Wedding Magic II: The Wedding Charps Logs

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    [Veruca Hob is going to the chapel ] -05:03 Oct 17
    [Gemma is going to RUIN a wedding. For it is the right thing to do!] -05:05 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Does my hair look alright?" Veruca was nervous, and why shouldn't she be, it was the big day when her and Malcolm would wed in front of all their loved ones -05:07 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Actually, it looks kind of bad. Maybe you should run back to the hair dresser real quick and get this mess fixed. I mean, hair is not supposed to be this fluffy." Preventing Veruca from getting there hadn't worked at all. Yet. What she needed was help and lots of it. At least Malcolm wasn't there yet! -05:09 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca looked at Gemma with a frown, then smacked her friend's arm and laughed. "Okay I will try to stop fussing. But you can't blame me!" -05:11 Oct 17
    [Pence Castell is only here because Gemma called him up last night.] -05:12 Oct 17
    Gemma: "No, really, you should totally fix it. Here, take this brush! I'm going to make sure everything is going according to plan." And by plan, she means HER plans.... of everything going to horribly wrong that this wedding couldn't go on. "In fact, how about I make sure Malcolm gets here okay? You know how grooms like to run away the night before the wedding. Or get kidnapped. Kidnapping happens a lot these days." -05:16 Oct 17
    [Malcolm Pollard is not yet on the scene. Of his own wedding.] -05:20 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Gemma, you can stop teasing me," Veruca complained, but she picked up the brush anyways. "Yes, go see how Malcolm is doing for me. You're such a good friend." -05:20 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma might have laughed maniacally if she were in the mood for it. Istead she was pensive, nervous, and a total wreck. She escaped the room as quickly as she could and out in to the hall. What she needed was help. And who better to help than Malcolm's own very best friend in the whole universe? Gemma went on the hunt for Pence! -05:23 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Okay, well maybe he was here because he had his own agenda but Gemma had still called him the previous night after he'd stormed out of the party. She'd wanted to talk about something important, though she wouldn't elaborate at all. So here he was, wearing his tux, looking pretty damn put together for someone who was royally pissed in two separate senses of the term. Okay, so he wasn't stumbling drunk but a little liquid courage had been needed for him to even show his face today. He was sulking by the entrance, leaning against the wall with his camera slung around his neck and hands in his pockets. -05:25 Oct 17
    Gemma: It took a little searching, but Gemma found him lurking around the entrance. She didn't remark on his clothes, nor did she waste any time launching right in to battle. "There you are. I'm glad you showed up, after all." Gemma grabbed Pence by the arm and dragged him behind a column. She lowered her voice to speak. "I'm going to tell you a huge secret, and I know it's going to sound a little crazy, but it's important. The life and happiness of your best friend is at stake." -05:33 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: The man who swept past Pence looked far too young to be the father of the bride, but so he was. Mr. Hob was a tall, long-legged man with a shock of dark hair, dressed more like a rock star than was appropriate for a wedding: his tux was a metallic blue. He waggled his fingers at the photographer and Gemma as he headed back towards the room where his daughter was getting ready. -05:33 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Pence Castell: Well he didn't mind being dragged along or hiding behind a pillar as if that would actually give them privacy, but Pence wasn't particularly listening to Gemma. He was still staring with a cocked eyebrow at the man that had just passed. And strangely enough, "Heroes" was playing in his head instead of Gemma's words. Even when he looked back at her and saw her lips moving, all he heard was, "we can be heroes, just for one day!" Maybe it showed on his face because he was blinking rapidly at Gemma and trying to shake the song away. -05:39 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: There was a knock on the door. "Yes?" Veruca asked as she fiddled with her veil. When the door opened Veruca squealed in delight. "Daddy!" -05:42 Oct 17
    Gemma: "...she is a witch and- Pence. PENCE?" Gemma snapped her fingers in front of his face, then cast a glare over at the 'distraction'. Oh Papa Hob. Were this any other day, even SHE would be drooling in lust over the man. But there was no time for that now! "Damnit Pence! I am trying to tell you stuff!" -05:42 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Finally Gemma's words got through to him after she snapped her fingers in his face, even if he was still a little distracted."Hnnngh but he reminds me of David Bowie!" Pence whined, even squirming a little on the spot. His teenage days were all coming back to him now. Listening to Bowie and making out with-- Dammit his attention was everywhere but where it needed to be today! -05:45 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "Angel," Mr. Hob greeted his only daughter with a languid smile and a kiss on her cheek. "How are you? You look ravishing. I'm yet to be convinced that your husband-to-be deserves you." -05:49 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Veruca Hob: "Daddy I have a feeling you wouldn't think anyone is good enough. But you met Malcolm, you know he's a good man." Veruca gave him a big hug, then took two steps back and slowly spun for him. -05:51 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma stared at Pence for a moment. He had NO idea the gravity of the situation. Wait... "Are you DRUNK? Already?! You sonofabitch." She grabbed him by his coat and shook him. "I am trying to tell you something important! Veruca isn't who she says she is! Malcolm is bewitched!" -05:52 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "Of course no one is good enough." He may have had many secrets, but his doting on his daughter was certainly not one of them. "But if you say he will do, then I suppose he will do. Your mother seems to approve." He took one of Veruca's hands and kissed it. "It is good to see you glowing, my dear." -05:58 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Pence Castell: "Argh! Stop shakin' me, you crazy woman!" Pence growled and tugged out of Gemma's grasp. "And yeah, I sorta kinda figured Mal was under her spell. He does eeeeverythin' she tells him to do. Damn women and their womanly magic..." Grumble grumble. They were talking metaphorically, right? Because he was tossing metaphors all over the place today. He'd be like a...uh...Girl Scout but instead of cookies, he'd sell metaphors. "I need another drink." -05:58 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca was sure her mother's approval was partly because of Malcolm's ass, but she wasn't going to suggest that to her father. "Thank you Daddy. I can't believe today finally has come. You didn't see Malcolm before you came in, did you?" It was still early but she was excited. -06:00 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma stopped shaking him. Just to SLAP him instead. "I'm not talking about real love, you ass. I mean a literal love spell! Only... it's not really a love spell, it's a... do anything she says to keep her happy spell. Real magic." Gemma was leaving out the part where SHE was the one that cast the spell. That was on a need to know basis. "We need to go pick up Malcolm and make sure he doesn't arrive here for the wedding. BEFORE he gets here." -06:01 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Pence's cheek burned from the slap but at least it'd snapped him back to his senses! Holding a hand gingerly to the wounded cheek, he frowned at Gemma and all of the silly words that came tumbling out of her mouth into a big ol' confusing heap. ".....Say wut now? Miss Gemma, you shouldn't be berating me for drinkin' when clearly you've been hittin' the sauce harder than me. Everybody knows that magic ain't real. Fairytale stuff, darlin'." -06:05 Oct 17
    Gemma: "I don't have time to explain everything. So... here!" Gemma demonstrated instead, with a very familiar spell. That little strip dancing spell. If he didn't believe THAT, then she might very well be on her own today! -06:07 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: Veruca's father arched one thin eyebrow. For her sake, he kept his thoughts to himself, but he hoped that Malcolm wasn't going to do anything that Mr. Hob would make sure that the man regretted... "I didn't, no. It's a bit of a crowd out there. You're marrying into quite a large clan." -06:07 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Pence Castell: He really didn't understand what Gemma was trying to get at until it happened. He started feeling that urge. Hands lifted to tug at his tie to loosen it and even though there was no music, Pence's feet were already moving. "What the... S-so it was YOU?!" he growled as he tugged the tie away from his neck, gave it a spin over his head, and tossed it aside. "Cut it out!" -06:12 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma cut off the spell and looked smug for about half a second. "Get it now? I'm not the only one. Vercua is a witch and she hasn't told Malcolm. We can't let them get married this way. are you going to help me stop this wedding or what?" -06:18 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Somehow he felt just a little violated and he took a step away from Gemma as if putting more space between them would save him from her clearly not fairytale magic. And to hear that she wasn't one of a kind was even more upsetting. But oh, the icing on the cake was that his best friend's bride was a witch. Oh how hunky-dory today was turning out to be. But wait... Then the metaphor about Malcolm being under Veruca's spell... Oh hell no. Dead set determination and seriousness settled in Pence's expression then and he gave Gemma a nod. "You're damn right I'm gonna help ya stop this wedding." -06:23 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Good." Gemma gave a sigh of relief. Now for phase two of the plan. "We have to work together. One of us needs to go get Malcolm and make sure he doesn't ever arrive. We can't tell him about the spell - not yet anyway. And then one of us needs to stay here and try to make sure as many things go wrong as possible to stall things out." -06:26 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Right, okay. Which do you prefer?" Pence asked as his eyes darted around the room for possible eavesdroppers. "Also, that's all good for delaying a wedding but I don't think it'll be enough to actually stop it..." -06:31 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "He does have a lot of family. I knew it was big, but..." Was Veruca nervous? Maybe just a little. She smiled regardless. "Large or small though, the important thing is we love each other. Right?" -06:31 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Shut up, we're stopping it. If I can prevent today." Gemma peered around the column at the wedding guests who were gathering around and chatting. "All right. You should stay here. I suggest you lock the priest in a room, set fire to the flowers or something. I'll delay Malcolm." Gemma had a few special delay tactics up her sleeve. After all, she might have booby trapped his place some time in the middle of the nigh with a few harmless, but annoying Missing Item spells. "And if anything happens, you call me on my cell phone!" -06:34 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: Mr. Hob studied his daughter with a shrewd eye. "If you're sure that this will make you happy, then that is all that matters. You know that I always told you to marry for love." He lifted her chin up gently in his fingers, doing his best to reassure her. "Veruca, you shouldn't settle for anything less than that." -06:36 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Mrs. Hob: Speaking of Malcolm's big giant family, MRS. HOB was out there getting to know a couple. Dressed like a Queen, a glass of wine in her hand (despite the fact there were no refreshments here, and may have been some of the church's wine) "What do you mean you don't have any unicorns in your stables? They are the best of race horses, my goodness!" -06:39 Oct 17 Gemma
    Veruca Hob: Veruca looked up at her father and smiled. "I do love him." Then her smile turned mischievous. "I was thinking of spying on the wedding guests..." She pointed to the mirror atop the vanity. -06:40 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Roger that, Miss Gemma. I will do what I can." Giving a little salute, Pence backed away and then turned to head for the back of the church. He could start by hiding the priest's service guide. What else could he do? Oh! Ohhh! The ring! He'd have to find the best man... -06:45 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: Her father clapped his hands, a throaty chuckle escaping his lips. "An excellent idea. It would be dreadfully dreary for you to be cooped up in here the whole time with no entertainment..." With a wave of his hand, the mirror's surface rippled, and wavering images began to float up within the reflective surface... images of the guests among the pews... -06:45 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Mrs. Hob: Still conversing with guests, Mrs. Hob looked astonished at another conversation. Sipping wine and pointing at some young fellow with long wonderfully painted gold sparkling nails. "Are you telling me that there is not a single goblin, witch, or ogre in your family tree? But with that nose...! Surely you are at least half ogre. Who is your mother?" -06:48 Oct 17 Gemma
    Veruca Hob: "Later, before we have to go out, we can see if my bride's maids want to enjoy the show." Granted one of Malcolm's cousins was part of her party, but it would be easy to make her not notice things surely. "But I think waiting until Gemma comes back is best. Is that Uncle Bernie talking to the priest?" -06:51 Oct 17
    Gemma: "I'm counting on you!" called Gemma over the murmur of guests. Then off she went, stalking out there door on to the sidewalk and around the corner. Time to derail Malcolm. Kidnapping him and dragging him off to Ireland was still on the table. Could she take a drugged human on a plane? -06:52 Oct 17
    Gemma: "I'm counting on you!" called Gemma over the murmur of guests. Then off she went, stalking out there door on to the sidewalk and around the corner. Time to derail Malcolm. Kidnapping him and dragging him off to Ireland was still on the table. Could she take a drugged human on a plane? -06:52 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Easy for her to say," Pence grumbled as he slipped past guest after guest, making sure not to make eye contact with the priest as they passed through each other's space. "All she has to do is wave her witchy wand and presto, the priest is a butt-scratching baboon." He cast a glance over his shoulder as he reached the door behind the altar, just to make sure he wasn't being followed. And maybe he was just paranoid but it felt like there were eyes on him. Shrugging the uncomfortable feeling away, Pence slipped into the back room and promptly started looking for hiding spots for the book. Maybe underneath something? How about the air vent? Oooo~ -06:57 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm, meanwhile, was at home, at the distance of a total whopping two neighborhood blocks from the chapel. He could have walked. Instead, he was trying to find his keys to his car, which were nowhere to be found. An odd thing to happen to Malcolm, the poster child for orderly home living, but so it was. He was dressed in his tux, on his knees, digging through his laundry hamper for his car keys. -06:58 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma almost ran to Malcolm's place. But kept it at a brisk pace to avoid breaking one of her heels. ....that she was saving as a delay technique. When she arrived at Malcolm's place, she let herself right in to his apartment without knocking or caring about locks. "MALCOLM! THERE IS AN EMERGENCY!" -07:03 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: The lovely woman was growing bored of all these silly people. Not a single one of them understood a word she said. Thus, she wandered off to find more of her own kind of people. A sister of hers to chat with. Only, instead she saw the read end of someone, half sticking out of an air vent. Mrs. Hob did the only natural thing. She pinched it. "What a fine bottom! I do say, though, what a strange decoration for a wedding." she muttered in amusement. -07:09 Oct 17 Gemma
    Mrs. Hob: The lovely woman was growing bored of all these silly people. Not a single one of them understood a word she said. Thus, she wandered off to find more of her own kind of people. A sister of hers to chat with. Only, instead she saw the read end of someone, half sticking out of an air vent. Mrs. Hob did the only natural thing. She pinched it. "What a fine bottom! I do say, though, what a strange decoration for a wedding." she muttered in amusement. -07:09 Oct 17 Gemma
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm jerked back into an upright position as Gemma came bursting into his apartment, his mouth falling open. For a brief and bewildered moment, he tried to figure out why his door hadn't been locked when he clearly remembered it being so; then, her words breached his thoughts. "A-an emergency? What happened?! Veruca, is she- is she alright?" He was on his feet in an instant, fidgeting with his tie. -07:10 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Veruca's fine. There's actually..." Quick, she needed a wild goose chase mission. "...we're missing her bouquet! Someone forgot to pick it up at the florist, so I figured we'd go grab it. You don't want her upset, right?" -07:12 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Yes! Yes, this was the perfect place! Pence stuck his head and shoulders into the vent on the wall right next to the floor and slid the book down the air duct a little ways. No one would think to look her--YEOW! "A rat! A rat is biting my ass!" he shrieked, though after thumping his head on the duct a few times before scrambling free, Pence found himself staring at a rather dramatically overdressed woman. "M-madame! How... Why...?" Drats! He'd forgotten to lock the door to the back room. "Uh... Madame, you must be lost. Let me help you back to the front room," he said with a charming smile smeared across his lips. -07:14 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "I think perhaps your mother's charms may be overwhelming our guests," Mr. Hob observed with some amusement. He was unperturbed by his wife's behavior, but it would likely upset Veruca to see her mother pinching any more posteriors. "Shall I send her your way?" -07:16 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Malcolm Pollard: ((THAT WAS DAVID BOWIE BLARGH)) -07:17 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "Her bouquet?" Malcolm frowned, still fiddling with his tie and staring at Gemma, brought up short by her explanation. "That's not possible. The florist delivered to the chapel. Unless- You don't mean- all of the flowers didn't arrive?" Oh dear lord, that would be a disaster. Veruca would be panicking. -07:19 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Oh dear!" Veruca said in a bit of conservative dismay. "Mother should see me in my dress. Would you get her?" -07:19 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "Yes, dear. Escort me somewhere more appropriate. I fear if someone sees me alone with a viral young man in a back room all alone, they'll fear you're taking advantage of me." Mrs. Hob batted her eyes at Pence in a most becoming, and unsubtle way. -07:23 Oct 17 Gemma
    Gemma: "ALL of the flowers, totally missing! I swear, she's tearing her hair out as we speak. No one wants to marry a bald bride. I mean, hell I'd forget about the whole thing and cut and run." Hooked, line and sinker! Gemma held out her hand. "Here, give me your keys and I'll drive us over there." -07:24 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "No, no, that will take too long." Now Malcolm was full-on wringing his tie badly enough that it was sure to wrinkle. He cast a wild glance about the room. "Where's my cell phone- I'll call them, no time-" -07:26 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Wow. This lady was Offering her his arm, Pence led the eccentric woman from the backroom with that smile firmly in place. "I'm afraid that anyone who knows me wouldn't think anything of the sort, Madame, considering my...taste." With a wink, he patted her arm and walked her back down the aisle toward some other oddly dressed guests. He could only guess that these people were friends of the bride which meant... Oh god they were all witches. His skin was crawling. At any moment he could be turned into a frog! -07:27 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "Of course." With a parting kiss to the crown of Veruca's head, Mr. Hob strolled back out into the hall at a liesurely pace to retrieve his wife. -07:28 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Veruca Hob: Veruca waved to her father then went back to watching the show. It was then she noticed WHO her mother pinched and she snickered. "Poor Pence!" Then she recalled the night before and was relieved. Should she call Malcolm and let him know Pence showed up? -07:29 Oct 17
    Gemma: The guy was a total wreck. Gemma felt.... Gemma felt. That was weird and awful. This was awful! The poor stupid shmuck! She gave a heavy sigh as she crossed the room and grabbed his arms. "Malcolm! Relax. Relaaaaaax. It's all going to be okay, I promise. You're going to be exactly where you need to be. Now! Take a deeeeeep breath with me, then we'll get your phone and keys and go to the florist and make SURE everything happens the way it should. Okay?" -07:29 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "I see. The you will be delighted to meet my husband. He adores the taste of men." The amount of meanings in that phrase were ridiculous. She took his arm and sipped her stolen wine. Looking pleased as pie to walk back to the crowd with a handsome young man in tow. Even more pleased at seeing her husband across the room. "YOOHOO! Darling...! Look at what I found, just hanging on the wall like a Christmas stocking! Isn't he just delicious!" -07:33 Oct 17 Gemma
    Malcolm Pollard: Gemma was right. Malcolm counted to ten, slowly exhaling. "...I can't find my keys," he told her weakly, his hands supine as if he were hoping they might fall from the ceiling into his open palm. "I was just looking for them." There was a thin sheen of sweat forming on the groom's brow. -07:35 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: What the hell was with this woman?! Surely Pence wasn't as embarrassing when he was drunk, right? Right?! Face red with embarrassment all the way up to his ears, the young photographer's gaze lifted to find out just who "Darling" was. Oh no. Not David Bowie again. Pence chewed on the inside of his cheek nervously as they drew nearer. -07:38 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Some people would take this as a sign, you know." she commented, finally letting him go once he was breathing. The guy was sweating bullets, and her heart twisted as if it were in a vice. Normally she didn't give a whit about these sorts of things... but this time... this poor guy! Why did she feel so bad? Gemma moved away to pretend like she was looking for the keys. "Besides, it's like there can be a wedding without out. Unless you think Veruca has another lover out there. A long lost betrothed." -07:40 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Though fun to watch the guests, letting Malcolm know Pence was there was more important. Grabbing her cellphone she called her fiancé. -07:40 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "Queen of my universe," Mr. Hob answered his wife with feeling as he joined her beside Pence and pressed an embarrassingly graphic kiss to his wife's lips... eyes open and sparkling at Pence the whole while. There could have been any number of reasons why, and all of them would make most people uncomfortable. "Introduce me to your new friend, won't you?" Definitely eying Pence. -07:41 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Mrs. Hob: "Oooooh. Sweetie, you'll embarass our baby girl." Mrs. Hob purred, not hiding the fact she reached around to give his ass a nice tight squeeze. Still holding her husband in an embrace, she turned slightly to smile her grandest smile and gestured her long golden nails at Pence. "This is... why, I have not even asked his name! Silly me. Then I will introduce myself. I am Edith Hob and this handsome goblin is my husband. We love meeting new friends..." -07:45 Oct 17 Gemma
    Malcolm Pollard: "What?!" Malcolm spluttered. "Why would you say th-" He was cut off by the harsh dial of an old-timey phone- his ringtone for his cell. It was sitting on the nightstand next to his bed, tossed there absently in his frantic search for the keys. He picked it up. "Oh, no, Veruca's calling about the flowers..." His thumb was poised to answer the call. -07:50 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Okay. Cause that wasn't awkward at all. Pence shifted nervously under the man's stare and when the sloppy kiss finally ended, he cleared his throat, about to announce his departure when he was cut off. No. Please don't introduce your new friend to him, weird madame. Let your new friend just leeeeave! Hob. Veruca's...parents. "Pence Castell! Pleased to meet you! Sorry but I'll have to get going. Gotta take pictures and all that jazz, haha!" It was more of a run on sentence that ended with him lifting up his camera and backing away slowly. -07:50 Oct 17
    Gemma: "DON'T ANSWER IT!" Gemma nearly tackled him. Instead, she produced the keys from out from under a couch cushion. "Look, I found the keys! Just ignore it and lets go and it's all going to be okay!" Damnit Veruca! You're going to ruin your life and his! Gemma would never get over this! What would Papa Hob DO to her if she let this wedding happen?! -07:54 Oct 17
    [Veruca Hob ] -07:54 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Come on Malcolm, answer the phone..." Veruca muttered under her breath as she tried to find something other then her parents to watch. Oh, was that Malcolm's younger aunt... And BILLY? -07:55 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: Mr. Hob gave his missus a pat on the behind, eyes smoldering. "Darling, your daughter was asking for you to go see her before she makes her big debut." He turned back to Pence, tilting his head. "You're the best friend then, are you? He mentioned you. When I offered to find the photographer," he explained, waving a hand. -07:57 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Malcolm Pollard: "But I-" Malcolm blinked slowly, and miraculously, he actually paused what he was doing... in favor of narrowing his eyes at Gemma. "You... you don't want me to answer the phone. Why?" The phone continued to ring as he awaited her reply, that short and bracing ring sounding over and over... -08:01 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Yep, that's me! The photographer! Go~nna go do my job now!" Why was his voice so shrill? This guy was giving him all kinds of vibes. "I wouldn't be a very good friend if I slacked in my duties." Also, I need to hide the ring so this thing really can't go down today! -08:02 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "Of course, excuse me." Mrs. Hob cast a cat-eat-canary smile at Pence before she wandered off towards the dressing rooms. She entered in a flurry of dramatics. "Daaaaaaaarling! Mommy's here! Oh no, why are you holding up that phone, dear? You are going to RUIN your make up! Let mommy fix it. You need to look like a proper Queen." -08:04 Oct 17 Gemma
    [Veruca Hob switched computers] -08:06 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Because, Malcolm. You're so nerve-wracked you'll probably faint while talking to Veruca when we could be saving time and getting our asses to the florist and back to the church. Duh!" She jangled the keys, gesturing her head at the door. "You do want to get this all over with as quickly as possible, right?" -08:06 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Because, Malcolm. You're so nerve-wracked you'll probably faint while talking to Veruca when we could be saving time and getting our asses to the florist and back to the church. Duh!" She jangled the keys, gesturing her head at the door. "You do want to get this all over with as quickly as possible, right?" -08:06 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Okay, okay... just let me leave a text." Veruca smiled at her mother as she hung up the phone. It was so unlike Malcolm not to answer, but then again today was like no other day. "I thought I would be more nervous then I am," she confided in her mother. -08:08 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm's lips pursed. I... don't believe a word of that. It was too late, though; the phone had stopped ringing. "Alright, let me just send a text to let her know that everything is fine and that I'm calling the florist." It was remarkable how quickly Malcolm was regaining his composure. -08:10 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "When I married your father, I was a bundle of terror. Doubts about us, about our marriage bed, about other men and women. But you are a much more competant women, sweetie. You know what you want!" Out of nowhere, Mrs. Hob produced a make up kit. With all the colors of the rainbow. She had a blush brush in her hand and was swishing away. -08:12 Oct 17 Gemma
    [(Timeout) Veruca Hob is carried off by some nice young men in clean white coats.] -08:13 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "May I accompany you, then?" the man inquired, hands resting lightly on his hips and not looking at all like he would easily be refused. "Maybe you could tell me a little more about the groom. I've not had any sources other than Veruca and Malcolm himself." -08:13 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Gemma: Gemma didn't like the idea of a text message, but if that would get him in a car with her so she could effectively kidnap him, then it couldn't do any harm, right? "Kay, whatever, text while walking. Or we'll be late to your beloved destiny." -08:14 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca smirked, it was true, she did know what she wanted. It just so happened that Malcolm was a bundle of many of the things she wanted. She quickly typed up a text to Malcolm as she sat with her back straight to face her mother. "Pence is here. Can't wait to see you. Love V." "Would you also fix my hair? I don't think the tiara is on correctly." -08:16 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: He really didn't know how to handle this person at all. It would have been fine about an hour ago but now that he knew the Hobs and associated were potion-brewers, he was very on edge. Why the hell had Gemma left him in charge here? He would have done better with stalling Malcolm, now that he thought about it! "S-sure..Mister Hob. What would you like to know?" Crap. How could he shake off this man and get back down to business?! -08:19 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: There was something very off about this still, but Malcolm reluctantly started after Gemma, tapping out a speedy text to his bride: Gemma told me about the flower situation. On the way to the florist. Sorry. Just as the message sent, he got one in return. When he read it, he stopped dead in his tracks. Pence actually turned up? After the party, Malcolm hadn't been sure... "Gemma, is it... Were you trying to keep me from running into Pence before the ceremony?" The memories of his best friend walking out because of him were still raw. Why hadn't he stopped him? ...But what could he have done? He'd been caught between his best friend and his bride. -08:19 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: Mrs. Hob hummed a jolly little tune as she snatched up the brush and comb, then weilded them with deadly precision. "It's a shame we haven't even met this boy you talk so fondly of. When I was a young lady, parents had to approve of your husband to be. Why, I even discussed with your father about all of the potential beaus we could have introduced you to. But you are such a silly independant modern woman. Pish!" -08:23 Oct 17 Gemma
    Mr. Hob: "Does he love my daughter?" Mr. Hob asked in a low and dusky tone, leaning forward. There was something deep and infinite and definitely not quite human about those eyes. If Pence had any doubts left about the Hobs, this would surely and neatly overturn them. "You know him better than any of his friends, after all. And I want to be sure that my daughter will not be left crying at the altar by an apparently absent groom." -08:24 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Mrs. Hob: Mrs. Hob hummed a jolly little tune as she snatched up the brush and comb, then weilded them with deadly precision. "It's a shame we haven't even met this boy you talk so fondly of. When I was a young lady, parents had to approve of your husband to be. Why, I even discussed with your father about all of the potential beaus we could have introduced you to. But you are such a silly independant modern woman. Pish!" -08:24 Oct 17 Gemma
    Veruca Hob: "Moooooom, I wanted to introduce you to him. Father got to meet him. It was when you took all the ladies to the spa for a month, remember?" Veruca had been darn lucky not to get dragged into that. Of course if she had Gemma would have gone with her. -08:26 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Yeeeeees. You're right. I'm sorry." The S word again. Gemma never said she was sorry. Out on the sidewalk she paused. "I feel bad about what happened. Pence is your best friend. None of that should have happened. I'm trying to fix everything for you Malcolm, if you'll just.... trust me, okay?" -08:27 Oct 17
    [(Timeout) Veruca Hob vanishes in a flash of lighting and puff of smoke as maddening laughter fills the air.] -08:31 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "Did your father meet him? That wicked man! Oh, he must be trying to keep him as a delightful little surprise for. I love your father's surprises!" Deciding that was settled, Mrs. Hob made sure that tiara was set so firmly, she may have glued it in to Veruca's hair. -08:31 Oct 17 Gemma
    Pence Castell: "I uh... Well you see.... Gemma went to see what's keeping him! It's all under control. In fact, I'll call her now and see what the situation is. Probably lost his keys or something." David Bowie Mr. Hob was getting too close for comfort and Pence was subconsciously leaning away. Shuffling away a few good feet, he fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed up Gemma's number, smiling nervously at Mr. Hob while he listened for the pick up on the other end. -08:32 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: Did he trust Gemma? Everything in Malcolm's brain screamed that trusting Gemma was a Terrible Idea. And the apologizing and the soothing was all beginning to seriously unnerve him. "I don't... Maybe I should just go to the chapel first." Did he really want to get married with his best friend still angry with him? He could always call the florist from the chapel, too. Veruca was bound to be frantic anyhow... -08:32 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca looked down at her phone then frowned. "Flower situation?" She had no idea what Malcolm was talking about, but that Gemma had something to do with it concerned her. "Why are you going to the florist?" -08:36 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Malcom, seriously, you need t-" Crap! HER phone was rining now. Gemma pulled it out of her bra and frowned. Pence. He was supposed to call if there was a problem. How hard was it to screw up a wedding? "See, Pence is calling me right now, probably wondering what's taking us so long." Gemma answered, grabbing on to Malcolm's sleeve to make sure he didn't run off anywhere. "Pence, I found Malcolm, but you know this is SO not a good time!" -08:36 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "Pence? Let me talk to hi-" Malcolm started to demand, only to be interrupted by his text message alert. There certainly was a lot of ill timing going around with phones today, wasn't there? Distracted, he sent back another text in answer to Veruca's query: To see why they didn't deliver the flowers. -08:39 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Oh thank god! Hearing Gemma's voice on the other end was like light in the darkness! "Gemma, I don't care! Tell me how to get rid of Veruca's father! He's drilling me about Malcolm like he's Harry Potter as an 80s cop complete with fricken Burt Reynolds mustache and aviator shades. Oh my god please help me!" he hissed into the phone, casting a glance over his shoulder to make sure Daddy Hob hadn't moved closer. "Do witches even have cops? What would your version of Cops be like? Frog potion smuggling ring? No wait, forget that and tell me what to do!" -08:41 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca was looking at her image in a hand mirror, then looking up at her mother smiling. "Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you today Mother." She then looked down at her phone and frowned. The flowers were delivered before I showed up. Something was wrong. Very wrong. -08:41 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Pence, you ass, chill out!" Gemma hissed in to the phone, turning away from Malcolm to at least try and keep SOME of the conversation private. "Distract him! Drill him! Set a fire! If you don't to this, everything will be ruined." -08:44 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: Unfortunately for Gemma and Pence, Malcolm had just read the latest message from his bride- and stepped closer. "Distract me from what? Stop lying to me! Give me that phone, Gemma!" It was the first time he'd raised his voice in front of Gemma for a reason other than panic. It wasn't particularly threatening, but Malcolm was suddenly acting a lot less spineless. -08:46 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca stood up and went over to the vanity, tapping at the mirror that was showing her all her wedding guests. As though she had touched water, the image disolved as rings spread from her finger. As the image steadied a new sceen was shown, from Malcolm's apartment. -08:48 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "I'm not setting anything on fire! And don't give him the phone, I can't lie to my best friend! I swear to god, Gemma, I'll tell him everything!" He was backing up out of the main room and when his back hit the wall, he turned to find a door conveniently placed there. Pence didn't think twice about scooting through it and closing it behind him. Unfortunately for him, he hadn't realized that it was the bride's room. -08:50 Oct 17
    Gemma: "Pence, Don't y-eeek!" Gemma dodged as Malcolm grabbed for the phone. Now holding it out and away from her while trying to keep Malcolm from it. " already know from WHAT Malcolm! I'm doing this for you, if you'd just cooporate!" -08:52 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca didn't like what she was seeing from the mirror, then she heard her door close. Of all the people to come into her room she hadn't expected Pence. He looked frantic. "Pence? What's wrong?" She asked with concern as she walked over to her fiancé's best friend. -08:55 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "Tell me what's going on!" He was scowling, still trying to wrestle the phone from her. "Either tell me what's going on or let me talk to my best friend! I mean it! I want to know why you're trying to stop my wedding!" Because that was what this was all about; Malcolm wasn't stupid, and Gemma was right. He knew what this was. -08:55 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "Oh my, it's that nice handsome young man I found hanging out of the vents a few moments ago." commented the Mrs. She remained where she was, crossing one arm around herself and watching curiously. "Yes, do tell what all the fuss is about?" -08:56 Oct 17 Gemma
    Gemma: "Because.... because...!" Crap, what could she say without telling the REAL truth, and making it all worse for Veruca too? What to do, what to do.... Fuck it! "Because I'M in love with you!" Gemma grabbed his head before he could snatch the phone or respond and planted a kiss on him. This was the worst plan in history, but she was running out of ideas! -08:58 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Pence stopped dead in his tracks, frozen with his phone to his ear. He could hear both Gemma and Malcolm struggling over the phone but it was Veruca's sudden voice, followed by the dreaded Mrs. Hob's, that had but a chill through is body. "Gemma, you're on your own now. I think my life as a human is about to cease." He hung up the phone then and pocketed it as he slowly turned around. Green gaze flicked past both women to eye the mirror that was showing... "Mal? ... You really are witches, the-- Oh crap." Those green eyes went wide when he saw Gemma plant her mouth on Malcolm's. "Veruca. Do not look at the mirror." -08:59 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: He was talking to Gemma? That was surprising. Was she the one that got Pence to come to the wedding? If so then she was going to have to do something special for her friend. "Don't look at the...?" Of course she turned and when she did Veruca saw red. She didn't really think, she just grabbed Pence by the front of his shirt, used the chair as a step, then stepped onto the vanity and into the mirror, dragging Pence behind her. -09:02 Oct 17
    Mrs. Hob: "Oh dear. This can't be good. I'll hold the fort, dear!" Chimed in Mrs. Hob as her daughter vanished with the good looking buns. Mr. Hob was not going to be happy about this. -09:03 Oct 17 Gemma
    Malcolm Pollard: The only thought that Malcolm's brain could process for a long moment was a very loud, Uh??? What was happening could not possibly be happening. Dumbfounded, Malcolm stood there stiffly under the assault on his lips, and then slowly and with dawning horror began to disentangle himself from Gemma's arms, stumbling backwards with eyes wide... only to turn white as a sheet when he saw Veruca and Pence step out of thin air onto the street. His heart leapt into his throat. "What- What- I-" Another teetering step backward, as though he were drunk. -09:06 Oct 17
    Gemma: Shit. Fuck! Oh crap...! Like her spell, her PLAN was now going all to hell in the worst ways possible. Veruca was not supposed to SEE this nonsense. The woman looked ready to murder someone, and even brought her own sacrifice in order to cast a curse. Gemma almost felt bad for Pence now too. Why did she suddenly have a conscience?! "Veruca...! Veru, this is NOT what it looks like! I swear to the Goblin King!" -09:08 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Veruce. Darlin'. You gotta stay calm and let me explain, hun. Veruca?" Pence attempted to dig his heels into the ground but A) the floor was polished and B) angry women possess a ridiculous amount of strength! [i]"This is the end!"[i] he thought as he was dragged into the mirror...and when he opened his eyes again, he was standing on the street by Malcolm's and, oh, what a showdown this was going to be. "H-hey Mal," he said meekly and just stood there, eyes darting. -09:08 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "You swear, do you?" Not far down the street there was a booming sound as a transitor blew. She then swung Pence at Gemma. "Our best friends, conspiring? And to what end? You want to try to destroy my happiness? Malcolm's? For what? A whim?" From the other side of the street a fire hydrent lost it's cap, and water started to spray up into the air. -09:12 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: When the hydrant exploded, Malcolm's knees gave out, and he sank to the sidewalk wordlessly. This was all a bit too much. Gemma's heart-stopping- and surely false- confession was enough, but now he was forced to confront that he was either having a psychotic break or Veruca was really here, really angry, and really ripping the street apart with her mind. He shot a look at Pence, lips parted in utter shock, his eyes seeking out the one familiar element in all the madness. -09:19 Oct 17
    Gemma: "ME destroy your happiness?! I was it doing it ALL for you, you know! And you couldn't even tell your own fiance the truth about who you are!" This was deflecting. Gemme knew this was all her fault, but... she couldn't think anymore. Everything was getting worse by the minute. "Why couldn't you just tell him! And don't give me that family tradition, crap! If a man loves you, he loves ALL of you! You don't even REALLY know each other. He's not even in love with y-" At that point, Gemma shut her mouth quick. She almost spilled. -09:23 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Gah!" Pence stumbled, bumped into Gemma, and just barely managed to catch them both from falling over. "It's not really his happiness if it's forced upon him!" he retorted. "You can turn me into a frog or a toad or whatever but give Mal's free will back! Take away your selfish love spell, Veruca!" Also, it would be nice if she could stop going all Carrie in the middle of the street. -09:25 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: There was fire dancing in Veruca's eyes as she started to statly walk over to Gemma and Pence. "Do not try blame me for this Gemma what the hell do you mean he doesn't..." Then Pence spoke and despite the pure rage she was feeling she actually not only heard his words up listened. What he said caused the fire to die, but only because metaphoric ice was not crawling up her spine. "Gemma, what is Pence talking about?" Her words were very direct as she looked at the woman she called best friend. She couldn't even look at Malcolm right now, afraid both their words had truth. Horribly afraid! -09:29 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Pence blinked in confusion for a moment until Veruca's words truly sunk in. She sounded awfully...innocent. "Gemma, you told me that Veruca put a spell on him, right?" he asked, turning is confused expression on the other woman now. "Did I... Did I do all of this for nothing?" -09:34 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma shoved Pence off her with a great deal of annoyance. Tattle telling bastard. ...she couldn't be mad at him for it. All of Gemma's bravado, will, and everything else just deflated. Wringing her hands, she tried to explain it. The REAL it. "Veruca, he... I... You were so lonely and wanted someone in your life SO BAD but you're always so damned shy! I thought, what could a little lust spell hurt? You meet a cute guy for a blind date, have a great one night stand and then you'd be confident and meet somebody! But um... um... something went wrong. So, so, SO wrong. I had no idea! Not until the party...!" -09:34 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "I need someone," Malcolm's small, brittle voice cut in to Gemma's blathering, "to explain this." Sometime during the exchange, he'd gotten himself up on his feet again, and he was standing with his fists balled at his sides and his face drawn taut. "Because what- because what I'm getting is that all of you are liars. I want someone to tell me the truth, please." -09:37 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca had gone from righous anger at seeing Gemma forcing herself onto Malcolm to bewilderment. Veruca shook her head trying to make sense of what Gemma just told her. "You wammied me? Us? Not cool Gemma, but I don't get it? What do you mean it went wrong? I always thought that night was a little weird, but... but we've been happy ever sense..." Veruca finally looked over at Malcolm, who did not look happy at all. "I..." This wasn't how he was suppose to find out about her life. "I just wanted you to... without any of..." Veruca covered her mouth with her hands. She didn't even know how to talk to him. "Please don't be mad!" -09:40 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: All of the unpleasantness evaporated from Malcolm's features the moment that Veruca uttered her plea. "I'm not mad, darling. Why would I ever be mad at you?" There was a sort of hazy fondness in his glassed-over gaze. -09:43 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "Ugh! STOP IT! Just stop manipulating him!" Pence shouted, so loud that his face was now red at a beet. "I don't care who cast this stupid spell but one of you remove it, right now!" As far as HE was concerned, he'd never lied! Sure, he'd tried to stop the wedding because he'd thought Veruca was evil, but he'd never damn well lied! -09:48 Oct 17
    Gemma: "THAT. THAT IS WHAT I DID!" Gemma was practically sobbing, and for Gemma, that never, ever, happened. "Everything you tell him to do, he does it. Everything. EVERYTHING. Just a night of fun sex that was all I wanted to do. Then if you really liked each other, it'd be cool right?! But it's all wrong... I don't know what went wrong. He's will-bound to you, not in love with you!" Poor, poor Malcolm. If Veruca killed her, she deserved it. Gemma didn't care about anything, but taking away someone's ability to think and decide for themselves... this was the worst sort crime. And then Pence twist the knife even harder. "...and I don't know how to break it." -09:48 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca's jaw dropped. She looked at Malcolm, not able to even imagine what was going on, then Pence said it and Gemma explained it. She kept her back to Gemma and walked over to Malcolm taking both his hands. "Let's go inside, we need to talk." She started talking back to the aparment with Malcolm, pausing to look at Pence. "Give us a few minutes alone. I've got to... I have to make things right at least." -09:53 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "I see I was right to be concerned." The dangerous, velvety voice of Veruca's father filled the short silence that followed. "Please wait a moment, sweetness." The Goblin King- for that was, after all, the true identity of Mr. Hob- stepped out from behind the spray of the broken hydrant, his eyes black as pitch as he put a shielding arm around his daughter and gave Gemma a look that could pierce the soul. "Fortunately for you, little butterfly- and everyone else- I believe I can help to set things right." -09:56 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Gemma: Gemma was dead. Dead, dead, dead. She sure as hell was never going to the Goblin King's mistress, that was for sure. And now, she didn't even care anymore. It was as much as she deserved. Gemma was visibly wilted, with her face in her hands, groaning out loud. "I just wanted to make things easier for her...!" -09:59 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: "Daddy," Veruca said with relief. Sure this was not how she wanted to look in front of her father, especially on her wedding day, but when the Goblin King said he could fix something the deed was almost as good as done. If nothing else it was her father and she knew that he would do almost anything for her if she really needed it. "What are you going to do?" -10:02 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Oh god, not this guy again. Pence whimpered and backed away from Mr. Hob. Now, don't get him wrong. He wasn't some sissy man. But these were magical folk. He was at a great disadvantage. And let's not forget how Mr. Hob had been sizing him up for dinner earlier. "Y-yes... Just what exactly are you going to do, sir?" -10:05 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "I can do nothing." The Goblin King's expression softened as he tended to his daughter, very carefully tilting Veruca's chin up so that he could lock eyes with hers. "I fear that it is something that falls to you, Veruca, my little girl. Can you be brave?" -10:08 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Malcolm Pollard: "What's going on?" Malcolm's voice was full of fog, his hands still in Veruca's grasp. "I thought we were going inside. Veruca?" -10:09 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca was more then a little startled when her father said he couldn't do anything. Hadn't he just said...? She looked in her father's eyes all the while squeezing Malcolm's hand. "I'm your daughter. Of course I can be brave." She was a little frighten on what was about to be asked of her, but for Malcolm she would do anything! -10:11 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "His will has been given to you. You have to give it back." Taking Veruca by her shoulders, the Goblin King turned her to face Malcolm. "You have to order him to speak his mind. To tell him that he must say what he truly feels. It will be the last order that the spell compells him to follow; once his true feelings are uttered, the hold you have on him will be broken." -10:19 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Malcolm Pollard: ((Stupid color. ;___;)) -10:19 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: That sounded easy enough. Veruca looked at Malcolm, her mouth slightly open to speak the words and she felt her heart racing. What would happen when the spell was broken? Would any of it had meant anything? Hot tears ran down her cheeks, her mothers work being destroyed. Her fairytale was at an end. "Malcolm I love you too much to keep you caged up like this. Let your will be yours once more, to think, to speak, and to feel as you honestly do." Her voice somehow stayed steady through it all, but once she was done speaking she looked down. It was all too likely that even if Malcolm didn't hate her, he probably never loved her. -10:24 Oct 17
    Gemma: Gemma couldn't even speak. What would she say anyway? She had pretty much made things as shitty as they could be for everyone involved. On the bright side, it would be fixed? The woman was waiting with her breath held. -10:27 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: At first he'd been pissed to find out that his best friend had been tricked all this time! But now, as he watched those tears roll down Veruca's cheeks, Pence felt a tightness in his throat and in his chest. She really did love him... "Come on, Mal. Say the right thing..." he whispered, gaze shifting to his friend, brows knitted together with worry. -10:30 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: The light began to filter back into Malcolm's eyes as Veruca gave her final order. His hands twitched in hers, and his mouth worked as if he were trying desperately not to speak. It was all in vain, however, for the words came spilling out within a moment: "I don't know what to think. I thought I loved you but I don't even know you. I don't know myself. You lied to me. Our relationship never had the chance to be real. I'm hurt that you lied. You scare me." He swallowed thickly, and then a teardrop streaked down his face. "I-I'm sorry, Veruca. I really did want you to be happy." -10:35 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca looked up, a brave little smile on her face. "I'm sorry. It was never my intention and thank you. I hope... I hope life treats you well." Veruca wasn't sure there was enough bravery in the whole of the goblin court to continue to stand on the side of the street. She leaned in, getting up on her toes, to give Malcolm a kiss on the cheek and then turned. She wanted to be gone from here. -10:39 Oct 17
    Gemma: Hnnnngggg. Gemma had never felt so much in her life. As if there really were a knife stuck in her, twisting around every time someone said a word or shed a tear. She swallowed the lump in her throat, not that it did her any good. "For what it's worth, I am really, really sorry... As soon as I realized, I have been trying to fix it." -10:41 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: Pence's shoulders slumped as Malcolm spoke and his heart dropped right down to his feet. Maybe it was a longshot, hoping for a happy ending to all of this where no one had to walk away hurt... But then a little glimmer of warmth stirred in his gut as a thought manifested. "So give it a chance," he said, lifting his gaze and squaring his shoulders. "Give your relationship a chance to be real. Get to know her." -10:44 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: As his daughter stepped away with heartbreak in her eyes, the Goblin King swiveled on his heel, honing in on Gemma. The air around him seemed to darken and stretch in strange ways. "Gemma Maes," he began, in a voice that could cut diamond. "Daughter of fae and witch. You are henceforth banished from the goblin court, forbidden to cast magic upon mortals, and you will owe my daughter and this man each one boon. Do you understand?" -10:45 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Gemma: Holy shit! On the bright side, Gemma was really expecting to DIE. Or rot away in a dungeon somewhere being tortured for the next hundred years. This was more than she deserved. Slowly, she nodded. Not daring to argue it, or even utter a thank you out loud for fear the Goblin King would change his mind. -10:48 Oct 17
    Malcolm Pollard: "Pence," Malcolm began hoarsely, his shoulders beginning to shake. "Don't. Please." He couldn't. Not today. Maybe one day... but it seemed to Malcolm that there would always be the question of whether it was real, of whether anything had ever been real. His worldview had been summarily broken in more than one way today. If nothing else, he needed time for the raw wounds to heal. Time to know that his mind was his own. -10:48 Oct 17
    Veruca Hob: Veruca walked down the sidewalk. She needed to go back to the chaple and tell everyone. She froze, wondering if she could ask her mother to do it for her. Veruca just wanted to go home, and not to her condo, but HOME. Veruca straigtened her shoulders, she would come back eventually, but for now she needed to cry. Veruca walked into the cascading water from the fountain, her engagment ring falling to the ground as she disappeared into the rainbow mist. -10:53 Oct 17
    Mr. Hob: "Go, Gemma," whispered the Hob. "I do not think she will wish to see you again anytime soon." Without another word, he followed in his daughter's footsteps, leaving the mortals and the hapless witch behind. -10:56 Oct 17 Malcolm Pollard
    Gemma: She just lost her best friend. Crossing the sidewalk to the fountain, Gemma picked up the ring that was left behind. "I'm sorry, Pence. Can you tell that to Malcolm? When he's ready to listen?" -10:58 Oct 17
    Pence Castell: "..." He bit his tongue, if only because Malcolm was that dear to him. Still, he felt like something good was being thrown to the curb here today. It felt so horribly wrong... Rather than say anything else to his friend, Pence turned to leave, casting Gemma a glare. She'd screwed things up royally and had taken him along for the ride. But...she really did look sorry. "...Yeah. See ya, Miss Gemma." -11:00 Oct 17

    Today I told my soft goodbyes/Smoothed reddened sand specks from my eyes/I closed the door on homespun lies/No, I don't want those lullabies/I wander shellshocked, never blinking/All the while my heart keeps sinking/And these words my soul is inking I must revise my way of thinking/I believe in many things/In spirits lost, and thorn-crowned kings/And even far, far stranger things/Like living ghosts, or fairy wings/But what I don't know to believe/When in these woods I sigh and grieve/If I meander home this eve/Will sparkling wonders take their leave?/Tomorrow I offer my timid greeting/The winds which lift me ever fleeting/I taste the blood my heart is beating/Yes, I do want that distant meeting -Malcolm Pollard 11:03 Oct 17

    THE END ;__________________; -Malcolm Pollard 11:04 Oct 17