Weekly-ish challenge #22 - human definition



Hey forum, I'm changing the day for the weekly challenges to Sunday, my day off, since works been getting busier lately. But that does not mean the challenges stop, not by any means! Sever changes, out hostman closing down, nothing can keep us down down brothers and sisters in RP. Now that we have endured let us see what we really are. Over dramatic yes but its leads into.....

This week's challenge: Write a paragraph starting with "People are..."
...I did what I could. XD


People are the world's demonic, yet intelligent creatures. They are the machines' parents and the animals' fright. They roam on two legs with a rifle clinging to their backs. People hunt and they feed, as all other creatures do, but they take it to extremes and end up harming the planet. We see useful, natural things as useless, unneeded acceceries. Yet, we have the smarts and the wits to build what we need, like houses and buildings, towns and cities, although we could also live on land itself under a tree somewhere. We have the ability to survive in each condintion, as a lot of our ancestors have shown, yet we take it too far and live as if we're the number one beings on the planet. Yet, we don't pay attention to the nature or the animals around us, who show us how much pollution and careless activities we have done that have caused sickness and diseases to these creatures. People are the planet's evolution, yet we are also the harm and the careless and fear and the killers. We are humans; distructive and almost unnecessary.
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People are a bunch of sheep, mindlessly following their shepherd. They don't think or act for themselves, they only do as they are told. They eat, sleep, and waste space until they die. There are many flocks, differing only in what the shepherd tells the flock to do. They are blindly devoted to their shepherd, willing to follow him in to oblivion.
People are, misguided, in a way. They all believe that life, in it's self, is all about your physical condition, such as fitness, or looks. But really, humans are merely souls unfortunate enough to be attachted to a body. Most souls, following the way of thinking said before, are asleep, and dormant, thus leaving most people as empty, cruel shells, that all get along, until one soul awakeness. Then that one soul gets picked on, and insulted, and beat up physically, and emotionally, where it counts. No one knows what happens once your body dies but the soul-numb seem to want the awoken to find out. Mojority of people, are flawed and corrupted souls.
People are people. They eat, they pray, they kill, they die. Such monotony, a real lament for those entitled to a better life. But eh. Does such a concept truly exist? Elsewhere, beyond the complex genetic compositions, maybe it might. But that remains a delusion. There is no way people can attain the status of omnipresence, that is, because humanity's only be composed of abstruseness, which they define by impurity. That's one of the reasons why they need to stop. To stop the secluding, stop the hierarchy. Whether they are broken shells, lost souls or mindless followers, everyone is abnormal already... but still defined as a single group living entities.

People can only be people after all.
Who are we to judge?
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People are...complicated. They love,they hate,they judge before they understand,they love what they shouldn't,they do so much wrong then get one thing right. People are brilliant,but they are also very stupid at the same time. Almost every descriptive word you can think of describes people. They are so many things in so many ways but there is one word that describes them perfectly. Complicated.
People are… flawed. Blind. Lost and void. We crave everything from day one and it never stops. Even from grave we have needs. We have debts that need to be settled and so on. Yes we are flawed and painfully so. We see it in each other every day and seek it out with a lustful savagery. Hungry beast filled with horrid rage splashing, ripping, tear and gnaw on whatever helpless less soul we happen to find. How does this better us? It doesn’t, it only eases the pain and soothes the confusion of this chemical state we call life. This limbo we dance and try to perfect. As a mass we try to be an ok people, but at the root of it. We damn near kill ourselves just trying to be an ok person. Flawed isn’t it?


People are...hopelessly hopeful and in many ways that’s our bitter saving grace because to be any other way is just too painful. So smile, it’s all messed up anyway. J
People are a mystery. No one knows how they come to be but nonetheless they are here. Here to stay as they spread like parasites or deer. Taking over what is not theirs and breeding with abandon. Managing to live in every climate even though they are not suited for it. They can't see in the dark very well, they have relatively fine hair covering their body, they don't run fast nor can they fly. The only thing they do have going for them is their opposable thumbs. If left to the wild they would be low on the food chain yet somehow under all odds have managed to thrive and climb the food chain. No one has solved the mystery of the people but they are here above all odds.
People are... what? What do you mean? Like, people meaning folks? Humans? Nation? Persons? Tribe? Citizen? Family? You can't throw them into one pot only. They're not good, nor bad. Well, in my taste. Are we talking about my tastes? Be it like that, not like I give a damn about any of your words. Already fed up reading this? Can't blame you, but heck, you're reading after all! Hypocrite. Yes, people are hypocrites. There are those, who want to have a nice tanned skin and therefore lay in the sun until they get sunburn, others desire a white skin that they won't ever have lifetime. There are those, who want to have blue eyes, others though prefer green, brown or raven black orbs that they do not have. People are not to be satisfied. Just... can't. They only want more and more and more... because they're such imperfect beings.

But you know what? Let them be like they want to be, how imperfect that might be.
It is fundamental.... for their irreplaceable individuality.
People are a strange enigma, perhaps to no one more than to themselves. Most of them understand that, on some core level, they are animals just like every other creature they live on Earth with. But people also recognize that there is a distinction between them and other animals. While animals change to suit their environment, humans change their environment to suit them. And that is not their only bizarre paradox. Humans have a natural taste for violence and blood, a side effect of being top predator. They have perfected killing into a perverse art form, capable of pushing all of their known world towards the brink of death. Yet there is a beauty to this savage creature. From the very beginning people have had an appreciation for the aesthetic, the beautiful. Art came from this appreciation. Art is a reflection of the conscience of people. Art says "yes, we know how horrible we are, but look at this. Look at what we could be." People know they can become more than what they are now, and fight their baser instinct to strive for that goal. This instinct, though, is a tough thing to force down, and hence the paradox. People are horribly flawed, but they are aware, and they are trying, slowly, with an exaggerated amount of struggle, to change.