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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a roleplay that involves a band of homeless children/teens. A lot of this idea is open to suggestions, but what I have in mind is this: A small, old city or a moderately urban town that's got a homeless problem, like most cities and large towns do. The RP would follow the story of the reclusive children out on its streets, who cling to each other because the only home for an outcast is the one with other outcasts.

    The age range would be give or take between 5-15 years old, but not ALL of the characters need to fit in this age range- this is not the final rule. I'd like there to be one or two older kids who split from the group for one reason or another [no older than 23] who still come back to their roots occasionally. There'd also be major roles needed for antagonists, as well as for adult characters and residental kids/teens who actually recognise the childrens existence.

    As for the plot? It's up for us to decide! Maybe they live in strangetown, USA, and monsters lurk the roads at night. Maybe we keep it more realistic, and the challenges are that of growing up in a world where no one wants you and no one will feed you. Maybe they go on an adventure outside of(or further into) their town? Honestly, I feel like there are tons of places we can take this. Just as long as we keep the general, somewhat campy feel of "inseparable outcasts surviving the big bad world" I will be happy.

    So, uh, is anybody reading this interested?
  2. Sounds cool
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  3. That's great to hear. What direction would you personally like this to go?
  4. maybe you could turn it into something like the purge sort of thing maybe
  5. I'd be most intrigued to take part in this, especially if you do add a supernatural element. Do it World of Darkness-esque with creepy-crawlies everywhere but humans by and large do not know or admit they exist.

    Maybe these kids developed magical powers which forced them into becoming outcasts, confused and frightened of what they are or will become.

    But either way, even if you keep it realistic, I'd still be interested. =)

    I also enjoy characters of all age ranges so I would most likely love to play 2-3 characters eventually. But that's just me. ;3
  6. I'd be interested. And I'm fairly certain I can fit this into my schedule, so I'd be willing to participate.
  7. Very interested :)
  8. Wonderful! I've never played WoD(or seen the purge, for that matter), so I can't really comment on how I feel about taking on it's general feel, but having monsters lurking in the dark sounds fun. And yes, multiple characters are allowed; I don't even remember the last time I only had one main. Considering that the town/city won't be impressive in terms of how large or small it is, how many kids do you guys think should be in the group? Also, what kind of protagonists/antagonists would you like to play the most?
  9. Hmm, i'll do anything.
  10. That's good news, do you play a good antagonist? Finding people who like to play antagonists have been rare in my experience, but I'm more then willing to play a villain or two if it's needed. Also, I'm sorry but I'm new here: At what point does a interest check thread need to move to a plot-thread? I don't want to clog up the board or break any rules.
  11. I can play a villain, if it is needed. Although not completely on my own, and Id need a good reason to hate a certain group of people.

    Once more information about characters and alliances come out I can create a good character for my position
  12. I'd be up to be an antagonist if someone was willing to tie their backstory into mine. One that caused some sort of hate towards one of the 'good guys' or had a 'bad guy' help my character in some way and mine basically swore fealty to them.
  13. Ok, cool. I'm by no need pressuring anyone to be a villain, though. If you do not want to do that is completely fine! I've been working on my main character for this in my spare time, and I feel it's safe to say that either of you could use her as part of your baddie's motive. Nobody knows how she ended up homeless, and nobody had seen her in town(or in the neighboring towns) before then. Though she's been apart of the group for years, she is starting to be pressured to leave. She may be good intentioned and at the heart loyal, but she's often too Brazen for her own good. Usually, a certain level of transparency is something to be admired, but she's known to take it to the extremes, and can be blinded by her own emotion. This isn't an uncommon vice, but when you live a life where saying the wrong thing or even being seen can get you killed, it is a dangerous one. Not only is she getting the cold shoulder by the kids smart enough to realize this, but she also has other worries. For whatever reason it is, this is a band of kids, and she won't be a kid much longer as she's 16. She does do a whole lot of good for the group, and isn't hated as a whole, but the conflict stands anyway. She's appreciated but she's becoming a liability, and some kids might not even miss her.

    So yeah, sorry for rambling, but the concept/offer is there. I don't really want to flesh out her backstory right now, but feel free to brainstorm ways to link your characters to mine if you want to. I'll be making side characters and stuff as well.
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