We Shatter The Planes



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Well, I had a dream last night. thought it was interesting and thought Iwaku might appreciate it. Here goes. last post from me untilt he new year too. ^_^


It was Five hundred and seventy years ago when the war broke out amongst the planes. the barriers between dimensions were near non-existant then.Armies froma ll over existance waged brutal battle after brutal indecicive battle with more bloodshed than could ever have been concieved by any of the races involved. A thousand years of peace had been seen beforehand with only relatively minor scuffles between warlords.
Seventeen years into the battles, a council of wise men met and decided that it was time the planes be sealed from each other... for good. A tower was erected in a pocketed dimension. however, one wizard, known as the void Magi, was opposed to this plan, and went to warn the warlords, who marched on the tower as it was being completed. To be able to finish their plans, the wizards left behind seventy wizards to seal the tower and complete the powerstone... by sacrificing their lives.
It is said the souls of those seventy split between planes when the barrier was finished. nobody was there to see what happened. but the pocket dimension faded away, and the planes were oncemore sealed, a thousand different warlords all gone and stuck, presumably forever, in the pocket dimension, the Void Magi was never heard from again.
But that was five hundred and seventy years ago. but on the new year, an eternity away, A lonely Forest path erupted with lights, and from it stepped a man wearing strange garments. The Void Magi returned. His War wasw with the wizards who sealed the planes. For his lover, his only daugher, and his only livign brother lived on seperate planes as nobility. THsi was no secret, but a legend. a fantasy told to small children nowadays. Wizards walk the earth. witches brew their potions and sorcerers commune with the spirits of the planes unhindered.
The war now comes to our plane. to Mordation, the blue planet a thousand thousand years after the end of what we once knew as Earth. Now the planar barriers break, and now The souls of the seventy wizards reach out to touch and gift their chosen warriors against a threat risen anew.
However.. simply sealign teh planes will not do... this time... subspace must be shattered altogether, or we die trying. WE SHATTER THE PLANES... We.End. This. Forever...
i love ur dreams lol so many ideas lol
wat r u thinking of doing with this theres so much that it could grow to
well, the basic idea for character creation is that everyone si from a different section of life, and had a unique gift from their ancestor who was one of the seventy mages. from there, it just goes into trygin to seal away gates and the ultimate goal of gettign rid of the evil that is projecting out of the holes in the planes. shattering them woudl require breakgin down certain keypoints, like pillars of a foundation of a building.
i like this y not start this im down with the idea. give the guidelines, advertise, and lets go lol :)
wat sections of life r we tlking bout? angels and demons or others?