Web Inventor will SWITCH OFF the internet!

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  1. Delicious English sarcasm.

  2. How about a switch that turns off only certain parts of the web, like everything having to do with [insert whatever you hate here]? ._.
  3. I literally have no words. I mean how... What is this I do not even know. Was this question seriously asked? I mean, I know that people can be stupid, but why was there a need to confirm that the internet has no off-switch? I am just going to retreat into my corner and mourn the death of logic.
  4. Lawl.
  5. Illuminati kill switch. It's all part of their plan.
  6. I knew that deep down, Asmo has a heart of gold. Clearly everything he types is DESU DESU KAWAII and this other angry British man is just lurking quietly, changing his words to British snark. They're oppressing Asmo!
  7. It's actually somewhat possible, see how Egypt shut down their internet during the uprisings.

    I'm not remotely close to a network engineer, but the basic idea is that when you send a request on your computer to another computer, it goes through a series of routers that forward the request to other ones, etc. At the very top are two kinds of services: DNS / IP routers, the first which translates www.google.com to an IP, and the second one that somehow knows where to send your request to the right set of wires to the other computer.

    In the US there is a company called ICANN that controls these servers. It is technically possible for the US to completely isolate its citizens from the internet by closing off access from this top-level point, and also cripple internal traffic.

    But I think I didn't get the joke.
  8. So I was the only one thinking 'That last quote sounds like some SNARK SNARK Asmo himself could've said!' as I read it?

    I don't believe that.
  9. Today we learned that Asmo was actually Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
  10. *deactivates Grumpy*