We Will Leave Someday

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  1. When the humans saw the new dimension, they got excited. After all, wouldn't you if you were a man who had saw a human who had a tail and bright eyes of all colours: red and orange and yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white, grey and brown, all in their iris. Their hair was the colour of their element: white for wind, turquoise for water, red for fire, green for nature and yellow for electricity. And they were generally more beautiful then the normal humans.

    These new humans were in love with the humans, and the humans loved them, but there was a law and the new humans became treated like criminals. When they are angered, their element creates a magical thing connected (thunderbolt for electric, fireball for fire, small hurricane for wind, water balloon for water and the grass ones - well, they were doomed, they can only heal), and ten especially were a danger and were locked in the deepest dungeon. Experimented on, abused and mistreated, they had to leave. And leave fast.

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    Blaze didn't like the humans since they'd locked him down in the dungeons. He'd saw them kill his family right there, right then, just to get him. They said he was 'different'. Dangerous. But they didn't kill him. In a way, he was glad his family had died. The dungeon wasn't small, it was spacious and it was pretty warm, but it was lonely, and every now and then, they'd stick a needle or something in him, and hurt him. When he fought back, he was attacked. He had a long silver scar on his face from it. He didn't understand why his blood was silver. His mother and father, his sister, his brothers, they all had blood of black.
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  2. Adeen was extremely bored. She thought that was the worst part of everything: she could stand the suffering, the loneliness and even the torture, but she hated so much being bored. And it wasn't a feeling that you can get use to, as pain was; she would never find boredom less awful. She spent everyday in that black, awful cell, with nothing to do. She would literally kill to have a TV, or at least a cell mate. Maybe she could ask some of those weird guys that took her to do some things she didn't understand for some entertainment, but, why would they listen? She sighed and tried to fall asleep.
  3. Blaze saw one of the girls, and sent a small meteor towards her. The second he sent it, he regretted it. Unless she was of fire or water element, it would probably set her alight. She had lay down on the floor, but he wanted to do something, and he always had time to annoy someone.
  4. The second she closed her eyes, something hit her. Her clothes were on fire, but she could turn them off before something that shouldn't be exposed exposes. She smiled, it seemed that she wasn't the only one being bored.
    Adeen locked her target, that was the fire boy in a cell pretty far from hers, and shot. She sent him two small fire balls, nothing to ignite the place, but she made sure the second one hides besides the first one, so that he wouldn't avoid both. He would never burn her clothes and get away with it, besides, a fire war seemed the most fun she could have in that place.
  5. Blaze ducked, knowing that something would go towards him. Well, there was someone with similar powers, but then another one hit him in the face. Due to his own fire, it simply dissolved, though he stuttered back at the sheer force. He hoped she knew fire code like him, sending three fireballs that wouldn't hit her, saying sorry for setting her on fire.
  6. Adeen laughed when her fireball hit him. After it, he sent her three new fireballs, but none of them hit her. He was trying to make peace? An apology maybe? Anyways, it seemed to be a nice gesture. She grabbed one of the fireballs with her hand and watched it being absorbed. She hated that power for being the thing that locked her in there, but she loved fire. She always thought it was really beautiful. That thought got her an idea.

    Adeen put her hands through the bars and started to send fireballs to the hallway ceiling. When they hit it, the fire fell back down making a similar effect than the one of fireworks. She changed the intensities and sizes and managed to create a pretty beautiful show, hoping that every girl and boy in her situation would enjoy it.
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  7. Blaze looked up at whatever she was hitting. She was making a fireworks show, and it was really nice, but she was not getting more attention then him! While she was making it, he sent a shooting star across...and hit one of their captures. Before long, it was a killing spree of the men who'd caught them there.
  8. Sariel was sitting in his cell hands wrapped around his knees. He couldn't hear any thing over the sound of the wind he was making. It was comferting. The noise almost made him feel like he was not alone. He was not alone, he knew that much. There were others like him in here. He stopped the wind. That is when he heard a gaurd scream. Then he smelt the smoke. Are they escaping? Curious he got up and walked over to the edge of his cell.
  9. She laughed when the fire boy hit one of their captures. At that moment, she realized that it had been a long time since she actually had fun. Anyways, it was about to end, because the guards were coming. She just laid on the floor, pretending to be sleeping.
  10. Blaze laughed as the man screamed as he burned. "Stop it! Stop it, please!" the guard sobbed, a huge man alight, the best sight ever.

    And then another few came in, grabbing the ones who were awake and in reach, hitting them violently as they could, leaving red marks.
  11. They entered so fast Sariel had no time to react. They hit him in the face making him fall into a wall. The man walked over and picked him up by his hair. His hands grabbed the mans as he picked him up. Stop. Please stop. Sariel sent as much concentrated wind into the man as he could muster sending him into the far wall. A few more came in and hit him but he was too tired to care.
  12. Blaze stood still. It wasn't fair this happened to everyone. He was the one that had hit the guy. He was whacked around like a piece of dirt, but maybe that was just what he was. He looked at the guards, his eyes were so bright yet they were so dark, and he whispered, "Don't hit them. It's not their fault."
  13. She heard the guards hitting some of the other prisoners. She stood up and went as close to the bars as she could, where she had a pretty good view of the cell of the one they were hitting. Adeen sent a really big fireball that would burn them, and maybe even kill them, but she made sure that it wouldn't go through them and hit the boy.
  14. Sariel looked up confused when the air erupted in flames. The guards around him were burning and it was hot. He gathered the wind again and let it knock them against the walls. He smiled a thanks at the girl and gathered as much wind as possible. He knew it wasn't over.
  15. Blaze laughed. He didn't remember doing that--oh, she did it. He grinned at her as the man before him crumpled to dust, and the guards unharmed ran out the room, no doubt to do something. "That," he began like he was giving a speech, "is how to survive. Kill anyone not in a cell."
  16. She made an amused reverence as if she had given a show. After it, she just sighed and rested on a wall, closing her eyes. She knew that something terrible was coming for her.
  17. But nobody came. Maybe they were scared. Maybe they'd killed them all. Maybe there was trouble in another room. But nobody came.

    Blaze was ultimately confused. They punished him, but not her. Was it because she was a woman? Either way, Blaze didn't like it.
  18. Hibine's eyes snapped open at the sound of screaming guards, with a yawn he sat up and looked around his dark cell, illuminated only when he moved his hands and creating electrical sparks. He was uncomfortable, being locked in here wearing the same clothes and little to eat; there was nothing to do and nothing to concentrate on but the pain of torture. He knew there were other people in cells, but he'd never bothered to look at them. Turning around to face the bars, Hibine sees human figures wrapped in fire and running around screaming in agony. He smiled, it hurt to smile, it had been so long since he had smiled - but this was a magical sight.
  19. Blaze began to yell, "I'm sick of this. Are we not all people? Do we not deserve the same rights as anybody else? Right now, right here, I am going to kill the next person to walk through that door. They have kept me here all my life, and today, I've decided I will see the sun set tonight!" He sounded stupid, but maybe that's why he'd never forget those words.
  20. She was surprised that nobody had came to hit her and relaxed. Afterwards, she heard the fire boy screaming. Adeen couldn't understan his words, but he did sounded angry. She sighed, she had been angry before, but it just made it worst. They were not going to let them go, and there were little chances of escaping. She just wished to talk to that boy, telling him that it was useless to be mad.