Weekly-ish Challenge #15 - Movin' time



Well its been an uneventful week fro my perspective. But its still been a week so heres another challenge. This ones a bit personal since I'm planning on moving to the states as soon as I can. So I was wondering, what people would move for since leaving behind family and friends is never easy. So if You're new here of forgotten, just write a paragraph on that.

This week's challenge: Five reasons to move.
Five reasons to move... In Texas, if you a woman, there's a couple good reasons to. For one, you get GLARES if you get your birth control. You get GLARES if you burp. You get GLARES if you act unlady-like in public at all. That's one. It's hot, and I like it, but I wish it would rain more.... or snow... hell, I'd take some ice at this point. That's two. The Chinese food here isn't even a sliver as good as it is in other states. That's three. Get away from my odd family, have some distance. That's four. I have to be in a non-city area to have a permit to get a fox one day- that's my fifth.