Weekly Writing Challenge #5



Well got another one for you. Going back to the familiar theme challenges for those battling with the monthly. This week's theme it a simple one dealing with a simple concept, the hardest words to say. Lets see what Iwaku can come up with.

For the new members or those looking at the challenges for the first time, we're looking for a paragraph the length of your typical RP post, normal forum rules apply though spoiler tags are there for a reason. Have Fun

These week's theme: An apology.

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For years, he had been the only one apologizing; the only one who had given enough of a shit about this relationship to try and keep it alive. For so long, he had been fighting, loosing sight of even what he wanted anymore. Dreams and goals slipped by him, days and nights stretched on for impossible lengths of time. Dark circles under his eyes, his skin was cold- clammy, and he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Like something important to him had been ripped away from his hands, and he was left here, trying to make sense of what he had just lost. But she didn't care.

After all these years, of trying to fix it, she had finally just gotten up and left like it wasn't even an issue to her. Like it didn't matter. Like HE didn't matter. So now he laid on his bed, alone and broken.

His friends had tried to help him and his family was so worried that after a week had gone by, they entered him into the psych ward, unsure of how else they could help him. For a while, they tried to talk her into at least going back to him if only to talk and try and help him out... since she was the only person he even wanted to see at this point. Nothing else mattered to him.

Only a few remained there by his side after two years had gone by, and by that time, she was married. Not a single person had told him that, though, everyone was afraid of how he would take it while he was still in such a fragile state. But then the day finally came, and she walked back into the room where they had once slept together, where they used to eat together... the bathroom where they would shower together. In her hand, the key to the house was tightly gripped, knuckles going white as she finally left the house and then headed for where he was.

As she walked into the room, she was overtaken by how quiet the room was. He just slept on his bed, looking no more than skin and bone, his skin sallow and sickly-looking as his breath came in ragged gasps, a constant bad dream replaying in his head as she came over to the bedside, pulling up a chair and taking his hand in hers, leaning over and resting her head on their intertwined hands, the tears came easy as she thought of what she had done.

"I'm sorry.... Oh gods, I'm sorry!"


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Blood stained his work clothes as he looked at his wife, dripping blood on the clean white kitchen floor. " I'm sorry for staining the clean floor with blood. Something happened at work and I'm sorry.... but I don't think I can go back there," he said.

His wife stared at him, blinking and looking between the blood on his clothes and the blood dripping from them to the floor. " Lucas, what have you done?" She asked.

"I killed him, I killed my boss. I just snapped and he died. I couldn't control my temper and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we have to move again. I'm sorry for being a wreck and letting him take over. I'm sorry, really fucking sorry."

She blinked twice and pulled him closer, hugging him. " It's not your fault, but i'm sorry for what I am about to do. Please, God, forgive me."

"Why are you asking God for forgiveness, Elizabeth-,' His question was answered when she stabbed him in the chest, piercing the heart.

" I'm so sorry, sweetie, but I made a promise to myself that if you killed yourself, I would kill you and I can't break it. I'm sorry, but this is goodbye."

As Liz walked over and he died, he softly whisper. " I forgive y-" The words lingered, an apology left unfinished and a woman who truly was alone.

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"I didn't mean it," Aaron sobbed, pacing the floor of the stable. The lanky teenager held his head in his hands, fingers going through his hair frantically. "I didn't, I didn't mean it, I- oh my god, I just--"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Aaron. Slow down. What happened?" Luis asked, the Mexican ranch boss sitting the kid down on a bale of hay.

Aaron sat hunched over as Luis knelt before one of his 'problem kids'. A sort of queasiness made its way into his gut as he tried not to think of what it was Aaron felt so guilty over. He'd already had two strikes on his record. A third - while in a care home - would put him in the chamber. There was no coming back from that. He'd experienced it firsthand.

"Mads and the gang - you know, Nickols - they were, they wanted me to come with 'em to... to just hang out, but then they asked me to drive 'em to this house, 'a friend', and it wasn't, wasn't their friend's house. I don't know, I just heard this little old lady scream, and I ripped the door off its hinges. Madison was stuffing things into a bag and Vin had the old lady against a couch. So I punched Mads."

Luis tried not to show his panic, but he did take a sharp breath.

"Where? Head? Shoulders? Chest?"

God, don't be the head or chest. The last thing we need is a kid on for homicide through metahuman enhancement.

"I... I think I broke his back. Couple ribs. I got him in the side. I-I held back, but I.... I'm so sorry, Lu, I am, I just, I got so mad. I couldn't hold it together, dude. They were robbing her blind, and the other two - Gordy, Raf - they knew about it. They wanted me there as muscle, and I fell for it," Aaron spluttered, holding his face in his hands.

Luis took Aaron into his arms as the kid started to sob hard into his shoulder.

"Hey, hey, it'll be okay. You hear me? I'll work something out, I will," Lu promised as Aaron hugged Lu back.

"Are they-are they gonna send me in? Will they put down another strike?" Aaron asked. "Did this ever happen with anyone else?"

Lu tried not to think about that.

"Come on. Let's head back to the house. You need some sleep, and I gotta call the police."


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"Ok before I answer that question, just let me say I'm sorry."

"Oh that's not a good start."

"Yeah well...it's not a good answer either."

"Then I reserve the right to not accept that apology."


She watched him as he started pacing, also a bad sign. "Just sit down and spill it already."

He took a deep breath and sat down, "Hannah...you know I love you. This has nothing to do with that or with cheating or anything like that. In case you were worried..."

"Nope...wasn't worried...go on."

"No?" he asked clearly surprised, "Good...good...So ok. Jack and I went to the thing for John...."

"Bachelor party?"

"Yeah that. Anyway...John was really wasted and he was saying stuff...crazy stuff Hannah...like about killing people and being paid to do it. We were blowing it off as the alcohol, but then he pulled out a gun and shot Greg in the face and told us that was an easy fifty thousand." His hands raked through his hair, "We were all terrified what he would do next, but he sat up all normal and started talking like there wasn't a bloody mess right next to him. He wasn't drunk like we thought, just acting. And then he started making us all swear we would never tell...making us swear on blood."

He held up his hand that was wrapped in a bandanna. "But Hannah...I went straight to the police...and now John ...he's going to be looking for me."

Hannah blinked. "Are you saying that John is an assassin and that he is hunting for you?"

"Um..yeah...and I don't want you to get hurt."

Hannah looked cold as ice for a moment and then she reached for her phone. "It's me," she said, "John blew it. Take care of him." She looked over at Michael and smiled, "Problem solved."

"Whoa...what just happened?"

"John worked for me Honey."