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  1. I gave it a gaming tag. Because everything in General has a gaming tag now.

    While bleary with vodka and red bull, I started picking roleplays at random.

    Let's do that.

    (Don't choose your own, you egotistical dick)

    This one:

    Seems pretty straightforward, but all the characters have weird and crooked photoshopped faces.

    And the GM's character has the tagline "I know. I'm pretty awesome, aren't I?". And one of the players has the signature "Amazing, aren't I?"


    ....weird badly cropped faces and rhetorical narcissistic questions.

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  2. This thread is way more weird ass than that roleplay. Just sayin'.

    It's probably the vodka and redbull.
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  3. Drunk posting. Kids, don't do it.
  4. I do this too in the form of role play roasts but I generally read this kind of stuff off-site with others. Public name-n'-shame games generally end about as well as public lynches would in a first world country. Just throwing that one out there. :ferret:
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  5. Goodness. There have been so many on this site that it's hard to nail them down..

    Rather than pick and point like our dear Asmo I'll just reference stuff that's long since left for the graveyard.

    • Something something demon and Angel war, humans yadda yadda DEMON KING IS ACTUALLY A LITTLE GIRL. But that's okay because she wants to bang a cute human guy with extreme narcissism to create a hybrid heir. Sounds like a bad anime hook, don't it?
    • Dragons. Dragons for everybody! You get a dragon! She gets a dragon! Everyone was dragons! But they never left their anime-inspired human shapes. All the boys were models and the girls were questionably thousands of years old. Let's not forget the dragon who controlled light and dark like he was the master of a light switch!
    • A city of anthro animals and people! ABSOLUTELY NO FURRIES ALLOWED. Oh irony.
    • A werewolf Hunter wants to find love. Where else but a WEREWOLF. How he misses the telltale signs of 'love of the outdoors and running bare foot, missing during moon phases, and claw marks in her home' is beyond me considering he was a 'supernatural enforcer' with a kill count in the thousands. You'd think he was a white cop in Detroit.
    • Yaoi boys fall in love. That was painful to read.
    • Awkward teen girls playing as overly effeminate men is another one. Pee-pee or puss-puss the characters couldn't be told apart. Sexuality ahoy!
    • Sci-fi story but with a TWIST. Magic. But only the GM could use it.
  6. Huh... that's weird-ass.

    I could'a sworn there was nothing in my "OP" that implied a roast, roleplay-bitching or overly-structured long-winded organized cyber-bullying.


    People must be getting contact-drunk.

    I was asking us to pick a roleplay at random and note something bizarre about it. A brief and humorous safari in which we stop a moment to glimpse strange fruit. If a GM notices their roleplay being talked about, they can say "Heh, yeah - funny story that." We don't actually want them to cry and kill themselves, or be drowned under waves of GreaMi Text.

    But fine. Since I've been completely misinterpreted, and even MENTIONING that I've been misinterpreted will cause DAYS and DAYS of quoting, tagging, semantic arguing, snarky retorts and all that other New Iwaku shit that utterly ruins General Chat threads, I shall withdraw my land claim.

    Staff, please delete this thread.

    *goes to get breakfast*
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  7. Something something heat, kitchen, drunken fire starting something something.
  8. Mmmm, Asmodeus' breakfasts are delicious.
  9. Welp.

    *locks the door on his way out.*
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