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  1. Lucian, 6 years old

    Lucian Nathaniel Blythe


    Lucian takes after both his mother and father in appearance. His mahogany brown hair, much like his mother's, is often a mess considering that he usually runs away before his mother could brush his hair. His eyes are the same as his mother's, both the color of honey brown. He's quite a short child, standing at the height of 4'1 with a slightly skinny figure due to his quick metabolism and constant training with his father.

    A woman with long mahogany brown hair stood in front of a stall in the market with her son beside her. A child of six years and evidently was bored whilst waiting for his mother to finish. He entertained himself by looking around. Although being barely past four feet, it was hard to see past the bustling people inside the marketplace. It was then that a butterfly flew in front of the boy, passing through the gaze of his honey brown eyes. His interest was caught immediately and the notion of catching the small creature had appealed to him. The child raised his small hands and reached for the butterfly, only for it to evade his grasp repeatedly. Inevitably, the butterfly began to move away from the boy and began to move towards the crowd. Naturally, the boy followed, his footsteps masked by the constant shouts of vendors and his figure disappearing within the crowd's midst.

    'The woods were a dangerous place', his father often told him while his mother often told him, 'Do not stray away from me.' Yet, the brown haired child found himself in the woods, unsure of his own whereabouts. Lucian Nathaniel Blythe ignored both of his parents words which led him to the predicament he now faced, he was lost with his targeted butterfly nowhere in sight. Although he didn't think of being lost as a terrible thing. Instead, he thought that it would be like an adventure. The quest to find his way back home, as he would call it. The sun was still high in the sky, that much is obvious by the patches of light that would seep past the bundle of leaves but the woods were still overall a dark place. The light was only enough for him to see the path in front of him and that was enough for him. He has yet to think of what else lurks in the forest other than bunnies and butterflies.

    A gust of wind passed by the young child and his green shirt, whose sleeves reached until his wrist did little to combat the cold, yet he continued on. He didn't cry nor panic for his father always told him never to appear weak because he came from a proud line of...something. It was difficult to remember everything that his father told him especially when the lectures were lengthy and dull. 'I must be close.' He constantly thought as he continued to walk, unknown to him that he was going the opposite direction from destination.
  2. The Scarlet Vampire


    Victoria Sanderson

    Appears in her mid twenties.

    Standing at 5"10, Victoria has maintained her beauty for the past three hundred years. She's a maiden with a terrifying exterior. Her skin is pale, almost white like paper, and does not have any scars or other markings. Her hair is pure black, resting like a curtain around her and a sudden contrast to her otherwise pale skin. Victoria's eyes tend to change, from a deep red signifying her need to feed and her normal colour which is dark brown. She has a slender and curvy body with a moderately sized bust.

    Victoria Sanderson, the Scarlet Vampire, was taking a stroll in the woods. This was her temporary home, her stay for several months. Though not as comfortable as her beautiful, cosy little mansion in the city, the air here was much fresher and the atmosphere was darker and gloomier, suitable for a vampire like her. And the best part of it all, it was a place of isolation and quietude. With the exception of the animal life here, the deer and the birds and the rabbits and the other game that bounded about carefree in the shadows of the trees - mere food for her - no human ever dared to enter these woods. They claimed it was dangerous, and often encouraged their children not to come inside. And it was true, as long as she were here, the children could be in grave danger. Victoria found herself feeling grateful that no other humanoid creatures found their way into the deepest parts of the woods, were the juiciest fruits grew and the tastiest game ran about.

    In the centre of the woods stood a tall tree and shadowed many smaller ones. Victoria had found that the inside was hollow and big enough to house a small... room, one would call it. After a good cleaning and the marking of her territory, Victoria made it her lovely little home. It was near a sparkling lake, birds made their nests in the branches of the large tree and providing her plenty of food. Life was good. If Victoria needed some bread to satisfy her need for more... human foods, disguising herself and heading into the local town was a simple task.

    The Scarlet Vampire had fed herself with a lovely bird, satisfying her bloodlust for the time being, and was taking her time walking home. Running her hands through the flowers and admiring the darkness of the inner woods. The sense of another being, however, was something she did not expect. Victoria hid behind a tree, surprised to sense another being, the presence of a human, in the woods. This was a first for her. Peeping her head around the tree, her eyes widened at the sight of a small boy on the path, wearing thin clothes and possibly trying to find his way out. How annoying, Victoria stepped out of the shrubbery she hid in, glaring at the boy, hoping to scare him away. "Little boy, what are you doing here?" her voice was silky and smooth, practised as a lady should.
  3. Lucian had been walking aimlessly yet he refused to lose hope. 'I'll find my way back and then mama and papa will be proud of me.' Those thoughts kept him going, determined to find his way back. As a child, his greatest desire is to make his parents proud. So far, he has yet to attain such a feat. He kicked a stray rock in his path due to his own thoughts. He briefly wondered if his parents would be angry. He sure hoped not!

    On his way, he found a particularly beautiful flower. He's only been in the edges of the forest and have never seen such a thing. 'Maybe mama will like it,' He thought as he moved towards the flower, only to stop when he heard a voice. When he turned around, he saw a beautiful lady with hair that could rival the darkness of a raven's feather. He didn't show any hint of fear but rather, he showed interest. He's never seen someone quite so pale before. "Pretty!" He said out loud with a grin. He was quite an honest child who often blurted out the first thing that comes to his mind.

    It didn't process in his mind that she wasn't human. His father often told him that the woods were dangerous but the reason was never stated. He always assumed it was because he would simply lose his way. What did process through his mind was her question. "I was going to catch a butterfly but when I tried to grab it, it went away but I really wanted the butterfly so I went too." He added gestures, raising his arms to reenact his scene with the butterfly before continuing, "But then I didn't see it so I was going to go back but I don't know the way." As a child's explanation, he didn't specify where he was going or even where he had come from but considering that there was only one town near the woods, it would be quite obvious.
  4. Victoria cocked her eyebrow at the little boy. She didn't like children, they were annoying and pesky and nosed into the business of adults. Not to mention their curiousity would lead them to all sorts of trouble. Frowning at him despite being complimented, the vampire was suddenly glad she had fed earlier, otherwise the boy wouldn't even be alive nor make it home.

    She was getting more and more angry at the presence of another being on her home. Stamping her foot and pointing towards the exit of the forest, she snarled at the boy. "Leave my home now!" she snapped, her eyes glowing dangerously. Victoria thought this was going to be a peaceful forest to make a good temporary home. She had only seen animals in the woods, never any humans. The vampire liked the peace and quiet, but it was being ruined by this simple little boy.
  5. "It's not very nice to shout. Mama said so." Lucian told her in a as-a-matter-of-fact voice, he didn't show a single hint of being intimidated despite the lady's dangerous look. Well, he didn't really think she was dangerous. There were plenty of others that were more frightening for him, like spiders, for example. He always feared those eight legged creatures. His father told him it was nothing to be scared of but clearly, his father has yet to see the scary side of spiders. He remembered seeing one the size of his palm. Now that was scary!

    "I was also thinking of getting flowers for mama before I go." He said, clearly not recognizing the seriousness of the situation. He even continued his words as to why he needed to be sidetracked with such a task, "She might be mad when I get back 'cause I ran off again." It wasn't the first time he left his mother's side. In fact, he disobeys his mother's words nearly everyday. He couldn't help it if shopping bore him. It was absolute agony to stand there and do nothing whilst adults talked about topics he didn't care about nor found interesting. Remembering the lady's words, he asked, looking at her with such innocent eyes as if he has yet to be exposed to the world's darkness, "Do you know where I can find pretty flowers?"
  6. Victoria placed her palm over her forehead, heaving a sigh. This boy was a burden, tiresome as well. He didn't seem afraid of her at all, looking at her with some sort of defiant look, like he was stating a fact. Was she not scary enough? Maybe she shouldn't have had a snack before her stroll, Victoria knew her glowing red eyes were very terrifying, the way they flickered in the light like ruby red gems. The child was probably afraid of things like spiders and the creepy crawlies.

    The vampress did not look impressed with the boy. Finally, he realised that he might be in trouble now that she had left the mother's side. She rolled her eyes, "No. Get out." She turned away from the boy, casting one bored look over his plain appearance before disappearing into the shrubbery, heading back towards her tree. Her lovely day, spoiled by a brat. Soon he would see the dangers of the forest. He was lucky Victoria wasn't hungry, but now he was going to be hunted by the other creatures. Like the wolves. Oh, she couldn't wait to see the look on the poor boy's face.
  7. "Fiiineeeee." Lucian pouted whilst he spoke, he didn't like it that she still kicked him out. Was that even possible? How could a whole woods be her home? His was just a small wooden home that had enough room for him and his parents. But being a child, he didn't question her logic. If the small rabbits and squirrels could have the whole of nature as their home then surely a person could have a whole area all to herself. Before he could say more or even try to use his puppy dog eyes - which he found to be quite effective with most - she had already gone out of his sight. Similar to his father, he had a sharp eyesight but his attention span was lacking and so was his patience which is why he didn't bother to look for the girl.

    Turning away from where the girl disappeared to, he started towards where she had pointed to earlier. He was going to leave, truly, he was. Now, if only he hadn't seen that butterfly fluttering nearby. The very same one that brought him in the forest. 'It's that butterfly!' Thoughts of leaving disappeared from mind and once again, he was determined to catch the small creature. Unfortunately, it flew away as soon as he approached. Naturally, he followed. Unknown to him that it was not only him following another for he too was followed. Unfortunately, this creature wasn't as harmless as he was. It was large with sharp canines, footsteps quiet as it eyed and followed its prey.

    The chase didn't last too long since the butterfly flew higher and higher until the boy could no longer see it with the leaves blocking his view. "Aw..." He seemed thoroughly disappointed that he had failed twice but seeing the sky begin to darken, he knew he should be getting home. But turning around, he saw a very unpleasant and unwanted sight. Three pairs of golden eyes appeared from the bushes. Soon, their owners stepped out and showed three fully grown wolves with white fur along with grey areas. All of them were eyeing Lucian hungrily as if the boy was their dinner. Well, he actually is. "Um...nice wolfy..." The boy said, moving backwards slowly. Very slowly. He may be a child but he had a bright mind. As he continued to step back, he forgot to mind his surroundings and came to a halt when he bumped into a tree trunk. The wolves circled the boy, giving him no way for escape. No weapons, no advantage, nothing. The boy was going to be dinner if he didn't find a way out soon.
  8. Victoria may be a vampire but she wasn't cruel. Besides, until the boy left the woods that were her home, she would never be at rest. Hiding within the shrubbery, she silently stalked after the boy. Her eyes were sharp and could notice the smallest of details. The vampire made sure her steps were like ones of a cat, making no sound, making it look like she wasn't there at all. Expertly, she navigated through the scattered branches and avoided piles of crunchy leaves. She ducked under objects in her way, and scared any animals away with a glare that would make them shudder in fear. She was in boss of the woods.

    And now the boy was chasing a butterfly, inciting a small, almost inaudible sigh from her scarlet lips. She picked up the pace to keep up with him, not letting the mahogany coloured hair boy out of the vampire's sight. Victoria also kept an eye on the butterfly, one of the common ones that fluttered around in the forest and did their work. It flew higher and higher, until the butterfly flew into the canopy of the trees and disappeared from both their sights. But Victoria felt tense. The butterfly had led him off the path, and he had attracted the other creatures in the woods. Creatures that had never seen humans before.

    Wolves. The ones with the golden eyes, glimmering at the boy from the bushes. They had been stalking him, and now they knew he was worthy of being their meal. Victoria narrowed her brown eyes at them. They were big, bigger than the boy, and they snarled at him as the poor human began to move backwards, straight towards the trunk of a tree. He didn't know his way around these parts, he would get lost. And he had no escape route. Victoria could see the flecks of saliva flying all over the place, the eyes of the wolves darkening with hunger. With a black blur, the vampire jumped out at the wolves, who stumbled back at the sudden movement of Victoria. It was like she materialised between the wolves and the boy. Her eyes began to glow like rubies, meeting the eyes of the wolves.
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