Weekly-ish challenge #18 - Times are changing



Change is an undeniable part of everyone's life. Weather its fast or slow its always happening but seldom without reason. So what causes change? Is it a person? An event? An idea? Or a single word? Is the change good or bad or simply something different? The possibilities are only limited by the scale of that change and your imagination.

For those new to the challenges the weekly challenge is focused on short entries at around a paragraph or two in length or as long as your typical RP post. Theres no pressure of judgement its all about fun.

This week's subject: The catalyst of change.
(Lot of these are about change, sheesh)

I had been the one to set fire to the building... I'd been the one screaming for anarchy.

I've been the one who's been leading this war against our government. I was the one who lead the resistance, and now I'm here, locked away from the world in this tiny cell. I know my rebellion is still ongoing, and even while locked away, they carry out my commands. One of my guards here is one of my men, and through him, I'm still toppling this government and there's nothing that can be done to stop me.

I've been questioned, I've been tortured, I've been denied my rights as a human being.

Still, I won't falter. Even if they kill me, this is already in motion and cannot be stopped.