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  1. Hey...I'm new here but I had this RP idea and character I've want to do for a while...

    A girl(Me. Will write as G from now on) and a boy(will wrote as B from now on) used to be very close friends through out all of daycare - 3rd grade. They did gymnastics together where B's father taught. Then they went to gymnastics camp together the summer of their third grade year. When they got back G disappeared for the rest of summer strangest of all when school starts up she stopped talking or even looking at B and quits gymnastics.
    This goes on into high school. B is kind of a *nerd and has no girls for friends. G is a loner. B decides to ask G to a school dance despite having not talked to her since 3rd Grade.
    G wont talk to him so B tries to figure out what went wrong....

    Why G left:
    Only read if you want to know why G left before we start (open)
    B's father(Who ran both the gymnastics camp and the gymnastics lessons) molested G for a while and finally he raped her at the camp so she quit. She quit because she was afraid of being near B's father, but she felt to guilty and ashamed to tell B what happened so she just stopped talking to him.

    *See Rule #7 below

    My Character:

    Full Name: Charlotte Alejandra Murphy

    Nickname(s): Now- Charlie, Aleja(By her mom), Cam(Her initials), Shorty
    When She was little- Lottie(She refuses to respond to that anymore, but up until 3rd grade that was practically her name)

    Age (16-18): 16 (Or just about to turn 16...depends when the RP is...)

    DOB: 13 September 1999

    Looks: Charlie is half Cuban half American(Various 'races' mixed in). Her skin is a light golden tan. She's short standing at 4'11" and a little chubby in her build. She isn't 'fat' so to speak she just ha sa little chub. She ha sa hard time keeping the weight off.
    Charlie has dark brown long hair she generally keeps tied in a braid down her back. Her eye brows are normal and her eye lashes are slightly thick.
    She has dark hazelly eyes she got from her father. There are flecks of amber and brown in them making them dance in the sunlight. She has to wear a very thick set of glasses so she can see. They are a purple plastic rectangle frame.
    Charlie has a slightly round face, she has a button nose and small ears.
    On her shins, arms, and hands are scars from working on a farm and other various childhood adventures and misadventures she's had.

    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 105-110 lbs (She's a touch on the chunky side because she has a hard time controlling her weight)

    Style: Very practical. She wears jeans, cargo pants, old t-shirts, flannels, and a hoodie. Her shoes are old tennis shoes.

    Personality: She's a quiet girl especially at school. She's very good at keeping a secret. Charlie doesn't do really well in school. She is dyslexic and has a lot of energy. She hates being in class and sitting still for a long time and struggles with reading and homework. She never vents her energy through speech though she loves working and has a very good work ethic.
    Charlie isn't good at sharing or making friends because she's so reserved when it comes to people. If she does make friends however she will stick with them through thick and thin. If Charlie leaves a friend something serious happened.
    Charlie is tough, a little too tough. She's good with her little siblings.

    Hobbies: She works on her family's small farm and enjoys fixing up cars and such(She'll help neighbors with their tractors and cars and works in the mechanic shop at school). Charlie is trying her hand at woodworking so far she's not very good.

    Talents: She's a hard worker and cook pretty well. She's a good mechanic and is actually very good at gymnastics.

    Flaws: Charlie's a little sensitive about her body(She's had weight struggles due to her condition), but not to the point of being anorexic or anything close to that. She isn't the most patient with people she thinks are bratty. She doesn't share feelings and such with people easily.

    Pets?: Elvis- http://i.imgur.com/4OpA7Bs.png (Male , Still a puppy) and Admiral- 8HXExE4 (Female, 9 years old). On the farm they have 10 sheep(1 male), 2 cows(They trade with the farm next over if they need the use of a bull), 9 chickens(1 Rooster), 5 cheese(1 male), 8 goats(1 male).

    Piercings/Tattoos?: She has her ears pierced that's it.

    Quick Bio: She lives on a farm out away from the school and town a good ways. She has a large family having 11 siblings. Her mother is Cuban her grandparents fled to America about a year before her mother was born. Though the farm brings in a good amount of money the family isn't 'rich' because of the amount of kids they have and due to some medical expenses some of the kids have.


    Father: Jack Emmanuel Murphy(He goes by Jack).(42) Jack is a tall man standing at 6'4". He has tanned skin from working on the farm and is very strong. He not exactly 'buff' or toned though. He has very dark sandy hair that he keeps short. His eyes are a light hazel with flecks of silver and gold in them. He has a strong face and a nice smile.

    Mother: Elysa Felcia Murphy (37). Elysa is a smaller woman in stature standing at barely 5'3". She has a full build and though she isn't chunky she isn't thin either. She's healthy looking. She has golden/bronzey tanned skinned and has pitch black hair. Her hair is long and she is very good at putting it up in fancy yet practical styles. She has stretch marks on her abdomen but she's not ashamed of how she looks. She has dark chocolate brown eyes.


    Jack Emmanuel Jr.(19, enlisted in the Army, Male...Goes by Junior or Jem most of the time), Garth Esteven(19, enlisted in the Navy, Male) - The boys are tall and muscled. They have a darker tanned skin taking more after their mother and black short hair. Their hair is in military regs. Both boys have strong facial features and deep brown eyes. They are about 6'3" tall.

    Georgia Elysa(18, in college in another state, Female) - Georgia has lightly tanned skin, it's lighter than the rest of her family's because she's been off at college and not working on the farm. She has dark brown long hair and very dark brown eyes. She is about 5'7".

    Noah Julian(11, Male) - Noah takes after his father in looks. He has a very dark blonde hair(Like wet sand colored.) in a short cut that doesn't touch his ears. He is lightly tanned from working on the farm. He has blue eyes. He is slightly lanky in build standing at 4'10" but being rather skinny.

    Sawyer Rigel(11, Female) - Sawyer looks almost like a mini Charlie except she's thinner. She stands at 4'10" also and is lanky looking like her brother. Her hair is dark brown and her skin lightly tanned. She also has hazel eyes.

    Jessie Paladia(9, Female) - Jessie has dirty blonde hair like her older brother. She has hazel eyes and like the whole family has a good tan from working outside a lot. Her hair isn't long it goes to just past her shoulders and she like to keep it in a pony tail. She stands at 4'7" and is a slightly chunky but that's just baby fat and she's a very healthy girl.

    Samuel Octavio(7, Male) - Samuel has very dark brown hair, his skin is tanned and he has sky blue eyes. (They say the blue eyes in the family came from their grandfather on their dad's side). Like all the boys in the family Samuel keeps his hair short.

    Joshua Valentin(6, Male) - Joshua's hair is a dark sandy color. He likes his hair a little thick on top but it still doesn't touch his ears. He has hazelly eyes though they lean more towards green. Joshua always seems to be getting in scrapes and trouble and nearly always has a cut or a bruise from falling out a tree, running through the woods, or whatever else he does. He has tanned skin and freckles around his cheeks and nose.

    Griffith Mio(4, Male) - Griffith has Down Syndrome. He has tanned skin and very dark hazel eyes. HIs hair is black and is messy, a little longer than the rest of the boys because he hates hair cuts, it barely touches his ears most of the time. He's a very small boy and is a little stocky.

    Justus Trevia(2, Female), Heidi Rosalin(2, Female) - Justus and Heidi are identical twins. They both have slightly curly dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Their skin is light, it has a touch of tan in it because of their mother's Cuban blood but for now they are lighter skinned then the rest of the family.
    Justus is the younger twin, the twins had to be born via c-section and Heidi's spinal cord was wrapped around Justus 's neck when they were born. This cut off circulation to the brain and made it so Justus didn't get enough nutrients to her brain. The doctors say she will have developmental problems for her whole life. Heidi can walk, but Justus only crawls right now.

    Extra (no find outs): She has Diabetes Type 1 and always carries around a small bag with snacks, needles, and other supplies she needs for her condition.


    What I Expect in a Partner:

    1) You have to be willing to push the plot line forward

    2) Your character has to have depth, secrets of his own, etc

    3) You have to have OK-good grammar and spelling. I'm not a Grammar-Nazi. I myself have trouble with grammar and spelling but hey at least use spellcheck and basic like punctuation.

    4) I want your character form to be fairly detailed. It doesn't have to be paragraphs of detail but it can't just be pictures either. (Please organize your form a little like I have mine. It must include to the following but you can add whatever else you want.)
    Short Bio/Family:

    5) Reply pretty regularly. More than one post a week would be, at least once a day would be great, more than that would be amazing(Though I warn you I sometimes can't post a lot during the day but I try)

    6) If you leave or have any questions please tell me/feel free to ask

    7) Be creative. Your guy doesn't have to be a nerd if you don't want him to be you can change it up. You just to have a valid reason(Whether dared, lost a bet, lonely, or whatever you think of) to ask Charlie to the dance.

    8) Please have more than one sentence per post. At least two lines I guess I'll say?
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  2. Hey opening up for two more people to do this with. :hyper::jump:

    One where I'll be the girl, the other I will play the *boy role.

    *You can change the secret that made the girl ditch if you are the girl....
  3. Hey! I'm intrested in this, so I was wondering should I send you a PM with my character info or not.

    Also I will be using a picture for my character but I will also have lots of information, so should I use a real picture or should I use an anime/cartoon one?
  4. Just PM me and we'll work the details out!
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