EXERCISE Weekly Challenge #3: The Name of the Game

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  1. The Name of the Game


    Name verses are what we'll be writing for this week! Dedicate it to yourself, or someone else. You can use a real life name, or a forum name. Also, the name doesn't even have to belong to a person. You could write it for your pet if you want. :3 Whatever floats your boat.

    Each line of the poem will begin with a letter from the chosen name. If you ever wrote acrostic poems in class as a kid, that's essentially what I'm asking you to do. Throughout this verse, you should be describing the name's owner in some way. Pick a quality about them you like best, for example. Or don't. You could easily write an 'I hate you' name verse, just make sure they don't visit this forum. 8P Haha.

    Because I'm not fully confident that I explained this challenge correctly, I'm providing an example I found online. In addition to my own poem, this should help give you a good idea of how to set yours up! Easy peasy.​
    Alexis (open)

    “Alexis seems quite shy and somewhat frail,
    Leaning, like a tree averse to light,
    Evasively away from her delight.
    X-rays, though, reveal a sylvan sprite,
    Intense as a bright bird behind her veil,
    Singing to the moon throughout the night.”
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  2. For this challenge, I chose to write something for my main man: @The Butterfly :]


    Peter, to me, resembles strength.
    Ever sturdy like a mountain,
    There's nothing that can take him down.
    Empathetic and wise; words that
    Rightly describe him, my beloved.
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  3. Just cause I know my that one of my best friends will read this over my shoulder.

    Silver Lee is, well, how you'd most likely describe perfection,
    Indeed, she manages to take care of multiple siblings,

    Likewise, the younger ones look up to her.
    Valuing her friend's and family's needs over others regularly,
    Everyone loves her, especially her boyfriend,
    Really, though, she's awesome to everyone.
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  4. I hope I don't come off as self-absorbed. Here goes!

    An air of
    Languidly surrounds her.
    Artistic and couth she has heard
    The people say.
    Heard a lot of other things too; much more ghastly.
    It is too bad attention is one thing she
    Never pays.
    Arlathina remains aloof to such nonsense.
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  5. I used mess around with poetry when I was in school! It was a fun past time~
    Granted, that was quite a while ago and I haven't touched poetry since, but I'll try this with Guanyin since she's pretty simple to characterize (and has a good length for her name).

    Gaudily wearing that constant smile,
    Unbroken, dying was not quite her style.
    Again and again she will string you along,
    Never in death will she stay for too long.
    You can cut her, crush her, even set her aflame,
    In the end, there's no point—it all ends the same:

    No one will ever escape Guanyin's game!
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