We don't need another hero

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  1. It was on your average New York city morning that started with a small brawl with the Avengers team when Loki noticed someone new on the battlefield.
    He grinned, green eyes glinting mischievously.
    How nice, a new dance partner just for him... And a redhead, too. He did always have a thing for pretty firey ladies.

    He still focused his attacks on the others, those whose fighting style he was more accustomed to. It gave him a chance to see how she acted on the battlefield and it didn't take long until he realised that she was more defensive than aggressive and had some healing powers that were, he had to admit, quite nice for a human.
    She seemed to lack aggressive power and didn't seem to be at home on the battlefield yet, but he was about to put that theory to the test.

    Loki created an illusion of himself to distract any others who wanted a piece of him and manouvered himself behind her rather quickly, before she would have a chance to catch on, although she did seem to be focused on helping some poor, poor peasant at the moment.

    He introduced himself with a soft cough to distract her and sneered at her.
    "Well, what do we have here? Another little pup that thinks they belong on a battlefield..."
  2. It was her first battle, and it was blindingly obvious that she nowhere near as ruthless as the others. Although she was a true pantheon of justice, she just didn't quite have the conviction and bravery that the more seasoned heroes had. Even so, she was performing well considering how inexperienced she was.

    Tamsin - or Paragon as the public would know her - kept to the rear of the field, supporting her comrades, deflecting the attacks that she could, also concentrating on minimising the destruction that was inevitably caused by Stark. He didn't seem to get the idea of protecting the city around him, he was far too flashy for his own good. But at least with this new member of the team, some of the damage was avoided.

    Of course, the more seasoned members of the team were largely capable of looking after themselves, and so this young woman focused most of her attention on any of the innocents caught up in this unfortunate battle of wills. She shielded them from shrapnel, as well as direct attacks, giving them a path to safety. Her role was small, but she had shown enough potential, and given time it was likely that she would become a more important part of the team.

    Needless to say, her focus was shot to pieces by the sudden delicate noise behind her. She whirled to face him, fiery hair fanning about her as she did so. Loki. Her eyes widened slightly, although that brief display of fear soon dissipated. Instead, her gloved hands were enveloped in a heat haze as she prepared to attack. She didn't show much sign of the pain that she was in, or the terror she was feeling, Tamsin might not have been confident, but she was certainly brave.

    Still, she dare not speak as she attempted to channel the concentrated kinetic energy towards Loki, hoping to burn his face with the unnaturally hot air. It was not the sort of thing to take down one such as him, but as her power was young, it was all she could manage. She had not had time to train and strengthen her abilities, which would likely be her undoing.
  3. Loki couldn't surpress a grin when he saw her eyes widen in fear. What a delicious, tasty little thing... She wasn't strong, yet, but she had potential. He could have easily overpowered her and controlled her mind to make her obey, but... no. There was no fun in that. He had enough servants already, but actually winning her over was an option he would consider carefully. With some helpful guidance, she might just blossom into a worthy fighter.

    The sudden blast of hot air was surprisingly powerful given that he hadn't expected it at all. He winced a little, but easily protected himself via his own force field. Of course, it opened him up to other attacks and the double focus on this and the illusions that kept away the rest of the team was taking it's toll, but his powers where no were near its limit.

    "You don't really think this little trick of yours is going to hurt me, do you?" he asked with a malicious grin in his face as he stepped closer to her with short, well timed steps
    "I could crush you easily, whelp. You are aware of that, right?"
  4. Thankfully she was still able to keep her fear under wraps, her expression remaining stony and almost challenging, though it was likely that this particular adversary would see through her bravado without any difficulty. He was perceptive, even if he was an evil thorn in the side of society. Tamsin was intimidated by him, which was likely something someone as twisted as him would enjoy. Still, perhaps she'd get away without him realising that. It was possible, if a little unlikely.

    Steeled by the small wince, even if she had not succeeded in damaging him, Tamsin did not give in. She stood her ground as he took those menacing steps towards her, refusing to budge, shaking her head ever so slightly in feeble denial. "I'll take you with me." Tamsin was well aware that she was an ant to him, and despite her typically peaceful nature, she would at least attempt to do hime some damage before he destroyed her.

    But more importantly, where were the others? Finally she took a glance around, noticing that they were otherwise occupie by Loki's tricks. He wasn't stupid, and had obviously thought this through, though why he was even bothering with this teasing, Tamsin could not quite fathom. Why didn't he just kill her and be done with it?
  5. "Will you?" he laughed and when he noticed her eyes darting away from him and scanning their surroundings for help, he added: "Oh, I believe none of your pesky little friends will come to save you. They are all busy chasing ghosts."

    He had crossed the distance between them and now the only thing seperating the two fighters were their own respective force field and shield. He could have killed her, now, and be done with the pesky little white and gold wannabe hero, but... no. This one was willing to fight despite her obvious weaknesses which made her so, so special.

    "So tell me, little mortal, what do you think I should do now? Grant you a quick and merciful death or play with you until you fall apart on your own?" he leered while never breaking off eye contact.
  6. Had there been any hope of them hearing, Tamsin might have yelled for the help of someone, but she knew there was no way that she would be heard. The destruction that each of the heroes caused was certainly not quiet, and seeing as their focus was on the illusions with which they fought, it was unlikely that they would have responded anyway. It was possible that her cries might have been dismissed as the wind, or perhaps even just another trick of Loki's. There was just no point in wasting her energy in this way, and so she came to the conclusion that she would have to face him alone.

    Her eyes returned to his, holding his gaze relatively well, her fear quite clear now, though her determination was also obvious. "Neither. I won't lay down and die for you, ever." Of course, that wouldn't stop him killing her, but it was still the truth. Her unerring spirit was what had kept her alive this long, and was also what would eventually shape her into a strong and powerful fighter, a worthy adversary to whomever faced her.

    It was only at this point that Tamsin did take a step or two backward, quite unconsciously, she had no notion of carrying out the movement. It was worthless, of course, seeing as Loki was still within arms length, but the instinct that Tamsin had managed to tame was sated by the two steps, feeling that the flight response had at least been honoured.
  7. Every step she took back, the Jotun matched as the twisted grin on his face only grew wider.
    "Then maybe you are even dumber than I thought." he laughed, disdain clearly showing in his darkened eyes.

    He broke down his own force field without much of a second thought and shattered her shield with careful magic as his intention was not to hurt her. Not yet, at the very least, but of course all depended on how she would react.

    Now there were no barriers between them anymore, he guided her back, carefully, against a skycraper's wall leaving her unable to escape unless she got him out of the way first.
    He was looking forward to her pretty green eyes widening in fear once she realised she'd let herself be manouvered like that.
    "I believe you got yourself into some trouble, little Paragon." he laughed.
  8. His cool attitude was more disconcerting than anything else. He was one hundred percent in control of this scene, and she was well aware of this fact. Tamsin attempted to remain calm, and did manage this to a degree. Her fear still showed, and did indeed grow as she gradually stepped back, her fingers even beginning to tremble ever so slightly as the tension in her body built up to breaking point. Still she resisted to charge and run, knowing that she would likely be cut down even before she landed her first stride.

    The shock of the protective shield of hers being unceremoniously disrupted caused the girl to wince, shaken by the ease with which it had been done. She did attempt to regain the shield, but her mind was nowhere near focused enough any longer, the best she could do was a flickering of power, nowhere near enough to maintain the defensive aura.

    It was only at this point that the girl noticed her predicament. Her eyes darted around, and of course she was met with no escape route. Her green eyes, a shade lighter than his, met Loki's. Indeed, they did widen, and she honestly did not know what to do. "What do you want?" Honestly, Tamsin didn't understand why he didn't just crush her. She knew he was cruel, but she was such small fry this just seemed pointless.