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Weather Condition You'd Prefer to Be In?

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This poll actually goes with its name for once....

Weather Conditions - We all (most of us, anyway), live in an area where there's a certain kind of storm/weather condition that is 'native' there. For example, I live an area with hurricanes.

So, what this poll is about - Which weather condition would you prefer?

-Typhoon (Hurricane)
-Earthquake (which -is- a weather condition, just created underground...)

These conditions have occurred at least once this year in several different parts of the earth.
I'm sure most of us have heard them on the News. Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan, Hurricane goes along the coast of the U.S, Typhoon hits Japan after several other weather conditions this past year, Tornado hits Joplin, Mo...etc.

I know that this may not be an easy question to answer, especially since many of us have not experienced all of these as of yet, and may never will, but out of what you know about these conditions, and how bad they can get, which one do you think you'd prefer to be hit by?

Here are the levels for each condition:


Same as a hurricane, but can get stronger.




So, with all this information... let's see what we all come up with.
I think this will be something very...interesting to talk about later on once we get some voters. There is a 'unsure' button, if you are not sure, and/or know/probably wont ever be in these conditions, so you don't care or something. XD

If any of the graphs confuse you, you can ask me. I pretty much understand all of these. (Yay geography! :D )

My answer:
I sort of like the hurricanes, even though they can get into very high categories and can cause major damages.
Tornadoes don't seem too bad either, until they reach that top category, which scares the living shit out of me. ><!' Tsunamis = a hell no, since I don't like water. O.o And earthquakes...I think depending on the category, it can be a both sure and a no.

Further into my answer for a hurricane, I think it would be because I've grown up with them and so I can easily spot out if one is about to hit. And even though they can cause major damage, a four and a five category are usually fairly rare. So, not too much to worry about there.

If there was to be a four or a five, I'm confident that I'd be able to go through with it. Many of my family members have when Katrina hit, and so... I may lose a lot of things, but in the end, everything'll go back to normal. Not to mention, I, in my own personal opinion, don't think that hurricanes are too scary either. O.o Everything else kind of puts shivers down my spine....
I've been through multiple earthquakes, they really weren't all that bad, then again I was quite a ways away from the epicenter. I do not care to experience a hurricane or tornado.
I've survived hurricanes and felt lucky.

I think I'll stick to what I've been lucky with.
Living on the west coast all my life I've been through a few earthquakes, have had earthquake education drilled into me at a young age, and as prepared as anyone can be when the "Big One" comes. Also unlike hurricanes there's none of the long anxiety about it coming. It happens suddenly and by the time you have a chance to freak it's over. Sure there's aftershocks but they're smaller, usually, so you've gotten through the worse.
The last time we had a tornado, I felt like I witnessed an apocalypse. We never have tornadoes in NY, but that...was just horrifying. Windows caved in and trees tumbled over like leaves in the wind. I was at a restaurant so I saw most of it in real-time. Freakiest thing I ever saw.

We had an earthquake last month (we've been having crazy weather for the past year), but it was a really small one, just the slightest shaking. I was sitting on the bed and the whole room was shaking and I was so confused until I saw the picture frames on the walls tapping back and forth. And I was like....O__o earthquake? And afterwards, I had a migraine for two days. It wasn't scary, but it was such a small quake! I wouldn't take my chances with a bigger one..

I put Typhoon because rain and flooding and a couple of trees or powerlines going down isn't as scary. At least you know when it's coming and at least you can prepare for it. We had a hurricane last month, too. I danced in the rain and got shoved around cuz the wind was so strong. It was kind of scary to see the water level so high every now and then during the night, but, in the end, preparedness got us through it and I felt safe throughout the crazy news broadcasts..
I vote Tornado!

With Hurricanes and Tsunami there is that drowning with water potential. x__x And that sounds like a horrible way to go.

Earthquakes scare me cause I have this terrible fear of the ground opening up beneath me and my falling to my death!

So Tornado! You can usually see a tornado coming and get to shelter pretty quick. And now that I live right in the middle of Tornado Alley, I'm pretty desensitized to them now. x_x
Well... I've dealt with tornadoes before. I lived in Illinois before; "Tornado Valley". So I guess my vote will go to that, though they still terrify me. x__x All of those other ones would make me much more afraid, though. I hate water. And earthquakes... *shudders*
Hurricane! (Although you forgot to add Blizzard to the dangers list! XD)

Hurricanes give you time to prepare, and when alls said and done, they're really not terrible unless you get the OMGHUGEHURRICANE like Katrina. That being said, I've been through all of those except a tsunami so I think I'd be able to handle most natural disasters pretty well?
I can (almost) see my house on that tsunami map....

I plan to live in a bunker as soon as I find one with wifi so tornado..