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  1. Four weeks ago the world as we know it ended.
    All around you people died, and you fell unconscious. Next thing you know, you wake up in a desolate, destroyed world.
    You survived, but not as yourself.

    At first you're not sure what happened, how did you get here. And then you realize something. This isn't your body anymore. Some, or maybe all of your memories and consciousness isn't your own.

    You became one of your own characters.

    During the apocalypse you somehow merged with one of your own characters, gaining their body, their memories, their consciousness, their powers and abilities. It protected you, it saved you.

    As you pass through this world you realize, not everyone was as fortunate. Many of the people you once knew had become empty hulls, mindless creatures, and a hunger to fill. In modern terms, they had become like zombies.

    Four weeks passed, and maybe you've found others like you, who became a character, maybe you're still on your own, trying to find others and a way to survive.
    Maybe the presence of the character was so strong that the character took over completely, or you're living with the character together in one head, maybe you've won out and are mostly yourself.

    Whatever your situation may be, right now your main focus is to live, survive, find others like you and figure out what to do next in this broken, strange world.

    Anyone interested? It's not really a zombie thing, the hulls are simply empty mindless people of the 'old world'
    Leave a comment, and I'll get back to you!
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  2. *raises hand* Definitely interested, as you know ;)
  3. @RogueValor Yes, I know I can count on you for this one ;)
  4. Sounds very intriguing.
  5. Yay, hopefully more will like it too :)
    If there are any questions or remarks, just tell me, I'll be right with ya.
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