We will Live

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  1. Munashii let out an annoyed side. The plan had not gone as plan, and that meant that they had been chased and just as he slipped into the man hole into ground he let out a sigh. His dark hair was wet from the rain and did not have it's normal 'pep' to it. His eyes where cold as she looked to Amii, the shorter blue twin tail haired female, who had to go on the mission with him. “Really!?! You had to lave me there” he rolled his eyes and began to head toward the main site, of course she was following. Though she seemed a bit more upset than him. “It's not my fault you snapped at the person! You are the one who ruined the plan” She growled crossing her arms. It was not like she did anything wrong, she kept to her part. “You are the short fused one!” she waved her hand as she walked along the muddy water with him.

    Amii let her breath out as they came into view of the entrance. The place might not be the best, but it was enough for their gang to make plans, and to get in and out of the area. She rushed in, followed by Munashii who did not seem to happy. Looking to the younger girls twin, he rolled his eyes. “Your sister didn't stick to the plan!” Which of course only caused her to turn on the man. “Me!!? You your the one who screamed at the man, and deiced to start a fight!” she held out her hands though showing a small bag of some foods they had manged to steal. “Psh, thanks to me we can eat!” she said as she flopped down on the rather lump cough that held rips and tears in it. She glanced to her brother, and the two other females in the group, which to her was a good thing. She liked having more females than males in the group, meant that she was not alone.
  2. (OOC: As sweet_temptation may have neglected to mention, since we're controlling multiple people, we'll be highlighting what our characters say in different colors so you hopefully won't be confused. In her case, Munashii's speech is in blue and Amii's speech is pink. For me, Niro will speak in red while Yumi will talk in green.)

    Yumi was playing her violin in the corner, the sad melody echoing through the chamber. She paused as the two burst in, her face looking a bit sour. "Of course he had to get violent. We should be laying low, Munashii-san, not drawing attention to ourselves. But how did she deviate from the plan, as you claim?"

    Niro rubbed his temples as the group started to bicker a bit. "Guys, it's not important. We got enough food to last us... a day, at least. We'll think of something else, get more food. Just drop it." He smiled a bit, looking at the two returning members. "Well done, you two. Next time, though, I won't be sending you two together. Sound okay?"
  3. Arina woke up from her accidental nap in the chair. The chair wasn't comfortable, so she woke with a cramp in her neck. She woke up just before Munashii and Amii came through the door, fighting. It was something about the mission. She didn't know, she had a massive migraine. She heard something about eating or food or something. "Not Hungry, you guys enjoy." she said. Right now she wanted nothing more in the world, then to be in her bedroom, at her vanity, staring at her mom's picture in the mirror. "I should eat something I haven't eaten in 2 days, and I am hungry, but... I don't care about food, I need a drink." she thought. "Did you get anything to drink? I'm soooooo thirsty." she said as she got up out of the chair and streched, she cracked her neck and the pain was gone. She started walking to where the rest of them were. "What's going on again?" She asked.
  4. Munashii gave a small scowl at the other male, but he didn't say much. Of course he would act like he was the boss, then again he had to admit that he was the more level headed one, even if he himself was the oldest, that was not always the best thing. “Well now you know” he said before waving his hand with a small grumble. He really did not take notice to Yumi or the other female that had been in the group, what was her name? Arina? He looked to her. “While you where sleeping the rest of your short life away, we where out risking our life for food”

    Amii rolled her eyes, but she nodded. “Yeah thanks Nee-San!” she said with a warm smile. Though when Arina woke up she looked to her, “You need to eat. We need everyone at full strength, not half or even a quarter full” she said a small frown to her lips. She had been watching her, trying to make sure that she was not doing anything to stupid, and perhaps eating
  5. Niro looked through the bag, dividing the scarce food supplies for consumption. "Okay, so since you two risked yourselves, you get a slightly bigger portion... but otherwise, this is evenly distributed. Eat up if you wish, but don't eat it too fast or else you'll have no food for tomorrow." He smiled and cracked open a can of fruit, starting to eat it in a slow, savoring manner.

    Yumi shrugged and put her food into her box. "I'm not hungry quite yet, but thanks for the food either way." She resumed playing her violin, playing as softly as she could to avoid irritating the others. She lost herself in the notes, imagining herself as just one part of a grand orchestra. Thousands of eager ears listening to the combined music of a hundred instruments.
  6. Arina walked over to the food and grabbed a small quarter piece of bread, and ripped it in half. She usually loved hearing Yumi play her violin, but today it was so irritating because of her headache. She wouldn't say anything though, Yumi always looked so happy when playing her violin, and she didn't want to make her unhappy. She sat on the floor, and proceeded to eat the eighth of bread. It was stale, but it satisfied her stomach enough, and it seemed to make Amii happy. Amii always watched Arina like a baby, and she was not a baby. She seemed useless today, which she did everyday, but today more than usual. "I'm not sleeping my life away, I was only asleep for about 15 minutes, but I was already awake long enough to know that you two were fighting again, as usual." she said. She felt like a snob saying it, but she had a really bad headache, and they were not helping. "Does anyone know the time?" she asked. It was always the same thing, she would tell her father that she'd be home by 11:00pm, not get home until 12:00am, yet be the one waiting up for him to return.
  7. It was not that Amii babied Arina more, like she knew that having some one sick, could hurt everyone. While she cared for her, she cared more for her and Niro safety. They where twins after all, but when she spoke of her and Munashii fighting she gave a small grumble. “Well, I am sorry that we where fighting. But I don't see you risking your life, to get food?” she gave a small pouting noise before walking over to Niro and then sitting down. She never understood how her brother could be so calm, at times.

    Munashii just waved his hand. “Oh, we are sorry to wake your princess” he said in a more snarky tone than anything, but he picked up his share of the food and began to head toward his own 'spot' where he could eat, and think in piece. Not that it mattered, soon they be talking once again. It was odd, how such an odd bundle of people could work out so well.
  8. Yumi ignored most of what was happening, instead focusing on the illusion of the orchestra. If she had been a high-born, she'd be part of one. She'd be center violin, perhaps even in the front row, though that might be asking too much. Her melody, soft and quiet as it was, sounded sad and had a tinge of longing that made those listening remember times of sorrow.

    Nori, however, remained unfazed. "Well, in the mean time, I'll head topside and try to flush out another score. Maybe something a bit less risky, or at least with a bigger pay-off." He smiled at the others, trying to infuse some of his cheer into them before heading to the ladder out. He dropped his voice to a whisper as he spoke to his sister, though. "Next mission I'm sending you to get a score of the stuff. I've not kicked it yet and I need more to get through withdrawal." He was talking about his small addiction to morphine. It wasn't too serious. He'd only gotten addicted because of a crap doctor who shot him full of it to shut him up once, but fighting it was a personal battle for the twins. He didn't want the rest of the gang knowing he had the problem.
  9. Arina knew that what Nori just said was not about food, but she didn't know what it was about. She wasn't about to ask either, let them have privacy. She still didn't know the time, and she didn't want to be too late. "Does anyone know the time?" she asked again. If she didn't get an answer soon, she have to walk outside to check what time it was. She was really thirsty. Nobody answered her questions, and that was really starting to piss her off. She laid her head down to see if that would help her headache, it didn't help much, but it did a little, so she stayed that way.
  10. Munashii had always been kind of a dick. Then again, that was just they way he was. He had been around the other two, well three for some time. He gave a small grumble though as he bit into his food and eyed everyone. When Anari asked what time it was yet again, he rolled his eyes “It is time for you to learn that It really does not matter” he said grumbling. Munashii could be nice, if you got passed his rough exterior.

    Amii on the other hand blinked. She knew what he meant, but at the same time she felt bad getting it for him. She knew that it would only keep him addicted, but at the same time. How bad could it be? She nodded with a smile. “Yeah, of course” she said once more, before looking to Anari. “The time, is roughly around the evening. Not a hundred percent sure” she said softly. “If you have a headache, why not take some medicine? Or drink some tea, that might help” she said softly.
  11. Nori nodded, trying hard to keep his trembling under control. "Don't worry, I'm not even taking an eighth of a dose. It just to stop the shakes. I can't go topside like this." He smiled, trying to show confidence, though inside his body craved and clawed for the powerful painkiller. Nori rose his voice, speaking more to everyone now. "I'll begin planning the next hit immediately. This time it'll include all of us in some way or another."

    This caught Yumi's attention. She lowered her violin, looking shocked. "You can't expect me to steal! I won't do it! And I won't hurt anyone, either!" She glared fiercely, though as she looked at the ragged group around her, she remembered that none of them liked this life, but they had no choice. Plus, Nori wouldn't make any of them do something they couldn't handle. Still, she kept her stern, almost angry expression.
  12. Well, thank you Munashii, thank you for the wonderful amount of information." Anari said sarcastically. When Amii mentioned the medicine and tea, Anari said, "I didn't think we still had any tea, I went to look for it before you two got back, and before I fell asleep, and I couldn't find it. Oh, does it look like early or late evening?" She got up to look for the tea. "Finally, I'm actually getting involved somehow." she said as she heard about everyone being involved in the next hit.