dream about being a part of a fairy kingdom and it was like a gathering and then all of the sudden near the end there was this...tree demon? that was trying to suffocate everyone and changing the world into portals to new places that I had to save. When the tree demon tried to suffocate me I was powerful enough to force it back but it kept trying to take over and then I woke up.
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  10. Earlier this morning... I had a dream... Within a dream... Within a dream. I woke up very confused since I already woke up in my dream after supposedly dreaming that I was sleeping in some stranger's house.
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  11. I rarely ever dream (or remember them), but when I do, they're usually really weird/fucked up. Most of em involve watching loved ones die in really bad ways. Some are non linear and have nothing to do with what happened a moment before. These are vague answers, I know but that's the best I can describe them.
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  12. In one dream, I met an old lady on top of a moving train. She wore cat ears, and never left this cat carrier that was way too small to logically fit her. The carrier floated in a mirror-like puddle, and the woman told me she was powerless just before I woke up.

    I also had a dream where my mom chased me with a knife because she didn't want to pay for my movie tickets. Probably some dumb subconscious metaphor for my fear of being a burden on my family.
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  13. I have weird dreams al the time, especially during my many attempts to quit smoking with the nicotine patch. The weirdest one though was the dream where I was eaten by a pizza. I'm not talking about a gigantic, supersized pizza. It was just a regular, pepperoni pizza that started by eating my hand. The reason I remember it so much was because it kept talking to me while it was eating me, and telling me that I'd be happier where I was going. o.O
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  14. Oh man, just last night I had a fantastic dream. Possibly one of my best. I was on a cruise ship that was hosting some kind of interdimensional battle royale (think Mortal Kombat), except less deadly and more sportsmanlike. I was a subtly hotter version of myself in addition to being a skilled, superpowered martial artist. I was running into this one bird guy from a World of Warcraft-type universe constantly, and because he was on the red team we fought all the time. He had some kind of giant magic yo-yo he'd throw at people, and our fights usually ended in a draw. Despite the fighting, I thought he was a cool guy, and one time we met in a hallway. I was about to attack him, but he sheepishly stopped me and said he had to use the bathroom.

    I wandered away from the bathroom after that, and met with one of the coordinators of the match, who was basically Cassie Cage without the undercut. The air conditioning on the boat wasn't working for some reason, and that's when I realized my blue flannel shirt was on too tight. I started to unbutton it to cool off, but my shredded dream muscles started ripping the shoulders open and I just took the whole thing off. I realized I had abs, and proceeded to wander through the cruise ship's arcade in a bra and pants, flexing every so often. Some old woman was trying to use an arcade game where the player had to physically climb onto a super dangerous-looking rope fixture and walk across foot-sized platforms suspended on the ropes. No handrails. She was insisting that it was good for her cardio, like a stair climber??? I don't know, I woke up shortly afterwards and didn't get to explore the weirdass ship further. :(

    I know it sounds bizarre, but I guess in the dream I was just really happy about it all.
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  15. I once had a dream where I was basically in inception, waking up to see snow outside and going to play in it only to wake up again. And again. And again. I was under ten years old, and I live (still) in an area that never has snow. Long before Inception was a movie, actually. Since it was like... sometime in the 2000's.
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