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  2. Autumn: I sat silently in my office looking over a new clients criteria. This was going to be a tough one to please. She was the daughter of a hotel chain owner and of course whatever she wanted she got. The only issue with that was the fact that she changed her mind an unGodly amount of times. With an unruly sigh, I got a call from my secretary that my assistant had arrived. Assistant, a job I didn't think I would hire anyone for. Then again the man that I hired was not a normal man at all.

    James ran his hand through his longer than average chestnut hair. This was his first day on the job and he really didn't want to let you down. He seemed to have done so, after disappearing for a few years to go off and do whatever he wanted. Though, James found it quite strange that you were a Wedding Planner since you were never married. The thought of you being married put an uncomfortable balance in his step as he opened the door to walk into the foyer of your studio.
  3. Olivia slept soundless on her bed. she had a lot of work to do. she woke to her alarm and went to shower. the water ran down her body and she sighed. she had hired help. however this help was an old Crush of hers. she however was a professional. she got ready for the day and grabbed her coffee. she went for her office and opened everything up.

    she was working at a table leaning over a few papers as she was desinging a few things. she heard the door click open but did not look up or go to look. The woman at the front desk asked him why he was here. when he tells her she nods and sends him up." He will be up soon miss." She said."great thank you alice." Liv said and went about her business.
  4. Perchance,where did my crush go?
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  6. Weston had woken and showered. he slowly made his way into work. he grabbed coffee for his boss and him. when he got in her set his things down and went to gI've her her cup." here boss your all set." He said to her with a crooked smile.
  7. (Actually, in the sign ups I stated that you create your crush and I will play them, which goes for the same as my future roleplay partner)

    Autumn: I looked up to see Weston there with a coffee and I grinned,"Thanks, Wes," I spoke and set the coffee down before hugging him. It's been nearly four years since I have seen him. The last time was the day we graduated, he ended up getting a soccer scholarship to Notre Dame and I went to Messiah and then Yale. It was hard to keep in contact and eventually it all died out. "It's nice to see you again."

    James took the nice golden elevator up to your office and walked in. "Ms. Olivia?" he asked not sure how you would react to seeing him after all this time. Though he was quite unsure as to whether or not you hired him for his skill set. James grinned,"How are you today?" he asked setting his McDonald's breakfast onto your desk. The lad had been in a hurry and needed food to fuel his creativity.
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  11. weston was suprised by the hug but hugs her back." yeah it's been a while. how you been." He said. He didn't really hug people so it was weird for him. Heven hadn't seen her in years. He shrugged" So what are we working on." He asked her. he kinda didn't want to talk about what he had been up to.

    Liv held her hand up to say wait. she was busy trying to design something. She finally looked up and sighed. she smiled and held out her hand." welcome to my business James good to see you again, will you please put your food on a chair not the desk." She said. she turned back her project. she was a bit flustered.
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