Weakening Trust

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  1. "Target is out of the building! Going through the 53. North!" Yelled Allen to the ear piece which transmitted all he said to the central as he ran out of one of those tall glass buildings which populated the expensive business areas of the city. "Fuck... Where the hell is all this people coming from!?" Said him as he tried to open his way to the objective. The bad guy took advantage of a red light to cross the street just before it turned green and the cars began to fill the asphalt again. Allen didn't had such luck, but showing his lack of respect towards his own life he just crossed the street, not even bothering to look to the sides and thus, getting ran over by a cab.

    "Shit..." Was the only thing he was able to mutter before quickly getting down of the hood of the cab and keep up with the chase. Allen didn't had too much more trouble to regain some terrain, but as soon as he had the target on his sights again he saw that the bad guy was hijacking a car. The first thing the bad guy did when he saw Allen was to open fire upon him repeatedly, forcing Allen to got cover behind one of the parked cars of the streets and take out his gun. "Shoots fired! Control, Shoots fired!" Yelled Allen and then he walked out of cover, returning fire over the now fleeing enemy car. "Control! Get a fix on: Plate, Zero-Five-Niner. Bravo-Foxtrot-Hotel." Said Allen and then realized he was standing just in the middle of the street, with a car stopped just a few inches next to him, again, about to be ran over. A woman was looking at him from behind the wheel, so scared it could be noticeable she was about to cry.

    "Get off the car!" Ordered Allen as he went to the driver door and pushed the woman out of the car. Once inside the car, he pushed the throttle and proceed with the chase. "Control! I'm proceeding with the chase. I don't have a visual on the target. Repeat: I need a fix on the target, Control." Asked Allen.