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Alien Vs. The Thing

  • Alien

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • The Thing

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • Neither/Both are good.

    Votes: 4 26.7%

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Alien Vs. The Thing

Which movie do you like best? Which one do you think is better/scarier? Which one do you think had poor directory?

Tell us what you think between the two and why you picked the answer that you did.
Alien, without a doubt.

Don't get me wrong; The Thing is an excellent film, one of Carpenter's finest. Hell, both are pretty similar in a way; a group stuck in an isolated location as something begins offing them. But Alien is a goddamn masterpiece, a potent combination of science-fiction and horror and still holds up today; the revelation of the space jockey, the appearance of the chest-burster, the alien slowly destroying the crew one by one. It's horror at it's best.

The main reason...I have never seen The Thing, also I am a huge old school Sci-fi fan, and Alien was ground breaking movie in the Genre.
I have seen both films, but I was very young, I do not remember very much from them.
You know, I'm gonna vote for The Thing. Not because I like the movie better, but because that sort of creature would scare the shit out of me more. Knowing that the alien could be any of the people around me, but not knowing FOR SURE who it was. That -anyone- could be the enemy, ready to strike when you least expect it.

At least you can see that bigass fucking alien coming most of the time. .__.;
I love both of those movies, so I chose botch. Each of the movies has something great to offer, although I think Alien has held up much better than The Thing and is still incredibly watchable. The Thing, while still an amazing movie, just hasn't aged as well as Alien and there are some stylistic things that definitely date it to the 80s.
I've only seen bits of The Thing. As for Alien, I just don't have too much memory of it. But from what's still fresh in my mind, I'm more preferable to Alien. It's just more interesting to me. For the same reasons Grumpy said, really!

And, ah... I've always wanted a Xenomorph for a pet.

That is all.

This, because what isn't creepy about getting humped to death and the spawn viciously ripping their way out of your chest and moving on to terrorize everyone else? Plus, the Xenomorphs were sneaky and hid in clever places.

In space, no one can hear you scream! (Though the Thing was genius in its own right!)
PSSST! *kicks Vaybro in the shin* They hug your face just as much as they hump them >:/
Alien is the one that stuck with me all the way, and even though it scared the crap out of me as a kid, I find it has much shaped my interest in gaming. I've always seemed to be akin to the stealthy outnumbering rape that they hold so dear to them. And put simply The Thing is a natural creation, a Xenomorph was designed to be the most deadly thing the Predators have ever encountered, so much so that even with their weaponry and technology that they need a nuke fail safe.
All the stuff Diana said.

The Thing always terrified me due to the fact that the only sure way to kill it WAS TO SET IT ON FIRE.

Alien you just had to shoot it enough and it died. But the second you were infected by The Thing, you're gone. You don't even get to have the whole "Killlllll meeeeeeeee. . . ." thing going on. You are taken over and the body that was once your no longer is you. And it will mutate you into God knows what survive. At least when the Alien bursts out of you it just goes through the chest and it's over.