We need teachers!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    We need people willing to contribute to the Academy as Teachers.

    Q: Do I have to be a staff member, older member of the site, or a longtime roleplayer to contribute?

    A: No! If you feel like you can contribute something worthwhile, feel free!

    Q: If I am a Mentee or have been a "student" in workshops or exercises, does that mean that I can't contribute as a Teacher?

    A: No! EVERYONE can be a Teacher and a "Student". In fact, it is encouraged!

    Q: Is being a Teacher an actual title? Do I have to sign up or get any special award?

    A: No, it is not a title and the only thing you receive in return is feeling good about yourself. :D

    What you can do as a Teacher:

    1. Write a Workshop, and post it here in a new discussion thread. Hold a Q&A in the thread on your topic.

    2. Construct a Writing Exercise or Challenge that will help people improve on a certain subject. These may also be posted as individual discussions.

    (If you are going to write a Workshop or Exercise, you can check this thread to see a current topic list and check for requests.)

    3. Participate in our Mentoring program!

    4. Share helpful links for writing and roleplaying resources in our Resources thread.

    5. Respond to questions, participate in Workshops and Exercises, and generally contribute to the forum.

    Any and all volunteers will receive many, many brownie points!
  2. Methinks I'll do something here. *Scuttles away to work on plans*
  3. You have discovered my college major in education! :D

    Bring on teh kiddies.
  4. I will volunteer......but I might just be the Carmine of the group. xD
  5. I've had my fair share of newbs back at the old rp site I used to go to. I think I'll help out! I don't really care what job I do, just tell me what to do and it'll be done :D
  6. I'm scared of making a challenge or anything. Dunno what I could bring to the table besides kindness. o.x
  7. Rhomboid: Pick a subject you're interested in and write up a Lesson Plan! >:D

    Staci: Make an exercise for writing something lighthearted!
  8. I though I posted in this already.
  9. Hm.. Lighthearted.. Lighthearted.
    I can keep that in mind.. o.o; And lurk.. until I come up with something/feel comfortable to post.~ <3
  10. No Vay, you volunteered to mentor a newbie.
  11. I've been shanghai'ed!!
  12. I hope I don't have to do stuff I don't want to do.
  13. I'm still working on my workshop.
  14. Teaching is strictly voluntary, Effort.
  15. I'll see what I can cook up tomorrow!
  16. Since my participation is often erratic, putting me in charge of the well-being of another would not be the best idea. Like that one scene in Trainspotting--you know, where they do so much heroin, they neglect the baby until it dies?


    Totally down for writing exercises and the occasional ranty, sadistic workshop, though. :D


    Bring them to me...
  17. Don't know what sort of help I can be, as I'm more of a body than a brain, but feel free to use me as you see fit.
  18. I don't think I have qualifications to be a teacher, but I'll work on the other stuff ! :D
  19. Sur I will do what I can. However My college workload is pretty high right now, so please be patient.
  20. Be glad to help, I would! What is it I could do? -open to just about everything-