We Got Married! (Romance/Fluff/Lemon)

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Who actually bothered to read the entire warning dialogue?

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  1. If you've heard about this little gem of a show than AWESOME if you haven't AWESOME because either way you'll be in for a pleasant ride.

    This is just some boring dialogue so if you want to skip ahead to what the RP is centered around feel free to skip this.
    Recently I've just realized I'm being way too damn picky about what RPs I join or do not join. Basically I'm trying
    to relive my glory days of conversing over the OOC thread just for the fun of it and actually meaningful RP posts. SO I'm letting off some steam with this! A serious but not that serious RP where people who are just regular romance nuts and or fluff pirates want to partake in. And don't worry I didn't forget about you lemon grabbers. I can't say I'm not expecting a lot from this RP since I'm an avid optimist (and notorious pessimist) so relax. As long as you follow the rules and common sense is your middle name we'll get along just fine.

    We Got arried!
    The most popular and incredibly anticipated show "We Got Married!" is ready to start airing in just one more week with the contestants picked and ready to come on live!

    Many have been looking forward to this variety show's comeback and they will not be disappointed with this months line up. Rumors have been spreading that a possible member of a rising boy band will be participating as well as a well-known actress!

    Stay tuned for the romance packed, heart-pounding show on XX/XX 6-7pm
    marrymejunxX: Don't forget the steamy moments ;P

    SHIPPER1: I know a guy who works on the CGI for the show! and i heard that its def going to be Connie Simpson from BlueNn

    HarryMcPotburger: Seriously hoping it's that chick from Orange Stripes

    Lizzie_BLAHH: @SHIPPER1 srsly???

    MohammadBEARED: Dumb show
    Here is a little F/Q to quench a little of your possible curiosities :)

    Will this only be a boy x female RP?
    • Heck no. Bisexual, Homosexual, Pansexual, all sorts of sexuals are welcome!
    Awesomesauce! But how are we going to be paired up exactly?
    • I've been debating just surprising you all and pairing people among each other but since I'll be participating I don't think that would be very fair ^^; Second option would be to figure it out by asking one another personally but that can easily get very messy. Third option everyone picks a number from let's say 8 and I shove it through a randomizer online. Long story short it's up to fate and you guys ^^
    Who is this mystery boy band player/famous actress?
    • Hoho I'm glad you asked! This my dear RPer is going to be open for anyone that wants the role. First come, first serve ;P
    So...is it alright to get a little steamy?
    • Trust me in any other circumstances I would tell you to go crazy but since there will be teen members (including myself *gasp* yes the GM is a teen) I'm sorry to say you'll have to keep it at least PG13. But there are other ways without breaking Iwaku rules ;P GET CREATIVE.
    If you have anymore questions please feel free to post them down THERE or PMing me privately.
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  2. If you want to go a little steamy, there's always Liberteen. ((hue))
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  3. It sounds interesting, I'm in and I already have an idea for two characters.
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  4. Interested . If possible , I'd like the famous actress role .

    ...although , I'll be making her a less fabulous person in real life compared to on camera...
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  5. OK I'll do it... the GM seems really nice.

    I'm just still confused about the pairs randomizer thingy.
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  6. Oh yea if Im ever in the mood for 1x1 I'll always be lurking around in the libertine section ;P

    Awesome! Ill be editing in the CS soon if you want to look out for that :) Looking forward to your character.

    Sounds interesting! I'm excited to see what you'll do with her ;)

    And if you don't mind me saying that you're pretty nice as well :P Seriously though thank you for the compliment!

    Yea Im sorry about that. I tried to explain while I was still confused myself ^^; But if you are all alright with it I'll just be pairing everyone manually. So if you have any problems feel free to blame me!
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  7. Ok, so, like, as far as I understand, there's this reality show that people join/win tickets for(?) and they randomly get married to strangers? Or is it for pre-established couples?
  8. Here's all the remaining plot I hadn't put in yet to answer your questions:

    Yes, you're spot on about the lottery ticket sign up where contestants are hand picked out of all the entries. They are then "married" to each other for a month until which the show ends. A little cash compensation is also given to participants and the most "liked" couple will both be receiving 20k while the rest will be given 5k. It's basically comparable to that of online dating but A LOT more public and you get paid to do it!

    On the first episode of the tv show you will be told who your partner is ^^ but of course I'll be letting you guys know before I start the RP in case of any complaints.
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  9. Okay, thanks for clearing that up! Might want to put it in the first post for convenience.
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