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  1. Alright, so I was watching What Would You Do on youtube, and came across an episode where a groom goes to help pick out the bride's wedding dress. What happens in the episode isn’t what I want to discuss but the tradition of the groom not seeing the dress until his wife-to-be walks down the aisle. I can see some pros to both sides, however, being the traditionalist I am, I couldn’t have my husband to be there. I see it as wowing him with this amazing dress that I picked out not just for me but for him.

    So I was wondering, would anyone want their groom there? Or for you guys out there would you rather be there and help pick out the dress and why? Or be surprised on the wedding day?
  2. I'm not a traditionalist when it comes to weddings. I don't want a dimond, it's an inflated valued rock that is bought in blood. I won't wear white, it's a decoloration of virginity and frankly washes most people out. I don't even want a big wedding, I want the marriage not the pomp and ceremony. If the man that eventually wooes me sees my wedding dress beforehand it's because it was in my closet and I've worn it out before.
  3. I'd want it to be a wow moment, partly because cute tradition partly because I don't know any guys who wouldn't be bored to death dress shopping
  4. I skipped the whole traditional wedding thing because it would have cost way too much money. O__O that money was better used in investing in our home.

    I love the ceremony and traditions associated with weddings though. Even though their original reasons are kind lame, there's something really cool about traditions!

    If I had limitless cash and was less socially awkward, I totally would have stuck with the No seeing the dress. XD I would have liked to see him wowed.
  5. If I were to be married and had a say in it, I'd have a go at exchanging vows while sky-diving. I'm pretty sure that'd be a waste of a dress.

    However, assuming a traditional wedding... I'm a guy... And we're talking about hours of shopping for a dress. Let the stereotyping commence.
  6. I don't care at all for Tradition, I believe in doing something because it's reasoned and makes sense, not because some great-great ancestor did it.

    That being said though, I don't spit on Tradition simply for the sake of it.
    If I disagree with a Tradition it's going to be because I have a logical and thought out reason behind it.

    So in regards to the wedding dress?
    Casting aside money concerns, if said wife even wants a big expensive wedding etc.
    I would honestly leave it up to her, what I'd want most of all would be to make her happy.
    So if she's more happy dragging me along to help with the dress so be it, if she's more happy leaving it a surprise then so be it.
  7. I was always of the opinion it's not what you wear, it's how you celebrate. I'd hope my one day fiance would be more into buying a practical dress she'll wear more than once that suits her personality and be the kind of person who wants an engagement ring that has a stone that's as unique and interesting as her, like Alexandrite or ammolite. And instead of spending a metric shitload on a fancy wedding, just something that's in a memorable venue with a few close family members and friends.

    Just because tradition dictates you need a diamond, a giant expensive white dress, and need to get married in a church doesn't mean you have to. Decide what makes you both happy and go for it. Like @Diana, I'd rather spend the money on a house (or a sweet honeymoon location) than the mundane shit.
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  8. I dunno. I probably wouldn't care too much but I'd like the dress- just to have a moment to feel pretty- and the after party and all, for some celebration, but I don't care too much about the ceremony. I'm agnostic, so really, it'd all be up to my spouse's decisions; if they don't want to see the dress, what vows to make (a.k.a, how religious to go with tradition), etc.

  9. Are you okay with Star Wars Themed?
  10. You very well know I would walk down the ailse to the Imperial March.
  11. But would you wear that damned bikini?!
  12. That's not wedding gear, that honeymoon!
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  13. @Dervish I'll give you a stamp of approval for that philosophy dealing with tradition. I like the way you think!
  14. Oh, right...


    Jedi Robes it is, then!
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  15. If I weren't a giant cartoon cat monster, I'd blush. ;D
  16. @Dervish You fool. Cats still blush. [​IMG]
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    I guess that cat's....

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