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Boggy Creek, 12am



"Showtime..." Matthew whispered to himself, looking down at his wristwatch. 12am. Midnight. The exact time he said he would be waiting where Boggy Creek began for those who managed to solve the P.S.I.S. code. The dark water of the extremely deep creek continued to flow all the way to the basin of Great Bear Pond (named after the chieftain who discovered Weatherbrook). Although he wasn't completely near the waterbed, Matt was cautious of the creek. He knew what lurked within. While the creek didn't look like much upon first glance, the run-off from Great Bear Pond had worn away the earth to such an extent that just standing within the creek brought the water up to an average sized person's waist. It was an inconvenience for the townspeople, fearing they might slip in by accident... But for a Reptillian, it was the perfect method of transportation. Reports of people drowning in the creek were more common now then ever, but oddly enough, trauma on the bodies of the victims reveal they might have even dragged into the creek or the pond. Sometimes no body would show up, but the discarded clothes of a missing person would turn up in Great Bear Pond. Not many suspected it, but Matthew and a few other like-minded people knew that the creatures dwelling within the waters were responsible.

Reptillians were tall, humanoid creatures with misshapen features and scales all across their bodies. They had slime covered scaly skin, piercing red eyes, and sharp teeth with jagged claws on both their hands and feet. In between each clawed finer was a set of retracting webbing, allowing the creatures to swim incredibly fast. Reptillians were capable of ripping a living creature apart within minutes, which was why Matthew had ordered those who showed up to bring weapons. They were going hunting for a specific Reptillian female who Matt had previously tracked. The creature had been reportedly breaking into the local Japanese resturant and stealing the freshly caught salmon. Some of its eggs even showed up in the back of the kitchen, but they were taken by pest control (they thought they were snake eggs and disposed of them quickly). So, the female was obviously angry. Not only was there another break in that day, but there was also a kidnapping: a young girl by the name of Julie Dinkledge. She and her family had been eating at the resturant when the break in occurred and in the chaos she had been taken by the creature. Matt just hoped it hadn't gotten hungry in the time since the attack, otherwise there might not be anything to find.

In his backpack, Matt could feel the tiny movements of Nibbles the Mogwai as he pulled himself up to the human's shoulder. Just like Matthew, the adorable creature was eager to meet the people who wanted to help out. Cooing softly, Nibbles gently tapped Matt's shoulder softly, giving the boy an indicator that the creature was saying 'I love you' again. Smiling down at his fuzzy pal, Matthew used his gloveless hand to gently rub the head of Nibbles.

While the others most likely would bring golf clubs or even fake weapons, Matt was more than prepared to tackle the creatures: donned on his right arm and softly glowing was the 'Power Glove'. Knowing that he was able to wield such a weapon was more than comforting, especially since it could impact a large manner of creatures. Especially ethereal ones. Had it not been for the glove, the Banshee currently trapped just outside of Hemmington Manor would still be at large. Who knew a blast to the head with a high powered energy beam was actually going to hurt a ghost woman? But regardless of wether or not the ghost was actually injured, the weapon still gave Matt a great advantage over the monsters. A long range weapon that didn't require ammunition and could reload rather quickly? Perfect.

Strapped to his side was his 'Presently Unnamed Science Device', otherwise known as the probe he stole from an alien ship. It was facing upwards, the orange end sticking out of the small holster he kept it in. It was not glowing, which was a good thing. He had activated the scanner setting and presently, there was no signs of hostile life forms. Yet.

But just as he was about to grab the device and verify he was still alone, Matt heard some rustling in the bushes before him. Extending his palm, Matt could feel the repulser beam charging up in preparation of something big. Instead of a terrifying monster however, Matthew was met with the sight of a small group of people slowly approaching him. Smiling and returning his fingers back to their normal position, Matt deactivated his charged blast and put on his game face. "Hello everyone... Glad you could make it. As you already know, I'm X, and this is Nibbles." Matt said in a clear voice, pointing to the Mogwai when he mentioned its name. "He's harmless, just so long as you don't feed him after midnight. I'll go more into detail about that later, but right now we've got more pressing stuff to discuss. Before I explain our mission... Does anybody have questions or concerns? And because I know this is coming; Yes, some of you will probably die and so could I. When you're dealing with the kind of stuff you don't understand, you always go into the situation with a 80% chance of dying. Unless you're quick and resourceful... Judging by the fact you broke my code, you're definitely resourceful."
Richard also had a "pet" of his own that rested on his shoulder. It was a bug like machine this round green eyes and no mouth to speak of. "I am Richard, and this is my Mobile Artificial Intelligence... But you can call her MAI." He said as she he the bug like machine hovered over his shoulder and spoke to everyone in the group "greetings Everyone, glad to make your aquatence" beeped the droid as it rested it self back onto Richard's shoulder. "She helped me decrypt your code, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here" he said pulling his revolver and loading it up for what was to come. "My question is... What is it we are after exactly? You didn't mention it in the... Let's call it an invite for lack of a better word." He said
Roe stood apart from the others, standing between her sister and the others in a more or less defensive position but she knew the real threat didn't come from them. She could smell the sampy scent of reptiles mingled with death. The scent spoke a single message, 'Stay away or die!'
"So your the mysterious Mister X," Rose smiled at him, revealing white dangerously sharp teeth, her canines slightly longer than usual in the light of the pale moon. Golden eyes flashing with a feral light, she wanted to kill something. Correction, she needed to kill something.
"No, he definitely mentioned what we're after, here. Reptilians. Said it right at the end of the end of the video," Dalton pointed out as he walked up, speaking directly to Richard. His accent sounded deep Southern, Louisianan to be specific, but he enunciated more than well enough to avoid it mangling his speech. He didn't look like much, really. A shorter than average late teen with a messy mass of short brown hair and bright green eyes, muscled in the lanky fashion of one who hadn't completely grown into his body. He didn't really wear anything that made him look dangerous, either. A dark tee with some band logo on it, comfortable sweatpants, and exactly no things on his feet. Not a single weapon on him. That was because he was the weapon, being a werewolf.

He turned around a bit, looking over the people he'd walked here with. Remarkable all of them had shown up on time. No rebel showing up late to the party? Well, maybe there would be one. Suppose he'd find out. Oh, hey, wait that definitely needed to be mentioned. "And you, X guy, you can speak for yourself about your understandin' of the supernatural. I am one. I'd like to think that I have an understandin'," he stated after a minute, turning toward the person he'd seen in the video. There was no point in lying about what he was, after all. He was a useless liar. And the first time they entered combat, which would be soon if Dalton or his nose was any judge, he'd give himself away.


Daniel, meanwhile, kept himself separate from the group. He'd traced the messages, same as the rest, but he'd arrived at the location almost two hours before midnight and settled himself into fairly hidden spot in a tree to observe proceedings. When people began arriving, he couldn't help the frown that settled onto his face. They were all young. All barely more than children. It was a moment after that thought he realized how hypocritical and jaded that was. Not even a century old, and he was already playing the part of ancient vampire superior to humankind. Damn, he really disgusted himself sometimes. Shaking his head at his own behavior, he turned his attention back to the meeting going on below.
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Adam & Kaylee
[From Kaylee's perspective]
"Hello everyone... Glad you could make it. As you already know, I'm X, and this is Nibbles." He said in a clear voice, pointing to the Mogwai when he mentioned its name. "He's harmless, just so long as you don't feed him after midnight. I'll go more into detail about that later, but right now we've got more pressing stuff to discuss. Before I explain our mission... Does anybody have questions or concerns? And because I know this is coming; Yes, some of you will probably die and so could I. When you're dealing with the kind of stuff you don't understand, you always go into the situation with a 80% chance of dying. Unless you're quick and resourceful... Judging by the fact you broke my code, you're definitely resourceful."

"Yeah, I have a question." Adam muttered to himself, his voice dripping in sarcasim. "What the hell, man!" He whispered so only the two of them could hear. He was standing away from the rest of the group, hidden by the thick swamp foliage, either hand holding a specialized gun that he trained on a new person every few seconds (he looked like a paranoid ass, but Kaylee knew he was being smart) and Kaylee was glued to his side. He kept trying to push her behind him out of view of (even though they were already hidden) and every time he nudged her she staggered under the weight of the enormous wepons filled duffle bag she had slung over her torso. Kaylee had just peeked out from behind him to glance at the speaker 'Mr. X', when Adam gave her a particularly hard shove that almost nocked her right into the swamp.

"Adam!" she scolded involuntarily, keeping her voice at a low hiss.

~Flashback To Earlier That Day ~
Outside Weatherbrook Motel

[Adam's Perspective]

After the long drive Adam was eager to get out of his veachle and stretch his legs. That and check into the motel so he could head over to the diner and try some of Weatherbrooks world famous pie. But first, the motel. Adam wandered into the front office and smiled warmly at the lady behind the front desk. "How ya doing," he greeted, "One room please." he laid a stack of cash on the counter as the cute girl checked him in. "So I hear Weatherbrook has great pie." he continued in the small talk.

"Try the diner down the street," she commented then handed him a room key. "2A".

"Thank you." Adam entered his assigned room just to look around. He didn't really have much to drop off because he left all of his things in the car in case he needed to make a quick escape. Speaking of which he wanted to check in on his weapons and arm up now, just in case. Adam locked up his room securely and made his way back out to the car. It was a lazy afternoon and there was not much going on in the town. It was hard to believe there was anything off here. Then again, when it came to the supernatural looks were often deceiving. Lost in his thoughts, Adam mechanicly went through the motions of unlocking the trunk to organizes his weapons, like he did on every job.

"Hia, Adam!" She sprang up out of the trunk like a friggin' cheerful jack in the box.

"Jesus!" Adam yelled and fell back onto his butt in the middle of the parking lot. "Kaylee!" he scolded, "You--scared the crap out of me!" Kaylee shugged unaplogeticly.

"Sorry." she said, clearly not sorry.

"You could have--been smothered in there! What if I never looked in the trunk? What if we got in a fender bender?" He had every intention of continuing to yell for another five minutes straight but she cut in.

"You always check on the weapons first thing before every job." She said smugly. "I knew you'd find me."

"Well--!" His mouth continued working as he tried to think of more reasons to yell but no sound came out. 'You--I told you, you couldn't come, you should have stayed put!" Kaylee shrugged again, completely nonchalant.

"Sorry." she said for the second time.

"Dammit, Kaylee! I can't keep you safe if you never listen to a thing I say--I can't do my job If I have to worry about you all the time!"

"Then don't" she cut him off again, "worry about me! Come on, Adam, I'm not an invalid. I know how to take care of myself. Besides, you could use my help and don't," she raised her voice and overrode his protests, "say you don't. You know I can help. Come on, even you're not use to hunting alone. And we make a good team." Adam was furious but she had this annoying way of breaking down his walls. That and of course she had to be damn smart and logical.

"You know what, I don't have time to deal with you right now." He grabbed her upper arm firmly. "We're going to get some pie." He started dragging them both toward the diner, firmly scolding her. "And If you put one toe out of line--if you do anything I don't like then I'm taking you straight back where you came from, job or no job." He could feel Kaylee rolling her eyes but she allowed him to guide her into the diner.
~End Flashback~
Adam looked at her out of the corner of his eye. He said nothing but stopped nudging her away every two seconds. That was good because she didn't want to drop the weapons duffle bag that Adam had assigned to her. She had absolutly refused to stay in the motel while he went to stake out the job and the mysterious Mr X. She knew he wouldn't want to leave her to her own devices so he had given her the wepons bag to keep track of since X had said to bring weapons. The message had been vague so they didn't know which ones to bring exactly...thus, they brought all. Adam was armed with his usual guns and various other hidden blades and baubles on his person. He had handed her a giant machete and told her to take a swing at anything that so much as looked at her wrong.

As others in the small group before Mr X began voicing their questions Adam whispered to her, "Well? See anything?" She knew what he ment. Did she see anything supernatural with her unveiled eyes.

"Yes, well sort of." she said hesitantly.

"Sort of?" he hissed in a whisper, impatiently.

"Just, give me a minute." she whispered back in the same tone. "Just because I can tell that their here doesn't mean I can tell exactly what they are off hand." she made the excuse to keep him quiet. It was somewhat true. Some creatures, like the ones that were born human or had human dna somewhere down the line, were a little harder to sense. She could still sense them but It was hard to identify exactly what they were. Or at least, It had been. Either her ability was getting stronger or she was honing it better. What she could do--it was hard to explain it to others exactly. It was kind of like a sixth sense, like that feeling you get when you know you're being watched, the hairs that stood up on the back of your neck, that gut instinct that you feel when a predator is near by. It defied all other senses. Even if she couldn't see, hear, taste, touch, or smell them, she could feel them. If she ignored the sense, calling it irrational, It would go away. But if she listened to it, it got stronger. True, her eyes were also somewhat of a help. Supernatural beings just looked different. Sometimes they had this weird glow about them, or she could see their true face under their human looking skin, as if they wore a transparent mask. But even if she couldn't see a certain paranormal being she could sort of feel that they were around. That's where the hairs on the back of the neck came in. Just like now, she thought she could tell that Adam and herself were not the only ones hiding, skulking in the swamp.

"What the hell is this 'Mr X' doing with them anyway." Adam said annoyed and disbelieving. Clearly he thought the cryptic message was for him alone, or at least other hunters. He had no idea why X would trust the creatures he should be killing, let alone invite them to hunt other creatures. Kaylee herself had to admit she hadn't been expecting it either.

"Well," Kaylee said, "X looks clean." she said, meaning human. As Kaylee's eyes ajusted and Adam surveyed the scene, the two listened to the conversation unfolding before them. Kaylee identified each speaker.

An older looking sciency guy with some sort of hover droid.

"Human." Kaylee muttered.

A dark haired girl with dangerously sharp teeth, her canines slightly longer than usual in the light of the pale moon.

"Not human." Kaylee gasped, though she thought Adam might have figured that out for himself.

A young man who defiantly had a southern accent.

Kaylee squinted at him. "Not human." she whispered.

"Holy crap--anymore humans in that freak show?"




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I can't believe I agreed with Jerry on this mission thing. This swamp has danger written all over it. What if this X guy finds out we're werewolves somehow and decides to try and kill us on sight? We don't know anything about ...
Annabelle would have continued her inner worrying if not for the fact that she noticed a couple of figures ahead of her and Roe, headed presumably to the same place as them. Roe made sure to keep a safe distance, but followed since they both knew Jerry wasn't the only one who broke the code. Holding on to one of her backpack's straps too tight, Annabelle followed into the darkness of Boggy Creek's surrounding swamp area. Both sisters strove to look as normal as possible and decided to keep their species to themselves for as long as they could, fighting only as humans for as long as possible if it came to that. The younger girl wore a long ponytail, sneakers, loose jeans and a long sleeved black shirt that gave her a large range of mobility. Along with a ratty green backpack that people would assume is holding weapons, but actually held a medical kit, some snacks and changes of clothes in case they had to change into wolves and back.

When she saw the pair of humans ahead of them stop in front of the guy who introduced himself as X, both sisters made themselves known to him, though near the edge of the group, as Rose insisted on being the barrier between her and the others. Even though X's weapons looked dangerous, Annabelle paid more attention to her heightened senses and it seemed the real danger lied in the swamp around them. After having curiously paid attention to this intelligent hunter's introduction and letting her eyes linger on the kind of adorable Nibbles for a moment, Annabelle let Roe do the talking, drawing attention to herself to make Annabelle seem not so dangerous as she took stock of whatever was around them. It wasn't long til she smelled a fellow werewolf on their tail, though his scent was dulled by the swamp and the fact that he was in his human form. His appearance struck her as obviously not human and it bothered her that the southerner, though correct in the fact that not all were clueless among the codebreakers, he seemed to try to show that he was not here with weapons. Like instead of introducing himself, he just said, yeah we're hunting monsters, but I also am one. Not even wearing shoes. She hoped he wouldn't be a contributing factor if Rosemarie and Annabelle were to be revealed as werewolves themselves tonight. Though Rose didn't seem to keep it subtle.
Rose! You said you wouldn't be too obvious in your 'distraction' while I scope things out. You could at least introduce us like a normal human. Like Richard. Set yourself apart from the other werewolf. He didn't give his name..or bother bringing shoes apparently. We better keep an eye on him. But not gold ones! Gosh.
Annabelle complained to her sister via their mental link. She wasn't really mad, as she hardly ever gets mad, just nervous, keeping her mouth and concealing her own subtly longer canine teeth as her eyes wandered in the dim light of a setting sun and she concentrated solely on her senses. she'd always had a stronger sense of smell than her sister, even though they were both wolves. Though whether that had to do with her nervousness and the alertness that comes with that, she wasn't sure. Her right ear twitched when she heard a hushed conversation somewhere in the bushes nearby. It seemed to be whispered between a male and female, both of which were probably heavily armed since she could hear metal and things clink slightly with their movements or breathing. She couldn't catch every word, but she got the gist of what they were talking about and she didn't like it. How could they know who was human and who wasn't? And what did they know about monsters? Annabelle grit her teeth, but before she reported the find to her sister, she caught a strange noise in one of the trees nearby. She looked up with bright blue eyes, trying to find what could have made such a subtle noise in the foliage nearby. It might've been a bird's wing it was so subtle. Like a breath. Yes..breathing. And a strangely slow heartbeat. Could it be a hostile creature? She could feel a gaze focused on her and she shivered, hoping it wouldn't come closer.
Rose... we have a few spies. Keep up your guard. There are a couple people nearby and hidden who probably know you're not totally human. I don't know how they know, but I heard them. And..and something else. Something watching us. I heard it in the trees. I don't like all this risk we're taking just for a reptilian creature that has very little chance of being dad. But we're here and I guess this is worth it. Let's just be careful okay?
Mint stood up from her spot in the bushes. She had sat down to wait for others and had dosed off in the process. Her heart sank a little at all the people who had arrived; she thought she would have been the only one to decipher the code. As her emotions shifted, she felt the energy radiating from her pendant shift too.

“Looks like I fell asleep on the job, yeah? I hope I didn't miss anything” Mint said as she stepped out from behind the bushes. Resting her bokken on her shoulder, she looked around at the group, quite the turnout for a secret meeting.

"Just call me Mint, I'm nothing special." She said. To her, a magical pendant and some kendo training didn't change the fact that she was a human college student. For all she new, half of these people could be demigods or demons.

“You think this is everyone or should we wait in case someone else shows up?”
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<p>&#039;<span style="color: #000080">Understood,&#039; </span>Roe thought back before dimming her eyes to their normal mellow brown. Now that she was looking for it she could definitely make out the slow thrum of a heartbeat in the trees and could Smell the two humans in the bushes. Subconsciously she moved closer to her sister, positioning herself in front of Bell. Suddenly another person popped out of the woods and Roe couldn't help but roll her eyes. 'How any people are going to sneak up on me tonight?' She thought to herself as the little voice of self hate whispered 'Failure.' The word bounced around her skull for a few seconds before she could shake it off. "Well, now if that's everyone. Would the two little mouth breathers show themselves. Were all her to destroy evil monster not each other. So I suggest you focus on the reptile freaks and not the more super natural members of the team," Roe suggested, gesturing towards the make werewolf. She hadn't really bothered to remember his name, seeing as how she was to busy thinking about ways to kill Jerry for getting them inti this situation.
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"They certainly weren't trained in the art of stealth that's for sure" said Richard looking in the direction of the spies. He then took MAI off his shoulder and tossed her in the air. MAI then deployed her wings and started to fly in place her eye panels turned bright green activating long distant night vision. "MAI , do a mesothermic scan of the area. If there is any Reptiles near by let us know" he said as MAI took off and started to patrol the bog. He then looke to X and asked some more questions. If he was going to provide any help to them he wanted to know just what he was up against. He only hoped that his.... Previous creations... Would be no where near them to cause trouble.
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"And you, X guy, you can speak for yourself about your understandin' of the supernatural. I am one. I'd like to think that I have an understandin',".

"You wanna talk about understanding the supernatural? Alright, how does this sound." Matthew said in a rather dry and emotionless tone, suddenly grabbing the probe and switching its setting. It let out a small buzzing sound as he waved it before the man's body, glowing slightly before it suddenly extended. Pulling the device close to his face, Matt studied it for a moment and said "Kind of a risky night for being out and about, isn't it Werewolf?" To explain himself before anyone jumped the gun, Matt tapped the device and said "A scanner taken from alien visitors. I can know almost anything about each and every one of you in seconds. Look, I don't care if you're a werewolf, vampire, Mogwai, or some kind of living tree; just don't piss me off or try to interfere with the plan. I know about the supernatural forces at play here, I've even seen some of them with my own eyes. Plus, I'm also the guy wearing a high-powered beam weapon on his arm, so getting on my bad side and acting like a cocky jackass isn't the best strategy, alright Wolfie?"

Once he felt his point had been made, Matt looked the crowd over again with the same serious stare he had given the male werewolf. "Tonight marks the first night that we become a team. In order to do so, we must learn to trust one another. I don't know any of you and frankly, I could give a rat's ass if you knew who I was or if you were interested to know. For all intensive purposes, you will call me X. Give me a fake name or a real one, I don't care. But what I do care about is making sure I can trust you. Don't cross me, don't cross each other, and certainly don't expose our plans or the identity of the group. This can only work if we stay hidden, striking efficiently from the shadows. Plus, I have my ways of knowing who you are, should I choose to do so. If you betray the trust of anyone in this group in any way, shape or form, I will personally see to it that you are punished with extreme force, perhaps even death."

He was silent still, waiting a moment while the others began to ask questions. More people showed up, assembling a medium sized group. Perfect for hunting Reptillians, Matthew thought. Better to hunt in a pack like velociraptors than on your own. Then, the group began to squabble. They spoke of ways to track down the creatures, thinking the Reptillians were close. Sighing and shaking his head, Matt blinked at them for a moment before he calmly activated the probe again, holding up a finger to silence the group. Quietly waving it around in a circular pattern, Matthew's body followed the device until it finally began to blink, pointing deep into the woods just beyond the tree line. Lowering the object, Matt turned to the group and waved his hand. "Follow me, and shut up. Anyone makes a noise, and we're all dead. And call back your robot, it's going to scare her away." Matthew explained in a hushed tone before proceeding into the brush. As he walked, he turned his head to the direction where Rose had looked, quietly saying "If you'd rather hang back and watch the professionals at work, then be my guest. Otherwise, come with us, or stay out of our way."
Roe quietly growled at X, her eyes changing color once more. She narrowed her eyes and with a surprising burst of speed, she appeared by his side. Rose didn't exactly like this X guy but that didn't matter. As long as his hair brained scenes didn't hurt Roe or Bell. Roe flipped her hair out of her face and nodded at the man. Wind blew softly through the swamp carrying many scents and sounds to Roe's sensitive ears and nose. The smells of plants and small mice. Along with a owl in the tree to her right and a snake a yard to her right. Then came a unfamiliar smell. It was that a reptile, but reeked of decay and human blood. Its scent was a powerful one that spoke of domince and savagery. "X," She said quietly," rogue reptile covered with the scent of human blood. I can't locate exactly where though. " Roe knew they weren't suppose to talk but thus kinda seemed important.
Richard recalled MAI and the drone landed on his shoulder when it returned. It displayed a holographic map of the area with three red dots. "The reptillian has not moved from its position. an unknown signal is in the Far East. A Raptoid pack is on the hunt in the south." Said MAI as she set her self to stand by mode. Richard then turned to X with a bit of concern. He knows what Raptoids are capable and that a lone reptillian may not be able to handle one... Much less a whole pack. "Those Raptoids can be troublesome, I'm guessing they are tracking the reptillian. What do you suppose we do?" He said.
"Ahead?" asked Mattew, tuning his head towards Roe before he pulled out his probe and scanned the area ahead of him. Just as she suggested, Matt watched as the device began to pulsate rapidly, indicating their target was ahead. Putting the device back in its holster, Matthew nodded at the girl and cast her a small thankful smile. Then, the guy with the metal bird suggested there were Raptoids nearby, perhaps stalking the Reptillian. "Great... Well, that changes things. Keep moving, we'll deal with that as it comes. If need be, we can take on the Raptoids, but for now, be cautious about your surroundings."

As he and his team neared the edge of the creek leading into the pond, he heard it: the wet, squelching sound of meat being ripped from the bone. Turning back to the group, Matthew pointed to Mint, Rose and Richard then gestured left, telling them to cross to the far left side of the pond still concealed by trees. He then pointed to Dalton, Daniel, and Annabelle and pointed to the far right, telling them to cross as well, but this time staking out on the right side of the pond. He then handed Nibbles to Rose, who was closest behind him. "Take him with you, I'm going in alone. All of you, wait for my signal, then be prepared to corner it. We're not aiming to kill just yet... Let's try to contain her if we can."

Peering beyond the bushes, Matthew spotted the creature at the point where the creek connected with the pond. It was hunched over, greedily chewing on something. Judging by the curly tail on the corpse, it used to be a pig. Extending his hands just enough to start up his glove, Matt slowly made his way towards the creature, well aware that it could probably smell him. Every inch of him screamed this was a bad idea, but how else was he going to catch it off guard? But as he was creeping forwards, fate decided to play a cruel joke on the young man; he stepped on a twig. Suddenly, the creature turned its ugly head to stare directly at Matt, it's eyes glowing bright red. It hissed at him, bearing blood-soaked fangs.


"Oh shit..." Matthew muttered, trying to keep his composure as the creature studied him. It hissed again, but this time Matthew raised his arm, pointing the weapon directly at it. Then, he hissed. The creature was obviously taken back by this sudden showcase of power, but it quickly resumed its threatening stance. Matthew hissed again, this time putting on his angriest face. The creature bared it's claws, practically screaming at Matthew. Rolling his eyes at the pointless manner of this situation, Matthew spread his fingers and fired a blast of energy straight at the Reptillian, sending it into a flurry of jitters. Sighing as its body finally went limp, Matthew clicked his fingers. "Alright people, let's get ready. There's gonna be about four or six more of these things coming back for the mother, so make sure you're ready to fight. They're gonna try to flank me, so you guys keep an eye on the water. I'll do my best... But if any of you let me die, I swear that I'm going to come back as a ghost and murder you."
"If we are lucky the Raptoids will pick them off-" Richard was interrupted by a horrific roar. He then turned his head in the direction. He then sighed and spoke once again mildly annoyed. "Correction, They ARE picking them off. Should have known since they are predators. Problem is I can't tell what species they are from here." He then walked over to X and took a gaurd stance. After drawing his sword he focused his attention on the water. If the Raptoids WERE hunting the young of the mother reptilian then those creatures had absolutely no chance of surviving no mater what species they were up against. Another roar echoed through the night indicating that the fight between a Raptoid and a Reptilian was going down some where near by.
Adam & Kaylee
"Will. You. Shut. UP!" Kaylee hissed.

"What? Don't tell me to--"

"No, seriously, shut up. They are going to--"

"Well, now if that's everyone. Would the two little mouth breathers show themselves. Were all her to destroy evil monster not each other. So I suggest you focus on the reptile freaks and not the more super natural members of the team," one of the non-humans said. With her super hearing she could be a vampire, werewolf, angel or demon. She defiantly wasn't a wendigo though. Those things did not look human.

Kayle glared at Adam knowingly and he glared back embarrassed. The two of them knew better than this.

"We are getting out of here, now. This is all sorts of wrong." Adam said and nudged Kaylee backwards again, towards the direction they had come. Kaylee had no disagreements. She might be curious but this just wasn't Adam's style. The two of them crept back towards civilization trying not to slosh around through the bog. Adam kept his guns at the ready and Kaylee gripped the handle of her machete tightly. The two of them didn't breath easy until the motel was back in sight. Before they turned in they stopped at the 24 hour gas station to grab some very unhealthy snackage.

As soon as the motel door was locked behind them Kaylee crashed on the bed and dug greedily into her candy bar. Adam sat at the small window side table and glared grumpily at the laptop screen. "What-cha-doooin." Kaylee asked through a mouthfull of chocolate. Adam grunted.

"Double checking the sightings in the area. I don't know about those reptiles but there seems to be a lot of other creepies in the area."

"Well...obviously." Chew, chew, chew.

"No, no, you're not doing anything. I'm taking you straight back to Charlie first thing."

Kaylee groaned. "Not uncle Charles. He's so overbearing."

"I think the word you're looking for is protective. He's the best hunter out there, Kaylee. You need to--"

"What I need to do, is figure out all...this." Kaylee waved her arms around gesturing at herself.

"Isn't it past your bed time?" Adam sniped, knowing it would annoy her.

"I'm seventeen, not seven." Kaylee grumbled, but turned over on her side and pulled the blanket up to her chin.

"Shoes on and everything. Atta girl."

Roe followed X's instructions though she didn't like being separated from Bell. Rose was quickly distracted as she heard the "Pros" flee the scene. 'Cowards,' she thought, slightly disgusted by anyone who would flee in thus situation. But the boy was protecting his younger sister and that she could understand. Rose's claws grew longer as X faced off with the mother reptillian. She was eager fight but she followed orders. The raptiods were moving in just as the kid with the robot predicted and the roars of the reptilians we're almost scary. Three reptillians leaped from the water circling her and lashing out with razor sharp claws the sliced through her thin t-shirts and left jagged cuts on her pale flesh. The little reptillians we're faster than Roe had expected. She growled at the slippery creatures and raked her claws across one of the creatures sides. Her claws bounced off of the creatures as one if the others sank I teeth into her calf. Howling in pain, Rose desperately tried to escape the creatures. She climbed up the neatest tree in a frenzy of pain and adrenaline. She tried to catch her breath before examining the gaping wound, she didn't want to use up her energy trying to heal it.
As the three Reptilians took to shore, Richard drew his revolver and fired a warning shot at the one that was closest to him. The Young lizard like monster was not happy about that and charged at him. But before it could get near him the monster was set to flame by another, more powerful predator. A loud roar gave away the position of the attacker... It was a Fire Raptoid, and it had friends too. As the badly burned Reptilian recovered from the attack it and the others took their battle to the Raptoids unknowing of the power they have. "Might want to hurry that up X" said Richard as he took back to his guard stance. The first Reptilian charged at one of the Raptoids lunging its claws at it. But a second Raptoid caught in its own claws plunging them into the Reptilian's chest, and ripped it in half! The large monster then out a threatening roar as the other two Raptoids surrounded the remaining two Reptilians. The Reptilians were out gunned, out witted, and out numbered, what happens next is up to nature.
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