Weight Loss, A Word of Encouragement

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  1. Hey guys!

    I was initially going to post this in the happy rave your brains out but I thought I'd make a topic out of it in the hopes of fostering support, encouragement, and some good ol' happy vibes.

    I've lost 9.2 pounds in the first three weeks of working with my trainer (6 since in the last week)! We have been working on changing my diet and activity levels to lose weight, but also to change my lifestyle to be able to maintain it once it's off. I've been so overweight for so long, I guess I thought it would be an impossible task to get it all off. 200lbs sounds like such a HUGE number. I'm 437lbs as of today, and I'm a generally confident guy, decent self esteem. But there is a lot of internalized self hate, at least for me. But for the first time in my life I know I can do this, and keep it up. And today's weigh in showing 6lbs weight loss had me in tears, weeping for joy as I drove to class. It is just such tangible evidence that what I am doing is working, even though I mess up. It just means that as I improve I'll continue to see results. Maybe not always as big, but any weight loss right now is good weight loss.

    I know there are a lot of people who struggle with weight loss, and I hope that as I work to make changes I can encourage you to do the same. I'm working with a trainer and doing a lot of research on nutrition, and practical nutrition at that. So, I can help point you to good resources and give tips or encouragement if needed. I also recommend weight watchers, I don't count points right now or really stick to their simple start/simply filling plans but the weekly meetings have been such a boost to morale. The system is also great because it does not encourage 'dieting', rather, it promotes lifestyle changes to help with portion control and eating better foods.

    Even if you don't have to lose weight, I hope I can bring a smile to your face. I really wanted to post something happy here in the counseling thread. As a final note, feel free to reply here or message me for any reason. I'm always willing to talk (even if I can't get on as much as I'd like). I know the site has it's code of conduct, but I am going to ask, that if you post a response to this or another's comment keep it encouraging or in the realm of constructive criticism.

    Edwin Felspar
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  2. Oh wow~ Learning of peoples' positive weight loss experiences is always inspiring. I struggle to lose weight because of pregnancy, but I'm doing the best I can by eating healthier and being active when I feel up to it. :3 Taking my nutrition class certainly helped a lot too. We actually discussed how the portion control involved with Weight Watchers can be pretty darn effective. Glad to see it's worked for you. I've heard from others that it's an awesome program. It's worked well for my mom and sister.

    Anyway, super congrats to you on your progress! <3
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  3. Started college 215 lb. Left it 125. Entered medical school 125. Left 145 lb stack of muscle.
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  4. Update time, I am now down 24.4 lbs from 450 lbs (for those who don't care for math, I'm now 425.6 lbs). I have lost 5 inches around my stomach and waist, and I am actually feeling lighter and more energetic. My recovery time after excise has plummeted. It used to take me 15-20 seconds to recover breath and heart rate after strenuous exercise. Now I take two or three deep breaths to recover from most things, maybe a short 4-5 second walk for some active recovery. Been slowly raising the weight I work out with and can see/feel the muscle growth.
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  5. Went to the Fair yesterday, weighed in this morning and lost 4 lbs last week! Now down to 416 for a total weight loss of 34 lbs. I freaked out a little last week when I was up 1.4, but it motivated me to get back on track and really focus on nutrition again. Also, my trainer has been doing balance stuff working up to being able to do exercises while balancing on a bosu ball and earlier this week I did it. Got both feet on and let go of the column I was using for support. At first I was shaky, but once I focused my mind and felt my muscles gain control it was like something out of an anime the way I was all of a sudden stable. Training is so much fun!