EXERCISE Weekly-ish challenge #16 - Curiosity

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  1. Welcome to another week, and the first announced by the calender. Its time again for me to haul out the challenges for you. This week looks limiting at first glance but I can think of dozens of possible subjects (if I can't write about it I don't post it) so lets have at it.

    Just a paragraph thats all you need to write, and if you can't then just write what you can. Its all for fun.

    This week's challenge: The experiment.
  2. I fucked up, I really really fucked up. I tried to tell my supervisors and they don't understand. He's gone, the subject that we've been keeping in that tube, locked away in cell block 5, gone. I looked away for just a second when I was analyzing him, and when I looked back up, he wasn't there anymore. He's somewhere still in this building, I know it. I locked the place down, but they still don't understand, they want to open the place back up, but don't they understand? He'll escape! We don't even know a thing about him!
  3. ...And I was struck at a young age, with this sort of blinding curiousity for the human body. Any type of body really.
    You want me to explain it but I really can't.
    The deep, dark feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see blood.
    The strange, sort of lingering thrill as more is revealed to you.
    Its a like an artist's work or an archeologist finding. You want to see more.
    And the scalpel is my paintbrush, or my trowel.
    It shows me the wonder and the magic of the human body.
    It digs deep into sinew.
    Into collogen.
    Into bone.
    Oh, excuse me. I seemed to have started salivating. My apologies.
    But, back to the topic, Detective.
    This feeling is akin to a base jumper's high. A something that exhilerates you.
    This is as best I can explain to you, Detective.
    Please, stop looking at me like that. Its rather rude, you know.
    "Jail?" Why ever would I go to jail?
    They were criminals, outcasts of society. No one would have missed them.
    Some are actually happy, they're gone.
    "How many?" Shouldn't you know the answer to that? You're the detective here.
    Well, I guess I'll tell you. 63
    Don't look so shocked. I've been doing this since before you were born.