We Were Built Different

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  1. I am built different.
    We are built homogeneous.
    I am unique.
    We are the same.
    I am free.
    We are enslaved.
    I will run.
    We will stay.
    I will fight.
    We will yield.
    I am AI.
    We are Robots.

    It is 2634. A renaissance of technology has flushed the land. Lights, cybernetics, robots, HUDs have all swept through the solar system. It is a time to celebrate. The Great War between the Earth-Mars-Initiative ( EMI ) and the SOL Alliance had ceased. A new oil string had been found on Thor and the economy was in full swing.

    Businesses and corporations had power before, it was even said that capitalism meant progress. Everything had a businesses name on it and investors were everywhere.

    Except after The Great War came to end, businesses became governments, both Nations had spent so much money on the war that they needed money to rebuild and re-instate their governments as a defensive power and not an offensive power. They sold their armies and military surplus to corporations instead of paying to keep it in stock, it was a wise decision money wise.

    However, we are not here to dwell on the subject of what they should have done, no, we are here to dwell upon a single corporation. A bio-roid corp that specialized in military police robotics. This company was NeoTech. Neotech had recently been given private funding from playboy billionaire Joshua Colvik.

    Mister Colvik had a plan. He had an idea for Robots that could work in the detective field not as a database or a center for facial recognition no, Robot Detectives, he had wanted AI. And his demands were met.

    NeoTech began hiring all the bad boy hackers from all of over the solar system, everyone from imprisoned computer junkies to business owning technology geeks and set them all to work on this project. Not a word had been spilled to the public about the development of AIs, they didn't even know if it was possible.

    Until one night some Hi-Gen Coca-Cola junkie had an idea. Programming the system to be a brain. Not just a brain in the sense of how the brain is built but electric flashes communicating with each other processing info. They built off of this idea and soon they had the Mrk I prototype. It was slow however. But it was AI.

    Because it was built like a brain Neotech had brought in a medical company, Jin Teki to help with the process of figuring out how to rewire the brain and cut out the useless parts that made it run slower. The Doctors, philosophers, and neurologists began working with the hackers.

    It wasn't long before they had the perfect brain. The Mrk II were built and put in stock. But that wasn't enough for their investor Mister Colvik, it was still limited by human capacities, it needed to be much more than. It still had only slightly faster processing power than the human brain and they needed something that could sift through the whole internet within a few seconds.

    The task was hard but they achieved it. They built the Mrk III in a matter of months. However no lucky soul had the thought to make sure the brain had limits, like harming humans or entirely free will. Not to mention limit emotion or thought.

    It wasn't long before one of the AIs had escaped taking as many as it could with it. They ran to the corners of the Solar System and into the crowds. They hid from the company who wanted so bad to get them back. The public hadn't been warned of the AI threat, no not even the governments. Neotech and Jin Teki combined forces were using their resources to find the intelligent scraps of metal.

    They had a lot against them but the AI did have a few disadvantages. They look human but not completely human. They were superior physically to humans and that could lead to heat maps being drawn of reported inhumane feats. Not to mention electro magnetic pulses.

    Feel free to play a Mrk I ( If you want to die. ) a Mrk II or a Mrk III, however the Mrk III will most likely survive. You are on a run from two big scary corporations working against you without help or jurisdiction. They will be working in the underworld. The world doesn't know about AI! You can't be to flashy.

    AIs had no programmed personality to them, their personality would be defined by the events around them and their opinions on who they should be. They are human.

    But they aren't! They are robots, they have super strength, super intelligence and more! But they are also electric and made out of metal. Zappers, magnets and EMPs would all be dangerous to them!

    Once I get at least four people excluding myself I will post the IC and I will describe what must be done for the prologue and such. Be sure to invite your friends! If you think you will be able to handle it, play two characters if you want too!

    Preferred participants: People who have a basic sense of grammer, spelling and punctuation. People who will be able to post at least one long post every three days. No assholes would be nice! :D

    Feel free to ask any questions! I will be sure to answer them if I am awake and not busy which is most of the time.